Chapter 725: Song Qingci’s Uprising Heavenly Books

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The auspicious purple clouds parted, forming qilin-like figures supporting the Star Riding Boat on its journey east. Such a luxurious flight magic weapon was rarely seen in the Black Turtle Territory, especially that cover of Purple Cloud East Approaches, which made each and every cultivator that gazed upon it endlessly awestruck.

An even faster celestial light quickly caught up from behind. The speed of that light made those purple clouds rapidly disperse. This dazzled the eyes of cultivators, catching only a faint glimpse of a young girl’s figure.

Dai Xingyue immediately pursued Su Xing’s Heavenly River Star Riding Boat nonstop after receiving Shi Jinglun’s command. Although she had delayed for a time along the way, Dai Xingyue was quite confident in her own speed, and Su Xing’s flight artifact was honestly too eye-catching. Dai Xingyue used her Innate Skill at full power, even activating her Dark Techniques “Flying Smoke Scattered Stars.”1 Wherever she passed, the clouds parted, the stars dimmed, and her feet seemed to tread upon the sun and moon. Her speed was astounding.

Under Dai Xingyue, there was a faint trail of haze. This was the light that Sun Xingyue’s peacock emitted. Dai Xingyue seized this light like a robe, dragging Sun Xingyue along. She knew that she would have no way to return if she stopped the Purple Thunder Monster by herself.

A while later.

Dai Xingyue already spotted the trail of purple clouds. Her expression was elated, waved her hand and called out: “Handsome guy in front of us, stop now, wait for me.”

Instead, the Heavenly River Star Riding Boat accelerated.

“Be careful. This man may have some defenses.” Sun Yueying ordered.

“Watch Xingyue’s Earth Rank.” Dai Xingyue chuckled, her expression full of expectation. Magic Traveller leapt high, tearing off the haze. Then, the boots on her fair jade legs suddenly ignited. Dai Xingyue walked forwards on air.

Instantly, she was above the Heavenly River Star Riding Boat. The girl’s legs tread like a scorching sun, the formidable temperature surprisingly instantly vaporizing all objects in the surroundings, including the pervasive purple clouds. Dai Xingyue descended, stepping onto the Heavenly River Star RIding Boat. Although the flight artifact had a protective barrier, Dai Xingyue’s Earth Rank “Sun Chaser” was too fierce. This step suddenly covered spread fireworks over a thousand li, drying up the land, evaporating the seas, wilting the grass, and burning the forest.

This was like the legendary hanba,2 casting a drought over a thousand li.

Let alone a flight magic artifact, even the defensive magic weapon ability of the cultivators in a hundred li were broken one by one, and they fled in a panic one after another.

How could the power of the Five Star Armor Horse3 be contended against.

There was a rumbling noise.

Dai Xingyue’s step surprisingly disintegrated the Heavenly River Star Riding Boat, shocking even the Speed Star. “Eh??? He could not have died like this?” The Purple THunder Monster was, for better or for worse, a legendary Monster. Dai Xingyue thought he could handle this Earth Rank. She never imagined there would be no resistance. Dai Xingyue did not feel much happiness. On the contrary, she was somewhat dismayed.

“Careful.” Sun Yueying subsequently arrived in front of Dai Xingyue, her brow tightly wrinkled.

“Brave…Ladies…Where…Has Your Servant offended…you…you two.”

The dust cleared, and a compliant voice rang out.

The legendary Purple Thunder Monster was surprisingly so lowly?

Dai Xingyue was very disappointed, she even had some adoration for this Monster before.

“You are not the Purple Thunder Monster!! Who are you!” Sun Yueying saw clearly the cultivator in front of her. His cultivation was merely Supercluster Stage, far away from the legendary Supervoid Monster.

“Your Servant is Leisurer In The Dark, a Scattered Cultivator. Fair ladies, please forgive Your Servant for whatever offense I may have committed.” That cultivator swallowed hard, cautiously speaking.

“So you are not the Purple Thunder Monster, then good.” Dai XIngyue happily said. She just knew that Purple Thunder Monster could not have failed to bear a single blow, to bend over and curry favor. If he was to die, it should be in a massive battle with them, a heroic sacrifice…Wait, “This artifact is clearly the Purple Thunder Monster’s, why are you using it?”

The man promptly explained. As it turned out, he was in the midst of hurrying somewhere when he bumped into a man who said he wanted him to fly this artifact towards the Azure Dragon Territory, even imbuing the artifact with purple clouds. That man was at least Supervoid Middle Stage cultivation. Leisurer In The Dark did not dare disobey. Furthermore, he himself actually wanted to go to the Azure Dragon Territory, so he did not mind at all. This artifact that he just obtained expanded Leisurer In The Dark’s horizons, and he wondered to himself if he had a stroke of luck, to surprisingly obtain such a high level magic weapon. Along the way, he drew the admiring gazes of countless cultivators, making him quite pleased.

He never imagined that he would only just sense the pursuing Dai Xingyue, ponder whether or not to stop, when she immediately set upon him with Dark Rank Sun Chaser. This nearly scared Leisurer In The Dark to death, covering him in grime, though he survived.

After hearing his story that had no falsehoods, a phrase emerged in Sun Yueying’s mind “lure the tiger away.”4

“Ah, we were tricked.” Dai Xingyue blinked, not angry, instead smiling in joy.

Sun Yueying muttered: “It seems this man sensed that we would raise our hand against him.”

“What do we do now?”

“He ought not have gotten too far. Xingyue, pursure immediately. Perhaps you can catch up.” Sun Yueying thought. Su XIng’s party had already gone through a major battle. To leave the Black Turtle Territory, they could not possibly be as fast as Dai Xingyue. Although they were tricked, perhaps she could still reach them.

Dai Xingyue nodded, stepping into the air and immediately vanishing into the horizon.

The Leisurer In The Dark who watched was unable to close his mouth.

Hey, hey, this is the legendary Speed Star. That speed is too fast.

Yet Sun Yueying had guessed wrong.

At this very moment, Su Xing, Xi Yue, and the others were not heading in the direction of the Azure Dragon Territory at all. Rather, after the handed Leisurer In The Dark the Heavenly River Star Riding Boat, they instead hurried deeper into the Black Turtle Territory. Their destination was the Immortal’s Abode at Bra Island5 Void Immortal’s Abodes were linked to each other. As long as he could enter the Immortal’s Abode, he could reappear at the Four Styles School, saving enormously on time.

“Why are we specifically arranging such a ruse?” Gu Tong asked skeptically. “Can it be you feel we are in danger?”

Su Xing smiled: “Proprietress, do you feel we are very safe?”

“Are you afraid of the Devil Star Palace’s reprisal? They should not be so quick, and This Old Lady does not feel anyone would dare provoke you right now.” Gu Tong was convinced on this point. With even the Black Turtle Territory’s number one Devil Ancestor dead, after the Heavenly Books Phase, what idiot would think to face the Purple Thunder Monster who had Lin Chong.

That truly was the bane of longevity – a fool who had lived too long.

“Little Sister Tong’er, the other Devil Sects perhaps will not, but there is one person who will always treat Xing’er as a thorn in her side, who cannot help but itch to remove him.” Chai Ling looked around gracefully.

“Queen Jinglun?” Gu Tong’s eyes were very conflicted. There was still a Sister from the Spring Breeze Drunken Rain Pavilion following Qingci. If the two sides actually faced off against each other, she honestly did not know what to do.

“This is not the case.” Su Xing consoled her: “I just personally like to be on the careful side. Furthermore, we really should change from the Heavenly River Star Riding Boat to something bigger. Shi Jinglun is very smart. Even if she actually does raise her hand against me, I won’t hate her.” Su Xing shrugged. His last sentence was actually the truth. If the situation was reversed, taking action against a powerful enemy at his weakest was the perfect time to do so. Of course, despite not hating her, despite understanding her, if the situation truly came down to a life and death moment, he would not hold back.

Gu Tong could only nod.

“Little Sister Tong’er, cheer up. This Palace is very envious that he could defeat Devil Ancestor Dark Nether when you signed your contract.” Chai Ling smiled.

Upon mentioning this, Gu Tong desperately wanted to find a hole to hide herself in.

“Ling’er, do you still want some kind of magnificent scene before you are willing to sign a contract?” Su Xing helplessly asked.

Chai Ling hugged Xing’er, loftily raising her brow: “Of course, this is the Noble Star’s first contract. This Palace indeed cannot sign so arbitrarily.”

“Sorry…” Gu Tong apologetically said.

“No need to apologize. This Palace is already satisfied by killing Devil Ancestor Dark Nether. If we had contracted, that actually would not be so perfect.” Chai Ling said.

Su Xing could not help but smile.

In the end, Dai Xingyue never intercepted Su Xing. Shi Jinglun had no choice but to declare her defeat in her plan for a showdown with Su Xing. After they returned to the Nine Dragons Palace, Sun Yueying mentioned Su Xing’s diversion strategy, the palace master of the Nine Dragons Palace, Minute Star Queen Jinglun, had no choice but to sigh.

On the surface, this man polite and amiable with them, sharing a brotherly-sisterly address with Qingci, but in truth, he was actually very aware. However, Shi Jinglun was increasingly unable to see through him. Since he was already on guard against them, why did he not kill her at that time? With his capabilities, this ought to have been very easy.

Whether it was because he had absolutely faith in his own power or because of his farce with Qingci, Shi Jinglun could not make a guess, nor did she event want to venture a guess.

The Jin Qiongyu who normally hated Su Xing to the bone could not help but stay silent upon learning of the events that transpired. Sun Yueying actually pensively asked it it was truly impossible to ally with him? Li Shuangfei indicated her approval, but the response she received was nevertheless very merciless. (AUTHOR’S NOTE: The plan was originally to have her Starfall, but I forgot.)

There was only one route for them up the mountain – getting rid of all Star Masters. Otherwise, they were all talk.

After seeing Su Xing’s thinking, Shi Jinglun actually began to sorry for Qingci a bit.

On the last day of the Heavenly Books.

Leader Star Protector of Righteousness Song Qingci finally awakened from her Heavenly Book dream.

This Leader Star, who was the first in history to obtain Heavenly Books, had taken the full thirty days to comprehend them, surpassing any other Star General, but the truth was that Song Qingci had already received her three Heavenly Books on the third day. The time thereafter was spent listening to the Xuannü of Ninth Heaven’s sermon.

“Xuannü of Ninth Heaven? She honestly loves to waste time.” Xuang Yunshang yawned, not terribly interested this so-called Xuannü of Ninth Heaven. Ugly Prince Consort was defeated in her Former Volume Heavenly Book, and to be defeated by Su Xing in the battle for the qilin as well, her mood was very poor.

“Is a sermon useful? It would be better for her to help you climb the mountain, Elder Sister Qingci. We have been humiliated by Su Xing this time.” Xuan Yunshang removed her ugly mask, pecking the lips on her mask.

“What happened?” Song Qingci was startled. “Why would Lord Su humiliate us?”

“Do not listen to Yunshang.” Shi Jinglun glanced at her, merely summarizing recent events, “Qingci, you listened to the Xuannü of Ninth Heaven’s sermon. You must have comprehended something? Did she mention anything about the Star Duels?”

Song Qingci shook her head.

“She actually spoke nothing of this. However, Xuannü of Ninth Heaven has acknowledged Your Servant’s intent for the Uprising. She will confer upon each of Your Servant’s Uprising Sisters one Former Volume Heavenly Book.”

“Elder Sister, what did you say???”

All of the women exclaimed in shock.

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  1. 煙飛星散
  2. 魃赤, a drought demon
  3. 甲馬, Her Star Weapon boots I suppose
  4. 調虎離山, to lure an enemy out of his territory.
  5. Yes, see Chapter 388 for a reminder.

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