Chapter 720: The King Of Purple Cloud East Approaches

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The shocking sound of thunder suddenly carved apart the air. Enormous black chains hissed out like black pythons, intertwining around each other, forming a barrier.

Instantly, they filled the entire place.

“All of you, scram.” Ruan Jin’er shouted after her rage passed. The cultivators of the Three Ruans Water Fort wanted to escape. Each and every one of them used escape techniques. The lights of the escape techniques flared, but this Ten Thousand Calamities Chain’s trap array was too formidable. One Supercluster Ancestor had instantly escaped a hundred li away. Just when he thought he could run, all of a sudden, a black chain as large as an anaconda launched towards him.

This chain was incomparably massive, like a small mountain, far larger than a cultivator.

The Supercluster Ancestor was ashen-faced, promptly using his Flying Swords to defend. The hundred Flying Swords’ lights were bright, glinting against the black chains, but these chains were as immovable as a hill. All of the power they contained was simply something beyond what a Supercluster Ancestor could face.

This chain instantly pierced through the Supercluster Ancestor’s heart.

Let alone killing a Supercluster Ancestor in one blow, the other cultivators were even less worthy of a mention. The three hundred Water Fort cultivators were destroyed by the Ten Thousand Calamities Chain.

“The Ten Thousand Calamities Chain. To unexpectedly use this treasure.” Xi Yue activated the Vermilion Jian’s Clinging Fire. A flaming bird emerged, but those chains stopped it.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s black chains filled the area like black snakes. The Ten Thousand Calamities Chain was one of the Black Turtle Territory’s most famous magic weapons. This treasure’s materials were Immemorial Taiyi Divine Essences, forged from within ten thousand thunderclaps. Each chain contained the power of ten thousand calamities and were hard to approach. If one was to be ensnared by the Ten Thousand Calamities Chain, even their cultivation would vanish, leaving them a cripple.

Ever since Devil Ancestor Dark Nether obtained these Ten Thousand Calamities Chains, he had used them to trap himself to refine their powers. Also, to avoid other cultivators sensing his presence vanishing, he also used Soul Concealing Muslin to cover anomalies. Although it could be said that he had only refined three layers of the nine layers on the Ten Thousand Calamities Chains, it could be said that he instead benefited by comprehending Transforming Star of Annihilation.

If he was not in a hurry for his chance to obtain the Former Volume Heavenly Book and the Jade Qilin, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether would not necessarily have taken action.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether took the stage with firm insidiousness. The endless Ten Thousand Calamities Chains coiled around empty space, weaving into a profound array. Black qi and lights rolled along the chains, as if a black net had covered an area of a thousand li. This was the Ten Thousand Calamities Chains’ first later, “Ten Thousand Calamities Demonic Net.” Once caught inside, any cultivator’s movements would be within Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s Divine Intent.

He used the Great Heavenly Cycle Little Dark Star Flying Swords at the same time, a set hundreds of times stronger than Su Shengxiang’s. Each Flying Sword had passed through the tempering of time. They were incomparably profound. Just the power of a hundred swords was enough to make anyone terrified.

“Be careful.”

Xi Yue shouted.

Shi Jinglun’s hand gripped the Six Star Yellow Dragon Staff. With swift steps, she immediately charged forth. Lu Xiao also lent her support. Although she had nearly used all of her energy on the Heavenly Books, Jade Qilin’s tenacity was not so easy to topple.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether activated the First Magnetic Divine Light.

But Lu Xiao and Shi Jinglun’s Star Generals were already at Five Star or higher. Even the powerful First Magnetic Divine Light could hinder the weapons of top-notch martial generals. Lu Xiao suddenly brandished her lance, smashing the incoming First Magnetic Divine Light completely to pieces. Shi Jinglun then used Yellow Dragon Worships Heaven to attack.

The Yellow Dragon Staff released a yellow dragon that completely tore apart the First Magnetic Divine Light and directly pounced towards Devil Ancestor Dark Nether.

And Sword Star Ruan Jin’er also was not willing to fall behind. With a heart full of hatred, the woman simply wanted to make mincemeat of Devil Ancestor Dark Nether. Ten thousand Flying Swords endlessly faced Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s Flying Swords. The Five Star Azure Sea Green Duckweed in her hand was flung towards the sky, raising a green rainbow.

Then, Xi Yue, Li Shuangfei, Zhang Feiyu, and everyone else also took action.

For a while, a storm erupted, filling the sky with the whistles of crossing saber-light and sword-light.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether completely ignored the other Star Generals. The only one that could possibly concern him were the Star Generals without Star Nests but profound Star Energy, like Minute Star Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jin, Strength Star Jade Qilin Lu Xiao, and Sword Star Tai Sui Who Stands His Ground Ruan Xiao’er.

The top-notch martial generals closed the distance. If this was before, even the best cultivators would be somewhat afraid, but this Devil Ancestor Dark Nether saw very clearly. He thought to himself that this Transforming Star of Annihilation was formidable as expected. If he actually was Transforming Star, who knew what trick he would use. Perhaps it could handle those first-raye Star Generals. In actuality, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was not yet truly Transforming Star of Annihilation. His comprehension of Transforming Star of Annihilation had reached a limit. It seemed his body was unable to bear it, giving him a feeling of breaking away from this world. 

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether did not know how dangerous this was, but he could sense that the power in his body had never been more tyrannical. Thus, he was in the mood to kill Star Generals to obtain their Star Energy, for help as he went to that legendary Star World.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether used a finger, and the Endless Sea below him blossomed with thousands of black lotus flowers that covered the entire ocean. He sat upon one of them, forming a hand seal and uttering an incantation. A moment later, his body emitted black chains that wrapped around his whole body. Black qi filled the shackles, and then this black qi flooded the skies, swirling around above the formation. 

Then, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s appearance was peaceful, looking down on those below. After slowly extending his fist, his fingers spread open, clawing the air. His palm contained a flow of black qi that spun faster and faster, as if it was sucking in all of the Black Turtle Sea’s spiritual energy. Even Xi Yue immediately sensed her powers greatly weaken. Devil Ancestor Dark Nether finally flew over, directly attacking three of the women.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether had three powerful abilities.

The first was the Great Heavenly Cycle Little Dark Star Flying Swords, which had eighty-one different sword arrays and swept away everything before them. Even Emperor Liang’s Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords would not necessarily best them.

The second was that strongest power of the Five Spirits Law Book’s Metal Volume, the First Magnetic Divine Light that could bring down anything in the world.

And the last was this technique.

“Nether Devil’s Breath.”

This technique could turned ambient spiritual energy into devil-qi. It was considered incomparably tyrannical. Seeing that the First Magnetic Divine Light and Great Heavenly Cycle Little Dark Star Swords were unable to handle the three Star Generals, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether did not hesitate to use his strongest power, preparing to get rid of them all in one fell swoop.

“Be careful.” Lu Xiao and the others sensed danger. They instinctively raised their weapons. All of a sudden, there was a loud noise. That Nether Devil’s Breath came into contact with their weapons, and it soon after wrapped around.

This breath was far stronger than the First Magnetic Divine Light. Even their Star Weapons could not possibly fend this off.

This is bad.

Lu Xiao’s expression changed. Less than she would like to admit, she now discovered that her entire body could not exert a bit of strength. If she had her Earth Rank, perhaps she could escape, but now, her luck honestly was bad.

The Nether Devil’s Breath trapped the three women. Then, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether proceeded to circulate the Nether Devil’s Breath cultivation technique. Black smoke covered them, billowing, obscuring their sight. Lu Xiao and the others completely released their Star Energy, and their bodies glowed with spirit-light. “This monster wants to refine us. How truly audacious of him.” Shi Jinglun sneered.

The Six Star Yellow Dragon Staff twisted once more. Although she had used her Earth Rank and activated her Nine Tattoo Dragons Innate Skill that currently lowered her Realm, her Six Star Destined Weapon was nevertheless surly. This staff swung down, surprisingly stirring the devil-qi. The world’s spiritual power was like muddied waters.

When Devil Ancestor Dark Nether saw this, he urged on his magic energy even further, arranging the Ten Thousand Calamities Chains to cover them. Suddenly, the devil-qi condensed. Just as Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was gaining the upperhand, everyone felt worried. Xi Yue activated the Vermilion Jian’s Clinging Fire, but this was completely unable to handle the Nether Devil’s Breath. She could hardly defend herself.

“Watch this Earth Technique.”

Sun Xinyue shouted, raising her Grazing Deer Full Moon Saber to attack.

The saber-light broke open a white line, passing like a wave. Several Ten Thousand Calamities Chains were torn apart by the passing saber-light. Little Yuchi had inherited her Elder Sister’s ferocity, and she very boldly charged towards the Devil Ancestor, thinking only of saving Lu Xiao and the others.


Gu Tong and Li Shuangfei followed behind her, calling out in panic.

Little Yuchi was practically rushing off to her own death before their eyes.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether sneered and raised a hand.

A ray of First Magnetic Diving Light descended towards Little Yuchi.

The Divine Light fell. Sun Xinyue’s pace turned sluggish, unable to move an inch, but Little Yuqi nevertheless did not concede defeat. She used her Earth Rank again. From the very start Devil Ancestor Dark Nether did not care about an Earthly Star, showing very little interest in these lowly Earthly Stars. Seeing her unexpectedly charge out of the First Magnetic Divine Light, he was quite surprised. The man disdainfully smiled.

The Great Heavenly Cycle Little Dark Star Flying Swords all gathered into an array.

The sword array passed, and Sun Xinyue was barely able to ward it off, but at this time, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether had warped, suddenly vanishing into thin air. Sun Xinyue was alarmed to find he was already in front of her. “This Ancestor shall let you witness a bit of the might of Transforming Star of Annihilation.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s fingers curled, and the black-light in his hand condensed into a point, cutting at Sun Xinyue.

Sun Xinyue raised her blade to block.


His Flying Swords pierced through Sun Xinyue, killing the girl. Gu Tong and Li Zhuangfei used their own techniques, but their Star Energy was completely unable to compete against the unfathomable magic energy of Liangshan Continent’s strongest cultivator, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether. They stared helplessly as Sun Xinyue was cut down.

Another Starfall.

Absorbing the Star Energy of two Star Generals in succession, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was even more arrogant. He continued on in a frenzy, attacking Gu Tong and Li Shuangfei. “Run away, you two.” Xi Yue used the Dual Modes Ruler to protect them in time.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether sneered: “Water Illusion Fairy, it seems you have reaped many benefits from accompanying that Monster. However, do you dare face This Ancestor as well?”

His powerful might made Xi Yue pale in the face, unable to speak a word. The girl’s hands formed a hand seal, and the Clinging Fire of the Vermilion Bird Skirt she wore flared. “Hmph.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was in no mood to kill Xi Yue, but he loathed this Clinging Fire. Devil Ancestor Dark Nether had no other options. He warped again, appearing high above, continuously forming hand seals, thinking of only refining the three great Star Generals.

Inside the Nether Devil’s Breath, Lu Xiao, Ruan Jin’er, and Shi Jinglun immediately felt their consciousnesses turn heavy, their bodies increasingly unable to endure. The Star Crests on their foreheads even began to be slowly consumed by the black qi, shockingly beginning to refine them.

“Elder Sister Xi Yue, quickly call Su Xing over to save you. I am willing to work as hard as an ox to repay him for this favor.” Gu Tong was extremely worried, at a loss of what to do. At this time, she recalled Xi Yue and urgently implored her.

Xi Yue was nevertheless somewhat hesitant still. Now that Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was honestly too strong, to make Su Xing emerge was unpredictable. Whether or not she ought to have him interfere in this matter, Xi Yue honestly did not have a clue. If it was Chai Ling in danger, Xi Yue definitely would have done this, but Lu Xiao, Shi Jinglun, and Ruan Jin’er were all very special. They could be considered Su Xing’s strongest enemies in the future. The latter two were particularly threatening.

Although Jade Qilin and Su Xing were familiar, Xi Yue could see that the Jade Qilin would rather die than serve a master. Su Xing’s power was increasingly vast, and this instead hardened Lu Xiao’s resolve to stand against Su Xing.

To say this, Xi Yue could not be blamed. Since ancient times, Liangshan Continent’s Star Duels always had this concept, and Xi Yue’s thinking was no exception. But Gu Tong was increasingly anxious.

Zhang Feiyu also calmly watched Xi Yue, leaving everything to her master.

Xi Yue suddenly recalled that scene back in Flower Dragon Cave, profoundly understanding Female Tiger’s feelings. “Even if My Wife dies, she will act on behalf of Sir.” Xi Yue grit her teeth and immediately activated the Light Shifting Image Switching Mirror.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether changed slightly when he saw this. He was somewhat fed up with this development. Although he did not fear the Purple Thunder Monster, he did not want to be disturbed. Especially against that Purple Thunder Monster’s numerous Star Generals, he was not particularly confident. The man roared.

A thousand sword-shadows descended, their formidable might surprisingly putting Xi Yue to the edge of collapse.

“Xi Yue, if you die, then I shall die for that man as well.” Zhang Feiyu laughed and charged ahead. Her Earth Rank Burning Sky And Sea broke the Great Heavenly Cycle Sword Array. Then, she turned to attack but was frozen by the First Magnetic Divine Light. Immediately, she was killed into the Star Nest by Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s Flying Swords.

Xi Yue grit her teeth hard, focusing on summoning the other side of the Shifting Light Mirror.

When Devil Ancestor Dark Nether once again gathered his Flying Swords, Gu Tong at this time rushed out to block the swords. “Tong’er.” Xi Yue’s expression changed.

“Elder Sister, please tell Su Xing, I leave my daughter to him.” Gu Tong turned her head back and smiled, fearlessly facing the Great Heavenly Cycle Little Dark Star.

“Stop.” Xi Yue screamed.

The Flying Swords descended.

Suddenly, a giant shield of a profound presence blocked Gu Tong’s vision, like the Five Sacred Mountains themselves had emerged to block all of the incoming Flying Swords and sword-lights. Then, a flock of golden dragons surged into the sky, clashing with the Great Heavenly Cycle Little Dark Star Flying Swords.

There were enormous booms.

The Great Heavenly Cycle Little Dark Star Flying Swords were repelled.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was stunned.

Gu Tong was stunned.

Li Shuangfei was stunned.

Lu Xiao was stunned.

Shi Jinglun and Ruan Jin’er were also stunned.

Everyone was stunned.

From out of thin air, a lotus flower bloomed, extinguishing an expanse of the devil-light. From within this Buddhist-light, a figure emerged carrying Gu Tong.

“A daughter without her mom simply won’t do.” The dumbstruck Gu Tong suddenly wanted to bawl upon seeing the man’s smile, but Female Tiger forced her tears back.

“Quickly save the Elder Sisters. Su Xing.” Gu Tong promptly said.

Su Xing set Gu Tong down and turned his head back.

“Purple Thunder Monster!!”

Everyone was shocked. Su Xing wrinkled his brow, surveying the scene in front of him. The surroundings were an endless expanse of chains forming a giant net. Those chains billowed with demonic qi. Even he could not easily touch them. At the center of this net was a sinister, black-robed man, his eyes like lightning, his malice chilling.

And below this man, there was another large mass of black qi, like a cage containing three girls.

Lu Xiao, Shi Jinglun, and Ruan Jin’er.

Su Xing recognized them, but that evil man was the only one he was not familiar with. But seeing that his power was astonishingly beyond Supervoid peak, he could recognize this man’s identity without thinking.

“The Devil Star Palace’s Devil Ancestor Dark Nether?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow. This was one of the cultivators called Liangshan Continent’s closest to Transforming Star of Annihilation. Could it be that he actually comprehended Transforming Star of Annihilation.

“So you are the Purple Thunder Monster?” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether also stared closely at Su Xing. The man was expressionless, yet his heart was secretly in shock. This man before him who had rampaged through the Four Territories, raising a bloody carnage, surprisingly had an air of righteousness. He was honestly not evenly remotely related to a Monster.

“Sir.” Xi Yue was somewhat apologetic.

“Just perfect. I also wanted to try the martial arts I learned from Banzhuang.” Su Xing smiled and said, not at all minding this. On the contrary, if Xi Yue truly did not call for him out of fear he would be in danger, Su Xing probably would actually have hated her to death.

“What a bold tone.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether laughed. With even a martial general the likes of Jade Qilin Lu Xiao trapped by his devil-qi, a single Star Master surprisingly dared to play martial arts tricks before him. Devil Ancestor Dark Nether felt this was truly ridiculous to the extreme.

“Do you think that you are truly unparalleled just because you contracted with Lin Chong? Hmph, today, This Ancestor shall get rid of the scourge that is you on behalf of Liangshan Continent and Maiden Mountain.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether sneered.

He formed a hand seal, attacking with First Magnetic Divine Light.

From his perspective, with his cultivation, a single ray of First Magnetic Divine Light was sufficient to make this arrogant man realize what power was. “Shaqing. Let us properly entertain this old demon.” Su Xing smiled. 

A figure rushed out from his surroundings.

The girl dressed in Buddhist garb, Lu Shaqing, let loose a punch, rising sharply. Against the incoming First Magnetic Divine Light, her hand grasped it. Lu Shaqing suddenly pulled, and this First Magnetic Divine Light was torn to shreds like a piece of silk.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was astounded. What level of strength was this, to unexpectedly be able to rip apart his profound powers.

The Great Heavenly Cycle Little Dark Star Flying Swords immediately spun, forming a sword array. Su Xing formed a hand seal. Forty-eight Flying Swords rose at the same time. Heaven Tearing, Langya, Jian Feather, and Time Immemorial emerged. Heaven Tearing led the attack, Langya dispelled the demonic techniques, Jian Feather cleared the muddied air, and Time Immemorial took charge of defense. Each Flying Sword coordinated with each other, suppressing Devil Ancestor Dark nether.

Though Devil Ancestor Dark Nether possessed formidable magic energy and cultivation, because he was currently using it to restrict and refine Lu Xiao and the others, the powers he wielded were weakened, putting him on even ground with Su Xing.

Su Xing at this time immediately followed up, attacking together with Lu Shaqing.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether somewhat feared this woman’s frightening Monster Strength. He immediately controlled the Ten Thousand Calamities Chains to intercept her. Lu Shaqing struck her staff against the chain, but the Ten Thousand Calamities Chains were forged from thunder. Thunder-light surged upon the chains and repelled Lu Shaqing. Lu Shaqing continued to brandish her staff, each strike wielding Buddhist light in her clash with the Ten Thousand Calamities Chain. Su Xing used an escape technique, rising up.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether then said, “Today, This Ancestor will have you refined.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether once again used Nether Devil’s Breath. Even Xi Yue was alarmed at the power of this Nether Devil’s Breath. She urgently wanted to warn Su Xing, but she apparently did not need to do so.

The spiritual aura in Su Xing’s surroundings became a dark devil-qi. Even the Ten Thousand Year Evil Suppressing Langya was unable to disperse this devil-qi.

The devil-qi swallowed Su Xing.

Even the Lu Xiao was was currently straining to resist was in a cold sweat for Su Xing.

Su Xing first opened the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, but even Buddhism’s mahayana was unable to restrain this power. The golden lotus had hardly manifested when it was abruptly corroded and wilted. Su Xing remained unflustered, striking with Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder, but that, too, was like a stone thrown into the ocean.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was further elated to see this. This man brought only one Star General and seemed to be within his grasp now. Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was just about to finish him off, first using the Nether Devil’s Breath to constrict Su Xing, when all of a sudden, a dense purple light filled the area around Su Xing, seemingly approaching from the east. This purple cloud and the devil-qi entangled. Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s strongest ability was unable to best it.

“Purple Cloud East Approaches?” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was hoarse.

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