Chapter 733: No Snow Under Heaven

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Dusk colored the sky, and the glow of sunset was like blood filling the horizon.

Song Qingci leaned on a railing at the Nine Dragons Palace, awaiting news from Heaven’s Son Mountain. In another secret room, Nine Tattooed Dragons and Sword Star Ruan Jin’er were seizing the time to refine their three Heavenly Books. At this moment, a Crimson Star fell into her view. Song Qingci knew that to make the Star Masters unite for a common purpose was an extremely difficult matter. What she was most anxious about was a malicious and arrogant Star Master seizing the chance to raise a hand against the other Star Masters to bolster their own strength.

And what she was most anxious about had finally come to pass.

Song Qingci rose, her expression somewhat grim.

The Li Longkui who had been nearby refining her Three Heavenly Books also opened her eyes. “Elder Sister.”

Song Qingci’s brow was tightly wrinkled.

Not long after, a piece of news arrived.

“A Scattered Star Cultivator from the Vermilion Bird Territory has arrived at Heaven’s Son Mountain with Fair Skinned Gentleman Zheng Yanran and started a fight with the others.”

“Fair Skinned Gentleman?” Song Qingci vaguely recalled that Dai Xingyue had described her once before. It seemed that Little Sister’s Star Master was a very handsome “beauty.” However, considering that he had come from the Vermilion Bird Territory, he ought to not have any relationship with the Purple Thunder Monster in order to have obtained an invitation in the first place, but she never expected that Little Sister would be so outrageous, to take action in front of everyone’s eyes.

“Was she the one who Starfell?” Song Qingci asked.

Wang Jingzhi replied: “No, I hear this Zheng Yanran’s martial arts are very formidable. She has surprisingly defeated Suo Qingshuang, Fan Ming, and more.”

“This Starfall seems to be in the vicinity of Heaven’s Son Mountain. Sister Xingyue has already gone to investigate.”

Hearing that this was not related to the banquet, Song Qingci was clearly relieved.

“That Zheng Yanran is causing a ruckus. Elder Sister, what do you feel?”

“Her martial arts in this generation are exceptional. Let us wait and see for now.” Song Qingci thought. Gathering the Star Masters of the Four Territories together, each harbored evil designs. To have one target that concentrated malice was according to her plans.

“Elder Sister.” Wang Jingzhi continued.

Song Qingci said: “Little Sister, is there something else?”

“We already have news about Handsome Star Song Qing that you requested we be mindful of.” Wang Jingzhi said.

“She met with misfortune?” Song Qingci was quiet.

Wang Jingzhi nodded and relayed Lady Snake Scorpion’s words to Song Qingci. The Leader Star showed grief. She had once searched for the Handsome Star’s whereabouts in the Vermilion Bird Territory, but Liangshan Continent was so vast, to search for a single target was not easy. Even after discreet inquiries in so many directions, she never learned a thing. Although Song Qingci had already prepared for the worst, to hear that Handsome Star Song Qing Starfell instantly made her downcast.

“Elder Sister. Elder Sister.” Wang Jingzhi called out.

Li Longkui snorted. The tall woman lifted her Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter and was about to walk outside.

“Longkui, stay.” Song Qingci returned to her senses and said in a low voice.

Black Whirlwind Li Longkui turned around and said: “Elder Sister, Longkui will kill that Snake Scorpion woman to avenge Little Sister.”

“Avenge?” Song Qingci forced a smiled: “Then will you kill Yan Wudao, Hu Mi, and the others, Longkui? Will you kill Su Xing?”

“They are preventing Elder Sister from accomplishing her great undertaking. They should all die.” Li Longkui’s voice was like iron.

Her determination actually made Song Qingci gratified. “If we could kill them, then we could go take revenge right now. But…” Shaking her head, the Leader Star’s voice turned much gentler. “But our strength right now is still not enough…Which of the 108 Star Generals is not our Sister? Can killing those Star Generals avenge them?”

“Then, Elder Sister, your meaning is?”

“Ascend the mountain. We must ascend Maiden Mountain!” Song Qingci’s picturesque pupils released an indescribable luster. Wang Jingzhi felt this was the Leader Star she wanted to see.

“What Elder Sister says is very sensible, Sister Longkui. Do not be impulsive, otherwise, we will have wasted the sacrifice of our Sisters.” Wang Jingzhi urged as well.

Li Longkui ground her teeth, finally retracting the Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter.

“However, Elder Sister, those Star Masters are all proud and arrogant. To forge the Monster Slaying Alliance, who shall take the lead. I fear it will be very difficult for Elder Brother Liu to do so.” Wang Jingzhi was still somewhat worried about this. According to the plan, Song Qingci would not make an appearance at the Monster Slaying Conference, but those Star Masters would not cooperate without a leader.

Song Qingci was also vexed over this.

Just at this moment, a ray of golden light appeared out of thin air.

The form of colored glass and the scent of lotus flowers manifested.

Chao Gai emerged from within.

Seeing her appear, Li Longkui, Wang Jingzhi, and the others were startled. Even the Shi Jinglun and Sword Star that were refining Heavenly Books in the secret room were disturbed and charged in. Leader Star Song Qingci was contrarily very calm. She smiled gracefully: “Chao Gai, what brings you here?”

“This One has come to help you this time.” Chao Gai loftily said.

“Help Your Servant? Are you not afraid of breaking the Star Duels’ rules.” Song Qingci smiled and said. At this time, discussing rules was apparently somewhat ridiculous. In the Ninth Star Duels, the so-called rules had already changed beyond recognition.

Chao Gai smiled: “This One does not want to. But breaking the rules is not out of the question this time. There is someone who will appear to help lead your Monster Slaying Alliance.” 


“She has already gone there. She ought to be able to help you. However, the final result will depend on your own luck, Leader Star Protector of Righteousness Song Jiang.” Chao Gai stared at her meaningfully before finally disappearing.1

Heaven’s Son Mountain.

When Liu Tianya brought Dai Xingyue over in a rush, the banquet had already devolved into a mess. The scene appeared quite chaotic. The sight that entered his eyes was a young girl in white clothes and a golden chrysanthemum dress, with hair like snow, and a straight saber in her hand that similarly surpassed frost; he saw this girl’s spry body techniques, her dazzling straight saber, the snow-white light from her swordtip, her flowing and calm movements.

The one who faced her was the famous Gold Lancer Xu Ning.

Blade light flooded out. The armor on Xu Ning released golden light, melting this saber-qi away. Xu Jingshu’s hooked lance whistled about, fully displaying her spearmanship. Each attack was like a swelling tide, shaking the banquet.

“Your Distinguished Self has formidable saber technique. To think that you were surprisingly the Different Star, truly exceptional.” Xu Jingshu fought with immense fulfillment, laughing aloud.

Zheng Yanran’s eyes were tranquil, continuously catching Xu Jingshu’s spear attacks. Xu Jingshu suddenly thrust her spear, brushing across Zheng Yanran’s right side. The Different Star’s feet slid, and she gripped her saber’s hilt. She countered with a “Saber Drawing Water Breaking.” Saber-light flowed out directly, hacking upon Xu Jingshu’s armor. If she was a normal Star General, this attack would have already injured her, but the Gold Lancer who possessed the Goose Feather Ring Gold Armor and a powerful defensive Innate Skill was merely jolted. Zheng Yanran snorted, spinning to continue her assault.

Zheng Yanran was a challenger. The other Star Masters were all spectating, watching the show.

“This must be an abnormal Earthly Star? What powerful martial force. Biluo, are you alright?” Yan Wudao gazed at Featherless Arrow.

Zhang Biluo had been defeated by Zheng Yanran, but that was because that accursed Fair Skinned Gentleman suddenly launched a sneak attack on her. Zhang Biluo was too late to defend and was cut down. Normally, she would want to test a concealed weapon sneak attack, and this nearly drove Zhang Biluo mad. If this was not a banquet for facing the Purple Thunder Monster, Yan Wudao would have already taken action.

Of course, not only Featherless Arrow, but Zhao Heng’s Star General Impatient Vanguard Suo Qingshuang, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming, Gong Song’s Stream Leaping Tiger Chen Zhanlu and more were all defeated.

The other Star Masters were captivated by Zheng Yanran’s gorgeous figure. The girl’s snow-white hair and fluttering clothes filled their eyes.

“Shuang’er, how many blows do you feel you need to be able to defeat her??” Xie Chang’an asked.

FIve Tigers General Huyan Shuang pursed her lips, “She is a competitive Little Sister. I am a bit reluctant to defeat her. However, he is surprisingly able to trade blows with Xu Jingshu for so long, this is very impressive.” Huyan Shuang had an unprecedented Six Star Destined Weapon. In this banquet, she could practically be said to be unequalled. The sole person who Huyan Shuang might be some trouble was only Xu Jingshu.

Regardless of whether it was Gold Lancer or her Star Master Hu Mi, both were formidable opponents.

If they could kill the Purple Thunder Monster, there would be no doubt that she would then be the greatest hurdle. 

Huyan Shuang was also carefully watching Xu Jingshu and Zheng Yanran’s battle, unsure if this Xu Jingshu was holding back or something. Although she was somewhat unfathomable, the two of them fought with exceptional brilliance, making everyone treat this as a show in the banquet. They watched with great satisfaction, so much so that they overlooked Zheng Yanran’s stern gaze.

“Please stop, you two.”

Liu Tianya interrupted them, but seeing that their martial arts were extraordinary, this Sword Saint hesitated a moment, not daring to act.

“This is not the time to be fighting.” Liu Tianya called out loudly.

“Jingshu.” Hu Mi said softly.

The Xu Jingshu who had just suppressed Zheng Yanran curled the corner of her lips: “Little Sister’s martial arts are pretty good. Your Servant shall end the lesson here for now.” Saying this, she withdrew. Zheng Yanran coldly said: “Then Yanran shall see you off.” Saber-light flashed, drawing an erratic, ribbon-like flash.

It exploded with a bang against Xu Jingshu’s shoulder.

The woman was startled, looking flabbergasted at an ice-cold slash wound across her shoulder. But Gold Lancer merely smiled and then nodded, spotting a difference in Zheng Yanran’s step. She did not retaliate, instead, slowly retreating to Hu Mi’s side.


Zheng Yanran stopped and sheathed her blade.

“Ladies, you two are truly in good spirits. In the future, we must face the Purple Thunder Monster. Opportunities to learn from each other will still be ample later. Right now, we must properly sit down and discuss this Monster Slaying Conference.” Liu Tianya showed a self-confident smile.

“Ha, ha, ha, you are the leader of the Monster Slaying Conference? Respect, respect.” Fang Xin’gu cupped his fist.

“Your Servant is indebted to everyone for coming.” Liu Tianya looked all around the banquet and saw that most everyone had arrived. Just as he was about to speak about the Monster Slaying Conference, suddenly, Zheng Yanran walked over with footwork like running water, “Wait up, Yanran has a question to ask you.”

“What question?”

“The Seven Stars Assembly altogether has seven people. The Purple Thunder Monster is only one person. Is he worth us working together to kill him?” Zheng Yanran gripped her saber’s hilt, speaking as she stepped forth.

“Indeed, but only one Overlord can be at the top of Maiden Mountain. What point is there in the Seven Stars Assembly. Everyone must agrees with Your Servant’s words?” Liu Tianya asked.

Everyone agreed.

“Yanran actually feels that Purple Thunder Monster may not necessarily care to be the Overlord at all. Are Lin Chong and Wu Song following him not the greatest evidence? Yanran does not believe they follow him simply for this Overlord title. Cousin, what say you?” Zheng Yanran turned her head and sweetly smiled.

“Cousin, your words make sense. Your Servant also thinks this is the case.” Fang Xin’gu nodded.

“How can you have faith in that Monster.” Liu Tianya sneered.

“Yanran has a way to make him have faith.”2

“What way?”

Zheng Yanran’s smile was like a flower, full of charm. The girl suddenly drew her blade, saber-light erupting at once. Snow-light flowed in all directions, and an extreme cold froze the entire area’s time and space. Liu Tianya has moved unhindered his entire life, but he was unable to match the girl’s draw speed. A white line like a tidal wave passed in his eyes. The wings of True Phoenix sprouted from Zheng Yanran’s snow-like back, her rampage a hundred times more arrogant.

The girl gently curled her red lips.

Liu Tianya heard the four last, as well as the four most hair-raising, ice-cold words in this life.

True Phoenix Realm, Earth Rank.

“No Snow Under Heaven!”

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  1. Calling it right now, it will be Konghou.
  2. I believe she is still speaking to Fang Xin’gu, referring to Liu Tianya as the “him” in this sentence.


  1. `Protector of Righteousness`
    Right Righteousness.
    Sure sure.
    Note that she was the first one to lead a scheme of betrayal that’s very much a Protector of Righteousness no?

    1. Considering the whole conference is about ganging up on some dude like the Shinsengumi, righteousness had already been thrown out the window long before by everybody who cared to attend.

    2. Under the circumstances, I would hesitate to call her methods ‘righteous’, true… but ghe goal itself is fine.
      In that sense, Su Xing actually does have the higher moral ground since he never really schemes or betray ppl. He’s honestly more reactive and and background MC than anything.
      …Which, unfortunately, tends to backfire on him alot.

      But I digress.
      Titles aside, I still can’t exactly call Qingci bad so much as desperate.
      The problem is that she can’t bring herself to trust Su Xing. If she could, then these Star Duels would’ve been over A LOT sooner.

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