Chapter 728: Heavenly Prison Condemned

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“Luoshui, pleased to meet you.”

The girl flicked her long, graceful hair, gripping her Frost Magnificence Shining Moon Blade in one hand, the smile on her face like a spring breeze.

Yet Bing Qingxuan felt fear that paralyzed him.

Behind that woman, he saw that seemingly illusory True Phoenix. She was astonishingly at True Phoenix Realm.

Frost Magnificence Shining Moon Blade.1

Thirty-second ranked Secure Star Yang Xiong.2

“How is this possible…You have unexpectedly contracted two Star Generals.” Bing Qingxuan was unable to believe the reality that unfolded before his eyes. This Xie Zhenyuan that he normally disdained had concealed a second Star General. What shocked Bing Qingxuan actually was not this second Star General, rather, that only after the Three Heavenly Books did she finally appear.

Could it be that everything he had been doing up until now was planned for by Xie Zhenyuan?

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, as Junior Brother said before, how can the former number one Star Master of the Azure Dragon have only contracted a piece of trash. As it turns out, you already had a second Star General. Qingxuan is truly impressed, Senior Brother Zhenyuan, that you could hide her for so long.” Bing Qingxuan ground his teeth. He thought himself deeply shrewd, but compared to Xi Zhenyuan, he honestly paled in comparison. Ever since the Star Duels began up until now, after multiple life and death battles, Xie Zhenyuan had always kept the Secure Star hidden.

This level of sophistication honestly was frightening.

Not only this, but even when she had hid for so long, this Secure Star’s Realm surprisingly was higher than Mu Qingying’s, reaching True Phoenix. Without training, a martial general practically could never have such a high Realm.

“Senior Brother, when did you contract with her.” Bing Qingxuan.

“There is no harm in telling you. Luoshui is Zhenyuan’s first Star General.” Xie Zhenyuan narrowed his eyes and grinned slightly: “Afterwards, Zhenyuan met Ruolan. Zhenyuan felt that she was like Zhenyuan’s late little sister, and so she was treated as one. Perhaps the Heavens showed their concern. Never did Zhenyuan imagine that he himself could surprisingly contract a second Star General.”

“So you were deliberately weak? To make others misunderstand that you posed no threat?” Bing Qingxuan said.

“This is only one reason…” Xie Zhenyuan smiled. “Most people do not realize that the Secure Star’s Heavenly Prison has a second Innate Skill.”


“So long as Luoshui is confined to the Star Nest after signing a contract, up until the end of the Heavenly Books, her Realm will advance far faster than with cultivation.” Yang Luoshui hefted her broadsword, grinding her teeth.

“There was surprisingly something like this.” The color drained from Bing Qingxuan’s face.

Xie Zhenyuan silently smiled.

While Bing Qingxuan was speaking, Mu Qingying had already concealed herself again, activating her Earth Rank “Life Separated From Death.”3 In an instant, she had escaped from Hou Ruolan’s Heavenly Silkworm Treasure Silk Net and Yang Luoshui’s Heavenly Prison, her presence immediately vanishing completely. Simultaneously, Bing Qingxuan promptly urged on the “Heaven Earth Dark Yellow” Four Swords to trap Xie Zhenyuan in a sword array.

When trapped in the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Swords, even a Supervoid Cultivator could not free themselves. Four chilling sword-lights crossed each other to form a void. Bing Qingxuan was certain that even if Xie Zhenyuan fended off the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Swords, he would inevitably be debilitated, and with Mu Qingying’s Life Separate From Death as the lead-in, he would move his body. As long as he showed even the tiniest opening, he was dead without doubt. 

But Bing Qingxuan had neglected something. If his conduct and deeds were truly within Xie Zhenyuan’s calculations, then at this time, he should have anticipated the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Swords. Indeed, Xie Zhenyuan smiled and said: “Junior Brother Qingxuan, these Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Swords are indeed fine, yet you nevertheless forgot about something.”


Xie Zhenyuan flipped his wrist, whipping out a banner. This banner was painted with the Taiji in each of its four corners, wrapped in a primordial qi, encircled by prehistoric spirit, releasing gray light. When this banner appeared, the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Swords suddenly all cried. The world immediately sank into the light. No matter how Bing Qingxuan manipulated the Four Swords, they would not budge.

“Heaven Earth Dark Yellow, Universe Vast And Desolate.4 That Qingxuan does not know of this Universe Vast And Desolate Banner is not strange at all. After all, this banner was once the magic weapon of This Sect’s first Transforming Star of Annihilation Ancestral Master, Immortal Clear Void.” Xie Zhenyuan spoke with equanimity in the face of this wrongdoing, waving the Universe Vast And Desolate Banner in his hand.

The Heaven Sword, Earth Sword, Dark Sword, and Yellow Sword stagnated in midair. Then, the Four Swords’ sword array suddenly displayed the scene of a desolate and vast universe. The sun, moon, and stars that appeared within could not be passed. The original Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Sword Array at this time seemed to truly ignite, its power a hundred times more chilling than before.5

Bing Qingxuan was overwhelmed with shock. Without the slightest hesitation, he activated magic weapons, Flying Swords, talismans, abilities, and countless other powers before turning and running.

But the trap he had designed had already turned around and caught him instead. How could he have escaped.

The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Swords released four sword lights, breaking the magic weapons, Flying Swords, talismans, and powers sent his way. As the sun, moon, and stars faded, they attacked Bing Qingxuan’s whole body. At the same time, with her contractor injured, Mu Qingying was harmed as well. Her presence suddenly leaked, exposing her original form.

Secure Star Yang Luoshui had been waiting for this. She raised her Frost Magnificence Shining Moon Blade in an Earth Rank – Death By Thousand Cuts!

Intense blade-light without form covered her. Combined with Secure Star Yang Luoshui’s Heavenly Prison Innate Skill, this Death By Thousand Cuts seemed to sink Mu Qingying into a bog, surprisingly leaving her unable to move an inch. She stared wide-eyed as the broadswords swung down. Mu Qingying’s daggers moved to block. The Five Star Daggers stopped Yang Luoshui’s Earth Rank.

But Xie Zhenyuan merely smiled and pointed his finger.

A Three Clarities First Original Immortal Light attacked.

Mu Qingying’s defenses were promptly broken. “Farewell!” Yang Luoshui solemnly asserted. The Frost Magnificence Shining Moon descended upon Mu Qingying’s chest like a guillotine, the chilling qi along the blade’s edge dispersing, carving upon Mu Qingying’s flesh like ten thousand razor blades. Even if a Star General’s body was immortal and indestructible, this appeared quite gruesome. Blood sprayed like a waterfall, and the pain made Mu Qingying lose any chance at retaliation. Faced with the head-on attack of a True Phoenix Realm martial general, she immediately fell into the Star Nest, defeated.

When Bing Qingxuan saw Mu Qingying die, he was heartbroken. He knew that he had been ensnared. Not only did he fail to kill this Senior Brother today, he had instead lost his life. He raised magic weapons and other abilities to obstruct the Vast Desolate Sword Array.

Xie Zhenyuan showed no mercy. Golden serpents danced in the sword array, wind howled, the universe rippled, thunder crashed, and the field shook. The four swords each fired a ray of light straight towards the center where Bing Qingxuan was. Bing Qingxuan shuddered, in a panic.

Bing Qingxuan had cultivated painstakingly, and he possessed many abilities. Against the powerful Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Vast Desolate Sword Array, he surprisingly warded off several waves. “Senior Brother, mercy. Your Servant knows his wrongs.” He hastily shouted, no longer having his previous arrogant appearance.

“Does Junior Brother believe Senior Brother is lecturing a disobedient, rebellious disciple?” Xie Zhenyuan shook his head.

“Please, Senior Brother, show mercy. Qingxuan is willing to work like an ox for Senior Brother. That Purple Thunder Monster is the most dangerous enemy. Without Qingying’s assassination, killing that Purple Thunder Monster is absolutely impossible. Please, Senior Brother, think carefully.” Bing Qingxuan shouted in terror.

The sword-array’s light paused for an instant.

Xie Zhenyuan pondered. These words were actually reasonable. Against the Purple Thunder Monster, a direct confrontation was not realistic at all. The only solution was for everyone to unite in a chaotic battle, then follow through with a perfect assassination.

“Please, Senior Brother, let Qingxuan go. Qingxuan is willing to follow Senior Brother obediently from now on.” Bing Qingxuan hasitly said.

“Assassins are ruthless people, unworthy of trust.” Yang Luoshui sneered.

“Your Servant absolutely does not dare to be disloyal. For the sake of confronting the Purple Thunder Monster, Senior Brother, please be lenient.”

“What Junior Brother says is true. The Purple Thunder Monster’s current strength is formidable. Even if the remaining Star Masters united, Zhenyuan fears they would not necessarily overcome him. If we lack Junior Brother’s top-notch assassin, then facing him would be even more hopeless.” Xie Zhenyuan was pensive.

“Senior Brother, the Purple Thunder Monster is currently our common enemy. Junior Brother offers his life to assist Senior Brother in becoming the Overlord.” Bing Qingxuan promptly showed sincerity. With his life in someone else’s grasp, he had no choice but to submit.

“What a good offer, Senior Brother shall first assess your sincerity.” Xie Zhenyuan warmly smiled.

Bing Qingxuan’s pupils suddenly froze. Xie Zhenyuan formed a hand seal. The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Vast Desolate Sword Array’s sword-wave was like a tide, crippling one of Bing Qingxuan’s arms. “Why!!” Bing Qingxuan shouted.

“To be on the mind of an assassin is never that reassuring. So please offer your life now, Junior Brother.” Xie Zhenyuan nodded. Just as he smiled, he suddenly heard Hou Ruolan exclaim. He immediately sensed a chill barrel straight at him. Xie Zhenyuan was too late to dodge, and a dagger penetrated his lung. The pain nearly knocked him unconscious, and the sword-array abruptly dissipated.

“Elder Sister is my opponent.” Behind him came the voice of Mu Duiying.

“Three Clarities Sword.” Xie Zhenyuan shouted. The Most High Jade Clarity Flying Swords formed a green rainbow that swiped at Mu Duiying, yet that was only an afterimage. The Guardian Star swiftly retreated.

Bing Qingxuan made a narrow escape, turning and using an escape technique to flee.

So long as he could escape this disaster, he would someday definitely make this Xie Zhenyuan pay the price.

But he had only just turned around when he shuddered, “Prisoner, thinking of a prison break?” Yang Luoshui appeared in front of him, her expression solemn. That enormous blade was a ghastly sight. “Ah.” Bing Qingxuan screamed. Yang Luoshui expressionlessly used her Dark Technique “Five Cuts Corpse Dismemberment.”6 Five rays of blade-qi sliced across Bing Qingxuan’s body. The man stared at Yang Luoshui in disbelief.


Bing Qingxuan was unreconciled. His shrewdness, his strategy, his ambition, everything shattered in the blink of an eye like an illusion.


Bing Qingxuan’s limbs and head separated from his torso, splitting apart where he stood. Those wide eyes had once longed for future endless splendor, but now, they were already forever frozen, unable to be closed.

Investigative Star Mu Qingying, Starfall.

Xie Zhenyuan indifferently accepted the Investigative Star’s Star Energy, Three Heavenly Books, and Five Star daggers. “You killed Elder Sister.” Mu Duiying sobbed.

Xie Zhenyuan’s gaze returned to Mu Duiying. “Surprisingly, even Luoshui’s Heavenly Prison Innate Skill is unable to trap your sneak attack. It seems Zhenyuan has underestimated you.”

“Die.” Mu Duiying shouted.

Her silhouette vanished.

An illusory net slowly unfolded. Hou Ruolan used a third Earth Rank, “Boundless Capture Net.”7 Mu Duiying’s figure suddenly vanished from under the net. Xie Zhenyuan was shocked. Suddenly, he felt his eyes dazzle, and a shattered moonlight abruptly floated before his eyes.

Earth Rank Assassination.

Chance Meeting Under Moon!!8

Xie Zhenyuan instantly was battered and bruised. He never imagined this assassin would be so powerful. He promptly attacked with Extreme Clarity Immortal Light.

“Little Sister, you are too condescending.” Yang Luoshui’s True Phoenix Realm was fully unleashed, heavily sweeping her blade. Mu Duiying’s Earth Rank continuously attacked Xie Zhenyuan, but Xie Zhenyuan had Yang Luoshui’s Innate Skill. His martial arts were not badly matched against this assassin. By the time Yang Luoshui’s attack arrived, Mu Duiying had once again disappeared. At this time, Xie Zhenyuan activated the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Swords.

“Seeing as you had saved my life earlier, Lady, I had originally thought to spare you.” Xie Zhenyuan scanned his surroundings. He ingested a pill, and then he used his Flying Swords for protection.

“Master.” Yang Luoshui held her breath, searching every corner of the Three Clarities Field.

This Guardian Star was honestly too strange. That killing intent was surprisingly untraceable. Even her Heavenly Prison was unable to trap her.

“We cannot leave this woman be.” Xie Zhenyuan’s Divine Intent moved. Suddenly he took out a token. This token rose, activating the Most High Path’s sect-protecting array. Suddenly, the Three Clarities Field shook. Billowing immortal light soared like mist, completely surrounding the entire Three Clarities Field.

At this moment, even an ant was unable to leave.

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  1. 霜華映月刀
  2. 天牢星楊雄
  3. 生離死別
  4. 宇宙洪荒. 天地玄黃 Heaven Earth Dark Yellow is the first line of the Thousand Character Classic. 宇宙洪荒 is the second line
  5. Apparently, those four swords and this banner are a set. The banner seems to function as a control override or a master switch.
  6. 五刀分屍
  7. 網羅無極
  8. 月下相逢


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