Chapter 724: Tearing Off The Mask Of Hypocrisy And The Xuannü Of Ninth Heaven

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Shi Jinglun was honestly afraid that Lu Xiao had been swindled by the Noble Star. Everyone knew that the current Purple Thunder Monster was very deranged. Now that such a favor was owed, with this invitation, she may be completely different the next time they met. Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun already decided that if Lu Xiao wanted to follow the Purple Thunder Monster, then no matter the method, even if she had a falling out, she could not allow the Purple Thunder Monster’s power to increase any further.

Evidently, her worries were superfluous.

Lu Xiao’s mirror was clear as a mirror: “Xiao’er appreciates Little Sister’s kindness. However, Xiao’er likes to be alone and thus will not follow Little Sister. Little Sister’s first participation in the Star Duels has also broken nine generations of precedent. Please, look out for yourself.” Saying these words, Lu Xiao directed her gaze at Su Xing, as if saying she was leaving Chai Ling to him.

Su Xing knowingly nodded.

“Since Your Distinguished Self cares about Qingci, how about you accompany Me for a a trip to the Nine Dragons Palace?” Shi Jinglun asked amicably.

“If there’s a chance in the future, sure. Your Servant had rushed over in a hurry. My wives are still worried about Your Servant. Now is not the time to be drinking tea. Someday, I must bring the wives for a visit.” Su Xing chuckled. How could he not see through Shi Jinglun’s murder banquet. If just himself, Shaqing, and Xi Yue went to the Nine Dragons Palace, if Shi Jinglun decided to kill, Su Xing would not have much of a chance. And after the Heavenly Books were finished, the Liangshan Jade Pendant would be unable to be used. That would truly be like a lamb in the lion’s den, not boding well at all for them. But he still was not fond of her scheming, so Su Xing added some harsh words at the end.

Shi Jinglun smiled profoundly, not exposing their secret struggle in the slightest.

Chai Ling knew it was ill-advised to linger in this place. Although the Black Turtle Territory’s greatest Monster had died, this Nine Tattoed Dragons was not an accomodating character.

“You can slowly reminisce. Xiao’er is going to find a place to refine the Heavenly Book. En, this time, I hope no one will come bother Xiao’er.” Xiao’er pensively nodded. Then, she leapt into the air. A golden light flashed, and a pair of wings sprouted from her back, demonstrating her True Phoenix Realm.

“En?” Ruan Jin’er looked at Shi Jinglun.

Queen Shi Jinglun did not pursue. With Magic Traveller Dai Xinyue present, Jade Qilin could not escape her eyes or ears. “A pity that we lost several Sisters.” Shi Jinglun gazed at those Star Weapons, showing grief.

Ruan Jin’er silently took Ruan Mei’er’s Star Weapon, Dragon King Stake.

“Your Servant hopes that Queen Jinglun will deliver his well wishes to Little Sister Qingci. Your Servant hopes that we can collaborate with each other, to accomplish everyone’s wish together.” Su Xing cupped his fist.

“I shall inform her.” Shi Jinglun promised.

“Wife?” Su Xing looked to Xi Yue.

Xi Yue nodded, expressing assent. Su Xing beckoned with his hand and summoned the Heavenly River Star Riding Boat. Purple clouds propped it up, billowing, like a saint approaching from the east. Xi Yue boarded the Star Riding Boat, “Ling’er, Gu Tong, let’s go back.”

Gu Tong had forced her contract with Su Xing. Like a bride on her wedding night, her heart was restless, not daring to meet Su Xing’s gaze.

Su Xing walked over and patted her shoulder: “Hey, Gu Tong, this style isn’t like your Lioness from Hedong Roars.”1

“You are the Lioness From Hedong Roars.” Gu Tong blushed, glaring at Su Xing. Her body finally relaxed.

Thus, Su Xing pulled her hand to the boat, and Gu Tong did not object.

Watching the boat supported upon purple clouds depart, Shi Jinglun finally sighed in relief – just then, she was honestly somewhat afraid this Purple Thunder Monster would raise his hand against them. This was the first time that she was so lacking in confidence. “Xuan Yunshang is right. This man’s only weakness are his wives. What a pity…” Seeing Su Xing’s considerate treatment of Gu Tong, Shi Jinglun knew that Female Tiger was not following the wrong person. Recalling that the Purple Thunder Monster had top-notch thousand year martial generals like Lin Chong and Wu Song, he nevertheless did not discriminate against the Yin Star ranked in the hundreds. No wonder so many Star Generals followed him.

Xuan Yunshang’s plan was fine, but unfortunately, seeing this scene today, Shi Jinglun doubted whether or not Ugly Prince Consort would inevitably follow in Lin Chong’s footsteps if she actually signed a contract with him. Qingci’s worries were well-founded.

“Ai.” Ruan Jin’er heavily sighed.

“Ruan Jin’er, condolences.2 I am confident we can meet our Sisters someday when we climb Maiden Mountain.” Shi Jinglun said.

Ruan Jin’er was currently recalling the first time she met Su Xing at the Black Turtle Territory where they battled. If at that time, she had signed a contract with him, then perhaps Ruan Mei’er and Ruan Ping’er would not have died. She knew just by looking at this man, with his multitude of Star Generals, they had gone through so many bitter battles only to instead become even braver. Even that Heavenly Solitary Star was unstoppable.

Now, regret was already completely useless. Her two Little Sisters were dead, and Ruan Mei’er had no thoughts of control over the Three Ruans Water Fort. When there were three of them before, she had thoughts that she excelled, but now, nothing mattered. “Jinglun, I can enter the Uprising with Qingci now. But I have one condition.” Ruan Jin’er made her decision.

“If it is about exterminating Devil Star Palace, Ruan Jin’er, no need to be polite. I would do the same.” Shi Jinglun said.

“I, Ruan Jin’er, shall place my faith in you all. The thousand year Song Jiang, the Ninth Generation’s Uprising, I believe you can change these Star Duels.”

“We will.”

Outside the Endless Sea.

Seeing Devil Ancestor Dark Nether.

Su Shengxiang sighed.

How unfortunate.

Even with such a good opportunity, even Devil Ancestor Dark Nether was unable to kill the Purple Thunder Monster.

Looking at the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, who was currently fretful, slouched like a puddle of mud in her hands, this normally brash and domineering man’s life was entirely in her palm right now. If she so wished, Su Shengxiang could use the Dark Rebirth Great Technique that Old Demon Dark Rebirth taught her to devour the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. She imagined the flavor of the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon who contracted two Star Generals would be pretty good. Su Shengxiang pondered, but she nevertheless did not raise a hand against this Lord Husband. In fact, she had no wifely sentiments for him. From the very start, Su Shengxiang knew that the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon had ulterior motives against her. When they climbed Maiden Mountain in the future, he would kill her. Of course, Su Shengxiang’s thinking was the same.

The reason Su Shengxiang gave up was mostly thanks to the Purple Thunder Monster.

The Purple Thunder Monster’s power was too vast, for even Devil Ancestor Dark Nether had been slain. In the future Star Duels, they would need to unite all powers. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s Li Xiangfei was an absolutely powerful Star General. They could not be missing her in a confrontation against the Purple Thunder Monster.

“Lord Husband, this time, you must properly thank the Purple Thunder Monster for saving your life.” Su Shengxiang charmingly smiled, lifting the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and fleeing in the direction of the Devil Star Palace. If her conjecture was correct, the Three Ruans Water Fort and the Nine Dragons Palace were bound to unite. After Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s death, they would raze the Devil Star Palace to the ground.

The Devil Star Palace was practically without any power. The remaining few Supervoid Cultivators were not placed in Su Shengxiang’s gaze at all. However, the Devil Star Palace had some magic weapons, materials, treasures, and medicines that were quite valuable. “They say that every Star Duel would change the power balance between the Three Territories. This seems to completely true.” Su Shengxiang muttered to herself.

On the ocean, only a desolate figure was left behind.

When Shi Jinglun returned to the Nine Dragons Palace, Qingci was still in the Heavenly Book dream. Everyone anxiously asked about Lu Xiao when they saw Shi Jinglun return. When they learned of the news pertaining to Devil Ancestor Dark Nether and the Purple Thunder Monster, all of them were dumbstruck.

Upon learning of Li Shuangfei and Sun Xinyue’s Starfalls, all of them were full of grief.

Because the sole remaining Star General of the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion, Horn Star Single Horned Dragon Zou Ke, was searching for stones to upgrade her Star Weapon, she did not go along. Hearing what happened, she was filled with endless regret, no longer did she have the joy of having only just upgraded her Fang of Broken Skies to Seven Star.

On the contrary, as Sun Xinyue’s Elder Sister, Sick Yuchi Sun Yueying realized that this matter had been discussed before many times. Although the woman’s brow was slightly sorrowful, she was indifferent to life and death. Without another word, she returned to cleaning her weapon.

“I never imagined this situation would have been saved by that man.” Jin Qiongyu

“Even the Black Turtle Territory’s number one Ancestral Master was helpless against him. This Su Xing is indeed very skillful. He has surprisingly even cultivated Purple Cloud East Approaches. It appears that it will be very difficult for us Sisters to realize our common wish for the Star Duels. Sisters, please prepare carefully.”

“En. However, after the Heavenly Books, that Purple Thunder Monster will surely become everyone’s enemy.”

“We are the same.” Xuan Yunshang reminded Jin Qiongyu.

“Enough of this for now. We have other matters to attend to first.” Shi Jinglun waved her sleeve, sending Zou Ke away for the time being, saying: “Yunshang, Mingyue, Yueying. With the common ground we found with Ruan Jin’er, our groups will soon be departing to destroy the Devil Star Palace. Now that Devil Ancestor Dark Nether has died, the Devil Star Palace’s power is gone.” 

“Are we going to destroy the Devil Star Palace right now?” Xuan Yunshang said.

“No, you are to immediately go kill Su Xing.” Shi Jinglun said in a cold voice. Seeing that Su Xing only had Lu Shaqing, Gu Tong, Chai Ling, Xi Yue at his side, they practically had no combat strength left after the battle. Now was their best chance to kill them. Even if Su Xing escaped, Chai Ling and Xi Yue could not. She believed that he would not abandon his wives.

The Heavenly Books had ended anyways. It was time to tear off this mask of hypocrisy.

“But Sister Qingci?” Wang Jingzhi was skeptical.

“I will speak with her. Now is the best opportunity, we cannot be childish any longer. I do not believe this man will let us go.” Shi Jinglun sternly said.

“En.” Sun Yueying nodded, raising her Thousand Snowpiles and Ten Thousand Clouds as she left the palace.

Qin Mingyue also hefted her mace as she walked out.

“Elder Sister, Yunshang will leave for now.” Xuan Yunshang mounted Flower Tribute and departed.

So as to reliably face Su Xing, the Black Whirlwind Li Longkui that normally shadowed Qingci  wherever she went left together with them. Shi Jinglun then looked to Speed Star Dai Xingyue.

“You want Xingyue to go find Elder Sister?” Dai Xingyue asked.

“Going right now will only draw Lu Xiao’s suspicion. Do not go for now. You are to immediately go spread rumors that the Purple Thunder Monster has killed Devil Ancestor Dark Nether and is seriously wounded, that Lin Chong is not accompanying him. See whether or not the remaining Four Great Devil Sects under the Devil Star Palace will take action.” Shi Jinglun was not certain about the Four Great Devil Sects. After all, the Purple Thunder Monster’s reputation was honestly too frightening, having swept across the Four Territories. However, Nine Tattooed Dragons could only wait and see if they dared brave danger for glory. If they united with her, these Devil Sects probably would want a portion of the profits.

Liu Tianya knew intuitively that if the Four Great Devil Sects acted, he would also have to face Su Xing. As long as he showed Qingci was innocent, he presumed that Purple Thunder Monster would not do anything.

After everything had been arranged, Shi Jinglun took a deep breath, surprisingly finding that her heart was still somewhat uneasy, nervous.

“Song Qingci, if only you can understand My considerations.” Shi Jinglun muttered to herself, her brow furrowed. The Heavenly Books were already close to ending. How has she not broken free from the Heavenly Book dream. What was happening.

In fact, no one could have imagined that right now, Song Qingci was currently listening to an exceedingly refined, immortal-like woman give a sermon.

Her beauty could not be profaned. She was a woman that nobody would be able to gaze at directly, one whose name was known to everyone in Liangshan Continent’s Star Duels.

She was called Xuannü of the Ninth Heaven.3

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  1. It’s the name of her Yellow Rank, but at the same time, it’s a metaphor used to describe shrewish wives or husbands who don’t dare disagree with their wives.
  2. 節哀順變, which is more accurately translated as “restrain your grief, accept fate.” In English, this sounds callous, but it is essentially the same thing as condolences.
  3. I’m kind of debating whether or not to change from Ninth Heaven to Nine Heavens.


    1. It really should be Nine Heavens, but I already established Ninth Heaven in my TL. I’ll probably have to go around making edits later. Oh, boy, second edition chapters, here we come. How fun…

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