Chapter 735: An Elegant Invitation

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Relying on his abnormal Star Nest Divine Intent, Su Xing very quickly refined the Former Volume Heavenly Book. Right now, his cultivation had already reached Supervoid peak. Across the previous Star Duels, he was one of its most outstanding. With strength like this, ascending Maiden Mountain was in the bag, but Su Xing did not feel at ease nor did he believe victory to be in his grasp. Following the Heavenly Books, a Crimson Star fell. In his mind, there was a slight haze that he was unable to brush away.

After leaving seclusion, the Longevity Palace was still methodically expanding towards the final summit.

Seeing Su Xing come out, the girls were delighted.

“Family Head,1 you refined your Heavenly Book so quickly.” Female Tiger Gu Tong walked over while holding Tangtang. She meticulously lowered her voice, appearing very gentle. Ever since she became his woman, Gu Tong retracted her shrewish personality. However, this was something inevitable, for even Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou treated Su Xing with the utmost respect, their tones smooth. Gu Tong felt her own bellows were quite lacking in confidence.

However, she did not know that because she was Tangtang’s mother, all of the girls knowingly smiled at her swift and decisive personality. On the contrary, Tangtang again called Su Xing Papa, making Shi Yuan enviously and remorsefully say, “In any case, This Young Lady is Su Xing’s third Star General. Now there are more than thirteen, and Su Xing even has a kid. This Young Lady is still virgin.”

“I’m already at a bottleneck.” Su Xing smiled.

Tangtang reached out with her adorable arms, wanting to hug her father. Gu Tong then carefully passed Bai Yutang into Su Xing’s embrace. Female Tiger’s expression was always filled with a mother’s love whenever she looked at Tangtang. From an outsider’s perspective, she and Su Xing were honestly a family.

“Xinjie somewhat understands why Yuan’er is so brooding.” Wu Xinjie giggled.

“Brooding about what?” Su Xing curiously asked.

Wu Xinjie smiled and said: “Brooding about not becoming true husband and wife with Young Lord.”

“We are not true husband and wife either.” Gu Tong muttered, somewhat wronged.

“There will be lots of time for that in the future.” Su Xing listened helplessly. How could he not think about this, but they were already at the Seven Stars Assembly phase. Even if he wanted it any more than he already did, he needed to endure. Heaven knew what tricks that Maiden Mountain would pull, and Thief Star Shi Yuan had no sense of danger. Leaving her Star Nest intact greatly relieved Su Xing.

“Yuan’er knows, in fact. Right now, she is always making Suwen go comprehend Heaven Rank. Little Sister Suwen is worried to death.” Wu Xinjie said as she paced.

“Why is her making Sister Suwen comprehend Heaven Rank worrying?” Gu Tong did not understand.

“She must be thinking of repairing the Star Nest.” Su Xing rolled his eyes. How could he not know what Shi Yuan was thinking.

Wu Xinjie covered her grin. “This can allow us to do husband and wife things with Young Lord without restraint.”

Gu Tong blushed, inwardly asking what sort of man this was, to surprisingly give a Star General the idea of losing her virginity. From now on, she must carefully supervise Tangtang. Tangtang was so small, she could not be led astray by this profanity.

“No wonder Suwen is so worried. Using a Heaven Rank to repair the Star Nest.”

Su Xing and Wu Xinjie said as they walked to the Longevity Palace’s courtyard.

Silk like flowing clouds covered the jade palace. Faint spirit-light shone upon the Longevity Halls’ complete flawlessness and abundant magic energy. Amidst the immortal-light, girls of unique and outstanding beauty were waving spear, or shooting arrows, or reading in the courtyard, practicing their abilities.

“Young Lord, your Five Elements Sword should already have been forged?” Wu Xinjie said. “Young Lord has just left seclusion. You should meet with the first wife.”

“Just what I was thinking.” Su Xing then said to Tangtang: “Tangtang, Papa is going to greet Mama Yingmei now. I’ll come hold you later.”

Tangtang obediently assented, clasping and kissing Su Xing on the cheek. When he handed the little loli over to Gu Tong, Su Xing saw that Female Tiger’s still somewhat reluctant to part and bashful appearance. He craftily blinked: “Wife of the Family Head, won’t you kiss your Lord Husband?”

Gu Tong gasped.

“You have so many of the Sisters and you still scorn This Old Lady.” Gu Tong quietly said. Although she said this, Gu Tong still kissed Su Xing passionately.

Then, Su Xing kissed Wu Xinjie and finally walked over to Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, Yan Yizhen, and Hu Niangzi’s sparring field.

“Yingmei, Siyou, how is your training?” Su Xing asked.

“Young Master.” Lin Yingmei stopped her battle and slightly nodded.

“Progress is slow.” Wu Siyou replied.

Star General sparring could increase their Realm, but there were limits to increasing Realm by fighting without killing intent. Even with martial arts that were any more proficient, in the end, there was honestly no way to display this without killing intent. However, this could not be blamed on Yingmei. To have her spear direct full killing intent against her Sisters, anyone else would also be unable to do so.

Su Xing then inquired about their Heavenly Book refinements.

Because she did not have a Star Nest, refinement was more difficult than usual. Although Yan Yizhen and Gongsun Huang had Star Nests, because Su Xing’s contracts were too numerous, their Star Energy distribution slowed their progress considerably compared to other Star Masters. However, this was not really a big problem. Refining Heavenly Books in the Longevity Palace was merely a matter of time. The sole exception being Lin Yingmei, whose Realm was the highest, her refinement of the Former Volume Heavenly Books was much faster. Presently, she was already nearly finished refining the first Former Volume Heavenly Book. By that time, who knew whether this Heavenly Book would allow her to comprehend Heaven Rank or upgrade her Star Weapon or Realm.

Su Xing bid each of the wives luck, to have them allow their husband to shower them with tender love.

“You must not lead Tangtang astray.” Gu Tong badgered with a red face.

Shi Yuan’s ears were sensitive, and she dashed over in surprise, “Seriously??? Seriously?”

“Slave Servant is ready to obey Master’s wishes.” Yan Yizhen apathetically assented.

“Milord, we are about to scale the peak. This kind of matter…” Hua Wanyue was taken aback.

“What are you thinking of.” Seeing Little Huang show a rare blush, winking at those ambiguously moist eyes, Su Xing joked. “The tenderness I spoke of is this…” Waving his hand, a halo flew out and spiraled behind him.

Those were frost-like Flying Swords, glittering, flowing with a chilly breeze. The entire length of the sword was varved with a qilin, reclining at the tip and emitting a cold air. Blue light slowly coursed around. The surroundings were full of ice and frost, showing a wintry scene.

Two pure and sparkling words were carved into the hilt.

Frost Powder!

“Young Master, your Water Elements Swords are already forged?” Lin Yingmei asked, gratified.

Su Xing slightly smiled. Using the Ten Thousand Year Black Ice to forge one Flying Sword spent most of his energy. This kind of extreme cold object would inflict damage even while using Divine Intent control. He struggled through forging the twelve Water Element “Frost Powder” swords after Supervoid peak. 

With this, the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Swords were all finally completed. Su Xing then moved his Divine Intent. Metal Element Heaven Tearing, Wood Element Langya, Fire Element Jian Feather, and Earth Element Time Immemorial emerged in succession. “Yingmei, are you ready to receive Lord Husband’s love?”

“Your Servant looks forward to a long while.” Lin Yingmei gripped her spear, the corner of her mouth curling.

Wu Xinjie watched the fight and then said to Gong Caiwei and Xi Yue: “Immortal Hero Princess, Xi Yue, do you not want to go spar with Yingmei? The experience of a True Phoenix Realm martial general is but very rare.”2

Xi Yue forced a smile and shook her head. She had no talent for martial arts to speak of. Even with the most Yang Divine Fire “Vermilion Jian Clinging Fire” she would perhaps have no way to inhibit Lin Yingmei’s Five Star Arctic Star Serpent Spear. “Then, please excuse Caiwei.” Gong Caiwei brought out the Tracing Snow Sword. Her body techniques moved, her white clothes fluttered, and she instantly joined in the spar.

“I also want to love Milord.” Hua Wanyue laughed, firing an arrow.

The arrow brushed past Su Xing’s cheek.

“That’s the best.” Su Xing smiled. He glanced at Gong Caiwei. They nodded, their coordination perfect.

Wu Siyou walked to the side, staring at the scenes of the Longevity Palace she was long accustomed to. She saw Wu Xinjie was slightly concerned and gently asked: “Wu Xinjie, has Maiden Mountain still not shown signs of activity? Chao Gai?”

“En. Chao Gai said she would confer unto Young Lord a calamity. Now, Young Lord has already refined his Heavenly Book, and still Xinjie does not see any signs.” Wu Xinjie affirmed.

“If Chao Gai dares come for this calamity, Your Concubine shall make her suffer through Your Concubine’s calamity.” Wu Siyou glowered. After refining their Three Heavenly Books, everyone believed they could face Chao Gai working together.

Wu Xinjie smiled, “Xinjie has always felt Chao Gai is helping Young Lord.”

Wu Xinjie pursed her lips, unconvinced.

“Most recently, there have been consecutive Starfalls. Xinjie is a bit uneasy. Leader Star Song Qingci’s Uprising is also an anomaly of the Ninth Generation. This ascent will perhaps be difficult.” Wu Xinjie sighed.

Wu Siyou was quiet, “Lord Husband also sees this point, which is why he so anxiously seeks Yingmei to improve his martial arts. Right now, Lord Husband’s martial arts have made significant progress, and his cultivation is also at a peak. Nature is taking its course.”

“Siyou is truly optimistic.” Wu Xinjie dubiously winked. “Want to go love Lord Husband together with Xinjie tonight? If nature is taking its course, you will not refuse, Siyou.”

“If you can convince Lord Husband, then Your Concubine shall accompany you for action once.” Wu Siyou fiddled with a strand of hair laying in front of her chest. Her long hair reached past her butt; her figure was fair, wonderfully supple, and those especially boundless and starry eyes were inescapable.

Wu Xinjie was dispirited. Having known each other for so long, she nearly neglected that the Pilgrim did not need either a frown or smile to chill all things.


This Xinjie will definitely think of a way to convince Lord Husband to taste the Pilgrim’s softness. They must service him.

After sparring with Yingmei and the others, Su Xing then had a long course of sex with Yingmei in the bath. All the pores in his body from head to toe fully opened. Returning from the bath, as he passed through a corridor, he spotted the blankly staring Chai Ling holding “Xing’er.”

In front of the Noble Star, a Former Volume Heavenly Book floated.

“Ling’er, what are you doing here?” Su Xing’s voice startled Chai Ling.

The jiggles of her lofty snowy peaks that lay beneath her taut white bodice was quite a spectacular sight, making the post-ecstasy Su Xing once again stir.

Chai Ling used her fan to cover her mouth, a proud curve upon her lips: “Your eyes are already staring, why not extend your hand.”

Su Xing stretched out, but the Three Eyed Wealth Inviting Beast bluntly bit his finger. This sight made Chai Ling unable to help but laugh.

“Xing’er, you are hurting This Palace.”

“What were you thinking just now?” Su Xing asked.

“This Palace is thinking about how to bathe…”

“What do you mean how. Don’t you just undress and scrub your body?” Su Xing shrugged. Seeing Chai Ling was tongue-tied, he suddenly grinned: “Ling’er, you can’t have needed the services of Jinzhi and Yuye to bathe yourself back at the Great Circle Castle.”

“This was always the duty of a maid.” Chai Ling stared.

“The Longevity Palace does not have maids.” Su Xing teased.

Chai Ling’s eyes rolled. She suddenly showed a charming expression: “This place does not have maids, but it does have Xing’er.”

“You want to make a cat help bathe you?” Su Xing truly envied this little cat.

“This Palace was referring to you, Xing’er.”

Chai Ling blushed as she uttered this.

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  1. 大當家
  2. They’d flat-out lose. Only Su Xing is aberrant enough to match a Star General in CQC


  1. “In any case, This *YOung* Lady is Su Xing’s third Star General.

    YOung > Young

    Then, Su Xing kissed Wu Xinjie and finally walked over to *Wu Xinji*, Wu Siyou, Yan Yizhen, and Hu Niangzi’s sparring field.

    2nd Wu Xinji > Lin Yingmei

    Wu *XInjie* smiled, “Xinjie has always felt Chao Gai is helping Young Lord.”

    XInjie > Xinji

    Wu Xinjie was dispirited. *Heaving* known each other for so long, she nearly neglected that the Pilgrim did not need either a frown or smile to chill all things.

    Heaving > Having

    Not sure if these double capital letters are worth pointing out.

  2. Bath time!

    …I still find it weird that Bai Yutang is the only loli Star Maiden who acts the way she looks, and hasn’t died because of it…. The Rat Star is too lucky!

    …Qnd can Star Nests really be repaired!? I feel like that would go WWWAAAYYY past cheating!
    …I’m all for it though.

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