Chapter 719: Transforming Star of Annihilation

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“Young Lord.”

“Young Master.”

“Lord Husband…”

At last, the Seventh Overlord dissipated. No one could have imagined this ending.

The Seventh Generation’s trial could be said to be beyond harrowing. The tyrannical and stunning Overlord Hu Banzhuang not only conquered the Seventh Star Duels relying on outstanding martial arts, she also overcame Su Xing’s party.

Seeing the danger resolved, Wu Xinjie could safely praise her. “This Elder Sister was truly formidable. Xinjie never thought that Young Lord could contend against her in the end.”

An Suwen was currently in a great rush to heal the Sisters’ injuries. In this battle, Hu Banzhuang alone was able to seriously wound all of Su XIng’s Star Generals. This power made the Su Xing who was already in the Three Heavenly Books somewhat fearful.

“In the end, she seemed like she wanted to kiss Young Su? Ai, that really is a pity. If she wasn’t a True Spirit, Young Su might have been a scoundrel again.” Zhang Yuqi teased him.

Su Xing smiled: “Am I that bad?”

It was that last kiss gesture of Hu Banzhuang that was rejected by Su Xing in the end. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to say if the True Spirit would dissipate had he actually kissed. However, to make the Hu Banzhuang who had a Star Master husband kiss another man, this had no faith. Su Xing felt this certainly was a show of unwanted affection.

“The most beautiful in the world, to not kiss her is truly a pity. Maybe you could have contracted her.” Shi Yuan pursed her lips.

These words took Su Xing aback. However, remembering that the Birth Treasure Outline said that True Spirits could not be conquered, he then shook his head. Zhang Yuqi smiled and said that Su Xing was honestly daring.

“However, our Young Su is truly a ravenous beast, to surprisingly move even the Seventh Overlord.”

“Hey, Yuqi, aren’t you saying that we’re beasts as well.” Shi Yuan complained. “Clearly, Su Xing very charismatically conquered her.”

“Young Lord is not a beast.”

“A beast isn’t as good as him.” Zhang Yuqi giggled.

Shi Yuan stared with disdain: “This Young Lady has never seen you slander your own Lord Husband like this.”

Everyone smiled. Su Xing accepted their teasing with cold sweat.

“The relationship you have with your wives is truly very good.” Gong Caiwei gently said from the side. To be able to stay beside so many Star Generals was not a relaxing matter. On the inside, she definitely was very shocked. This would be an unforgettable story, the girl thought to herself. To work together for a common goal at the critical moment, and to still be able to banter afterwards, Gong Caiwei could not help but say this was the sort of atmosphere she yearned for.

“I also want our relationship to be better, Caiwei.” Su Xing smiled and said.

Gong Caiwei blushed, recalling their intimacy in the Ice Heart Cave. She nearly lost her virginity. Thinking carefully, neither she nor Su Xing were lucid. It was a pity that in the lake environment, the atmosphere was just perfect. It was a pity that everything was ruined during the final push. To make Gong Caiwei do that sort of thing again, she would be too embarrassed.

“Caiwei, can you teach me your Ice Skin Jade Bone cultivation technique someday?” Su Xing knew she was preoccupied and was very understanding of the girl’s reservations. Originally, he wanted to say they could cultivate that technique together next time, but he felt these words were too frivolous. He could only change his phrasing out of embarrassment.

Gong Caiwei frowned. Even the ice and snow beauty’s frown was very graceful.

“Su Xing, why didn’t you take the chance to kiss that Hu Banzhuang in the end? Maybe you could have signed a contract with her.” Shi Yuan looked at Hu Niangzi. This could give Hu Niangzi a senior.

“Tonight, I’ll be kissing you.” Su Xing glared at her.

Shi Yuan stuck out her tongue.

“Yuan’er wants to be kissed all over1 by Young Su.” Zhang Yuqi smiled and said.

Everyone was in a cold sweat.

Shi Yuan proudly puffed out her chest, saying this was the proof of how intimate her relationship with Su Xing was.

These words left Damage Star Zhang Yuqi with no way to retort.

Everyone laughed, bringing relief to the stifling atmosphere from before. After all, the situation a moment ago was honestly too dangerous. To make Su Xing directly face Hu Banzhuang’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow alone, as far as the Star Generals were concerned, was a very disgraceful thing. Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei’s expression continued to be very heavy. Su Xing walked over to cheer them up.

In his words: To be able to exchange blows with an Overlord’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow was very helpful in improving his martial arts.

In fact, the current Su Xing was honestly completely self-confident in his own martial arts. “However, we are very fortunate that this was not three Overlords working together. Otherwise, that would be too dangerous.” An Suwen gently said.

This sentence once again attracted everyone’s apprehension.

Su Xing previously was very curious about this. Usually, since Maiden Mountain was scheming on dealing with him, the chance for three Overlords teaming up was too good to let go, and the only one that faced Su Xing was the Seventh. It seemed that the Fifth and Sixth had died. This made Su Xing very perplexed. Of course, even more confusing was Hu Banzhuang’s previous trial.

If it was not for Hu Banzhuang’s previous spars, there would be no need to think about the result when facing her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow at the end.

“Can it be that Maiden Mountain has encountered an enemy? So it is nurturing Lord Husband, to borrow Lord Husband’s hands to root the threat out?” Wu Siyou wrinkled her brow.

Su Xing nodded, feeling this was a distinct possibility. Of course, there was also the possibility that Maiden Mountain found a conscience and finally discovered that he was in fact a youth showing promise, one who would politely help the elderly cross the street. As a result, it fell in love with him? Ehehe.

“It would be better if we went and asked Chao Gai herself.” Wu Xinjie slightly smiled. She gazed at a place in Ice Soul Valley. “Chao Gai, are you satisfied this time?”

A ray of golden light flashed, and Chao Wuhui walked out. The woman was very stern, but she could not conceal the happiness in her heart. “Not bad, Su Xing. As expected, you very perfectly inherited Lin Chong’s Battle Doctrine. But this is still not enough…”

“Hey. Just what are you planning? If you want to use Su Xing, This Young Lady will not agree.” Shi Yuan angrily said.

“This One naturally shall give you other calamities.”

“What other tricks do you have up your sleeve?” Su Xing said.

Chao Wuhui smiled, “But right now, you still have problems not yet resolved.”


All of the girls immediately had a feeling of foreboding upon hearing her words. As if their reverse scales had been touched, Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, Hua Wanyue, Yan Yizhen, Gongsun Huang, and the other martial generals immediately entered combat stances. Even if they were already unbearably weak, each of the beauties had auras that did not lose out one bit. Chao Wuhui smiled and said: “You had better quickly comprehend your Heavenly Books. This One has not come to trouble you this time.”

Just as he was perplexed, Su Xing’s expression suddenly concentrated.

He waved his hand, and a jade mirror appeared.

“Young Master, what is the matter?” Lin YIngmei asked.

“The Light Shifting Image Switching Mirror? Can it be that something happened on Xi Yue’s side?” Wu Siyou recognized this treasure. The Light Switching Image Switching Mirror was an Astral Treasure capable of linking two side, the Light Shifting and the Image Switching. When the Light Shifting Mirror was used, the cultivator holding the Image Switching Mirror could enter from it.

Because Su Xing wanted to protect them while they comprehended their Heavenly Books, he could not leave their side. He left the task of protecting Chai Ling to Xi Yue, giving the mirror to Xi Yue for use in case they encountered danger.

However, Xi Yue was a Supervoid Middle Stage cultivator, and she also refined the soul of the Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian, obtaining the powers of the Immemorial Divine Bird. It could be sad that the people who posed a threat to her in Liangshan Continent could be counted on fingers. And if she had to use this, the situation was clearly very bad.

“Xi Yue is summoning me. Something’s happened. Shaqing, you and I will go together.” Su Xing did not have time to think. He immediately issued orders. Because the Image Switching Mirror was linked to Su Xing, only he could enter.

Lu Shaqing affirmed.

“Lord Husband (Milord)…We are also going.” Wu Siyou and Hua Wanyue wanted to enter the Star Nest.

However, they were declined by SU Xing. “You two will recover right here. I can handle this.”

“Your Highness.”


Gongsun Huang and Yan Yizhen clearly wanted to accompany Su XIng, but he slightly smiled and nodded, a self-confident expression that said he would take care of this. “Recover properly, okay. I can’t let you always exhaust yourselves.” Su Xing said to Gong Caiwei, “Caiwei, can you look after them for me?”

Gong Caiwei nodded.

Lu Shaqing entered the Star Nest, and Su Xing then immediately entered the mirror.

The Image Switching Mirror opened a black shadow, and then it vanished completely into thin air.

After Su Xing left, Wu Xinjie faintly smiled at Chao Wuhui: “Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai, can you explain your goal now…”

Upon the Endless Sea.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s appearance could be said to be tyrannical to the extreme. With his first blow, he killed Defeat Star Living King Yama Ruan Mei’er. The current Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s arrogance surpassed the power of Supervoid peak. Every one of his movements seemed to place this world in the palm of his hands, especially with the incomparably terrifying First Magnetic Divine Light. It gently descended, capable of immediately restraining a Star General.

Ruan Mei’er was already seething with fury at Ruan Mei’er’s death. She madly launched an attack.

Ten thousand Flying Swords, with their biting cold auras, pierced through the skies, ripping apart the Endless Sea. Devil Ancestor Dark Nether practically ignored it. The First Magnetic Divine Light glowed, freezing the ten thousand Flying Swords, preventing Ruan Mei’er from controlling them.

The Swords Star was still furious, completely unafraid of his might. The Azure Sea Green Duckweed was thrown out.

A green rainbow extended towards Devil Ancestor Dark Nether, becoming countless rays of green qi.

Earth Rank.

Showy In A Flash.

Green duckweed instantly covered Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s body. The Sword Star’s FIve Star Earth Rank was sufficient to instantly kill a Supervoid peak, but even though she landed a blow on him, this Devil Ancestor Dark Nether nevertheless surprisingly tore himself free of the duckweed with black qi. By the time the duckweed attacked, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether sustained only minor injury.

Even the enraged Ruan Mei’er was shaken.

“Transforming Star of Annihilation, you have actually comprehended it?” Shi Jinglun exclaimed. Devil Ancestor Dark Nether had spent so many years in continuous seclusion comprehending Transforming Star of Annihilation, everyone already guessed this was the case. But she never thought that he would finish surprisingly during the Heavenly Books.

Originally, they thought Devil Ancestor Dark Nether wanted to rely on the Former Volume Heavenly Book to do so.

In truth, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether had planned to do this. He meticulously raised a Star Master for the purpose of obtaining a Former Volume Heavenly Book, to pry into its mysteries, Transforming Star of Annihilation. But a few days ago, he unwittingly encountered the Sixth Overlord, Old Demon Dark Rebirth.

This was considered fortune for Devil Ancestor Dark Nether. This Old Demon Dark Rebirth surprisingly gave him pointers on how to reach Transforming Star of Annihilation.

Finally, not too long ago, Devil Ancestor Dark Rebirth broke through his shackles.

Successfully comprehending the great way of Transforming Star of Annihilation.

“Transforming Star of Annihilation…Transforming Star of Annihilation. Indeed, you Star Generals truly are enviable. However, it is a pity that nevertheless is for this world. Today, This Ancestor shall take you as sacrifices to go to Star World.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was self-confident, gazing at the Star Maidens with eyes full of murderous intent and jealousy.

“That is fine. This One wants to see just how powerful Transforming Star of Annihilation is.” Shi Jinglun took a deep breath, her aggression not weak.

Devil Ancestor Dark Rebirth cackled.

All of a sudden, the surrounding space clattered. Countless black chains broke through empty space, filling the area, trapping everyone.

Ten Thousand Calamities Chain!!2

Xi Yue was dumbstruck.

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