Chapter 722: The Noble Star’s Most Famous First Battle

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Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s Devil Spirit Golem was refined using Ten Thousand Year Black Essence and Supervoid Sword Saint souls. It was impervious to the Five Elements, impenetrable to sword and spear. As Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s most prized magic weapon, it was even capable of facing a Supervoid Cultivator. But he never imagined that upon first contact with this Solitary Star, it would surprisingly be pounded into scrap metal in a flurry of punches.

Just how terrifying was this woman’s Monster Strength.

If it could be said that Yan Yizhen’s boxing used softness to overcome strength, then Lu Shaqing’s Monster Strength was as heavy as Mount Tai. The power of her fists could shatter even Ten Thousand Years Black Essence. The Withering Thriving Lotus Flower Beast formed lotuses in midair. Lu Shaqing stepped on empty space, soaring up.

Devil Ancestor Dark nether did not dare let this Monster Strength woman approach him. Sneering, the Great Heavenly Cycle Little Dark Star Flying Swords wildly danced, their swordtips twisting towards her.

Su Xing at this time extended his hands. Purple clouds slowly ascended, releasing auspicious light, brilliant and lustrous. Purple clouds filled the whole sky. Perhaps they were qilin, perhaps they were divine birds, the clouds transformed into every kind of Immemorial beast to claw at the devil-qi. Su Xing gathered all of his power into the Purple Cloud East Approaches, breathing calmly. Each one of his movements made the purple cloud swirl circulate like like yin-yang.

When this Purple Cloud East Approaches touched the devil-qi, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether sensed pressure. This saintly power was indeed formidable. His Nether Devil Breath surprisingly was being dissolved by the Purple Cloud. “Amitabha.” Lu Shaqing chanted the Buddha’s name, her fist clenched tight. A punch fell towards Devil Ancestor Dark Nether.

This punch seemed to break heaven and earth, the image of a phoenix manifesting behind Lu Shaqing.

Its imposing power made Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s approaching sword array was surprisingly repelled, unexpectedly unable to approach Lu Shaqing in the slightest.

This was the power of a True Phoenix martial general.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s expression concentrated. With a malevolent laugh, the Ten Thousand Calamities Chains in the surroundings clattered.

Third ability, “Eternal Life Curse Binding,” was sprung without any hesitation. The Ten Thousand Calamities Chains began to change form with Devil Ancestor Dark Nether at their center. The Ten Thousand Calamities Chains crackled with thunder-light, linking into a clump of chains that pounced at Lu Shaqing like a tidal wave. 

Her fist thundered.

Another chain.

Another punch knocked it asunder.

Another chain hindered her path.

The shackles surrounding Devil Ancestor Dark Nether were like an indestructible and never-ending wall of chains. That exploding thunder-light was such that an ordinary cultivation would basically have no way to approach at all. Even the True Phoenix Lu Shaqing could only barely move against it. After consecutively destroying the guard of a dozen Ten Thousand Calamities Chains, the incoming thunder-light finally repelled Lu Shaqing.

The Great Heavenly Cycle Little Dark Star Flying Swords followed up, about to kill Lu Shaqing, but they were again destroyed by Su Xing’s Immemorial Flying Swords.

At this time, Purple Cloud East Approaches was already close to dyeing the entire Endless Sea. A wisp of purple qi surged, a beautiful cloud of auspiciousness. It drew the reverence of countless cultivators, as if a saint had actually approached from the east, prostrating themselves in its worship. Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s devil-qi, on the other hand, had been shrunk into a clump, like an enormous chicken egg. Seeing his devil-qi was surprisingly unable to resist the Purple Cloud East Approaches, Devil Ancestor Dark nether was infuriated, “Purple Thunder Monster, This Ancestor shall help you ascend Maiden Mountain, why do you refuse This Ancestor’s good intentions?”

“If you release Lu Xiao and the others, perhaps I will consider your good intentions.” Su Xing was indifferent.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether sneered: “If This Ancestor stops now, do you think you can kill this Jade Qilin?”

“At any rate, don’t even think of touching a hair on her head in front of my eyes.” Su Xing shrugged, a completely heedless answer.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was truly furious. How could he not be aware that Su Xing’s use of the Purple Cloud East Approaches was not to waste his magic energy, but to force him into giving up refining Jade Qilin and the others. He was clearly helping this man get rid of the Star Duels’ strongest enemies, but this man truly did not heed reason. He would surprisingly meddle and contrarily think of saving them. “The Purple Thunder Saint is honestly a saint. Hmph.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether sneered. If it was not for him putting most of his magic energy into refining three Great Star Generals, he actually would have no need to fear the Purple Cloud East Approaches of the Purple Thunder Monster. A pity that he let this brat bask in the limelight. This made the Black Turtle Territory’s number one cultivator fume enormously.

“Then witness This Ancestor’s techniques.” Thinking darkly to himself, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether suddenly read an incantation.

The surrounding devil-qi formed countless malevolent faces, accelerating the refinement process. The Star Crest on Lu Xiao’s forehead had already greatly dimmed.

Just at this moment, all of a sudden, a golden light plunged into the clouds from a mountain high above the sea, sticking in like a sharp sword. This golden blade was very powerful, surprisingly cutting through the Ten Thousand Calamities Chain, even destroying the Eternal Life Curse Binding.

Golden light suddenly attacked Devil Ancestor Dark Nether. However, this Devil Ancestor had practiced his body’s abilities. By the time the golden light was in front of him, it had already become weak. Devil Ancestor Dark nether swatted it aside with his palm, which stung in pain. Seizing it with his hand, he surprisingly found a piece of gold.

What magic weapon is this?

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was surprised. Everyone turned their gazes to look at this light.

A woman of outstanding beauty loftily walked into everyone’s view.

“This Palace shall confer ten thousand liang of gold. Be satisfied.” The woman arrogantly smiled, a particular charm.

“Noble Star!!”

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was very surprised.

“Ling’er, what are you doing.” Su Xing was very unhappy.

In truth, Chai Ling was very conflicted a moment prior as to whether or not she should take action. To break this situation with Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was actually simple. She currently still had a Purple Rose Grade Astral Treasure, “Stars Around The Moon.”1 So long as she fed this to Xing’er, the riches she possessed would be sufficient to break through the Nether Devil’s Breath, but on the other hand, Chai Ling knew that this was the last of her Purple Rose Grade Astral Treasures. If she fed it now, she would have no tricks whatsoever later on. Secondly, she exposed her presence to everyone to draw fire upon herself. Devil Ancestor Dark Nether would most likely kill her to seize her Red Ink Iron Certificate, which would contrarily bring Su Xing great trouble; because nobody had any way to say for sure that if Devil Ancestor Dark Nether used full power to kill her, just what his chances were.

Just as she hesitated, all of a sudden, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether read an incantation. His devil-qi wildly bubbled. Chai Ling’s heart was in a fluster, inwardly saying, Since This Palace has joined in the Star Duels, how can This Palace be afraid and cowardly now. She patted Xing’er. The napping Xing’er opened an eye, and then it opened its mouth.

A ray of golden light suddenly rose into the sky.

“The Noble Star’s most famous first Star Duel, to slay Devil Ancestor Dark Nether, how can This Palace not take action.” Chai Ling smiled.

“Instead of living comfortably in the Great Circle Castle, you wish to kill This Ancestor. Very well, This Ancestor shall destroy you all at once today.” The greed in Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s eyes was even more extreme. The Noble Star’s Red Ink Iron Certificate was famous. Killing her was even more beneficial compared to the Strength Star. However, this Chai Ling was normally outside of the Star Duels, In possession of the Red Ink Iron Certificate, she was completely untouchable. Now that she had joined the Star Duels, that signified that she had lost the protections of the Red Ink Iron Certificate. As long as he killed her, this Red Ink Iron Certificate would be his.

His heart racing, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether opened his mouth.

A wisp of devil-qi launched towards Chai Ling.

Su Xing pointed a finger. Purple qi advanced to meet it.

“Purple Thunder Monster, This Ancestor shall ask you once more, are you willing to collaborate with This Ancestor? This Ancestor will guarantee you ascend Maiden Mountain, move unfettered through Liangshan Continent. No one would dare oppose you.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether seriously said.

“Did you not hear a word my wifey just said?” Su Xing smiled.


“You are but my wifey’s famous first battle.” Su Xing looked to Chai Ling. “Today is your death day.”

Chai Ling’s cheeks flushed red, yet she tasted the sweetness of honey in her heart. That wifey address was just like a tacit agreement.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether nevertheless understood. Suddenly, he was seething with anger. Had he ever been so disdained by a Star Master, to surprisingly flirt before his eyes even with death so close at hand. Not only Devil Ancestor Dark Nether, the other girls were also quite speechless.

“This Ancestor shall see just what tricks you have that allow you to be so flippant.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether sneered. He suddenly moved his Divine Intent.

Su Xing immediately sensed a pressure come from his Astral Stone. Before he could restrain it with his Divine Intent in time, this pressure directly broke out, striking Su Xing while his guard was down. He coughed out a mouthful of blood. This item soared into the sky. The Ten Thousand Calamities Shackles spiraled, revealing an open space. A golden mountain peak was revealed at its center.

Looking clearly, it was astonishingly the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak.

This Golden Magnetic Divine Peak was Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s Life-cast magic weapon. Originally lent to Great Saint Starkiller, it was captured by Su Xing afterwards. This Life-cast magic weapon could not be refined and could be recaptured just by moving his Divine Intent. However, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether did not do so. Firstly, with his valiant strength, whether or not he had his Life-cast magic weapon was irrelevant. Secondly, leaving this with the Purple Thunder Monster was not leaving behind one of his tricks. As long as Su Xing used the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak, exploiting his Life-cast link, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether could sense him, easily obtaining information on what this Purple Thunder Monster was doing.

“Golden Magnetic Divine Peak, reabsorb Heaven and Earth. Go!!!”

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether chanted. The Golden Magnetic Divine Peak immediately released its divine light and bore down upon Su Xing. This Life-cast magic weapon forged using First Magnetic Divine Light was absolutely powerful. Compared to the First Magnetic Divine Light used before, it was stronger by a hundredfold. The golden light was sucked in. This world seemed to become heavy, making everyone unable to draw breath.

But seeing this Golden Magnetic Divine Peak appear, Su Xing instead smiled.

Just as Devil Ancestor Dark nether was about to smash the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak into Su Xing, he abruptly sensed that the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak was not receiving his control, stopping in midair. His heart was shocked to discover that his Divine Intent control was invalid. Only then did he notice that the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak was surrounded in Essence Fire. The divine light upon that Golden Magnetic Divine Peak had contrarily suppressed his devil-qi.

“How can this be.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether shouted.

In truth, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s slight miscalculation was that he forgot about the blacksmith Star General, Gold Coin Spotted Leopard Tang Lianxin. She naturally detected that this was a Life-cast magic weapon. However, even if she was unable to refine it, Tang Lianxin still placed her Earth Rank upon this magic weapon.

“Immortal Heart Divine Seal!”2

This Earth Rank could instantly seal any magic weapon or, alternatively, greatly enhance its might.

At that time, the Devil Ancestor Dark Nether who was cultivating Transforming Star of Annihilation completely missed detecting Tang Lianxin’s technique. Upon seeing his Life-cast magic weapon being sealed, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was finally enraged. He suddenly bellowed, retracting the magic energy that had been refining Lu Xiao. He completely focused his power into his palms, suddenly thrusting them out.

This magic energy that surpassed the peak of Supervoid was indeed tyrannical, surprisingly breaking the Earth Rank in an instant.

The Golden Magnetic Divine Peak promptly shone over ten thousand zhang, covering the entire Endless Sea. 

This golden light completely covered everyone, weighing down on everyone’s shoulders like a hundred mountains. They were unexpectedly unable to move even an inch. Even the Lu Xiao that had just broke free of the devil-qi was unable to budge. Everyone never imagined that Devil Ancestor Dark nether would be so powerful. Chai Ling’s smile suddenly cramped, and Xing’er was surprisingly unable to open its mouth.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether sneered. The Golden Magnetic Divine Peak immediately fell.

“Lord Benefactor.” Lu Shaqing sensed she was unable to last, her entire body’s worth of Monster Strength completely incapable of holding it back.

When Su Xing saw this, he also felt the pressure. Gritting his teeth, he suddenly moved his finger.

The Liangshan Seal immediately flew out.

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  1. 眾星捧月, lit. all the stars cup themselves around the moon. An idiom from The Analects that means “to revolve around a central figure.”
  2. 仙心神印

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