Chapter 730: Seven Stars Covenant, Monster Slaying Conference

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The situation in the Western Regions Buddha Kingdom could be said to be unstable as of recent. In the three years since that Purple Thunder Monster caused a ruckus in the Buddha Kingdom, he had seized the holy Five Dragons Lantern and forced the Buddha Kingdom’s Six Patriarchs into secluded meditation. Recently, a boy from the Empty Mountain Hidden Monastery discovered that their sect’s Buddhist Ancestor, Great Master Still Void, had passed away at the “All Void Wall.” While the entire Buddha Kingdom observed a moment of silence, the last three of the Six Patriarchs and samgharamas Chan Master Leaf, Abbess Water Moon of the Mirror Flower Nunnery, and the Dharma Sect’s Aratha all returned to dust in succession.

If it could be said that Great Master Still Void cultivated the Nirvana Treasure Wheel and flew to the Western Paradise upon a crane,1 then the other three Ancestors that followed suit were too great to be a coincidence.

The Buddha Kingdom’s Six Patriarchs were the strongest existences in the Central Celestial Impure Land, second only to Holy Monk Four Noble Truths, the Buddha West Approaches. To say that the Buddha Kingdom’s Six Patriarchs were defeated by the Purple Thunder Monster was fine. Now, everyone dying made the entire Buddha Kingdom’s populace anxious. Everyone for a time was full of differing opinions.

Some said that after the Buddha Kingdom’s Six Patriarchs were punished with seclusion, they comprehended the Great Way, comprehending Transforming Star of Annihilation. But everyone could see that this was merely self-comfort, nothing more. Others said that this was a trial upon the Buddha Kingdom. Some people also pointed out that the Purple Thunder Monster was against the final Seven Stars Assembly, and to increase his own strength, he infiltrated the Buddha Kingdom to do one last thing to the Buddha Kingdom Six Patriarchs – massacre them all. This was proof of that Murdering Buddha Chan Sect. Everyone knew that the Purple Thunder Monster had soundly defeated the Six Patriarchs in the past and also had the “magnificent feat” of killing some of the Six Patriarchs. He probably harbored a grudge against the Buddha Kingdom, and he honestly took the lives of the Six Patriarchs so casually.

For this reason, the entire Buddha Kingdom, especially the Six Great Buddhist Sects, treated Su Xing as their nemesis. For this reason, nearly ten thousand of the Six Great Buddhist Sect’s elders and disciples came to the Seven Story Stupa Pagoda to request Holy Monk Four Noble Truths to take charge of justice for the Buddha Kingdom. But this aged old man merely uttered an indifferent, “‘Tis predestined…” and thus, brushed them off.

For this reason, the royal family of the Western Regions Buddha Kingdom’s nearby Cold Tang Kingdom specifically issued a notice. A combined force of the Six Great Buddhisms’ tens of thousands of followers and five hundred thousand elite troops were preparing to subjugate the Purple Thunder Monster.

In an instant, the throngs of a “Monster Slaying Conference” were in full swing.

On this day, Western Region, Cold Tang Kingdom, Jian’an.

The night was cool as water, the moon bright and the stars glimmering.

A figure tread upon withered shadows, departing from Jian’an’s imperial palace. ALong the way, it came to “Three Lives River.” 

“Your Highness, what matter could be so urgent that you would seek Old Monk so late at night?”

An old man with a solemn complexion and profoundly wise eyes slowly spoke. The old man gripped a chan staff and was shrouded in a golden kasaya, twinkling brightly in the night. He was none other than Cold Tang Kingdom’s national scholar, the one who possessed strength on par with the Buddha Kingdom’s Six Patriarchs – Great Master Shen Hui.

The figure was illuminated, revealing Xie Chang’an.

“Great Master.” Xie Chang’an put his palms together and bowed, his attitude pious.

Great Master Shen Hui slightly smiled, considerably satisfied with the reverence this prince of the Cold Tang Kingdom showed.

“Chang’an has something to ask of Great Master.” Xie Chang’an said.

“Your Highness, do not hesitate to speak. So long as Old Monk can assist you, then Old Monk shall do his utmost.” Great Master Shen Hui looked at this Star Master disciple, great love within his heart. He practically witnessed every step of Xie Chang’an’s growth up to this point now where he was already with Supervoid Early Stage power. For the sake of being able to have Xie Chang’an rise above the rest in the Star Duels, Great Master Shen Hui had imparted everything including his cassock and alms bowl, the “Eight Legions Of Naga And Deva Protection,” “Great Nirvana Sutra,” the “Platform Sutra of Sixth Patriarch,” as well as other mysterious powers. It could be said that Xie Chang’an’s foundations gave him the qualifications to become the newest of the Buddha Kingdom’s Six Patriarchs.

Originally, he thought they would have smooth sailing, but he never imagined such a defiant Purple Thunder Monster would emerge. To make Great Master Shen Hui watch helplessly as Xie Chang’an ventured unto his own doom was extremely depressing.

However, seeing that Xie Chang’an still had that optimistic and compliant attitude, Great Master Shen Hui’s mind was greatly relieved.

“Only Master can help Chang’an with this.” Xie Chang’an lowered his head. “Disciple has most recently comprehended the Platform Sutra of Sixth Patriarch and wants to cultivate the ‘Dragon Form Prajna Sixth Patriarch Law Protection Sutra.’2 Only with such a cultivation can Xie Chang’an possibly have a chance at contending against the Purple Thunder Monster.” 

“The Dragon Form Prajna Sixth Patriarch Law Protection Sutra?” Great Master Shen Hui’s expression turned slightly grim. “This text is Buddhism’s supreme power. Where did you learn of this technique.”

“It is said that cultivating the Sixth Patriarch Law Protection Sutra grants protection that is not inferior to the Buddha Kingdom’s Six Patriarchs. With this, even against Lin Chong, Chang’an would have no need to fear her.” Xie Chang’an said.

“No.” Great Master Shen Hui instantly refused, his expression very serious.

“Master, can it be that you will watch idly as Disciple dies?” Xie Chang’an begged.

“‘Tis not that Master will not help you.” Great Master Shen Hui said: “But cultivating this Sixth Patriarch Law Protection Sutra is extremely harsh.”

“Chang’an knows it requires six Buddhas’ sariras to cultivate, only then can it be achieved.”

Great Master Shen Hui said nothing. He merely stared at Xie Chang’an, as if he had deduced something.

“Chang’an currently has obtained four of them by luck. Add on Chang’an’s own Buddhist potential, that makes five. Cultivating this Sixth Patriarch Law Protection merely needs one more.” Xie Chang’an raised his hand. Several dozen sarira hovered in the air, glowing with multiple colors, forming all sorts of shapes, an extraordinary presence. In his shock, Great Master Shen Hui knew the origins of these sarira.

“You killed Still Void and the others?”

“If Disciple says the Purple Thunder Monster killed them, that Disciple obtained them by luck, would this make it more bearable for Master?” Xie Chang’an lowered his head, not daring to look at Great Master Shen Hui’s furious expression.

“You sinner, for you to surprisingly betray our ways in such a manner.” Great Master Shen Hui shouted in anger and lashed out with his palm.

Xie Chang’an surprisingly did not evade. He allowed this strike to land on his chest, knocking him flying. Immediately, his organs ruptured, his seven apertures leaking blood.

“You!!!” Great Master Shen Hui was shocked to see Xie Chang’an unexpectedly not defend himself. Could it be that he was truly innocent?

“Forgive Chang’an, Great Master. Even in the face of this strike, Chang’an is grateful for Great Master’s teachings. If Chang’an can climb Maiden Mountain, Chang’an definitely will not betray Great Master’s legacy and will propagate Buddhism through Star World.” A trace of distress flashed past Xie Chang’an’s eyes, but in the end, he still became merciless. Great Master Shen Hui saw that that was the feeling a king ought to have.

“Shuang’er, now!!”

Xie Chang’an shouted.

Double Clubs Huyan Shuang broke open the endless darkness, rolling out a red flower and white snow before Great Master Shen Hui. The Wind And Moon Unmatched clubs in her hands danced beautifully to and fro, a stunning sight. At the Crystal Dragon Palace, Huyan Shuang took Xie Chang’an robbing other people blind. In addition to the Cold Tang Kingdom’s power, the Star Weapon was now already upgraded to an unprecedented Six Star. 

“No wonder you were able to kill the Six Patriarchs. Old Monk never thought your Star General had surprisingly upgraded her Star Weapon to Six Star.” Great Master Shen Hui drew a sharp breath. THe Six Star Destined Weapon was also in the hands of the Five Tigers General Prestige Star. Let alone the Buddha Kingdom Six Patriarchs, even Holy Monk Four Noble Truths was in danger.

“Great Master, apologies.” Huyan Shuang spoke softly, raising her clubs.

Wind And Moon Unmatched carved beautiful lights that captured the old man.

“The Purple Thunder Monster has Lin Chong and Wu Song. Even if Shuang’er is Six Star, maybe even if she is Seven Star, Chang’an will not be confident. As a result, Chang’an could only resort to this scheme in order to obtain that Sixth Patriarch Law Protection. Great Master, please oblige Disciple.” Xie Chang’an grimly said. “Great Master is like a father to Chang’an. If only there was any other way, Chang’an would not do such a thing to Great Master.”

“Huyan Zhuo, Old Monk would like to ask you a question.” Sensing that it would be difficult to escape today’s disaster, Great Master Shen Hui instead resolved himself.

“Great Master, please speak.”

“Can it be that you would betray the honor of the Five Tigers Generals like this?” Great Master Shen Hui smiled and said.

The graceful woman grinned, “If my honor could be traded for His Highness’ chance to live, I would be willing.”

“My Buddha of compassion.” Great Master Shen Hui put his palms together. Suddenly, his Buddhist light dimmed.

The Huyan Shuang who had been prepared to use her Earth Rank was slightly startled.

The light of Great Master Shen Hui’s life faded like a candleflame.3

“Please, look after him for Old Monk.”

“En.” For the first time, Huyan Shuang solemnly bowed in respect.

Ninth day of the Heavenly Books.

Xie Chang’an finally obtained the sarira of all six Patriarchs. Originally, he had wanted to go kill Holy Monk Four Noble Truths, but under Huyan Shuang’s counsel, he finally let go of this idea. Holy Monk Four Noble Truths’ cultivation was unfathomable, the supreme existence in the Buddha Kingdom. To touch a hair on his head would be to become enemies with the entire Buddha Kingdom, and he resided deep inside the Seven Storey Stupa Pagoda. Even if Huyan Shuang wanted to kill him, it was impossible without a Heaven Rank.

However, even if while cultivating the Dragon Form Prajna Sixth Patriarch Law Protection had hinayana at the beginning, this did not give Huyan Shuang much comfort.

In the Prestige Star’s words.

The greatest enemy, the Purple Thunder Monster, honestly was an existence so defiant of natural order, he made people feel powerless. Even if Xie Chang’an gathered millions of elite soldiers as well as the tens of thousands of Buddhist disciples, they would not be so useful. Huyan Shuang was tightly grasping the cultivation of her Former Volume Heavenly Book. However, the two of them were waiting for an opportunity, waiting for the opportunity to join forces with other Star Masters.

On the fifteenth day towards the “Seven Stars Assembly.”

When the second day came, an invitation was placed before him. This made Xie Chang’an and Huyan Shuang look at each other. Huyan Shuang had refined her Latter Volume Heavenly Book. She was able to sense the presences of Star Generals within a range of 100 li, but while she indeed sense her, that was for a mere instant. The other party came and went, practically like a ghost.

“The Speed Star??” Xie Chang’an raised his brow. He opened the invitation in front of him. On it were only nine concise words.

“All Star Covenants, Heaven’s Son Mountain, Monster Slaying Conference!”

Heaven’s Son Mountain.

A towering mountain en route to Maiden Mountain. Because it once had a leyline and immortal qi, it became famous as a place where the emperors of several thousand year empires were born.

Song Qingci stood atop the peak of Heaven’s Son Mountain, gazing at Maiden Mountain. Compared to the Maiden Mountain that acted as the pillar of heaven, Heaven’s Son Mountain was very insignificant.

“Elder Sister Qingci, we just received information from Xingyue. The invitation for an alliance has already been given to His Highness of the Cold Tang Kingdom. We have the Prestige Star’s Star Master.”

“How many Star Masters has Xingyue invited already?” Song Qingci returned to her senses, softly asking.

“The Lifeless Hall’s Yan Wudao, the Most High Path’s Xie Zhenyuan, the Crystal Dragon Palace’s Long Nü, the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s Hu Mi, as well as that Prince Heng. All of the Azure Dragon Territory’s sects have been invited. However, it appears that the Ling Yan Princess stands with the Purple Thunder Monster. As Elder Sister has instructed, we did not invite the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Lady Snake Scorpion or the Black Turtle Territory’s Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and Su Shengxiang. Little Sister Xingyue is fast, as expected. Right now, she is currently searching the White Tiger Territory for traces of other Star Masters. Xingyue ought to be able to gather them over the next few days.”

“Elder Sister, will those people truly come participate in a Monster Slaying Conference?” The Li Longkui beside her said in a low voice. Clearly, she was not very willing to collaborate with a Star Master.

“They will most certainly come.” Song Qingci softly said.

“Has the Monster Slaying Conference been arranged?” Song Qingci then asked.

“En, Elder Brother Liu has made the arrangements. Because the Purple Thunder Monster’s power is too vast, Elder Brother Liu is also spurring on other cultivators. Heh, heh, I heard that the Buddha Kingdom’s Six Patriarchs have been killed by the Purple Thunder Monster. It appears he is truly very unfortunate this time.” Wang Jingzhi was actually somewhat sympathetic of Su Xing.

Song Qingci was silent, but her gaze towards Maiden Mountain became even more profound. 

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  1. An idiom for passing away.
  2. 龍象般若六祖護法經
  3. Truly like a father, even to an unfilial son.


  1. ….Okay. I get Su Xing has done a few things to earn the ire of the Azure Dragon Territory, but aside from that spat with the Alliance of Ten, which was offset by them being major backstab happy douchebags anyway…. Su Xing really doesn’t deserve half the hate he gets since most of the time, he’s either being framed, severely disrespected, or ppl are trying to straight up kill him first.

    And yeah, Su Xing is strong, but I hardly call him OP outside of his SSS tier stamina.
    He either has gotten lucky with a draw, knows when to dip out, or had no choice but to win.

    1. Well, it comes as no surprise since the Purple Thunder Monster is basically the bogeyman. Something goes wrong? Blame it on the Purple Thunder Monster.

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