Chapter 736: Want To See Him

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“Ling’er, your meaning is that you want to make me help wash you? A married couple’s bath?” Su Xing seemingly smiled, with a kind of indescribable ambiguity.

“It is your good fortune that This Palace will let you serve her.” Chai Ling moved the fan to conceal the unease in her heart.

Su Xing walked over and grabbed Chai Ling’s slim hand, carefully caressing her. This supple skin absolutely could make any man in the world desire to draw near; let alone, the owner of these slender jade hands would be completely naked. Just thinking of the haughty Her Highness Queen Noble Star exposing her most secret places was enough to send a man over the edge. Su Xing believed that that he was not wicked nor a wolf. If anything happened while she was willing, then that would be inevitable and natural, so his response was  – “No.”

The Chai Ling who was being gently stroked by Su Xing was just in the middle of being eager, but when she suddenly heard this reply, she was momentarily unable to react.

“Come again.” Chai Ling’s bashfulness turned into fury.

“Maybe if you sign a contract a with me. Otherwise, I won’t do something so dubious.” Su Xing made clear his intentions, immediately saying without a choice: “Ling’er, you obviously know I really want to sign a contract with you. Just how long do you plan to keep on waiting.”

“When you scale Maiden Mountain and fight, you will inevitably face danger on all sides, be brought to the brink of death. At that time…”

“Your Highness Queen, must you jinx me like this?” Su Xing blushed furiously upon hearing this. Danger on all sides, on the brink of death, if he worked with Zhao Hanyan and the others with his current strength, he had no need to fear an alliance of the other Star Masters in the Ninth Star Duels.

Chai Ling snorted, her expression extremely derisive. Those eyes seemed to say: My dear Xing’er, in what battle did you not face such a situation?

Su Xing cursed under his breath, unable to refute this.

Chai Ling laughed: “This is the first contract that the Noble Star will sign across nine Star Duels. Can it be you will not allow This Palace to be expectant.”

“I fear there’s no way to satisfy you.” Su Xing firmly answered.

Chai Ling was silent.

Su Xing asked: “Were you looking at your Former Volume Heavenly Book just now? What, haven’t refined it yet?”

The Noble Star’s smile suddenly retracted a bit. Her brow wrinkled, and she looked silently at Su Xing, hesitating to speak.

Su Xing guessed that this proud queen was again thinking over those trifling matters. “I already made clear to you that I don’t want this Heavenly Book. Refine it for yourself. If you still believe in me, do this for me.”

“But…” Chai Ling knew Su Xing’s current cultivation had already reached the peak of Supervoid Late Stage. The distance to Transforming Star of Annihilation was but a single step. Across the nine Star Duels, never has there been a single Star Master that was able reach Transforming Star of Annihilation before scaling the mountain. If Su Xing could do so, then he would inevitably leave his name behind in Liangshan Continent’s history. The problem was that Transforming Star of Annihilation was a legend in Liangshan Continent. Those who comprehended it were exceedingly rare. This was why Former Volume Heavenly Books became the most coveted objects for peak cultivators.

Currently, although there were many Former Volume Heavenly Books inside the Longevity Palace, they were extremely precious. Lin Yingmei and the others did not mind at all handing their own Heavenly Books to their Lord Husband, but Su Xing nevertheless would never accept this. In his perspective, they served better use increasing Lin Yingmei and the others’ strength instead of comprehending Transforming Star of Annihilation for himself. This was also the perspective of Wu Xinjie and the others. 

And the problem that was currently placed in front of Chai Ling.

As the first Noble Star Little Whirlwind to join the Star Duels, she could not decide whether this Former Volume Heavenly Book should be used for herself or given to Xing’er. This made her hesitate indefinitely because no one knew what use there even was for the Noble Star to comprehend a Heavenly Book. The Noble Star did not even have any “Heaven, Earth, Dark, Yellow” techniques. Regardless of Realm advancement or Heaven Rank, it seemed of little value.

“No buts. This Heavenly Book is the Noble Star’s very first Former Volume Heavenly Book. Not only does it represent you, Chai Ling, it also represents the nine previous Noble Stars. If you don’t personally look at this Former Volume Heavenly Book, wouldn’t that be the regret of a lifetime?” Su Xing smiled and said.

Seeing that Chai Ling was not at all convinced, Su Xing then said: “I know you’re worried about me, Ling’er. I can accept this kindness. Or are you saying that you feel this way because you think the Heavenly Book is useless to you, Chai Ling,  that I should take your Heavenly Book as insurance for myself? Am I so selfish?”

“Is that what you think? If not, then refine it. I’m quite eager to see what will happen when you fully grasp the Heavenly Book, Ling’er.”

Chai Ling gently bit her red lips. Her gaze alluringly let out a tear. She only felt that her heartbeat that had just calmed was suddenly accelerating again. “Your words make This Palace want to sign a contract with you right now.”

“Then let’s immediately contract.” Su Xing smoothly embraced her and lowered his head.

Chai Ling gasped and had her lips tyrannically seized by the man. Their tongues intertwined, and the queen’s body went limp. There was a sound in her mind that continually wanted to break out of her chest. Sign a contract, just sign a contract with this man, do not mind the reputation of the Noble Star…Chai Ling firmly suppressed this urge.

The two of them kissed. Su Xing wanted to soften her, and his hands again became wicked. His left hand wrapped around the queen’s waist while his right climbed backwards to knead her supple butt. Then, his left hand very naturally drew back and extended into Chai Ling’s white bodice. Just as he was about to profane those towering breasts, the Three Eyed Wealth Inviting Beast yowled, scratching Su Xing with its claw.

Su Xing had not been on guard. He recoiled in pain.

Little Whirlwind returned to her senses. Giggling, she drew back. Su Xing looked at the claw mark on the back of his hand and then glared at the accursed cat.

“This Palace does not care for the Noble Star’s reputation at all…” Chai Ling stared, suddenly blurting this out without thinking.

Su Xing knowingly smiled: “I know.”

Chai Ling also smiled, recovering her prior lofty graceful and arrogant bearing.

“This Palace truly needs someone to serve in the bath. If it is you, Xing’er, This Palace will naturally reward you with even more. Of course, you will have to blindfold yourself. And do not even think of taking advantage of This Palace.”

“At that time, I will have to punish you on the spot.” Su Xing shook his head, regretfully saying. “The Dual Cultivation I’ve been training is somewhat unmanageable recently, so for something as good as this, I can only give up on for now.” Just thinking of seeing Chai Ling nude, even if he blindfolded his eyes, it would be somewhat involuntary. By then, he would be bursting. This desire was not as easily controlled as back then with the dragon’s fluids.

No, I must go seek out Shaqing and listen to her dharma.

Chai Ling was taken aback, not expecting that Su Xing would surprisingly still have this much resistance. She could not help but smile.

“But there is someone who is even more skilled than I in helping you bathe…” Su Xing called out. “Little Yi.”

From the space behind him, Yan Yizhen quietly emerged, making Chai Ling’s smile freeze.

“Master.” Yan Yizhen respectfully bowed.

“Did you hear our conversation just now?”


“Go help bathe Ling’er, en, be a bit more gentle to her.” Su Xing looked at Chai Ling. “Ling’er, Little Yi’s technique is superb. We’ve bathed numerous times together already. You’re sure to like it.”

“No need for This Palace.” Chai Ling pulled the corners of her mouth into an awkward smile. She knew that the Skilful Star was very skilled in service, but every night in the Longevity Palace, she gave blowjobs. Heaven knew how lewd this Wanderer while serving people. Su Xing even mentioned a moment ago that the two of them had bathed many times. Perhaps, those sessions were not so pure.

“Don’t be shy. My dear Little Yi, make Chai Ling spotless. Later, let’s chat again.”

Yan Yizhen nodded.

“You swindler, you clearly even said dual cultivation was unmanageable…To make Little Yi come, can it be that you disdain This Palace. This Palace has not even been touched by a man before.” Chai Ling angrily said.

“I didn’t swindle you. It’s just that Little Yi has the Yin Yang Carps, they can harmonize with the way of Yin and Yang…” Su Xing shook his head.

But Chai Ling clearly could discern that Yan Yizhen was still virgin.

Su Xing felt guilty and wiped his sweat.

Yan YIzhen’s apathetic expression showed a rare red hue.

The odd atmosphere seemed to sound like Su Xing was saying something like “alternative approach,” or something of that effect. Chai Ling was baffled, but Su Xing did not want to continue haggling with Chai Ling. Shooting her a look, Yan Yizhen then seized Chai Ling by the shoulder. She would not allow the Noble Star to decline inside the Longevity Palace.

“This Palace hates you to death…”

Faraway, through the mist, came the girl’s resentful voice.

After Yan Yizhen carried Chai Ling into the bath, Lin Yingmei finally walked out from another bathroom. “Young Master, why not accept Chai Ling’s good intentions?”

“Yingmei, don’t tell me I’m a horny brute in your mind.” Su Xing suffered an enormous blow.

Lin Yingmei pursed her lips and smiled: “Your Servant can see that Chai Ling’s invitation just then required great courage.”

“I know, and that’s even more reason why I couldn’t accept it.” Su Xing said.

“?” Lin Yingmei.

“It’s only because she feels that refining her Former Volume Heavenly Book for herself is something selfish that she would think of using her body to compensate me…” Su Xing stared at Lin Yingmei. He softly said: “If I actually accepted it, that would be a sort of shame between the two of us.”

“Chai Ling also has gone through some trouble.” Lin Yingmei sighed.

“Yingmei, in actuality, I’ve already thought of a way to grasp Transforming Star of Annihilation without using a Heavenly Book.” Su Xing’s expression was mysterious as he winked.

“May Your Servant know what that method is?” Lin YIngmei wrinkled her brow.

“Of course, but…” Su Xing wrapped his arm around Lin Yingmei’s waist, and Lin Yingmei’s arms subconsciously wrapped around Su Xing’s neck, “Let’s go take a bath together first, then I’ll tell you.”

The ears of the Lin Yingmei who had only just made love with Su Xing in the bath once again burned. She grunted in agreement.1

Seven Worthies Village. The Four Great Generals Xian, Lang, Shu, De were still as they were, waiting idly for opportunity.

Pang Shu pulled on the string of her enormous bow. There was no arrow nocked, but she released the string. A biting cold wind-arrow directly roared out with an enormous noise, blowing Seven Worthies Forest into a miss. “So boring, so boring.” Pang Shu dispiritedly tugged her bow, turning her head to look at her squinting Elder Sister that was drilling with a sword: “Sister Xian, we may as well directly launch an attack. Enough waiting, these Star Generals will not last a single blow anyways.”

“Do not bully those little sisters. Some of them Starfell just now, did they not. Truly interesting, the form of those Starfalls is the same as in Star World.” The woman wearing a blue dragon patterned super-short skirt that only covered down to the fork of her legs showed a charming expression. She played with her fingernails as she spoke, a passive appearance.

“My greatbow is already unbearably hungry.” Pang Shu stroked her own chest as she muttered: “I also want to quickly return to Star World and drink ‘mugua lotus seed soup.'”2

“The Xuannü of Ninth Heaven treats ‘nine’ as an end. These Ninth Star Duels cannot be underestimated.”

A voice as gentle as a spring breeze sounded out.

The Shi Xian who was waving a sword, the meditating Deng Wude, Pang Shu and Bao Niang’er were startled. A noble, graceful, mysterious and ephemeral beauty appeared among them.

“Your Highness, you have awoken?” Pang Shu was elated.

“Give Her Highness quiet.” Shi Xian knelt, and the others followed suit in deference.

“Rise, all of you.” The girl slightly smiled. She was Fang Moujia.

“Your Highness, your meaning just now was?” Shi Xian was pensive.

“This Highness wants to see him…”

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  1. Turns out, he is a horny brute after all.
  2. 木瓜蓮子湯

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  1. [She knew that the Skilful Star was very skilled in service, but every night in the Longevity Palace, she gave blowjobs]
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