Chapter 737: What To Do About Qingci

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“Her? Song Jiang? Why would Your Highness want to see her?”1 Shi Xian inquired, not understanding why Fang Moujia would want to see Song Jiang. They were obviously here to stop her.

“Not her, but that man named Su Xing whom the Brave Star mentioned.” Fang Moujia calmly said.

“Su Xing?” The Xian, Liang, Shu, De Generals were even more bewildered upon hearing this.

“Although the Brave Star was fierce, she was merely fodder. Why would Your Highness mention that Star Master.” Shi Xian’s tone was somewhat sharp, not at all approving of Fang Moujia’s thoughts.

“This Palace believes that this generation’s Star Duels are not so simple.” Fang Moujia’s gaze focused into the distance.

“Your Highness, please forgive Subordinate’s impulsiveness. Now is not the time to create side issues.” Shi Xian reminded.

Fang Moujia was still unmoved. Her faint smile was like mist and haze, mysterious and fleeting. Even the Xian, Liang, Shu, De Generals could not see through Her Highness No Matter The Time, Any Place Is Home. The longer they knew each other, the more unfathomable she became instead.

“Your Highness, but if we leave the vicinity of Maiden Mountain, what do we do if Leader Star Song Jiang seizes the vacancy to enter.” Bao Niang’er retracted her alluring expression and became solemn.

“You will all stand guard here. This Highness wants to rest.” Fang Moujia’s tone was gentle. She turned around and moved towards her bed.

The Four Generals glanced at each other, somewhat unprepared regarding Fang Moujia’s sudden interest. “Your Highness, why the sudden interest in a Star Master. This is truly strange…” Pang Shu turned her head back, ready to ask her Elder Sister: “Sister Xian…” The words had just left her mouth when she promptly swallowed them back. 

Shi Xian’s hand was tightly gripping the Phoenix Splitter. She was seemingly smiling, squinting, the depths of her narrowed eyes filled with a strict glare.

Can it be that Sister Xian is jealous?

Pang Shu was speechless, deciding to be a bit more behaved so as to avoid touching on Sister Xian’s sore spot. Otherwise, she would be severely punished again.

Several days later, Zhao Hanyan finally entered the Longevity Palace, which made SU Xing breathe a sigh of relief.

“My darling Hanyan, if you didn’t come back, I would have gone out to look for you.”

“Does the Prince Consort believe This Princess would betray him?” Zhao Hanyan teased.

The Ling Yan Princess and Su Xing had the Intertwined Branch Swords’ Thousand Year Pact. Su Xing also knew she was kidding.

“Eh, why are there only two Little Sisters for the Seven Stars Assembly.” Zhao Hanyan glanced around the Longevity Palace and found only Xi Yue and Gong Caiwei.

Su Xing stared at her. Your phrasing makes it sound like I’m specialized in roping other people in.

“This Princess actually does not mind. Two Little Sisters is truly a stroke of luck.” Zhao Hanyan smiled and said. This Little Sister address undoubtedly determined a certain relationship between them.2

Xi Yue blushed and nodded, returning her salutations. Gong Caiwei normally was somewhat at odds with the Ling Yan Princess. The Immortal Hero Princess pondered. She then grunted and merely nodded before turning to mind her other matters.

“Have you refined your Heavenly Books?” Su Xing asked.

In fact, over these past few days, Zhao Hanyan had been in Bian City, making use of the “Transforming Star Bewildering Heaven Array” that national scholar Mo Shangxian created for mechanisms, pairing it with Dong Junqing refining her Former Volume Heavenly Book. As everyone knew, other than voluntarily giving the Former Volume Heavenly Book to a cultivator, another way was to use a special array. So long as a cultivator entered the array, then they could exploit the surplus Star Energy from a Star Master refining her Heavenly Book to also comprehend the mysteries of Transforming Star of Annihilation.

The Zhao Hanyan that expected to scale the peak of Maiden Mountain naturally did not need this surplus Star Energy. Then she had prepared it for a certain someone instead.

“Has Lord Father-in-law come?” Su Xing smiled.

“Ha, ha, well done, son-in-law, truly impressive. In such a short time of not seeing you, you have already reached the peak of Supervoid. We acknowledge Our inferiority.” A hearty laugh resounded. Emperor Liang walked into the Longevity Palace.

“Your Servant greets Lord Father-in-law.” Su XIng cupped his fist.

“Ha, ha, no need for the formalities. Just take care of Hanyan properly in the future.” Emperor Liang smiled, waving his hand. Su Xing’s current power apparently left Emperor Liang in the dust. However, he never imagined that Su Xing would still be so deferential to him. This gave Emperor Liang quite the pleasant surprise.

“Worthy of the Longevity Palace. As expected, this is a worldly fairyland.” Emperor Liang looked around this legendary Longevity Palace. Even the most powerful ruler in Liangshan Continent could not help but exclaim at the Longevity Palace’s magnificence, especially the myriad charms of the Star Maidens in the Longevity Palace. Emperor Liang had often heard of the Purple Thunder Monster’s legends, but to personally see Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, and the other top-notch Star Generals all together still gave Emperor Liang an overwhelming feeling. Emperor Liang could not help but feel admiration, inwardly saying that this man truly had enormous fortune.

Zhao Hanyan giggled at her Father Emperor’s shocked expression, raising the corners of her mouth: “Father Emperor came this time to see the Longevity Stele’s secrets. Prince Consort, how about you let him see the secret?”

“No problem at all, but the Longevity Palace is currently moving towards Maiden Mountain, time is short.” Su Xing said. It would be difficult to learn the Longevity Stele’s Longevity Cultivation Method without several years’ time. Even right now, it was perhaps too late to scratch the surface.

Emperor Liang smiled: “We want to personally see the Longevity Stele. Perhaps We can comprehend something.”

“Father-in-law, please help yourself.” Su Xing indicated.

Emperor Liang wasted no time, warping in front of the Longevity Stele, gazing at it.

“Junqing, you ought to have finished refining your Former Volume Heavenly Book. What were its contents?” Wu Xinjie asked at this time.

“It was only the most average of things.” Zhao Hanyan said.

Dong Junqing’s current aura was not the same as before, and there was an additional tyranny in her allure, something bewitching about her might. Clearly, her Realm had increased considerably. Dong Junqing proudly curled her lips into a smile. She manifested the Four Star Dragon Phoneix Yin Yang Spear, and a pair of True Phoenix wings emerged from her back. 

“True Phoenix Third Stage. Not a bad Realm.” Wu Xinjie’s Seeing Clearly discerned this, and she voiced admiration.

The Former Volume Heavenly Book had the function of comprehension of a Heaven Rank, ascension of a Star Weapon, or elevation of a Realm. As far as a powerful martial general was concerned, increasing Realm was actually not a bad choice.

“Yingmei, quickly come fight three hundred bouts with This General.” Dong Junqing shouted, 

Lin YIngmei slightly smiled. Her body techniques were agile, descending into the center of the field, her Arctic Star Serpent Spear pointed directly at the General of Double Spears, hinting at her to fight with everything she had. Dong Junqing brandished the Dragon Phoenix Yin Yang Spears and attacked. The battle of the two great True Phoenix martial generals drew the attention of the other girls.

“Su Xing, not going to watch the battle together?” Zhao Hanyan asked.

“I’m very confident in Yingmei.” Su Xing smiled and said.

Although Dong Junqing’s True Phoenix Third Stage was very awesome, but this was unlikely to overcome Lin YIngmei.

“How was your Heavenly Book refinement?” ZHao Hanyan curiously asked. “Were the Heavenly Books all given to Lin Yingmei to refine?”

“No, Yingmei was unwilling to take so many. She only refined three. She just finished refining two, one increased her Realm, and the other upgraded her Star Weapon.” Su XIng’s gaze was full of tender love.

“Currently, Sister Yingmei is but True Phoenix Sixth Stage with a Six Star Destined Weapon.” Shi Yuan proudly flaunted.

“What, Six Star?” Zhao Hanyan was unable to conceal her astonishment. She turned her gaze; through that ice-cold light of the Arctic Star Serpent Spear, there were six coldly shimmering stars. Each of those stars were linked to each other, sparkling with lovely light, like a profound formation.

Zhao Hanyan drew in a sharp breath.

Six Star Destined Weapon!

True Phoenix Sixth Stage!

Did this not surpass the previous Panther Head.

Shi Yuan wanted this Ling Yan Princess to know that Hu Niangzi’s Star Weapon had already reached Seven Star to see what sort of expression she would make. The previous Hu Banzhuang relied on a Seven Star Destined Weapon to sweep through everyone and become Overlord. Now that Hu Niangzi had already reached this Realm, she was only one of many of Su Xing’s wives. The others in the Longevity Palace that had also reached True Phoenix Realm aside from Lin Yingmei and Hu Niangzi included Wu Siyou, Hua Wanyue, Lu Shaqing, Yan Yizhen, and Gongsun Huang.

Wu Siyou was True Phoenix Fourth Stage, Hua Wanyue was True Phoenix Second Stage as was Lu Shaqing, Gongsun Huang was True Phoenix Third Stage, and although Yan Yizhen was only True Phoenix First Stage, she was the first wife out of everyone to comprehend a Heaven Rank. In the Longevity Palace’s power rankings, other than Lin Yingmei, even Wu Siyou had to declare defeat.

Seeing such a powerful battle formation, even the Zhao Hanyan that loved Su Xing dearly felt that Maiden Mountain’s trials against him were truly justified.

In the past Star Duels, a True Phoenix martial general alone had the qualifications to become overlord, let alone that Su Xing currently had seven True Phoenix Realm martial generals. However, Zhao Hanyan was very aware that Su Xing’s martial generals were each of spectacular Realm, surpassing the past generations. But while the other Star Masters would be in life or death struggles, Su Xing’s group had already begun to face Maiden Mountain’s Overlord trials, already begun opposing True Phoenix martial generals. Under this kind of trial by fire, it was not surprising for the True Phoenix Realms to burst forth.

Zhao Hanyan even somewhat understood why Maiden Mountain would want to get rid of Su Xing before the Heavenly Books. By the time the Heavenly Books passed, their True Phoenix Realms would have fully developed. Even the past Overlords would not be enough to qualify as opponents for them.

“This Princess originally worried about the Monster Slaying Conference. Now, it seems that This Princess must actually worry for them.” Zhao Hanyan laughed.

“Monster Slaying Conference, as expected…how regretful.” This was within Su Xing’s expectations. With his strength, it would be odd for the other Star Masters to not form an alliance.

“What are you regretting?”

“To end Maiden Mountain’s Star Duels, it would be best if everyone joined hands. I had regrets about this.”

“Did you think everyone was like you? Maybe you can go and seduce a few of them over.”


“That Song Qingci, what are your thoughts, Su Xing?” Zhao Hanyan then asked, also voicing the confusion of the other girls. They were very aware of Song Qingci’s identity as Leader Star Song Jiang, and in these Star Duels, she had already formed the Uprising. By doing so, it was naturally obvious at a glance what the purpose of the Monster Slaying Conference was. The Uprising was allied with the Monster Slaying Conference. Even Su Xing could not easily break free from this. Zhao Hanyan had a solution, which was to first go sneak attack and kill Song Jiang, to get rid of the Uprising’s leader.

With Song Jiang’s death, she believed that Su Xing would have nothing to worry about in the future.

“You can’t do this.” Su Xing hesitantly declined.

“What, do you love her?” Zhao Hanyan moved about, dazzling: “Or perhaps you want to turn this foster Little Sister into a conquered Little Sister.”

“Why are you acting like Junqing.” Su Xing felt defeat.

“What the Princess says makes sense. Su Xing has treated her so well, yet she secretly wanted to betray Su Xing. This is too infuriating.” Shi Yuan angrily said.

“To end the Star Duels, we cannot be missing Qingci, otherwise, these Star Duels will be a dream of golden millet.” Su Xing shook his head.

All of the girls sunk into thought.

Zhao Hanyan could not see through this man, “But are you going to let that Song Jiang plot against you like this? Can it be that you are truly certain you will be able to face against the Uprising’s army and the Monster Slaying Alliance together?”

“Relax, I’ll spread a rumor.”

“What rumor? Will it work?”

“I’ll just say there’s been a change in the Ninth Star Duels. Star Generals without a contract can automatically enter Maiden Mountain.” Su Xing’s voice was clear and bright.

Zhao Hanyan and Xi Yue were still confused as to the purpose.

“Perhaps other people will not understand, but Song Qingci will definitely know that these words are referring to the Uprising, so she will inevitably go investigate this.” Wu Xinjie seemed to happen upon something. “At that time, we can take this time to drive a wedge in the other alliance.”

“Let alone that the Fifth and Sixth Overlords did not give Young Lord a trial, Young Lord surmises that Maiden Mountain has encountered some trouble, so he wants to make Qingci’s Uprising forces go scout it out first.”

The implication being that the first to meet with danger would become cannon fodder? Zhao Hanyan thought and asked.

“Is such a simple rumor really believable?”

“She won’t believe it, but she will have no choice but to believe it!”


“Because Qingci is in fact the greatest variable in the Ninth Star Duels.” Su Xing sighed.

This man’s heart was very aware. It appeared he truly did not need to worry. This was the difference between a Little Sister and an adoptive Little Sister. The Ling Yan Princess was instantly moist. She impulsively pushed Su Xing down on the spot, shocking each of the nearby girls into gasping. “This Princess wants three hundred bouts with you right now. Sisters, you are free to join in.” Zhao Hanyan bit her lip and undressed, leaning over to expose the deep cleavage under her bodice, her breathing heavy.3

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  1. So this is lost in translation. The third person pronoun for “him” and “her” is pronounced the same, with only their written form being the way to differentiate them.
  2. She’s asserting her dominance/power hierarchy.
  3. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  1. That ending, while her dads still in the palace too.

    “Currently, Sister Yingmei is but True Phoenix Sixth Stage with a Six Star Destined Weapon.” *Sh Yuan* proudly flaunted.

    Sh Yuan > Shi Yuan

    “You can’t do this.” *Su XIng* hesitantly declined.

    Su XIng > Su Xing

    1. Technically, the one she used in the White Tiger Territory was Gongsun Zhuqing’s runestone that contained the Heaven Rank. As it turns out, Gongsun Huang will also learn and use it as her own Heaven Rank, eventually.

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