Chapter 718: Fallen Flowers Drift And Water Flows Away

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At this moment, the scene that appeared in everyone’s eyes could only be described as breathtaking, absolute beauty. The entire body of the Hu Banzhuang who was nimbly spinning in midair was like water. Her figure was frozen in midair, and another figure appeared that continued the next movement. Each step was like a lifelike afterimage.

This was like a moving water painting, each stroke evoking the girl’s every elegant movement. The Star Crest on Hu Banzhuang’s forehead shimmered, the characteristic of a Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill.

Each Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill was different. Most of them were triggered by feelings and scenes. They practically required resonance with another person, and some had additional restrictions. For example, Wu Siyou’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow required a kiss from Su Xing first. However, this was irrelevant in the Heavenly Book Dream.

Hu Banzhuang’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow was named “Fallen Flowers Drift And Water Flows Away.”1

The so-called “unrequited,” this Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill could be activated without a contractor, and after it ended, it would instead add a Star Master’s portion of Star Energy to herself. Each attack would be more powerful than the last.

Hu Banzhuang used her last trick. And that she used this signified that if in the ends Su Xing did not die, she would be defeated.

Lu Shaqing roared, swinging her staff at Hu Banzhuang’s waist, but let alone that each of Hu Banzhuang’s movements were all appearing in sequence, upon closer inspection, these were not so simple at all. Lu Shaqing’s staff struck, passing through the afterimage. Shi Yuan used her Five Concealed Array, Zhang Yuqi used her Wild Bee Butterfly Wave, and Tang Lianxin attacked with the Great Sun Essence Butterfly’s flames.

But Hu Banzhuang’s figure was like flowing water, each attack movement incomparably clear, a passing afterimage. Unexpectedly, no one could seize her. Then, Hu Banzhuang’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow was already behind all of the girls. Several rays of saber-qi immediately exploded on Lu Shaqing, Shi Yuan, Zhang Yuqi, and the others’ bodies, defeating them.

The final target – Su Xing.

The water-shadow very quickly arrived in front of him, but Su Xing was unfazed, not even batting an eye.

“Su Xing, settle this with Banzhuang.”

All of Hu Banzhuang’s killing intent was focused on her sabers.

“Come then.”

Su Xing waved his arms. Forty-eight Flying Swords drew stunning arcs as they blocked in front of him. The weapons sang again in merriment. This was the first time that Su Xing would wield his sword chant in his trials with Hu Banzhuang, and it appeared quite breathtaking. This was the fifth time he would face her in these ten days, and it would be the last time, too.

Hu Banzhuang’s double sabers slashed with water-like light. Each of her movements was so elegant, gorgeous, and each of her attacks drew beautiful images. The person herself cut countless shadows upon the canvas that was the air. Su Xing did not shrink back at all. His powerful level as well as Battle Doctrine gave him great familiarity with Hu Banzhuang’s martial arts. It could be said that out of everyone, he truly could match her. This surprised even Wu Xinjie.

Retreating backwards continuously, Hu Banzhuang’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Fallen Flowers Drift And Water Flows Away was like a shadow. This Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill perhaps would only end when either she or Su Xing died.

The two of them began to battle using their swift body techniques.

Su Xing’s Divine Intent moved. Heaven Tearing spun, cutting apart Hu Banzhuang’s offense. Jian Feather stabbed following this, their Clinging Fire like sings, unfolding as they pounced. There was the crisp sound of clashing metal. Hu Banzhuang’s next action was clearly exposed before Su Xing’s eyes. The Golden Wind in her hand slashed with a brilliant saber-qi, directly breaking Heaven Tearing’s attack. Then, a “Drizzle” slash advanced, countering and extinguishing the Clinging Fire.

Instantly, she was in front of him again.

The giant Earth Element Flying Swords Time Immemorial were like a thick dam obstructing her. Her sabers crossed, passing like water. Time Immemorial was unable to stop Hu Banzhuang’s meticulous attack. Su Xing took a step back, and a ray of saber-light cut him.

The girl’s next attack came biting over.

“Drawing Water Carving Ice Sword Array!!”

Close to a hundred Ice Spirit Snow Soul Flying Swords flashed and became beautiufl ice and jade pillars that suddenly appeared around Hu Banzhuang and Su Xing. The jade pillars crossed. Extreme light flashed, and an endless cold wind roared.

Gong Caiwei wanted to freeze Hu Banzhuang’s movements, but the girl practically ignored this. As easily as blowing off dust, Hu Banzhuang broke out of the sword array with Su Xing. Gong Caiwei grit her teeth, took up Tracing Snow and swiftly closed in.

Zhu Sha at this time also controlled her Five Elements Weather Banner’s array to trap Hu Banzhuang, but this was also to no avail. In the end, this came down to the man tempered by countless battles to face the strongest Overlord. Su Xing was not flustered at all, far more calm than his Star Generals. This made the Lin Yingmei and others who were originally nervous awkwardly call out for him to be careful.

No longer considering a direct battle against the pervasive saber-qi, Su Xing displayed his powerful Divine Consciousness. His Immemorial Sword Chant endlessly clashed against HU Banzhuang’s offensive, but Hu Banzhuang was very quick. During Fallen Flowers Drift And Water Flows Away, her every move was as precise as a textbook, analyzed perfectly. Her sabers were raised, the Seven Star Star Weapons’ formidable killing intent flashing a wave of golden light that rolled through the surroundings. Shadows appeared in the air, and the surroundings also suddenly became illusory.

This instant sealed Su Xing’s escape route.

Retreat was certain death!

Su Xing was completely different from normal. He plunged into the saber-wind with utter abandon, the blades’ sharp airflow cutting numerous times into him. A ghastly shower of blood sprinkled, making the spectating wives unable to help but clench their fists tightly.

Hu Banzhaung’s smile was shocked and full of admiration.

Her target surprisingly did not evade and instead charged ahead recklessly. Even the experienced Hu Banzhuang could not easily understand why the Star Master would surprisingly be so bold.

Since this was the case, then he would pay the price for this audacity.

Hu Banzhuang’s body techniques were swifter than anyone else’s. She was prepared to spin around and cut him down, but she did not expect Su Xing would bloom the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower. Buddhist-light shot out, and then Purple Fiend attacked. Before the double sabers could return to guard, Su Xing finally stole the initiative on close-range against Hu Banzhuang after paying the price of a body covered in injuries.

His body spun in midair, displaying Yan Yizhen’s boxing. He smashed a fist into Hu Banzhuang’s body.

Her beautiful figure once again was like water, dodging past Su Xing’s attack.

This stunned Su Xing. What technique was this, it was too awesome. Hu Banzhuang instantly was behind Su Xing. Without hesitation, she pulled back, and her double sabers suddenly slashed at him.

Su Xing clearly heard the ripping sound of the sabers entering his flesh, but this kind of sound was followed by an even more severe attack. Without any time to think, Su Xing now became like a Star General. Having fought Hu Banzhuang so many times allowed Su Xing to understand her fighting style. His calm face did not show any panic.

The forty-eight Flying Swords once again suddenly spun in the air. When they descended, they brought a terrifying whistle.

The Four Elements Flying Swords were all different colors, but their coordination was very skilled.

At the same time, Su Xing flipped his wrist over, revealing a short sword – “Qilin Destruction.” Qilin Destruction brushed past her. Hu Bazhuang’s figure was like a screen of water, rippling with indistinct shadows. She immediately vanished from Su Xing’s sight.

No time to think.

It was already impossible to think.

Hu Banzhuang once again raised her double sabers, displaying her lifetime of martial arts at its peak.

Rays of saber-light flickered without end. Her beautifully mysterious body techniques formed countless afterimages, but Hu Banzhuang was increasingly astounded, feeling increasing disbelief – no matter how she attacked, no matter how clever, her double sabers could pierce through Su Xing’s defenses. But from start to finish, she was unable to land a fatal blow.

Su Xing displayed his own martial arts to the point of perfection. His body and mind used full power to defend. In fact, when Hu Banzhuang arrogantly began to break through all of Su Xing’s beautiues, Su Xing was not idle at all. He was continuously watching, searching for the strongest martial art of Hu Banzhuang’s True Phoenix Seventh Stage, continuously comparing in his mind the battles he already had with her. His careful observation could not be said to have completely understood Hu Banzhuang’s attack rhythm, but at least it allowed Su Xing to have a recognition of her strongest level.

If this had been during the trial in the days before, then he would not dare to say that he could defeat Hu Banzhuang, but he would at least have no problem defending for a hundred bouts.

This was the battle experience his wives nearly used their lives to buy for him.

They would not allow him to be defeated.

And it was absolutely impossible for him to be defeated.

“Impossible, impossible…” Hu Banzhuang continuously uttered in her heart. Her attacks were losing more and more precision. She finally understood what it meant to have been hoisted by her own petard. Her attacks against Su Xing now seemed to fall into the tempo she had with Su Xing over the past few days of trials. Hu Banzhuang felt increasingly taxed.

Her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill also began to wane.

Hu Banzhuang blossomed an absolutely beautiful smile. All of a sudden, her power plummeted. Her sabers continuously stabbed from every angle, nipping at Su Xing’s defenses. Although HU Banzhuang’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow was very strong, the girl was already an arrow at the end of its flight when she used it. To think of instantly killing Su Xing with it was completely improbable. After a short while of deadlock, Hu Banzhuang finally was somewhat weary.

Su Xing retreated backwards, pointing his finger.

The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower once again bloomed to block the powerful sabers. This time, Su Xing did not retreat. He read an incantation, and then a cloud of purple qi flooded out from behind Su Xing. When Hu Banzhuang entered this purple cloud, the girl’s dance of attacks finally ended.

The two of them quietly stood facing one another.

“Purple Cloud East Approaches?” Hu Banzhuang looked at the surrounding purple qi, immediately sensing that this purple cloud seemed to have twisted around her. She waved a saber, cutting open the purple cloud. “You have surprisingly learned Purple Cloud East Approaches.”

“En.” Su Xing nodded, retracting Purple Cloud East Approaches. Relying on Woming Wankong’s Demon Pellet, he finally cultivated the Purple Rose Transforming Qi to its Great Realm. In fact, the Purple Cloud fully enveloped his body. The Seven Star double sabers could not easily attack him.

“You really do give Banzhuang too many surprises. For this time coming down the Mountain, Banzhuang is suddenly reluctant to return. Banzhuang truly wishes to personally have watched you scale the peak.” Hu Banzhuang smiled and said.

“I’m really sorry.” Su Xing apologized. He brought out the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber. “I’m very grateful for your instruction, and I will carry on this kindness and fulfill your wish for you.” His legs moved, and Su Xing directly charged into Hu Banzhuang’s chest, the saber stabbing through Hu Banzhuang’s body.

Hu Banzhuang did not feel the pain. On the contrary, this was the first time she ever wanted to cry. Mist clouded her eyes and immediately vanished. “Then that is too great.”

The Hu Banzhuang who ended her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow powerlessly clasped Su Xing’s face and gave a small, alluring smile. Her lips were closed and were drawing closer, as if she was about to kiss him, but just as she was about to kiss Su Xing’s lips, Su Xing nevertheless pulled back, leaving this kiss. Hu Banzhuang chuckled, already becoming mist and dissipating from view.

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  1. 花自飄零水自流


    1. I don’t think that would ever have panned out. Hu Banzhuang, ironically enough, is fundamentally unable to empathize with others. It’s why there was an invisible barrier between Bing Lingfeng and herself despite calling themselves husband and wife. It’s almost like a Kirei Kotomine situation. Tried to be good, but nature overcame nurture to produce a defective personality.

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