Chapter 734: Magnificent Dance, Glittering Death

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Although this attack was abrupt, the Supervoid Sword Saint Liu Tianya was not without defenses. He had merely miscalculated completely that the Different Star would surprisingly be able to reach True Phoenix Realm. When Zheng Yanran’s blade approached, the Supervoid Sword Saint’s vigilance and defenses became futile and ridiculous.

The snowy saber-light passed through his neck, sending Liu Tianya’s head flying high above his body.

In a split second, Liu Tianya’s line of sight beheld an unprecedented “tall and far view.” In the faroff direction of Maiden Mountain, those eyes seemingly caught sight once more of the previous Star Duels’ Leader Star Song Youyu, the moment of her magnificent dance and glittering death.

It was at that moment he made his aspiration. He would personally send Song Qingci up Maiden Mountain. He would not even hesitate to become her stepping stone to do it. The Star Duels were filled with danger at every step. Burying countless delusions and fantasies, Liu Tianya in the end was unable to achieve his wish. He was simply another person buried among many others.

And the Fair Skinned Gentleman Zheng Yanran coolly and mockingly left him one final message.

“I’ll be borrowing your head!”

Zheng Yanran sheathed her blade.

Liu Tianya lost his life.

Dai Xingyue was scared witless, unsure of what to do. Zheng Yanran coldly scowled, attacking with another “Saber Drawing Water Breaking.” Dai Xingyue was very swift with her reactions, fleeing with her formidable speed, but she was still heavily injured by this attack. Before Zheng Yanran could give chase, at this moment, the others got up in a flash. If it could be said they treated Fair Skinned Gentleman’s previous fights a moment prior as entertainment for the banquet, then at this moment, when the girl exposed her True Phoenix Realm, all Star Masters present were in awe.

“True Phoenix Realm. How is this possible.”

“She has refined a Former Volume Heavenly Book.”

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, Ye Futu, and others swiftly reacted. At the moment Liu Tianya’s head fell, Li Xiangfei, Hao Bingxin and the other Star Generals immediately took action. The Star Masters themselves utilized their sword chants. Zheng Yanran who had killed the Monster Slaying Conference’s organizer revealed a sneer of satisfaction. She was very aware that she alone was unable to contend against all the Star Masters here. After she grabbed the head, she said without a moment’s hesitation: “Cousin, let’s beat it!!”

Fang Xin’gu had long been prepared for this. When he received the invitation for the Monster Slaying Conference, he and Zheng Yanran had  already planned to kill the Monster Slaying Conference’s leader. After all, Fang Xin’gu was well aware of Su Xing’s identity as the legendary and fearsome Purple Thunder Monster. In his own perspective, he was more inclined to believe the title of Purple Thunder Saint.

His “Divine Travel Heaven Earth Talisman” activated. Clear light flashed, and Fang Xin’gu and Zheng Yanran escaped down Heaven’s Son Mountain.1

“Where are you running.” The Roc Demon King roared, activating his Great Roc Flies Across Ninety Thousand Li to give chase. 

The others drew their blades one after another in pursuit of Fang Xin’gu.

The bustling Monster Slaying Conference very quickly became cold and cheerless, leaving only two aloof people. One was the Purple Firmaments Immortal Palace’s Hu Mi, and the other was Xin Lao who was as immovable as a mountain. “Hu Mi.” Xu Jingshu called in a low voice. Hu Mi wrinkled her brow tightly. She glanced at Xin Lao than whispered.

“This Different Star has surprisingly reached True Phoenix Realm. That she would surprisingly stand on Su Xing’s side is inconceivable; with this Monster Slaying Conference’s leader dead, it appears that it will become a sheet of loose sand, fraught with internecine strife, Jingshu…”

Xu Jingshu was silent for a moment then nodded.

Since this Monster Slaying Conference was unable to be realized, then they could only throw their lot in with the Purple Thunder Monster. Just as Hu Mi rose to leave for this reason, all of a sudden, a powerful outburst exploded at the bottom of the mountain. A magnificent True Phoenix wing fanned out, stronger than Zheng Yanran’s by severalfold.

“Hu Mi.”

Xu Jingshu and Hu Mi glanced at each other in dismay.

“Let us go look.” Hu Mi waved her sleeve. Purple clouds gathered, and she rushed down the mountain. Xin lao was still expressionless, but General of Heavenly Vision Peng Fei had already come out of the Star Nest. The girl activated her Heavenly Vision and stared down the mountain. She was suddenly astounded. “What is that person…”

Fang Xin’gu had activated the Divine Travel Heaven Earth Talisman. Even the Roc Demon King could not easily sense him. And with Zheng Yanran’s True Phoenix Realm, even if he caught up, he would have to be careful. As planned, although Fang Xin’gu’s cultivation was only Supercluster stage, he escaped very successfully.

“A crowd of insignificants bothered raising a ruckus about Monster Slaying.” Zheng Yanran was disdainful when she spotted the foot of the mountain.

At this moment, a white shadow scuttled over without warning.

This white shadow was abnormally fast. If it was not for Zheng Yanran’s completely unleashed True Phoenix Realm, she would have been struck. The girl countered with her saber when she saw a white and red staff.

Staff and saber clashed, like a surge of drumbeats.

The Zheng Yanran that initially thought she could repel the attacker with one attack immediately perceived a powerful force transmitted through the staff. Zheng Yanran showed a bit of astonishment. Her clothes fluttered as she glided backwards. A tall and beautiful woman descended, standing before her.

“Pay murder with life, this is heaven’s law and earth’s principle. To run off like this, I cannot abide.” That woman was as beautiful as snow lotuses, unstained by dust. Her legs were slender, like beautiful jade. White clothing of silk thin as a cicada’s wings wrapped her body, making her jade body vaguely visible and flowing with allure. On the woman’s back was a flaring True Phoenix Realm wing. Clearly, she was a Star General.

But the staff in the woman’s hand had no name at all in Zheng Yanran’s memory.

“Who are you?” Zheng Yanran subconsciously asked.

The woman slightly smiled, breathtaking.

Seeing her not reply, Zheng Yanran sneered: “Yanran shall see what capability you have for heaven’s law and earth’s principles.” Although the opponent’s Realm was higher than hers, Zheng Yanran was contrarily even more excited. Her hand gripping the Jade Dragon Misfortunate Snow, her body techniques shifted. Saber-light as biting cold as the rain sprinkled down.

The woman raised her staff to meet it. Saber and staff issued sparks.

The two traded a dozen blows. The woman appeared very easygoing, but to leisurely take Zheng Yanran’s chilling swordsmanship was nevertheless not to easy. “As an Earthly Star, to have this level of martial arts, you are impressive. But it is a pity that you have hurt yourself by following a useless sissy.”

With these words, the staff swept out.

Killing intent surged and drew Zheng Yanran in. The staff techniques passed like phantoms, and Zheng Yanran was unable to ward them off, being struck consecutively. “Hè.” Zheng Yanran grit her teeth, slashing again. But the instant her swordtip touched the woman, the opponent’s body seemed to become like a feather, brushing past. This made Zheng Yanran’s attack that seemed to hit actually land on nothing.

What body techniques are these, to surprisingly evade her True Phoenix Realm attack?

A layer of cold sweat flowed from Zheng Yanran.

“Yanran shall pay with her life here. Next time, it will be your turn.” Zheng Yanran sneered.

The woman smiled and said: “Your openmindedness in seeking martial arts instruction impresses me. What a pity that you nevertheless chose the wrong person. Although that Purple Thunder Monster is strong, he is doomed to be destroyed.”

Zheng Yanran disdainfully snorted.

The woman’s hand gripped her staff, suddenly shooting forward like an arrow. “There is no next time!”

Zheng Yanran suddenly felt foreboding. Her straight saber swiftly slashed, a cold and elegant as snow saber-light filling the world. But her opponent quickly evaded, still leaping past Zheng Yanran and mercilessly fighting her. Then, she shook her staff. Two rays of qi flew out from left and right, closing in like a net.

Dark Rank: Two Character Heart Weight

There was the sound of bone breaking. The staff-qi directly knocked a person out of invisibility. Astonishingly, it was Fang Xin’gu. Although his Divine Travel Heaven Earth Talisman’s speed was extremely formidable, it nevertheless did not hide him from her eyes. The spiritual power in Fang Xin’gu’s body dissipated. He felt dizzy.

“Cousin.” Zheng Yanran’s face paled.

The woman nevertheless did not finish Fang Xin’gu off, “I do not kill women.” Her staff rose, flinging Fang Xin’gu high.

“No Snow Under Heaven!!”

Zheng Yanran drew her saber, uttering a thunderous roar. The world seemed to freeze. 

The woman stared and shook her head.

“A pity you misfollowed a useless master.”

When Fang Xin’gu was tossed into the air, the Roc Demon King and Holy Lord of Draconic Demon were already rushing over. Although the woman did not kill Fang Xin’gu, she would not allow a menacing martial general like her to leave. She merely left the generous gift of a Star Master to the others.

To kill a True Phoenix Realm martial general’s contractor was undoubtedly enticing for any Star Master. No one would let go of this opportunity. Suddenly, evil faces welcomed him, showing malevolent expressions. Each contractor and cultivator spared no effort to increase their strength. Everyone used full power to kill Fang Xin’gu.

“Great Roc Catches Dragon.” The Roc Demon King pushed a palm out, sucking Fang Xin’gu into his palm to hand over to Lady Snake Scorpion. He was able to seize the initiative with his powerful Supervoid Peak cultivation power.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, Yan Wudao, and Xie Zhenyuan’s Flying Swords followed close behind, unwilling to give up.

Just as Fang Xin’gu was in the Roc Demon King’s clutches, this world abruptly dimmed and drained of color. Countless ghosts suddenly emerged, filling the universe. The Roc Demon King’s power seized a bunch of these specters. Sensing that these ghost surprisingly had the power to consume his mind, the Roc Demon King evaded in shock. Black qi poured in every direction, instantly wrapping around Fang Xin’gu. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and others’ powerful Flying Swords could only stand by, not daring to approach.

“Ten Thousand Souls Parasol.” The Roc Demon King’s complexion was ashen.

Everyone turned their heads to look. They saw a slightly charming girl in black clothes with vein patterns gracefully open a parasol. Her hands were white, her cheeks rosy, and her black eyes glinting; she was quite dazzling.

Su Shengxiang.

When the Ten Thousand Souls Parasol emerged, the others did not dare contest her. If they were not careful, they would be devoured by the Ten Thousand Souls, a gain that did not make up for the losses. “Cousin, run away.” Fang Xin’gu’s face was drained of color. With his Supercluster Cultivation, there was no way for him to break free of the Ten Thousand Souls Parasol. He cast Zheng Yanran a worried glance and was suddenly rolled in by black souls. Su Shengxiang closed the parasol.

The evening sky was the color of blood, but Fang Xin’gu was already no more.

Zheng Yanran vomited blood. Her figure tottered, and she knew that Fang Xin’gu had met his end.

“No Snow…Under…” Zheng Yanran tearfully drew her saber and slashed at the woman in white. If it was not for her sudden appearance, the entire plan would have been quite perfect.

The tall and graceful woman pursed her red lips. Her jade body swayed, her white clothes fluttered, meeting the Different Star’s completely imposing slash without fluster.

“I am Heavenly Scholar Star Scholar in a White Robe Wang Lun, Wang Lengji. Remember this.”2 

“Wang Lun???”

When Hu Mi reached the foot of the mountain, the scene that greeted her was the instant Su Shengxiang opened the Ten Thousand Souls Parasol to absorb Fang Xin’gu. The Fox of Voracious Admiration had just been about to intervene. When she heard Wang Lun’s name, she forcibly suppressed her sudden astonishment, freezing on the spot.

“Heavenly Scholar Star Wang Lun?”

“Scholar in a White Robe??”

“What is going on?”

“Maiden Mountain had a Star General like this?”

Everyone froze, breaking out into cold sweat, staring at Wang Lengji half-convinced, half-skeptical. They did not dare be careless.

Wang Lengji ended her smile.

“From this moment forth, allow Me to lead the Monster Slaying Conference. I will train your martial generals to True Phoenix Realm…En, without this Realm, facing Lin Chong and Wu Song would be the joke of the heavens…”

Everyone was shaken.

Meanwhile, far, far to the east, atop a magnificent and enormous palace over the nine firmaments, the Su Xing that had just finished refining the Former Volume Heavenly Book quietly opened his eyes from his meditation…

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  1. Joestar Secret Family Technique!
  2. Wow, that’s unexpected. I guess Chao Gai busted her out of the Double Sevens.


  1. …..Dammit! I really like Fang Xin’gu and Yanran!
    Battle junkie and useless pretty boy aside, they were actually decent ppl!
    …But I’m amazed Xin’gu didn’t get ANY stronger before he b8t the dust, though to be fair… it really was shitty luck running into Wang Lun…

    But, they really just attacked that whatever conference just to help Su Xing!?
    …Good doods! They will be missed…

    1. That seemed to be the plan. Fight the alliance members with Yanran to gauge their strength, kill the leader, then escape back to Su Xing and report.

    1. Sadly, it won’t reappear for the rest of the story. It’s nothing more than a toy at this point, given that the power levels of his enemies are really high now.

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