Chapter 732: One Last Star General Takes The Stage

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Leader Star Song Jiang through the Star Duels was quite a character. In a tactical sense, she was a key strategic location. Killing her could grant vast Star Energy, advance power by leaps and bounds. Just that Star Weapon, “Heavenly Star Birth Banner,” was enough to drive a mob into a frenzy. Reportedly, this weapon could continuously replenish a Star General’s Star Energy. Star Generals in battle would consume substantial quantities of Star Energy, and Heaven, Earth, Dark, Yellow Techniques would make this even more demanding. To possess a Star Weapon capable of rapid Star Energy recovery, this could surpass ay magic weapon. It was possible this could even make Star Generals use their Heaven Ranks twice.

In fact, Hu Mi and the others were skeptical over whether Xie Zhenyuan’s powerful cultivation was a result of killing Timely Rain; hearing that Lady Snake Scorpion had killed Song Jiang, everyone showed wondrous expressions or doubt.

Lady Snake Scorpion did not want to be on the minds of these people. Killing Song Jiang was tantamount to them killing herself. The woman stepped off the cart, her hands leading the Xie Twins. She showed a sneer: “Heaven knows who started this nonsense. While This Lady truly would liked to have slain Song Jiang, it is a pity that This Lady has merely killed her Little Sister, Iron Fan Song Qinghua.”1

“The seventy-sixth ranked Handsome Star Iron Fan Song Qing?”

“Who else but her. Truly pitiful.” Xie Diao twitched her lips.

Fearing they did not believe her, Lady Snake Scorpion even specially brought out Song Qinghua’s Star Weapon, “Cool Breeze Bright Moon,” an exquisite Two Star fan. “The rumors that Song Jiang appeared in the Vermilion Bird Territory ought to be true, though. The Xunyang Restaurant even has her poem.” Yan Wudao slowly smiled and said.

“This Lady dispatched people to find her, but she was not found. If This Lady had truly killed Song Jiang, then would This Lady still attend this so-called Monster Slaying Conference?” Lady Snake Scorpion sneered.

“Exactly. They say that you have killed all of the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Star Masters, Queen. That you would come attend the Monster Slaying Conference is outside of This Holy Lord’s expectations.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon grinned evilly. His words undoubtedly gave everyone a hint of disbelief.

Lady Snake Scorpion was elegant, her speech sweet: “Those people are but trash. Leaving them will only give the Purple Thunder Monster opportunities to bolster his strength. If it was you, would you show mercy? Holy Lord of Draconic Demon.” Lady Snake Scorpion’s cultivation was far unlike the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon or Xie Zhenyuan, who were disciples of the Great Sects. She cultivated the Gu Arts, had very superficial foundations, and had barely reached Supercluster Late Stage after killing those Star Masters and obtaining their Star Energies; for her to be like this was understandable, but this time, the Xie Twins obtained two Heavenly Books. She and the Roc Demon King each shared one. Breaking through to Supervoid would be in her grasp.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon merely sneered.

“This King shall help you all get rid of the Monster. If anyone has designs upon my Wife, then do not blame This King for merciless hostility.” The Roc Demon King sternly declared. Although he was a Supervoid Peak adept, the threat he posed after the Three Heavenly Books was somewhat lacking.

“If it was not for Wudao’s orders, Biluo would have you witness the might of her hidden weapons.” Agile Star Zhang Biluo made a face.

“Jingshu actually wants to experience your hidden weapons.”

“What a bold tone. Be careful that you do not pull your tongue.” Fan Ming was disdainful.

Before the Monster Slaying even began, the Star Masters from all Four Territories were already contesting each other. No one was willing to lose this battle. This was a true standoff – no one looked at each other straight.

“Excuse me, is this the Monster Slaying Conference?”

Just when daggers were drawn, all of a sudden, a very magnetic voice came through. Everyone turned their gazes to see two more people walk up Heaven’s Son Mountain. That man could be described as incomparably handsome. Even women like Hu Mi could not help but be envious. The girl behind the man was even more eye-catching. She was approximately fifteen or sixteen, with hair like snow and was dressed in an ash-gray and golden chrysanthemum dress. A straight saber was stored in the opening of her wide sleeve. That man’s cultivation was average, more or less Supercluster Middle Stage, but the Star General behind him really was like snow and ice, her killing intent chilling.

“Where has this Fellow come from?” Gong Song said.

“Fang Xin’gu of the Vermilion Bird Territory.” The man introduced himself: “This is Your Servant’s cousin – Yanran.”

“So it turns out the Vermilion Bird Territory had another Star Master, ha, ha, nice to meet you.” Everyone said as they glanced back at Lady Snake Scorpion.

Lady Snake Scorpion narrowed her eyes, pensive.

Just as everyone was about to welcome him.

All of a sudden, the girl behind Fang Xin’gu leapt forth, her clothes fluttering, saber-light flashing. She drew her straight saber. The Four Star “Jade Dragon Misfortunate Snow” sword was formidable. Zheng Yanran swept the sword, calmly saying: “Whoever is the strongest martial general, please step forth and help Yanran liven this banquet up.”

Several hundred li outside Heaven’s Son Mountain.

Tai Shuwang was currently sitting cross legged in meditation on a major road. The man’s complexion was not good, his brow tightly furrowed. His Star General, Upright Star Iron Faced Magistrate’s Clerk Pei Caixuan was currently searching for all Star Generals in a radius of a hundred li of their position. Tai Shuwang had similarly received an invitation to this Monster Slaying Conference, but he was in no rush to attend. Rather, he waited outside Heaven’s Son Mountain for an opportunity. 

He had no choice but to do this. Ever since he suffered serious injury and nearly died at the Crystal Dragon Palace, his cultivation was debilitated.2 Although he had gone through a recovery, he was not completely restored. After receiving this invitation, Tai Shuwang conceived of an idea to use this opportunity to handle the other Star Masters. Tai Shuwang was acutely aware that his current strength was feeble, even self-defense had become a problem. Even if he joined that Monster Slaying Conference, he would perhaps be cannon fodder in their eyes. He may as well wait for the other Star Masters who had received invitations to attend first, killing anyone weaker to obtain their Star Energy and Heavenly Book to strengthen himself.

Tai Shuwang’s method was very successful. Over the past few days, many Star Masters had come, but his opponents were far too powerful, making Tai Shuwang only able to look up hopefully. Fortunately, the others treated Tai Shuwang as another guest of the banquet and did not strike him down for his contemptible thinking.

Tai Shuwang had waited a dozen days like this.

On this day, another two people rushed in the direction of Heaven’s Son Mountain.

“Master.” Pei Caixuan’s eyes moved.

Tai Shuwang opened his eyes, also looking in the direction. There were two young girls. He could not discern the background of the one dressed in white, but he knew from a glance that she was an insignificant Scattered Cultivator. The other girl who wore a hair binding was even more pale, a sickly appearance.  Her step was unstable, as if she could fall over at any moment. His first impression was that this girl was critically ill.

Hinting to Pei Caixuan, he rearranged his clothes and headed in that direction.

“Monster Slaying Conference? These Star Duels truly are interesting. A boss has surprisingly appeared at the end during the Seven Stars Assembly, making everyone unite.”

“So exciting. Mingxi,3 we have surprisingly reached the end.”

“However, that Purple Thunder Monster is truly formidable. Apparently, Lin Chong and Wu Song both follow him. How about we follow him as well.”

“En, no way. Right now, he is so dangerous.”

Xue Mingxi4 stumbled forward. She was at wits’ end from listening to her best friend’s endless and lengthy blathering. “Wanjing,5 I am ill. Can you be a bit more quiet.”

The lively girl skipped about, turned around and gave an innocent wink. “Everything is fine, when you die, I will help you find a good place to bury you.”

“I have underestimated you.” Xue Mingxi said powerlessly.

“Mingxi, what do you say we attend the Monster Slaying Conference? This should be the first time in history a situation like ours has appeared. If those Star Masters discover our identities, what then?” Wanjing thought aloud, however, her volley of questions obtained no response.

“Mingxi.” The girl was very strange, suddnely noticing that Xue Mingxi’s expression was stern.

Faraway, a man and an expressionless woman approached them.

“Hee, hee, this man and you are both sick to the point of collapse it seems, Mingxi.” Wanjing laughed.

Hearing these words, the corner of Tai Shuwang’s lips twitched. He maintained a friendly appearance. “You two have come for the Monster Slaying Conference?”

Xue Mingxi’s raggedly confirmed.

Wanjing immediately said: “We wanted to come attend, but I did not receive an invitation. We only came after hearing about it.”

“Are you waiting for someone?” Compared to Wanjing’s sloppiness, Xue Mingxi appeared more steady.

Tai Shuwang was overjoyed in his heart. With a straight expression, he said: “Your Servant is here specifically to greet the Scattered Star Cultivators for this Conference. Ladies, what are your names.”


“This is Your Servant’s woman, Mingxi.” Wanjing introduced in turn.

Xue Mingxi nodded.

“Lady Mingxi’s complexion is not too well. Did you encounter some trouble?”

Just as Wanjing was about to speak, Xue Mingxi lowered her voice: “En, along the way, we were accosted by an old man whose attack severely debilitated My vitality. We wonder if this banquet would welcome people like Me.” Wanjing felt this was odd. Xue Mingxi originally appeared very sickly, but the more she was like this, the more formidable she was. Why would she say that she was extremely weakened.

“We treat everyone equally.” Tai Shuwang nodded, even greater delight in his heart. The woman in front of him ought to be the Star Master. With her so weak, that Star General could not easily leave her side.

“The Monster Slaying Conference requires all Star Masters to unite. This is Your Servan’t Star General, Iron Faced Magistrate’s Clerk Pei Caixuan. Caixuan, let us escort them.” Tai Shuwang gave Pei Caixuan a glance.

Pei Caixuan approached stiff-faced. Just at the instant she drew close, she suddenly revolted against Xue Mingxi. The Three Star Star Weapon in her hand, Life Death Yin Yang Sword, released light, a Dark Technique “Unexpected Turn Of Events.”6 The sword-light became two fatal yin-yang strikes at Xue Mingxi. The girl’s expression was pale, cut down by the twin swords. Pei Caixuan then transitioned in preparation to using her Earth Rank “Yama Raja Law Enforcement”7 to kill Wanjing.

According to the logic of the Star Duels, a Star Master that was injured would similarly feedback to the Star General. With Xue Mingxi dead, that Wanjing could not counter. Because Tai Shuwang was heavily injured and very weak, Pei Caixuan also used full power, not daring to neglect anything.

“Yama Raja Law Enforcement” directly surrounded Wanjing, but just as the Earth Technique was about to attack, all of a sudden, a white light exploded from Wanjing’s body. Tai Shuwang saw that Xue Mingxi waving a white banner, and his expression suddenly changed.

“Good And Evil Karma Banner? You are the Star General, Sick Tiger.”8

“You have evil thoughts, do not blame Me for dispatching you.” Xue Mingxi indifferently said. The Good And Evil Karma Banner’s Earth Rank “Evil Has Its Retribution”9 flashed a white light. Pei Caixuan suddenly felt her body wracked by intense pain. The Earth Rank she previously used against Wanjing immediately stalled. That Earth Rank was only half-activated.

But the Wanjing that was attacked had instead become even more ferocious.

When Tai Shuwang saw they had been deceived, he immediately used the Nine Layered Absolute Destruction Sword Array, but the other lively and naive girl changed from her normal state, her hair standing on end. “Damn you, die.” Wanjing beckoned with her hand, and ten thousand arrows appeared in the space behind her.

Those arrows were each unique in shape, each with their own merits.

Astonishingly, this was the Star Weapon, “Under Heaven Arrow Force.”10

Tai Shuwang was shocked. “Speed Star Arrow-hit Tiger Ding Desun,11 you are a Star General, too.”

“The last Star General is here.” Xue Mingxi waved her white banner.

Ding Wanjing giggled.

Earth Rank – All Stars Kill Moon.12


Tai Shuwang screamed. The ten thousand arrows all fired. How could he have stopped this. All his hopes turned to dust, and he was frightened stiff – originally, he had meticulously planned everything solely to become the Overlord. After the Heavenly Books passed, this would be the great undertaking of his life, but then he took an arrow to the knee…13

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  1. 鐵扇子宋青花
  2. This is the guy who suggested an alliance and was defeated in the first blow
  3. 明晰
  4. 薛明晰
  5. 宛晶
  6. 陰錯陽差
  7. 閻羅執法
  8. 病大蟲
  9. 惡有惡報
  10. 天下箭勢
  11. 地速星中箭虎丁得孫
  12. 眾星戮月
  13. Yes, this was in the raws.


  1. She cultivated the Gu Arts, had very superficial foundations, and had barely reached Supervoid Late Stage after killing those Star Masters and obtaining their Star Energies; for her to be like this was understandable, but this time, the Xie Twins obtained two Heavenly Books. She and the Roc Demon King each shared one. Breaking through to *Supervoid* would be in their grasp.

    I’m guessing
    2nd Supervoid > Transforming Star of Annihilation

    Just as Wanjing was about to speak, Xue Mingxi lowered her voice: “En, along the way, *were* were accosted by an old man whose attack severely debilitated My vitality

    were > we

    Thanks for the chapters and quick fixes. Also lol at note 13.

  2. Lady Snake Scorpion bothering me so much I took a look at Comrade Mao. Looks like she’s Supercluster Late Stage and final line was meant to be “Breaking through past Supervoid would be in their grasp” or however you want to word it. Since the Roc Demon King is already Supervoid Peak.

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