Chapter 726: Use Trust To Commit A Betrayal

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“Elder Sister, what does this mean?” Wang Jingzhi asked in astonishment.

Everyone will receive a Heavenly Book?

Could there be such a good thing. Everyone knew that the Heavenly Books were the supreme treasures of Star Generals for the final phase of the Star Duels. Even some of the best Heavenly did not necessarily obtain them at times. The worth of a Heavenly Book to a Star General went without saying. Now, hearing that each of the Sisters in the Uprising could obtain a volume, even Li Longkui, that rigid Black Whirlwind, wrinkled her brow, showing slight skepticism.

“Can we really obtain the Heavenly Books again?” Xuan Yunshang restrained the surprise in her heart.

Song Qingci nodded. She had no reason to deceive them, “Little Sister, watch.” Song Qingci concentrated on Wang Jingzhi. Motioning with her hand, the Star Crest on her forehead flickered and flowed into Wang Jingzhi’s forehead. Clear light twinkled, like a star, and Wang Jingzhi was taken aback. The Star Crest on her forehead glowed at the same time, pulsating.

The girl’s eyes suddenly glowed, and Living Goddess of Lightning turned her hand over.

Immediately, a golden Heavenly Book appeared in her hand. Astonishingly, it was a Former Volume Heavenly Book.

“I actually received a Heavenly Book.” Wang Jingzhi did not dare believe the truth before her eyes. Star Generals like her that were ranked towards the end did not raise their hopes for a Heavenly Book. She never imagined that she herself would one day unexpectedly personally obtain a Former Volume Heavenly Book. “To have followed Elder Sister truly is too good.” Wang Jingzhi’s eyes filled with tears of happiness.

All of the girls knowingly smiled.

“Not only this, even those who had already received a Former Volume Heavenly Book may obtain one as well. So long as Your Servant resonates with the Sisters.” Song Qingci turned her gaze to Shi Jinglun and Xuan Yunshang.

“Can we actually received one?” Xuan Yunshang was somewhat interested, but upon recalling that the Uprising would have no way back from this point, her heart was somewhat uneasy.

“Yunshang, now that matters have reached this point, can it be you are still hoping that the Purple Thunder Monster will help us?” Shi Jinglun saw through Ugly Prince Consort’s thinking, completely aloof. “We can only count on ourselves for our own destiny, Yunshang. You would never hesitate like this before.”

“Queen is correct.” Xuan Yunshang nodded.

“If this is the case, then our Heavenly Books will drastically increase.” Jin Qiongyu’s whole body quivered in excitement: “The previous Wu Song used a mere three Former Volume Heavenly Books to forge a Nine Star Destined Weapon that shook the entire Liangshan Continent. If Queen Jinglun has a dozen, then Su Xing, hmph, we need not fear him.”

Song Qingci looked at her, not replying.

“Never thought there would surprisingly be such a benefit to Elder Sister’s Uprising. Looks like these Star Generals are in Elder Sister’s hands.” Li Longkui said in a low voice.

Black Whirlwind’s words finally lifted the oppressive atmosphere from the Purple Thunder Monster. Since the Leader Star’s Uprising had this kind of capability, it demonstrated that Xuannü of Ninth Heaven stood on their side. That Purple Thunder Monster need not be mentioned.

“However, we cannot be careless. That Su Xing has contracted with a dozen of our Sisters. Each of them are top-notch Heavenly Stars.1 His Heavenly Books will probably be numerous.” Shi Jinglun doused everyone’s excitement. Nine Tattooed Dragons stared at Song Qingci and asked: “How will you prepare for what is next, Qingci?”

Song Qingci understood her intent. “Even if Your Servant’s body is to fall apart, Your Servant will help the Sisters end these Star Duels.”

Shi Jinglun nodded.

Next would be arrangements for the actual Seven Stars Assembly.

After the Heavenly Books Phase, they would refine those books. After seven days, all Star Generals would instinctively set out for Maiden Mountain.2 At this time, the last seven Star Masters that could scale Maiden Mountain would become the finalists for the Seven Stars Assembly.

The previous Star Duels were all like this.

However, a mishap nevertheless occurred in the Eighth Star Duels. The Eighth Harm Star Wu Song used her Nine Star Destined Weapon to sweep away all Star Masters, becoming the lone surviving Star General. But some records showed that this powerful Star General did not scale the peak. And this now placed in front of Song Qingci and the others a question.3

The Ninth Star Duels were the first to show the Uprising.

If Song Qingci wanted to climb Maiden Mountain’s Peak, then she would necessarily exterminate all Star Generals as with the Eighth Star Duels, to end the contracts of all Star Generals.


“So you must get rid of your Lord Su…”

Song Qingci was silent in slight distress.

A while after, she recovered her normal expression.

“Your Servant now has some matters for the Sisters to complete.”

“Elder Sister, please do not hesitate to command us.” All of the girls spoke at the same time. Having received Song Qingci’s second round of Heavenly Books, they had unprecedented unity.

Song Qingci began to show the face of the Leader Star, chief of Maiden Mountain’s 108 Star Maidens.

“First, have Xingyue retrieve Lu Xiao. We must not be without her if we are to end the Star Duels.”

“But I fear she shares a somewhat uncertain relationship with Su Xing.” Shi Jinglun wrinkled her brow. She naturally knew that the Strength Star’s strongest martial force could bring them enormous help, but she had been saved by Su Xing not too long ago. It would perhaps be very difficult to rope her in.

Song Qingci slightly smiled, a countermeasure already in mind. “So Your Servant must still wrong Little Sisters.” Your Servant has decided to send three Former Volume Heavenly Books to Lu Xiao.”

“This will convince her to join the Uprising?”

“Lu Xiao only wants to ascend by herself to show that the Jade Qilin’s abilities are the same as the Harm Star. Lord Su is probably the person she wants to defeat the most.”

“With Jade Qilin’s personality, she will not take action against us either. We only need to borrow her martial force to defeat Lin Chong and Wu Song?” Xuan Yunshang was pensive.


“But even if Lu Xiao refined her Star Weapon to Nine Star, she cannot possibly face the Purple Thunder Monster so easily on her own.” Xuan Yunshang asked, doubtful. Su Xing’s top-notch Heavenly Stars honestly were too numerous. He himself had capabilities that were too abnormal. Add on the support of his own Heavenly Books, Jade Qilin would be very hard-pressed.

“So Your Servant must have a second method.” Song Qingci then said.


“Your Servant will need Tianya to take action for this, to distribute those Supreme Grade magic weapons to Yan Wudao, Xie Zhenyuan, and Lady Snake Scorpion, the Star Masters that the Purple Thunder Monster has made enemies of.” Song Qingci said. “In the coming Seven Stars Assembly, these Star Masters know that Lord Su’s power is formidable, so they will inevitably unite. We must help them strengthen themselves enough to pose a threat to Su Xing.”

“To have the Star Masters slaughter each other, I like this method.” Xuan YUnshang laughed.

“Afterwards, we must count on ourselves.” Song Qingci sighed.

“Since Elder Sister has already planned so, we will not disappoint you.” Sun Yueying said.

All of the girls nodded, feeling this plan could work.

“But there is a weakness.” Shi Jinglun calmly interjected: “The others may not, but that Purple Thunder Monster knows of your existence, Qingci. He is very cunning, and he has the Knowledge Star for counsel. The converse is possible, and they may possibly raise a hand against us first.” After all, she was a Star General. Furthermore, she was the Leader Star that led an unprecedented Uprising. If Su Xing was to expose Qingci’s identity to everyone, any Star Master would understand what this signified.

“He will not.” Song Qingci’s voice was very gentle, yet very firm.

Shi Jinglun did not understand very well where her confidence came from.

Song Qingcin nevertheless knew that the reason for her confidence was both very simple and very painstaking. In six words – use trust to commit a betrayal.

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  1. Shi Yuan would have loved to be a Heavenly Star.
  2. As if forced to migrate there
  3. So did the Eighth Star Duels ever end?


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