Chapter 72: The Kiss Contract and The Maiden Mountain Sisters

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“Immemorial secret treasure ‘Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book’?”

The ancient and secret treasure phrases that Wu Xinjie spoke of made the people present all draw in a cold breath.

A thousand years have yet to pass since the ninth Liangshan Continent Star Duels. The time before these thousand years was known to everyone as the Ancient Wild,1 and the even more ancient time was known as the Immemorial Great Desolation2. That perhaps was a world of hundreds of millions of years of primal chaos. An ancient secret treasure absolutely would make the entire Liangshan surge into chaos.

“Didn’t we hear that this was the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s founder’s original secret technique? Could it be said that he was an immemorial cultivator?” An Suwen leisurely entered the room and heard Wu Xinjie’s terrifying tale. The Knowledge Star had extreme talent, ability and insight vast as the ocean, and no one would doubt what she said.

“And that’s why I said the Blooming Water Sword Sect is the swindler.” The Knowledge Star giggled.

The Five Spirits Heavenly Book altogether was divided into the Five Elements and five scrolls, recording Liangshan’s Five Elements Great Secret Technique. Regarding the Five Elements Astonishing Thunders’ cultivation, perhaps no other text of secret arts could be even more comprehensive than the Five Spirits Heavenly Book. For anyone that received one of these scrolls, even if it was not a Five Elements Astonishing Thunder that could be refined into a great power, this Five Spirits Heavenly Book was the “Blooming Water Scroll.”

“The cultivator that began the Blooming Water Sword Sect posed himself as the creator. Besides founding the school, he even made the cosmetic change ‘Blooming Water Divine Thunder True Technique.’ What is he if not a cheat.” Wu Xinjie coldly smiled. This method of duping the entire Liangshan Continent for the past several hundreds of years was truly awesome. However, this did concern the Five Spirits Heavenly Book that simply was never before seen by anyone.

“And we don’t know how he obtained this Five Spirits Heavenly Book.”

Everyone contemplated this.

Shi Yuan clapped her hands to interrupt their pondering, smiling: “Since it’s an Immemorial Secret Treasure, then Su Xing, you really picked up something for cheap. This Young Lady has now satisfactorily completed the mission. I, on the other hand, will go study very meticulously this Mo Attack Mechanism Records, so I won’t be keeping you company.”

Su Xing’s opened his mouth, apparently also not having any reason to detain the Thief Star. Nodding, he said: “Then you be a bit more careful!”3

“Many thanks for the young master’s concern!”

Shi Yuan winked.

“Su Xing, you too. They definitely will not let you go for this Immemorial Secret Treasure.”

“Shi Yuan, don’t you want to be together with us?” Wu Xinjie glanced at Su Xing, openly saying: “Since you helped us steal this secret treasure, the Blooming Water Sword Sect won’t let you go either.”

“Let them bring it on. This Young Lady isn’t afraid at all.” The Thief Star scoffed. Opening the door, she was just about to leave when she suddenly remembered something. Smiling as she turned around: “This Young Lady heard that sect’s people say Relic Blade Sand was recently discovered at Bian City, but a Supercluster Cultivator has reportedly also appeared. Su Xing, if you were just a bit more bold, then you actually could go take a look.”

After she said these words, her figure jumped, and left without looking back just like that.

“Shi Qian truly goes her own way.”4

Su Xing held the Five Spirits Heavenly Book Blooming Water Scroll. Crooked characters the size of tadpoles on the surface of the paper floated up. These characters were very peculiar, appearing to be just like a river, faintly carrying a chill that intimidated people.

Practicing the secret technique recorded, Su Xing practiced according to what was written once, and sure enough, it was extraordinary. The originally seemingly dying Blooming Water Divine Thunder nurtured inside his body flowed swiftly like rivers. A boundless majesty, it almost wanted to break out of his body. Fortunately, Su Xing had an absolutely valiant ocean of consciousness. Matching the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique to this intensifying Blooming Water Divine Thunder to suppress it.

Then, he started to refine it bit by bit.

The Blooming Water Divine Thunder gradually turned dark from its initial light color.

When Su Xing started to refine the Blooming Water Divine Thunder’s power, Wu Xinjie and Lin Yingmei kept close by at his side.

“Shi Qian kissed Master!” Lin Yingmei abruptly uttered this sentence aloud.

Wu Xinjie nearly choked. She looked at the Majestic Star, amazed. “The Thief Star and Master kissed?”

“En.” Lin Yingmei felt that she needed to inform this matter to her. A Star Maiden kissing the Master of other Star Generals was too strange.

The Knowledge Star clearly understood that the Thief Star was probably moved by Su Xing. Thinking about it, it seemed to be the case. Daring to go with her to the Blooming Water Sword Sect to face danger, this absolutely was not an ordinary sort of trust. When the Thief Star originally raised this request, it was hard to avoid not probing Su Xing’s intentions. She could not help recalling that she originally took a lot of trouble as well as twists and turns, even unscrupulously plotting against Lin Yingmei to sign a contract with Su Xing.

Now, it could be assumed that the Knowledge Star felt this was rather nebulous. The Master she encountered was one in ten thousand, a giant among men, able to contract with two Star Generals.

“Did she form a contract?” Wu Xinjie did not know why she was unexpectedly somewhat looking forward to this. Although she knew her own question was naive, contracting with Maiden Mountain’s Star Generals had three types of conditions. One type of condition was that during the contracting ceremony, the Star General had no way to refuse. This was Liangshan Continent’s very mainstream point of view – defeat the Star General and make her swear allegiance.

The second type was to swear a Promise Ceremony5. This type of contract was established on the foundation that both sides were willing, and the Star Generals and Star Masters that could form this type of contract both would increase their strength drastically. Every major sect and sword school would select this method, exploiting countless terms to attract a Star General to contract.

The third type of condition could be said to be even higher level, even more illusory – the Kiss Contract!

The Star Generals contract’s highest ceremony, the kiss! As a condition, when a Star Cultivator successfully kissed a Star Maiden, a mutual ceremony would be smoothly born.

However, every generation of Star Masters that could do the “Kiss Contract” were perhaps all rare as phoenix feathers. The reason was very simple. Star Maidens saw kisses the same as their own lives; how could they easily offer such a thing. Even if there were some Star Masters and Star Generals whose strength reached the peak, they each could not kiss each other. The Star Master did not dare use force; if both sides of the contract filled in the cracks, that was absolutely deadly.

Besides viewing a kiss as chastity, there was another reason that restricted the number of Kiss Contracts, and this was the Star Master itself. Maybe some people could exploit every sort of means to seize the chance to kiss a Star Maiden, but inevitably, they carried every sort of ambition and desire. Any sort of negative distracting thoughts would inevitably make forming a contract impossible. Only those types that did not think of it as a contract, but wholeheartedly cared for the Star General herself could succeed in a Kiss Contract.6

Liangshan Continent’s Star Masters that kissed Star Maidens certainly all would have the thought of signing a contract, and this also led to the rarity of Kiss Contracts. However, how could Wu Xinjie know that, originally, Su Xing and Lin Chong’s contract was accidentally this third type, the “Kiss Contract.”

Lin Yingmei perhaps also recalled this matter. Her face slightly red, she oddly stared at Wu Xinjie briefly: “At that time, Shi Qian was merely considering Master’s safety. There weren’t thoughts of signing a contract, so a contract was not possible.”

Wu Xinjie nodded, somewhat regretful. Star Masters that possessed two Star Generals were already genious. Three Star Generals was only her delusion, nothing more.7

“Wu Yong, why do you want to let Master contract Shi Qian this much?” Lin Yingmei asked.

“Yingmei, are you jealous?” Wu Xinjie chuckled.

Lin Yingmei got angry: “Wu Yong, what nonsense is this.”

Wu Xinjie laughed, not provoking Lin Yingmei any further. Being able to make Lin Chong willing to sign a contract, some odd element must be involved. The Knowledge Star restrained her frivolous manner, giving a drawn out sigh.

“Actually, we’re all sisters, yet why must we fight so fiercely…”8

“The meaning of our descent is only for this reason?”

“Don’t tell me that Maiden Mountain’s 108 Stars shouldn’t be one?”

“Xinjie is not hoping to go change a notion that took shape a thousand years ago, but having more sisters is never a bad thing.”

Lin Yingmei went blank, silent.

Maiden Mountain Sisters?

Inside the dog eat dog Star Duels, were there still people that remembered this?

This question.

She had no way of replying.

Author’s Note:

The things concerning contracts, I originally thought of explaining them when An Suwen is contracted.

Signing Shi Qian has arranged a climax…

A contract seems to be like a marriage, something lifelong. To blow up the main point, it’s not.

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  1. 上古蠻荒
  2. 太古洪荒
  3. Spoilers: She tried.
  4. Loving her, is it the right thing to do?
  5. 儀式諾言
  6. Explaining why Su Xing could contract with Yingmei even though she was unconscious.
  7. And soon, there will be an entire harem.
  8. 龍爭虎鬥


  1. Thanks for the chapter Schwarze_Kreuz! Can’t wait to see how he’ll get the Relic Blade Sand.

    1. Well, judging from what he’s done so far, he’ll: A) Barter for it with something equally valuable (and there is something he already has); B) Solve a puzzle (which he’s already done); or C) Swindle someone because he’s yet to truly do that 🙂

      1. 4) get #6 to procure it. That is in Water Margin the background of quite a few stars is bandit, heck we got a rich man in there and an illegal trader. Shi who just left as well but thievery was a more of a side job when not raiding tombs.

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  3. [Only those types that did not think of it as a contract, but wholeheartedly cared for the Star General herself could succeed in a Kiss Contract]

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