Chapter 723: Fourteen Beauties Serve A Master, Slaying Dark Nether

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The Golden Magnetic Divine Peak’s light scattered in all directions, pressing down the Endless Sea’s waves into stillness. Surprisingly, there was not even a single ripple. Under this light, everyone’s bodies seemed to bear the pressure of several mountains, unable to budge. Even Su Xing’s vast and sacred Purple Cloud East Approaches had been suppressed.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether used all of his magic energy, all of his power. When he saw that the First Magnetic Divine Light had trapped everyone, he was delighted. Just as he was about to use the Ten Thousand Calamities Chains to kill them, suddenly, Su Xing’s Divine Intent moved, activating a seal with great difficulty.

It shuddered, rising into the air, the size of a mountain, darkening the skies above the sea. The power of this magic weapon’s spiritual energy was such that even the First Magnetic Divine Light, capable of capturing anything in the world and exalted as one of the strongest abilities, was hard-pressed to affect it.  When this seal appeared, it broke the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak’s suppression.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether simply felt this was inconceivable. His Golden Magnetic Divine Peak was his Life-cast magic weapon, refined over a hundred years through First Magnetic Divine Light. He believed it to be the strongest magic weapon in Liangshan Continent. Even if that Supreme Ultimate Diagram came, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether had no need to fear it, not with his unfathomable magic energy, but he never imagined that he would be unable do anything against this seal when it appeared.

Looking carefully upon this grand seal that was as boundless as a mountain, he saw the two characters, “Liangshan.”

“The Liangshan Seal.”

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether recognized this famous magic weapon of Liangshan Continent.

Hailed as the magic weapon that supported the weight of the entire Liangshan Continent, it was difficult to blame the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak for being unable to restrain it. As expected of the Purple Thunder Monster who had contracted a dozen Star Generals, the power of his Divine Intent could control this seal. “That this magic weapon of the Great Circle Castle would be used by you, it seems that whore has not be unkind to you.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether sneered, immediately recovering his composure from his brief shock.

Although the Liangshan Continent was very strong, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether could see this man was already approaching his limit. This was merely a deathbed struggle.

“Today, This Ancestor shall have you destroyed. Presumably, that Maiden Mountain will also be pleased.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether thought to himself, suddenly increasing his magic energy.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s luck was not bad either. After his battle against Hu Banzhuang, Su Xing’s energy was already mostly spent. After a hasty recovery, he rushed over, only to encounter the Black Turtle Territory’s number one Monster. Su Xing originally wanted a quick end to this battle, but to handle this Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was not an easy chore. This Monster was worthy of being called the number one Ancestral Master of the Black Turtle Territory, or in Liangshan Continent, even. His abilities were numerous and varied, innumerable. If he was any other Supervoid Cultivator, Su Xing would have already taken him down.

Seeing Devil Ancestor Dark Nether unexpectedly abandon refining Lu Xiao and redirect all his power to the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak, Su Xing was impressed with this Monster’s resolution.

The Golden Magnetic Divine Peak and the Liangshan Seal collided in midair. One was made of rays of light, flattening the seas. The other was thick and boundless, suppressing all life. The two of them were top-notch magic weapons. In all of Liangshan Continent’s history, there had never been such a terrifying exchange.

Beads of sweat slid down Su Xing’s forehead. Controlling the Liangshan Seal required formidable Divine Intent and magic energy, which started to make Su Xing falter.

Lu Shaqing saw that Su Xing was beginning to drain, and her expression became serious. She spurred on all of the Star Energy inside herself at full power, slowly moving one arm under the heavy Divine Light, but Lu Shaqing had also used an Earth Rank beforehand. For the time being, to break free of this First Magnetic Divine Peak without the power of her Earth Rank was nevertheless difficult to do.

Noble Star Chai Ling saw Su Xing’s endless magic energy fall to a disadvantage, and her heart grew extremely anxious. She wanted to sign a contract with Su Xing to help restore his Star Energy. Doing so, they certainly could contend against this Devil Ancestor, but the First Magnetic Divine Light was too strong. It made Chai Ling practically unable to move.

“Purple Thunder Monster, you still do not flee?” Seeing the Purple Thunder Monster who swept through the Four Territories unable to oppose him, Devil Ancestor Dark nether showed a slightly arrogant expression. However, he knew that this Star Master had the Jade Pendant. TO kill him would be very difficult, but so long as this Monster fled, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether would have absolute certainty to kill the other Star Generals present.

Su Xing only focused on putting all of his power onto the Liangshan Seal. He was without the strength to even speak.

“That This Ancestor could be opposed by a Star Master like you, that truly is the dream of a fool.” Devil Ancestor Dark Nether sneered.

“This Old Lady absolutely loathes men like you who believe they can place themselves above others.” Gu Tong suddenly exploded with a roar. Upon the Endless Sea that was squeezed into being unable to breathe, she sounded especially ear-piercing. Lu Xiao, Shi Jinglun, Chai Ling, Xi Yue, and the others looked at her in surprise.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether also was extremely incredulous that this Earthly Star was still able to speak under his Golden Magnetic Divine Peak. Yet seeing Ying Star Female Tiger Gu Tong’s eyes flash savagely, it was like facing an infuriated tiger.

This is bad.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s heart was astonished.

Gu Tong opened her mouth and roared, a bellow breaking out from her soft throat. Her voice was endless, echoing in Gu Tong’s surroundings and completely clearing out that First Magnetic Divine Light. This voice echoed through space. Feedback from the Ten Thousand Calamities Chains’ formation again entered Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s mind, pouring in truly like a demonic voice, making Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s head split with a headache. His Life-cast magic weapon abruptly slackened.

Earth Rank.

Sound Lingering A Millennium.1

A Heavenly Star perhaps would be powerless to continue after using an Earth Rank, but the Yin Star had enough to spare. Gu Tong borrowed this roar’s leftover power to instantly break free of Devil ANcestor Dark Nether’s suppression, not hesitating to rush before SU Xing.

“Gu Tong.” Su Xing was taken aback, immediately understanding what she wanted to do.

Gu Tong said nothing. She clasped Su Xing’s face, shut her eyes, and kissed him.

The power of their contract immediately took effect. Star Crests began to shine upon each of their foreheads.

With their contract instantly formed, Su Xing only felt the Star Energy in his body fill up, about to burst out of his body. Having contracted fourteen Star Generals, another Star Nest emerged, and his control over the Liangshan Seal was greatly eased.

“Kill him. Afterwards, there is no harm in you believing This Old Lady is unnecessary.” Gu Tong bit her lip.

Glancing at Gu Tong, Su Xing shook his head and smiled. Not saying anything more, his hands quickly formed a seal. “No, no, no…This should not be…”Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was alarmed. He actually anticipated the existence of a man like Su Xing who was capable of unlimited contracts, so beforehand, he specifically carried out suppression on Lu Xiao and the others, to not give them any chance to approach Su Xing at all. But he never expected this most insignificant Female Tiger would surprisingly be able to emerge as a force to be reckoned with. Of course, what he least expected was that this Yin Star had surprisingly still not signed a contract even after the Heavenly Books.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether hastily commanded the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak to fall.

But at this time, Su Xing’s magic energy had recovered to peak condition. The Liangshan Seal suddenly slammed into it. A thunderous noise finally jolted the deathly still Endless Sea with overflowing waves.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s face was pale as he witnessed his own Life-cast magic weapon Golden Magnetic Divine Peak nearly be slammed into two pieces by the Liangshan Seal. His Life-cast magic weapon had sustained injury, and Devil Ancestor Dark nether was also similarly harmed.

His First Magnetic Divine Light immediately weakened.

The pressure lifted. Solitary Star Lu Shaqing had been waiting for precisely this moment, attacking with her staff. As her staff swept, the Liangshan Seal once again attacked. The Golden Magnetic Divine Peak immediately split in two, its spiritual power completely vanishing.


The girls all shouted after one another.

Lu Xiao, Shi Jinglun, Ruan Jin’er, and the others immediately followed up their attacks. The Five Star or higher Star Weapons struck Devil Ancestor Dark Nether, and the Ten Thousand Calamities Chains’ formation was completely unable to catch their attacks, dispersing easily.

Continuously sustaining the frontal assault of powerful Star Weapons, Devil Ancestor Dark Nether vomited blood, feeling he was about to die. But this Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was indeed formidable. Even with such an attack, he waved his hand, and devil-qi pounced, forcing the four girls completely back. His internal organs were all torn, but he controlled the Great Heavenly Cycle Little Dark Star Flying Swords to attack Su Xing.

Suddenly at this moment, a golden light slashed like a sharp sword.

The golden light quickly grew before his eyes.

Just as Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was prepared to swat it aside with his hand, Gu Tong at this moment again used her Earth Rank voice to interrupt all of Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s actions. Devil Ancestor Dark Nether stared on as this golden light grew larger and larger in his eyes, finally piercing his heart.

Ten thousand liang of gold smashed into his body, seemingly shattering all of Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s bones.

After the golden light, he heard Chai Ling’s voice.

“This Palace just used ten thousand liang of gold to properly bury you.”


Golden light continuously pounded him like waves. Devil Ancestor Dark Nether could not bear any more. His eyes cracked open and glared at Su Xing, simply unable to believe that he had spent half his life comprehending Transforming Star of Annihilation and already reached the final stretch, only to surprisingly die at Su Xing’s hands in the very end.

“This is impossible…”

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether screamed. This Devil Ancestor Dark Nether, the number one Monster capable of making Emperor Liang feel grim suddenly howled, smashed to death by ten thousand liang of gold. Falling here, he became the first cultivator across nine generations of Star Duels history to die at Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Jin’s hand.

Famous, yet also nothing out of the ordinary.

Devil Ancestor Dark Nether died. Everyone felt as if they were dreaming, that this was not too real.

The situation was not at all alleviated with Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s death. Shi Jinglun, Ruan Jin’er, and the others seemed to be facing an even greater enemy, nervously eyeing Su Xing, the Star Weapons in their hands stirring restlessly. Even the Liu Tianya who had been suppressed up to this point into nearly vanishing from existence gripped his sword, waiting for an opportunity to move.

On the other hand, Lu Xiao wore a smile upon her face, her expression relaxed as she retracted her Star Weapon.

Su Xing waved his hand, and a Purple Cloud took those Ten Thousand Calamities Chains into his bag.

“You alright?” Su Xing asked.

“Congrats, congrats. Yet another Sister has been ‘damaged’ by you.” Lu Xiao smiled and said.

“I was willing.” Gu Tong softly said.

Su XIng smiled, “Xiao’er, when can you be damaged by me?”

“That is being too greedy.” Lu Xiao winked.

So as to avoid Su Xing and Lu Xiao sinking further, Shi Jinglun at this time stepped forward to say: “If you want to make a move, do it. No need to put on a farce of peace.”

Su Xing looked all around. Indeed, Shi Jinglun and the others were practically spent. If Su Xing was willing, he could take them down without Lin Yingmei, “I had thought of defeating you all and signing contracts afterwards, so as to avoid a life and death struggle in the future.” Su Xing admitted.

Shi Jinglun laughed: “Even in death…I will not surrender to any man.”

Su Xing discerned something, asking back: “Is Qingci alright?”

Shi Jinglun was taken aback, her expression sinking.

“It’s been so long since I last saw this Little Sister. Can you help deliver a message for me?” Su Xing smiled.

“This time, she owes me a favor. Next time we meet, I hope we can unite to scale Maiden Mountain together, after all, our goal is the same.”

Shi Jinglun stared attentively at Su Xing, but she was depressed to find that she was completely unable to discern whether this man was being sincere or insincere. But hearing that “favor” honestly made Nine Tattooed Dragons displeased. She meticulously arranged the situation, yet in the end, she only helped this man.

“If only.” Shi Jinglun nodded, profoundly gazing at Su Xing.

“Elder Sister Xiao’er, you are also wounded. Return with This Palace.” Chai Ling spoke at this time.

Hearing the Noble Star invite Jade Qilin Lu Xiao, Shi Jinglun’s entire body stiffened, and the atmosphere once again fell into deep worry.

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