Chapter 727: Luoshui, Pleased To Meet You

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Three Clarities Field, Most High Hall.

Immortal light rippled as before, and spiritual power still circulated, but already, there was no longer the normal scene of bustling activity. The high jade towers were deserted, standing in desolation. Ever since the Most High Path’s headmaster inexplicably died in the main hall, the current Most High Path was already the epitome of “falling apart.” Some disciples with foresight already saw that other sects were beginning to quietly eye the leyline of the Most High Path’s Three Clarities Field. So as to avoid drawing fire to themselves, they all decided to leave. And according to gossip, Northern Darkness Has Fish’s spirit tablet1 had fallen. It appeared he had met with a mishap.

In such a short time.

The Azure Dragon Territory’s number one sect was already that in name only.

If it was not for the Most High Path still retaining the watch of the already Supervoid Middle Stage Xie Zhenyuan, this mighty genius in these Star Duels, this Most High Path perhaps would have long crumbled away. However, following the end of the Heavenly Books, Xie Zhenyuan would have to go to Maiden Mountain. The Most High Path’s destruction was only a matter of time.2

Each generation of Star Duels had the meteoric rise of vast sects, as well as the spectacular destruction of others.

But no one could have imagined that the sect that perished in the Ninth Star Duels would surprisingly be the Most High Path that had lived through the generations.

At this time, Xie Zhenyuan was sitting at the center of the Three Clarities Field.

The sculpture of their Ancestral Masters towered nearby, their deeply profound gazes seemingly gazing at the Most High Path’s last ray of hope.

Xie Zhenyuan sat upright and still. The little loli Hou Ruolan was at his side, meticulously sewing clothes, her dexterous hands moving like a butterfly fluttering through a garden, a nimble monkey hopping about, spinning silk from cocoons;3 The Most High Path’s remaining First Origin Heavenly Worm Silk, Dark Blue Washing Jade, and other materials were gradually formed by the girl’s skillful hands into a luxurious feathered garment.

The atmosphere was very warm.

“Huh, never thought that this magnificent Most High Path would unexpectedly decline like this. Qingxuan even thought that after the Heavenly Books, Senior Brother could enjoy even a small benefit from the sect.” A sigh broke the silence. In the crisp Three Clarities Field, it seemed very ear-piercing. That mist parted, and a sly man slowly walked out.

“Qingxuan hears that Northern Darkness Has Fish has also died. That is truly regrettable. Qingxuan still wanted to borrow the Three Clarities Banner from him.” Bing Qingxuan smiled and said.

He spoke the Ancestral Master’s name without any honorifics, but now, there was no one to bother him about that.

Xie Zhenyuan slightly opened his eyes, “Junior Brother Qingxuan, what is the meaing of your words?”

Bing Qingxuan warmly said: “Qingxuan is merely envious of Senior Brother Zhenyuan. Worthy of Liangshan Continent’s most genius Star Master. Even while contracted to a useless Star General, your cultivation was surprisingly reached Supervoid Middle Stage. Qingxuan truly does not understand how Senior Brother cultivated. It appears that the Ancestral Masters have treated Senior Brother very well. A pity that they lacked eyesight, thus they all died.”

Bing Qingxuan was indeed very impressed with Xie Zhenyuan. Relying on an insignificant Earthly Star, he unexpectedly cultivated to Supervoid Middle Stage, but such great talent nevertheless contracted with a useless Star General. He spoke in pleasant words of “protecting her.” Ridiculous, truly ridiculous. A Star Master protecting a Star General, did he think that Xuannü of Ninth Heaven was possessing him? However, this was one of the reasons Bing QIngxuan allowed Xie Zhenyuan to live until after the Heavenly Books. “But this Succeed Star’s luck was pretty good, to surprisingly be able to obtain a Former Volume Heavenly Book. It must be thanks to Senior Brother Zhenyuan’s magic energy.”

Hou Ruolan timidly looked at Bing Qingxuan.

Xie Zhenyuan stroked her head, hinting to the girl to continue her sewing. “Junior Brother Qingxuan, you are also Supervoid Early Stage. In terms of talent, Zhenyuan does not believe he bests you.”

“Of course. For the sake of increasing cultivation, Qingxuan killed many Ancestral Masters. En, Headmaster’s ‘Profound Dust Pills’ were pretty good. Qingxuan is nearly at Supervoid Middle Stage.” Bing Qingxuan laughed.

With these words, Bing Qingxuan already showed his schemes.

But Xie Zhenyuan was still indifferent, temperate as jade, unfathomable.

Bing Qingxuan had wanted to see Xie Zhenyuan astonished, shocked, or infuriated, but he never imagined that Xie Zhenyuan would be so detached. This expression that seemingly foresaw this made Bing Qingxuan angry instead. His voice immediately chilled. “You are frightened stiff. Qingxuan also has an even bigger surprise to tell Senior Brother. This will shock Senior Brother to death.”

“Is there anyone that Junior Brother would like to introduce?” Xi Zhenyuan calmly asked.

Bing Qingxuan was taken aback. He sneered: “It appears that Senior Brother already knew. Then perfect, Qingxuan shall take that garment of Hou Ruolan’s.”

Before he finished speaking, a killing intent that was chilly to the bone suddenly appeared behind Xie Zhenyuan. Investigative Star Mu Qingyin attacked from out of nowhere, swift as a specter. Her Five Star daggers Flowing Frost Moon Shadow drew cold blade-lights. Astonishingly, this was Dark Technique “Death’s Path Kiss.”

Even Xie Zhenyuan did not anticipate that Mu Qingying’s appearance would be so fast and fierce. He was slightly surprised but turned over his wrist.

But just as Mu Qingyin’s daggers were about to pierce Xie Zhenyuan’s body, all of a sudden, a black shadow similarly lunged from the side, “Elder Sister, do not sneak attack.” The girl shouted, her own double daggers stabbing straight on, clashing with Mu Qingying.

The instant this gap of carelessness passed, Xie Zhenyuan swiftly moved his Divine Intent. 

His Flying Swords immediately appeared, spiraling into a sword array, facing the other assassin in astonishment.

Not only him, but the Bing Qingxuan that had originally been certain of victory was slack-jawed.

The newcomer was none other than Guardian Star Mu Duiying.

Mu Qingying was furious, repelling Mu Duiying. She glared at this so-called Little Sister, her assassin’s eyes cold.

“Elder Sister, what kind of skill does a sneak attack even count for.’ Mu Duiying stamped her foot and pointed at her. Nearby, a black panther slinked about.

Mu Qingying nearly went mad. “An assassin that does not sneak attack, do you believe you are a martial general?”

“Oh, right.” Mu Duiying had an epiphany. “But Elder Sister, you must face Duiying fair and square.”

“When did you come here.” Bing Qingxuan asked in shock. He unexpectedly did not sense this girl’s existence. Even Mu QIngying was unable to sense her. This made the Investigative Star’s expression very wary.

“Been here all along.” Mu Duiying scratched her head.

“Impossible.” Mu Qingying shouted. She had her Innate Skill Perception, and she was an assassin. It was practically sleeptalk to think of approaching her. Even if Mu Duiying had Concealment and Perception Innate Skills, to think that she was unable to sense her, perhaps this girl’s killing intent had already reached a degree of truth. Otherwise, Mu Qingying would have been able to sense her.

However, seeing this Guardian Star absentmindedly playing with her own hair, even saying stupid words about not sneak attacking, this Little Sister perhaps was emptyheaded to the point of reaching a realm of lacking killing intent. 

“A fool with dumb luck.” Mu Qingying sneered.

“This fool is your sister. You would surprisingly speak of me like this.” Mu Duiying unhappily twitched her lip.

“…” Mu Qingying.

“Qingying, do not waste your breath on her.” Bing Qingxuan shouted.

Mu Qingying once again concealed herself. Her objective was still Xie ZHenyuan, but at this time, Hou Ruolan had alreacy activated her Earth Rank “Boundless.” The Heavenly Silkworm Treasure Silk vanished into thin air, becoming countless golden immortals. They formed an incorporeal net in Xie Zhenyuan’s surroundings. By doing so, Mu Qingying could be immediately trapped the moment she stepped into this net.

Assassination had already lost all significance.

Dark Rank.

Golden Needle Of Darkness.

The Backlighting Divine Needle flashed, turning into a hundred golden light monsters that appeared beside Mu Qingying, but this kind of of sneak attack was not worth a mention to the Investigative Star. The girl wielded her daggers, repelling the golden needles one after another.

“Qingxuan never thought that this Succeed Star’s Earth Rank could surprisingly foil Qingying’s assassination. It seems she is not so useless after all.” Bing Qingxuan nodded. Although things were not going according to plan with their failure to instantly kill Xie Zhenyuan, this Xie Zhenyuan would not be able to escape today. He only needed to wait until Boundless vanished to seal Xie Zhenyuan’s fate.

Mu Qingying coldly glared at Mu Duiying. If it was not for her, this Xie Zhenyuan would already have been a corpse.

Mu Qingying spun around, thinking of killing Mu Duiying first, to solve the problem of this Little Sister who did not know how troublesome she was, but Bing Qingxuan shook his head. He did not have a good chance facing Xie Zhenyuan alone. This Senior Brother in front of him always gave him a kind of unfathomable feeling, as if everything was within his expectations.

Liangshan Continent’s former number one Star Master perhaps had a trick up his sleeve.

This is what Bing Qingxuan thought.

Mu Duiying wanted to go kill Mu Qingying, but she was nevertheless entangled by a second Earth Rank “Boundless.”

“What are you doing.” Mu Duiying angrily said.

“Zhenyuan merely wants to protect the fair lady.” Xie Zhenyuan said.

“Who let you protect This Lady.” Mu Duiying’s daggers wildly flailed.

Xie Zhenyuan smiled and then gazed at Bing Qingxuan. “Junior Brother Qingxuan, presumably you should have already obtained that Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Four Swords?”

Bing Qingxuan was inwardly quite uneasy with Xie Zhenyuan’s nonchalant manner. He sneered: “Senior Brother Zhenyuan, Qingxuan shall oblige you if you want to see it so much.” Saying this, he clapped his hands, and four lights flew out from his Astral Bag, becoming four unique and shimmering Flying Swords.

Bing Qingxuan formed a hand seal, chanting.

The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Four Swords faded, instantly reappearing around Xie Zhenyuan, forming a profound sword array.

Xie Zhenyuan’s eyes narrowed, and a smile spread across his face: “Since this is the case, Zhenyuan shall introduce someone to Junior Brother. Luoshui – come out then…”


Bing Qingxuan was shocked.

A second Star Crest ignited upon Xie Zhenyuan’s forehead. This Star Crest moved, suddenly filling Three Clarities Field with spiritual power, as if it had been ripped open. A Star Crest flickered behind this tear. This Star Crest was somewhat different, formed from countless profound symbols, as if it was shaped like a jail. Then, a young woman walked out from this prison. The girl’s limbs were bound by shackles, but with a shrug of her shoulders, these chains instantly crumbled. Then, she finally emerged.

This girl wore golden palace dress, her figure graceful. From faraway, her brilliance was like the magnificent spectrum of sunset in the sky; up close, she was like a white lotus bloomed against blue waves. Her waist seemed to be bound in a glossy white sash. Her skin was white, her neck long, and her face was without makeup.

“Star General…” Bing Qingxuan was overwhelmed with shock.

Xie Zhenyuan’s second Star General.

Bing Qingxuan actually thought it was possible that this person who had been called the number one Star Master possessed a second Star General, but having gone through so many life or death battles and not have seen her appear, Bing Qingxuan dismissed this idea. But he never imagined that only now would Xie Zhenyuan finally reveal his second Star General.

The young girl was beautiful as autumn waters, her eyes gleaming.

She flexed her hand, and an enormous broadsword appeared. That broadsword was like a guillotine, seemingly forged from ice, completely pure and crystalline. It was shaped like a crescent, its main body like flowing water, like the beautiful contours of that girl herself.

Although it lacked even a single star, just from looking at this blade, Bing Qingxuan still had the urge to flee.

“Frost Magnificence Shining Moon!!”4

The young girl leapt forth.

“Young Master, be careful.” Mu Qingying hastily concealed herself, charging her Earth Rank at the same time.

Mu Qingying’s assassination was extremely formidable, instantly obstructing the girl’s attack. The remaining Earth Rank attack’s power was just about to prevail, but for some reason, Mu Qingying only felt as if she had been trapped in a prison the instant she drew near this girl, powerless to resist.

This is bad.

Mu Qingying’s expression changed.

The girl’s massive Frost Magnificence Shining Moon slashed.

Dark Technique.

True Heart Kill!5

The assassin was hacked by the blade, making her vomit blood and collapse on the ground. 


The girl charmingly smiled.

“Luoshui,6 pleased to meet you.”

Bing Qingxuan was ashen-faced as he stared at the woman in front of him, paralyzed out of fear.

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  1. 靈牌
  2. Well, don’t go making deals with the devil.
  3. 抽絲剝繭 An idiom that basically means painstaking effort
  4. 霜華映月
  5. 真心殺
  6. 洛水

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