Chapter 731: Four Territories Assembly

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With Su Xing’s current strength that was formidable enough to sweep through the Four Territories, the remaining Star Masters with even just a bit of awareness about the Star Duels knew that that an alliance was absolutely necessary. Song Qingci had Dai Xingyue search out most of the Star Masters that did not have relations with Su Xing and issue them invitations. Even further, she even distributed some of the first-rate magic weapons they had obtained from the White Tiger Territory’s Demon Kings to Yan Wudao and the other Star Masters of high cultivation. With such a sign of good faith, she believed not a single one of them would decline.

As Song Qingci anticipated, several days after the invitations were sent, a procession of Star Masters came to the peak of Heaven’s Son Mountain.

The Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s Hu Mi descended upon Heaven’s Son Mountain while riding a purple cloud.

A palace had been erected upon this thousand mu mountaintop. Through the blowing wind and shining sun, its carved walls and painted structures had long since been broken. Covered in dust, when the wind blew the dust away, the crumbling fences and walls it revealed showed detailed carvings that recorded bygone splendor. Hu Mi slowly walked forth, her finger tracing along the jade banisters, a reserved gaze in her eyes, pensive as she strolled about the courtyard. Gold Lancer Xu Jingshu followed behind her. The girl twirled her Four Star Destined Weapon, the hooked lance, around in one hand, yet her eyes were full of vigilance as she scanned the surroundings.

“Jingshu, do you feel we should join the alliance against Su Xing?” With a rustle, her feet came to a stop. Hu Mi turned around to ask Xu Jingshu.

“If we follow in accordance with the pattern of the previous Star Duels, we should.” Xu Jingshu did not hesitate to answer: “Hu Mi, with our strength, we absolutely can scale the peak. But that man who has contracted with Lin Chong is too abnormal. With him around, the Star Duels are hopeless…But…” Gold Lancer changed the topic: “But that was the approach of the past Star Duels. The Ninth has too many variables. For Lin Chong and Wu Song to be able to find a contractor, there is inevitably a reason why he was worthy to follow. Perhaps it is not simply for the Star Duels and goes far beyond, let alone, he also has many Star Masters accompanying him.”1

Hu Mi smiled. “Xu Jingshu, your thoughts are the same as mine. Hu Mi also feels that Su Xing’s Star Duels have never been bloody.”

“Then, you are saying if we follow him instead, Hu Mi, you may be able to live?” Xu Jingshu blinked, suddenly discovering the implication behind these words was honestly too cowardly. Twitching her lips: “Peh,2 we do not share much camaraderie with this Monster, why must we give p without a fight.”

Hu Mi was just hesitating over this reason. That Ling Yan Princess, the Vermilion Bird Saintess,3 and the Immortal Hero Princess were all women of that Monster. She herself did not have much of a relationship with Su Xing. If she had to be a bit more personal, then this was merely limited to that one time at the Crystal Dragon Palace. But on the other hand, because of that loss in the Longevity Palace Xi Yue suffered at her hands, she should have been established as an enemy.

Seeing her vacillate, Xu Jingshu shook her head. “It would be better for us to see just what this Monster Slaying Conference is, see whether or not it can threaten the Purple Thunder Monster.”

Hu Mi agreed.

Passing through the ruined halls and flowers, they came to a clearing. A spacious courtyard appeared before them, matted with green grass, bursting with the scent of flowers and elegant butterflies. It was completely different from the destroyed structures. In this courtyard were numerous tables, already filled with fine wine and dishes. Many of the tables were already filled with people.

Hu Mi’s sudden appearance, her fair immortal beauty and wonderful figure and grace immediately stunned everyone.

Hu Mi swept her eyes over them, noticing that the Star Masters in attendance were far more numerous than she had imagined.

Yan Wudao, Ye Futu,4 Xin Lao, and the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon were among them.

The woman walked elegantly forth to a golden table. The girl’s Supervoid Middle Stage cultivation made all the Star Masters present stare at her incredulously. In particular, the aura of the Xu Jingshu following behind her remained steadfast and calm, her pace steady as a rock, giving everyone a deep impression. “Fairy Fox of Voracious Admiration, I have wanted to meet you for a very long time!” Yan Wudao rose and cupped his fist. Zhang Biluo disapprovingly twitched her lips.

“Ha, ha, to see Fairy Fox of Voracious Admiration attend this banquet, this is too gratifying. At least the Fairy has not been deceived by that Purple Thunder Monster.” Another of the Azure Dragon Territory’s Star Masters laughed loudly.

Hu Mi very adeptly concealed her displeasure as she gazed at that Supercluster Stage Star Master.

“Your Servant is Gong Song.”5 Gong Song promptly announce his name with respect. Regarding this Star Master who possessed the Supreme Ultimate Diagram, he did not dare slight her. If it was not for these Star Duels that had the Purple Thunder Monster, this woman in purple clothes would really have been the “Purple Thunder Monstress.”

“Fellow, do not be so modest.” Hu Mi’s tone was gentle. Seeing the Xie Zhenyuan beside him was Supervoid Middle Stage, she was slightly shocked, a meaningful gleam in her eyes.” 

“Seeing truly is believing, Fellow Zhenyuan. Liangshan Continent’s number one genius Star Master. Hu Mi acknowledges her own inferiority. However, to not be able to use that in these Star Duels is nevertheless a pity.” Hu Mi spotted the Hou Ruolan clutched against his chest sewing clothes.

“Different people have different aspirations.” Xie Zhenyuan shook his head. “Zhenyuan only wants to bring Hou Ruolan up Maiden Mountain by relying only on his own two hands alone, to let everyone in the world know, that even a Star Master is able to protect Maiden Mountain’s Star Maidens.”

These words were declared boldly and righteously, making all Star Maidens present shoot glances at each other.

“Tsk, how shameless.” Zhang Biluo disdainfully muttered.

“To be able to leave behind a good reputation for the generations to follow, Hu Mi is wholeheartedly impressed.” Hu Mi saluted.

Xie Zhenyuan smiled and beckoned her to sit.

The Black Turtle Territory only had the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and Su Shengxiang as their Star Masters, but the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was very ostentatious. Li Xiangfei and Fan Ming flanked each side of him, gracefully pouring him wine like imperial consorts, earning him everyone’s envy.

“Two Supervoid Middle Stages. This Azure Dragon Territory surprisingly has so many formidable Star Masters.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon chewed somewhat indignantly.

“This is not strange as the Azure Dragon Territory has been the Star Duels’ important grounds since antiquity. With our combined strength, we can even face a Supervoid Middle Stage Star Master.” Su Shengxiang smiled.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon put on a fake smile. Ever since he witnessed this Su Shengxiang’s Ten Thousand Souls Parasol, he did not dare look down on this woman. Heaven knew what other tricks she had. “However, this Azure Dragon Territory Star Master truly has a bizarre personality. That Xie Zhenyuan has contracted a piece of trash that can only sew clothes. To climb the peak while protecting a Star General just to leave behind a reputation, ha, ha, This Holy Lord sees a fool who seeks his own death.”

“Holy Lord, you cannot underestimate him.” Li Xiangfei spoke, her brow wrinkled, feeling that Xie Zhenyuan was somewhat strange.

“I was merely speaking my thoughts. If we truly came to a Star Duel, This Holy Lord shall use full power.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon said.

“However, in these Star Duels, there truly are many formidable Star Masters.” Su Shengxiang sipped her wine. Her cheeks were rosy, but she looked around vigilantly. Like the other Star Masters, she had come to Heaven’s Son Mountain while being attentive of other enemies. Although this was an alliance, each mind was very aware that after killing the Purple Thunder Monster, they would then become enemies.

Su Shengxiang was secretly wary.

Other than the powerful enemies of the Azure Dragon Territory, the White Tiger Territory’s Ye Futu and Xin Lao were also very problematic. That Ye Futu was manageable, but Xin Lao was expressionless. There was not a shred of emotion in her. Even when a fairy the likes of Hu Mi arrived, the woman did not so much as blink, merely lowering her head and shutting her eyes in contemplation. The more calm she was, the more unfathomable she felt to Su Shengxiang.

“Although that Purple Thunder Monster has Lin Chong and Wu Song, when we have so many people, why should we still fear him.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s mood was splendid, as if he could already see Su Xing’s wretched death at his hands.

Su Shengxiang inwardly sighed, feeling that the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was somewhat optimistic.

“Li Taisui is dead??”

Amidst the drinking and conversations, Hu Mi suddenly let out a startled exclamation.

The others were not surprised at the Fox of Voracious Admiration’s shock. In fact, everyone who learned from Ye Futu the news of Li Taisui’s demise were all astounded. That scene from Crystal Dragon Palace was still vividly in their mind. The Li Taisui then was unstoppable, no Star Master could face him. And the Hu Mi who had traded blows with him before was even more aware of this old man’s frightening might. Back then, it was only because of that one opportunity to ally with Su Xing that she realized she was not an opponent.

She never imagined that Li Taisui would surprisingly Starfall before the Seven Stars Assembly.

“That Elder Sister Zijin was the absolute as a martial general. To surprisingly die?” Xu Jingshu was regretful.

“Futu is not very clear on the precise course of events. But the White Tiger Territory had its own agreement for the Seven Stars Assembly. With Taisui dead, this turned absolutely meaningless.” Ye Futu sighed. More aware of Li Taisui’s might than anyone else, he directly felt sympathy for this reason.

“The White Tiger’s Seven Starfalls was a major event. Hu Mi had thought…” Hu Mi forced a smile.

“That Li Taisui killed us?” Ye Futu smiled.

“Never thought that Su Xing’s power would already be so frightening. To have so quickly killed Li Taisui and Han Bing before the Heavenly Books.” Hu Mi thought to herself.

“Perhaps he knows we are forming an alliance against him, so he killed Li Taisui beforehand. If the Blue Faced Beast had obtained a Heavenly Book, he would have been in danger.” Ye Futu surmised.

“All the more reason for us to work together as one.” Yan Wudao said.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“That Purple Thunder Monster is extremely cunning. He even drew my Imperial Sister in like a moth to a flame.” Zhao Heng sneered.

“Prince Highness, will you not follow the Purple Thunder Monster as the Ling Yan Princess does? If you go, the Purple Thunder Monster would presumably have admitted you to the Seven Stars Assembly.” Gong Song chuckled. The others placed their gazes on Zhao Heng, their expressions strict.

Zhao Heng laughed: “This Highness is not so stupid. Comparing the Purple Thunder Monster to this alliance here, This Highness feels we can kill him if we work together. So what if he has Lin Chong and Wu Song. Can it be that we should still fear him with so many of us here?”

Everyone laughed.

“Can you raise a hand against your own Imperial Sister?”

“One must always pay the price for their own choices. These are the Star Duels.” Zhao Heng slowly said.

“Well said!!”

Gong Song cheered.

As everyone chatted about their experiences in the Star Duels, it was not long before a cloud of poison rolled in from the horizon. A cart upon dark purple poison qi appeared. The newcomer was none other than Lady Snake Scorpion and her husband, the Roc Demon King.

“The vast Vermilion Bird Territory has only she alone?” Zhao Heng asked.

“It is said that all of the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Star Masters have been slain by the Lady Snake Scorpion.” Hu Mi said in a subdued tone.

“All slain?”

“There is a rumor that Leader Star Song Jiang appeared in the Vermilion Bird Territory, and that she died at her hand.” Hu Mi raised her brow.

“What? Lady Snake Scorpion killed Song Jiang?”

Everyone was stunned,

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  1. The reason is simple: love.
  2. She spat
  3. Meaning Xi Yue and not Tuoba Yan. Damn you, author, for forgetting the most exotic member of the harem
  4. I thought he was dead, but I guess I was wrong.
  5. 弓松


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