Chapter 729: The Boatman’s Confession Style

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Atop the Longevity Palace, Su Xing was silent, gazing at the mountain that rose into the heavens and clouds. Gongsun Huang sat on his shoulder, also silent. At this moment, a dazzling light flashed in the sky, bright in the black sky. A Crimson Star fell, finally making Su Xing raise his brow. This was the first Starfall since the Three Heavenly Books ended.

And this also reminded him the cruelty of the final battle.

“Judging from the direction of the Starfall, that seems to be the Azure Dragon Territory’s Three Clarities Field.” A leisurely voice came from behind him. Su Xing turned his head to see Knowledge Star Resourceful Star Wu Xinjie walk over with a smile.

“Young Lord, it appears that the Investigative Star’s master has finally made a move against Xie Zhenyuan.”

“Do you think it was Xie Zhenyuan?” Su Xing smiled and asked.

Wu Xinjie nodded. She answered without hesitation: “That Investigative Star’s contractor is hidden extremely well, even using Xie Zhenyuan as bait. The Most High Path having such a Star Master perhaps was letting a wolf into the house. With the Three Heavenly Books over, he should first kill Xie Zhenyuan to add to his own Star Energy. If things are as expected…”

“If they aren’t…Xinjie, do you think Xie Zhenyuan would still have rescue?” Su Xing said.

“After all, he is the one called Liangshan Continent’s number one Star Master. For him to say he wants to protect a Star General, Xinjie does not believe.” Wu Xinjie shook her head. The Most High Path was formerly the head of the Azure Dragon Territory’s Alliance of Ten, and he was called the most talented Star Master by everyone. For him to contract a useless Star General, the Knowledge Star found this very difficult to believe, but that Investigative Star’s contractor was very adept at concealing his strength, a very cautious character. If Xie Zhenyuan was actually hiding some trick, he likely still would not be able to conceal it from the assassin.

So this depended on whatever ability this former genius Star Master had in the end.

But regardless, the Starfall coming from the Most High Path showed that at least one of them Starfell. No matter who it was, they now faced one less powerful enemy. If it was Bing Qingxuan, that would still be fine. If it was Xie Zhenyuan…Wu Xinjie felt this situation was somewhat dangerous.

“With the Heavenly Books ended, next is the Seven Stars Assembly. Young Lord, have you thought carefully?” Wu Xinjie’s tone was delicate.

“Whether or not only seven can climb the mountain?” Su Xing asked.

Wu XInjie’s smile retracted and seriously nodded. “Only seven, Young Lord. Otherwise, we will have no way to climb the mountain.”

Su Xing understood her meaning and muttered: “Everyone else is an enemy…”

“These Star Duels still has the Leader Star’s Uprising. Xinjie fears there will be even fewer openings.” Wu Xinjie thought and said: “Young Lord, should we leak new of Song Qingci’s Uprising? I thnk those Star Generals will definitely be very willing to work together.”

“No need.” Su Xing shook his head. Even if they exposed Song Qingci’s Leader Star Uprising, according to power relationships, the Purple Thunder Monster would probably still bear the brunt. At best, they would unite only to destroy Song Qingci’s faction and then face him after obtaining their Star Energy. This was quite problematic.

“I wonder if we can climb the peak together with Qingci.” Su Xing looked at Wu Xinjie: “Song Qingci also wants to end the Star Duels. Her thinking is the same as ours.”

“But she is an Uprising.” Wu Xinjie pursed her lips, disagreeing with Su Xing’s thinking.

“We’ll see.” Su Xing’s brow tightly wrinkled.

Seeing Su Xing in a headache, Little Huang used a hand to help rub Su Xing’s temple.

Wu Xinjie hopped over and hugged one of Su Xing’s arms, her chest sticking closely. “Young Lord, then let us first go see our Sisters’ Heavenly Books.”


Su Xing returned to the plaza under the Longevity Palace’s stele.

All of the girls had already been waiting. Su Xing’s gaze swept over them – Ling Yingmei, Wu Xinjie, and the others all had knowing smiles. Gong Caiwei and Xi Yue were quiet nearby.

Wu Xinjie spoke of what happened during the Heavenly Books.

According to Chao Gai’s calamity, Su Xing was to comprehend three Heavenly Books. However, even if she did not do such a thing, they had this plan anyways. Their coming Star Duels during the Seven Stars Assembly would be dangerous. Su Xing would be the first to become everyone’s target, so increasing Su Xing’s power was priority. And all of Su Xing’s wives did not hesitate to show they wanted to give all of their Former Volume Heavenly Books to Su Xing.

No one had ever dared to think that a Star Master could comprehend five, six, or even seven Heavenly Books.

Presently on Su Xing’s side, Wu XInjie, Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, Hua Wanyue, Yan Yizhen, Gongsun Huang, An Suwen, Hu Niangzi, Lu Shaqing, and Chai Ling had comprehended Former Volume Heavenly Books. Additionally, with Xi Yue and Gong Caiwei, they had twelve of these Heavenly Books. This was unprecedented.

“As Young Master’s first wife, Your Servant’s Heavenly Book ought to be given to Young Master.” Lin Yingmei’s words were unquestionable.

“No. In the future Star Duels, your power will be the most important, Yingmei.” Wu Siyou was the first to oppose. “Yingmei, please allow Your Concubine to substitute for your affection.” 

“Milord and I share the Double Sevens Contract and owes everyone too much. This Heavenly Book should be given out by Me.” Hua Wanyue’s tone was strict.

“To give Master a Heavenly Book is Slave Servant’s duty.” Yan Yizhen bluntly said.

“Your Highness.” Gongsun Huang tugged Su Xing’s clothes, her refined eyes stirring.

Bright Star Hu Niangzi did not say a word, but she gave a pitiable gaze to her Dear Husband, as if saying that not accepting her kindness would create boundless guilt.

If I do not go into hell, then who will.” Lu Shaqing clapped her hands together, calmly reciting a mantra.

All of the wives were flushed with excitement. Shi Yuan and the others looked on with envy. Zhang Yuqi covered her mouth, mocking herself for being unable to join in on this “love rivalry” procession because she did not obtain a Former Volume Heavenly Book.

Su Xing anxiously said: “Do I really need to comprehend these three Heavenly Books? Even without the Heavenly Books…” Before he could finish, he was met with Lin Yingmei and the others’ emphatic refusal.

“Never has This Palace seen a love rivalry like this.” Chai Ling rolled her eyes.

The Boatman strode forth. “Stop arguing, everyone. It would be better to take my, Zhang Feiyu’s, Heavenly Book.”

Everyone stopped their argument and looked at her.

“Lin Yingmei and the others are famous top-notch Star Generals. It would be somewhat regretful for any of them to lose their Heavenly Books. I, Feiyu, also understand your thinking. For your Young Master to comprehend a Heavenly Book not your own is somewhat lacking. If you would look upon me, the Boatman, and not disdain Xi Yue’s humbleness, hm, hm, then take this Former Volume Heavenly Book, Su Xing. Otherwise…I, Feiyu, shall immediately take Xi Yue out of this Longevity Palace!!” Zhang Feiyu appeared serious. She had gussed Lin Yingmei and the others’ thinking, bluntly declaring her own intentions.

“Elder Sister.” Zhang Yuqi’s mouth hung agape, not expecting her to speak so resolutely.

“Xi Yue needs your protection as well.” Su Xing said.

“I, Feiyu, shall say once more, if you are Xi Yue’s man, then you must protect her. This Heavenly Book is the proof that you will protect her. If you do not, then very well. Feiyu does not want to let Feiyu feel wronged here.” Zhang Feiyu stared fixedly at Su Xing, her crimson pupils red as fire, either from excitement or fury.

“Feiyu, Sir has always protected Lowly Servant. Please do not speak of Sir like this.” Xi Yue was somewhat worried.

“I will protect her, but Xi Yue also has to protect herself.” Su Xing said.

“Lowly Servant understands.” 

Zhang Feiyu was nearly driven mad by Xi Yue’s docile temperament. If she did not do something more, she would be outdone by this Immortal Hero Princess of clothes as white as snow. The woman stepped in front of Su Xing. They stood face to face in front of everyone, their lips nearly touching. “If you do not accept Xi Yue’s kindness, don’t think I won’t fuck you up, then kill myself. Then, that will make Xi Yue regret for her entire life.”

“Don’t tell me you don’t want to protect her yourself?” Su Xing coldly said.

Zhang Feiyu bit her lip, “Don’t persuade me. Otherwise, I’ll rape you right now.”


The Su Xing who met this kind of threat for the first time did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Zhang Feiyu clearly knew that Su Xing was a smooth talker and was afraid she would be persuaded. Seeing that he was about to speak, she glared at him. Su Xing saw her determination and knew that anything he said would be useless. At this time, Xi Yue softly said: “Sir, you risked your life for Lowly Servant in the White Tiger Territory. If Sir does not take this Heavenly Book, Lowly Servant will feel she has been looked down on by Sir.”

Su Xing could only accept it.

The remaining dozen Heavenly Books were offered again. Considering that the Seven Stars Assembly was not some dinner party, Su Xing could only relent in the end. As the first wife, Lin Yingmei was also the strongest out of everyone in martial force. Wu Siyou and Hua Wanyue were dutybound to turn over their Former Volume Heavenly Books to Lin Yingmei. Because bother had the most special relationships out of all the wives, the former with “Perfect Harmony” and the latter with “Double Sevens,” each with their own Heaven Earth Dark Yellow, these Heavenly Books were not so important.

The other Heavenly Books did not change hands.

After they finished arranging the Heavenly Books, next came the Seven Stars Assembly.

When past Star Duels reached this Phase, all Star Masters would be striving to make alliances. However, with Su Xing’s current strength, he needed to be able to have absolute trust in the final Seven Stars, to be able to join together against Maiden Mountain. Xi Yue and Gong Caiwei naturally were no issue. With Ling Yan Princess Zhao Hanyan, they would be four.

The Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s Fox of Voracious Admiration Hu Mi was contradictory. Although she had fought Xi Yue before, she was highly principled. Regardless of power or her Star General Xu Jingshu, she was not a bad candidate. The Crystal Dragon Palace’s rumored Seventh Princess Long Nü was upstanding, conducting herself cleanly. Su Xing had quite a favorable impression of her. Next was Zheng Yanran’s cousin, or Bao Xiaoyu, or the Xie Zhenyuan who claimed he wanted to protect a Star General, or the contractor of Agile Star Featherless Arrow Zhang Biluo, Yan Wudao, who had great courage when they first met.1

As Su Xing thought over this, he found that it would be a great pity to be missing any one of these people when contending against Maiden Mountain.

“If there are more than Seven Stars at the end, then Maiden Mountain probably won’t sit by and watch. Ai, everything’ll be alright, everything’ll be alright.”

Laying on the bed, Su Xing tossed and turned, sleepless.

The more he thought about this Seven Stars Assembly, the greater the headache it gave him. “Without her, your lifetime is nothing but a dream of golden millet.” Su Xing muttered to himself, recalling Jiang Shuishui’s prophecy. If it could be said this prophecy was referring to his progress up to the Seven Stars Assembly, then this “dream of golden millet” sounded particularly harsh to his ears.

“Young Master.” Lin Yingmei groggily opened her eyes.



“I won’t let this be a dream.” Su Xing’s lips kissed the girl.

“Your Servant knows.” Lin Yingmei’s eyes drooped heavily, responding softly.

Su Xing hugged Lin Yingmei’s beautiful body from behind, their intimacy after making love once again surging.

On this night, there were no words.

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    [Bright Star Hu Niangzi did not say a word, but she gave a pitiable gaze to her Dear Husband, as if saying that not accepting her kindness would create boundless guilt]

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