Chapter 721: Shaqing’s Monster Strength

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The abilities that filled Liangshan Continent were innumerable. Emperor Liang’s True Dragon Imperial Qi, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s Nether Devil’s Breath, the Most High Path’s One Qi Becomes Three Clarities, Buddhism’s Mahayana Meditative Mind Lotus Flower and more were all distinguished, dominant over an area, but if there was to be a serious discussion, then there would be need to mention the Purple Cloud East Approaches that was not among these.

First-rate abilities like the True Dragon Imperial Qi or Nether Devil’s Breath had special restrictions. Each ability was not easy to practice, but Purple Cloud East Approaches was different.

Purple Cloud East Approaches was derived from the secret arts of Purple Rose Transforming Qi. Not only could any cultivator practice it, the cultivation method was not very difficult to obtain either. Most Supercluster Ancestors could practice the secret art. Purple Rose Transforming Qi had four Realms. The first few Realms were cultivated using Flying Swords, but the Purple Fiend Realm began to display strong killing potential. At the highest Realm, it would become Purple Cloud East Approaches.

Cultivators were like saints descended, composed, every single one of their gestures in accordance with the way of the world. It could be said that this was extremely profound. But the Purple Cloud East Approaches was extremely difficult to cultivate. The absolute majority of cultivators could not break through to the Purple Cloud East Approaches’ second Realm in their own lifetime. Cultivators able to enter the Purple Fiend Realm were already the geniuses among geniuses. For example, the Purple Firmaments Immortal Palace’s genius from back then, the Star Master of Gold Lancer Xu Ning, Chen Nailuo.

That this Purple Thunder Monster learned Buddhism’s Mahayana Meditative Mind Lotus Flower already made Devil Ancestor Dark Nether very surprised, however, this Devil Ancestor could also see that this Meditative Mind Lotus Flower was not as profound as Holy Monk Four Noble Truth’s. The lotus flower’s blossom filled the universe. Most likely, he obtained it through dumb luck by contracting the Solitary Star. Star Masters always advanced by leaps and bounds in the Star Duels anyways, so such a thing was not odd.

But when Devil Ancestor Dark Nether saw Su Xing surprisingly use Purple Cloud East Approaches, this number one Monster of Liangshan Continent was dumbstruck. If he had not cultivated his mind for nearly three hundred years to a state of indifference and ruthlessness, seen all manners of things, he truly would have cursed, “Fuck you.”

This man had to have come from Star World.

Buddhism’s Mahayana Meditative Mind Lotus Flower was already astounding. Now, he unexpectedly had cultivated Purple Cloud East Approaches, and he even had the Purple Thunder Monster nickname. What the fuck, I have seen the abnormal, but never anything this abnormal. This Buddha, this Saint, this Devil, not one of these was enough for this guy. He is surprisingly all three.

If it was not for the Star Duels increasing Su Xing’s magic energy and experience that was not as profound or pure as Devil Ancestor Dark Nether, the Devil Ancestor would have wanted to flee.

“You have been called the Purple Thunder Monster by the Azure Dragon Territory. You are like This Ancestor. How about we make an alliance.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether shouted. Seeing the Purple Cloud East Approaches, he immediately put on a conciliatory manner.

“Sure, but let you’ll have to let them go first.” Su Xing graciously agreed.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was expressionless: “Purple Thunder Monster, This Ancestor would kill the greatest Star General on your behalf. You ought to be happy. If you can help me, how about the Devil Star Palace helps you climb the peak?”

“Since you aren’t willing, then let’s not waste our breath on talk.” Su Xing knew that this Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was stalling for time to refine Lu Xiao. His smile disappeared, and his eyes turned cold. Su Xing formed a hand seal, and Purple Cloud East Approaches rolled forth.

Pervasive, dense purple clouds surged, churning and becoming all manner of beasts that pounced at the devil-qi. “You are blind as a bat, unable to differentiate good from bad.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether coldly evaluated Su Xing. In his heart, he was furious. He was the famous hegemon of the Black Turtle Territory, having lived through three generations of Star Duels. Not one Star Master or Star General disrespected him. He had never seen someone as flippant and stupid as Su Xing.

To surprisingly want to help his own enemies.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether opened his mouth. His Flying Swords became black rivers of stars that descended, carving open the Purple Cloud East Approaches. 

Lu Shaqing broke out of the entrapment of the Ten Thousand Calamities Chains, raising her staff to strike.

The Solitary Star’s Realm was True Phoenix First Stage. Instantly, she quickly arrived in front of Su Xing, and they worked together. On one hand, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether wanted to refine Lu Xiao, but on the other hand, dealing with them was even more thorny. Without a choice, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether immediately unleashed the second technique of the Ten Thousand Calamities Chain.

“Suppressing Chains Immortal Court!!”1

Black chains rustled. An enormous python twisted over, forming an attack of black storms that directly covered Su Xing and Lu Shaqing. When Lu Shaqing saw that Su Xing was in trouble, she immediately retreated to his side, sweeping her chan staff. The woman’s Monster Strength was unrivalled, her Buddhist-light endless. Ray after ray repelled the incoming Ten Thousand Calamity Chains.

Su Xing then raised his hand, and Purple Cloud East Approaches flowed out from his sleeve. Thick and dense purple qi immediately covered the Ten Thousand Calamities Chain, trapping them as if in a swamp. Seizing this chance, Su Xing glanced over and used Purple Cloud East Approaches once more.

To the far east of the Endless Sea, a purple cloud spread across the horizon, rolling forth. This Purple Cloud East Approaches indeed lived up to its name. Just by moving his Divine Intent, the cultivator could make use of even the world. Even Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was impressed at this saint-level cultivation method, but he was Transforming Star of Annihilation. He did not believe that a single Supervoid Middle Stage Star Master could defeat him.

But Su Xing from the start had not thought of killing him first. He urged on his magic energy at full power, his objective only to rescue Lu Xiao from danger. Purple Cloud East Approaches bore down upon the devil-qi. Devil Ancestor Dark Nether immediately did his utmost to resist.

Black and purple clouds clashed in the sky, fighting back and forth, creating two extremes, incomparably profound and making everyone look on in awe.

Most of Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s magic energy was placed on refining Lu Xiao. Seeing danger, he immediately activated a magic weapon. This treasure was a black iron golem. Named “Devil Spirit Heavenly Soldier,” this was the magic weapon that Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was most proud of, refined using several cultivators whose martial artists were on the level of Supervoid Sword Saints.

The Devil Spirit Heavenly Soldier became a gigantic monster the size of a hundred zhang. Its whole body was covered in impenetrable black Essence Steel. The first thing that happened when it appeared was to tear apart the net of Ten Thousand Calamities Chain.

The Devil Spirit Heavenly Soldier threw a punch towards Su Xing.

Lu Shaqing did not hesitate at all to step forward.

As expected of the magic weapon that Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was so proud of, it surpassed even the Boundless Bell. With an ear-piercing noise, its immense fist already hurtled mercilessly straight towards Lu Shaqing.

The immense wind pressure made the girl’s hair billow in waves, her clothes flutter.

The surrounding Buddhist light and purple clouds immediately were blown asunder, demonstrating its formidable might.

Clearly, the Devil Spirit Heavenly Soldier had other abilities.

Against any other cultivator, this was perhaps a formidable weapon, but against the Solitary Star that uprooted bodhi, it was perhaps not so fortunate.

Lu Shaqing’s figure flickered. Its formidable strength was completely unable to inhibit the Solitary Star’s speed. Despite that attack’s apparently incomparable might, Lu Shaqing completely ignored it.


The world jolted as if shaken by an intense earthquake. The Ten Thousand Calamities clattered. An inconceivable scene manifested. Lu Shaqing threw a punch, surprisingly caving in the Devil Spirit Heavenly Soldier’s fist. A palm mark surprisingly burst out from the backside of the black steel.

Dark Rank.

Vajra Palm.

Lu Shaqing followed with more punches and palm strikes. The Devil Spirit Heavenly Soldier was completely without the strength to fight back, showing more and more ugly dents under the woman’s Monster Strength. Rays of divine light split forth. With a boom, the Devil Spirit Heavenly Soldier suddenly shattered.

How can this be.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was blank.

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  1. Su Xing’s real luck comes from the synergy and passive stacking of the innate skills he has since having multiple contracts dilutes his overall EXP and growth curves. It’s kind of a weird trade off that only worked because of the very particular combination of Innate Skills he’s got with the foundation being Yingmei’s ‘Battle Doctrine’ since it offset the horrible EXP growth penalties having so many countracts saddled him with. That said, he still has a harder time than most going from one Stage to the next.

    Qlso, Shaqing is a BEAST!

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