Chapter 738: Yet She Sniffs The Plum Blossoms

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“Have you thought clearly about the wish after you become Overlord?”

In a corridor of the Longevity Palace, Emperor Liang held his hands behind his back, gazing at the giant, faraway mountain.

The adjacent Su Xing hesitantly answered. “I don’t need the Overlord’s wish. I don’t have any faith in this thing.”

“Oh?” Emperor Liang’s brow wrinkled, showing curiosity.

“I will climb the mountain, and I will see what kind of landscape is there. As for these Star Duels, I will definitely end them.” Su Xing gave a downplayed smile.

“For it to be able to drop so many formidable Star Generals, have you truly no fear?” Emperor Liang continued: “That Maiden Mountain’s power is most certainly far stronger than Liangshan Continent’s.”

“I think that may not be the case.” Su Xing’s expression was very relaxed: “So long as I can grasp Transforming Star of Annihilation, I think I can at least have a place to stand in Star World.”

“Transforming Star of Annihilation, huh.” Whenever Emperor Liang heard of the final goal of Liangshan’s cultivators, he could not help but sigh. In close to ten thousand years, it was a fact that no cultivator could truly comprehend this legendary Transforming Star of Annihilation. Even Supervoid Peak cultivators were unable to obtain any glimpse into comprehension.

“We once had a candlelight chat with Holy Monk Four Noble Truths about this Transforming Star of Annihilation matter, and We actually have some grasp of it.” Emperor Liang slowly spoke. He held one hand behind him while the other extended forwards. Like the sun peeking through the clouds, it swept away the mist, revealing Maiden Mountain even more clearly.

“This Transforming Star of Annihilation will require annihilation before you can be a transforming star.”

“Your Majesty’s meaning is?”

“Reportedly, Supervoid peak cultivators must first cripple their own cultivation, degrade themselves into ordinary people. Only by this kind of circumstance of great fortune and misfortune can Transforming Star be grasped.” Emperor Liang said.

Su Xing recalled Devil Ancestor Dark Nether and nodded. “I think so as well. But to make a Supervoid peak cultivator become a cripple, they would perhaps be killed off before becoming Transforming Star.” No wonder Liangshan Continent’s history never had records of Transforming Star of Annihilation; because when a cultivator truly arrived at a level of comprehension, those who did not already enter Star World would already have been destroyed.

However, using magic weapons like the Ten Thousand Calamities Chain or Soul Concealing Muslin as Devil Ancestor Dark Nether had actually was not a bad solution.

“The Seven Stars Assembly is already here. We would like that even if you are willing for Transforming Star of Annihilation, that you do not face this danger.” Emperor Liang smiled and said.

Su Xing knew that what he said was correct. If he crippled himself right now, the Lin Yingmei and the others would face poor odds. “Actually, it may not be necessary to be annihilated before Transforming Star. Sometimes, finding some people from Star World to help stuff your ass…I mean stuff your head maybe even easier, right?” Su Xing mysteriously smiled.

“Find someone from Star World?” Emperor Liang’s eyes flashed, and he laughed aloud. “Surprisingly, you would dare have designs on her. If she truly came from Star World, then perhaps you actually can reach this Realm. My daughter truly has taken fancy to a reckless man, ha, ha, ha, ha.”

Su Xing laughed along.

Now that the ascent was at hand, there was no way he could not take risks right now.

“I am enormously relieved to leave Hanyan to you.” Emperor Liang turned his head back to look around the Longevity Palace. He sighed: “You have so many beautiful Star Generals. Perhaps you can answer Us a question?”

“Your Majesty, you wish to ask my origins?” Su Xing guessed.

Emperor Liang nodded. In fact, he had investigated Su Xing’s history. Other than the Four Styles School, everything else was unknown, as if Su Xing seemingly appeared out of thin air. But to have this kind of boldness and courage, to always be dazzling like a firefly in the night, he could not possibly be someone mediocre and without background. “This will be the last time we see one another. We will never be able to eat or rest in peace if We cannot solve this mystery.”

“Your Majesty, just treat me as if I came from Star World.” Su Xing did not know how to speak about his history.

“You could only possibly have come from there.” Emperor Liang said.

“Take good care of Hanyan. We will definitely go to Star World to look for you.” Emperor Liang continued confidently.

“As you wish.”

Emperor Liang sighed, “We suddenly feel that Liangshan Continent will actually be somewhat lonely without you.”1 Muttering this, Emperor Liang soared into the air, instantly vanishing from the Longevity Palace. 

Su Xing calmly looked at Liangshan Continent’s landscape. A while after, he turned and walked through the corridors.

Each of the training girls turned gazes full of love and affection towards this beloved man.

“Lord Husband, do you truly wish to go grasp Transforming Star of Annihilation?” Wu Siyou was not without worry.

“Only by becoming stronger can a wish be achieve.” Su Xing’s tone was resolute.

Wu Siyou nodded, helplessly smiling.

“Let’s go find her now.”

Surrounded by mountains on all sides, embracing a pool of springwater, this was a crisp and concentrated scene, practically a tranquil water painting. A yellow-robed girl sat on a rock at the water’s edge. Her feet were bare, and her golden armor was already set to the side. The girl rinsed her hair with the clean water, turning her incisive eyes towards a giant mountain beyond. 

The clear water flowed, soaking the woman’s clothes, clinging to that physique tenderly. The woman was freshening herself when there was a sudden breeze. Several plum blossom petals drifted down in the forest. With a wave of her hand, the plum blossom petals swirled into her hand.

“She leaps off the swing, lazily raising her slender hands. Dew condenses on the thin flowers, a light sweat seeping into her clothes. She sees someone approach…”2

The girl softly sang. No one would ever have thought that this calm, picturesque, and gentle as water woman was that famous Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai. Just as she mentioned “someone approach,” Chao Gai’s expression suddenly chilled. She coldly called out: “You sneak, quickly come out.”

“What a fine ‘Rouge Lips.’ I never thought you’d have such a side to you, Wuhui.”

A voice suddenly rang out and broke the quiet.

Chao Wuhui was taken aback. A man had appeared in front of her at some point in time. He wore a vile and narrow smile, a fake smile as he looked her up and down.

This damned Su Xing.

Chao Wuhui extended her hand. A golden lotus flower blossomed that then shot a ray of golden light to gouge out Su Xing’s dog eyes. Su Xing pushed, easily breaking it with Purple Cloud East Approaches. By the time the lotus flower dissipated, Chao Wuhui had already donned her armor, a grim expression on her face. The girly sentiments from before seemed to be an illusion.

“What a pity, what a pity.” Su Xing clicked his tongue. “Your appearance before was certainly much more beautiful.”

“Hmph, This One did not come to seek you out, but you have surprisingly come to seek This One out.” Chao Wuhui loftily said.

“I have come to confer unto you a calamity.” Su Xing said.

Chao Wuhui was taken aback and immediately replied: “You have already pried into This One’s strength, and This One does not have any calamity to confer you.”

Su Xing mockingly said: “Don’t be like that, Chao Wuhui, I saw that you were too focused, so I didn’t bother you.”

“You mentioned ‘Rouge Lips’ just now, how do you know of it?” Chao Wuhui wrinkled her brow.

“Why wouldn’t I know? Isn’t it one of Li Qingzhao’s?” Su Xing curiously said.

“How do you know of the Heavenly Green Star?”3 Chao Wuhui said in astonishment.

“Heavenly Green Star??” Su Xing did not feel like guessing. At any rate, she must be another Star Name inherited in Star World. That Li Qingzhao had a Star Name as well was quite unexpected. “Wait until I ascend to Star World, then you’ll realize that I know a lot.”

Chao Wuhui showed a vigilant expression.

“Enough of this for now. I sought you out this time not to peek…” Su Xing was serious.

“What is your business? The Seven Stars Assembly has already begun. You ought to know the current situation of the Star Duels.” Chao Wuhui said: “With your strength, it was inevitable that the others would unite to face you.”

“They aren’t my target.” Su Xing shook his head.

These words sounded to Chao Wuhui as if he was saying they were not his opponents. “The Star Masters that were able to last until now have exceptional strength. Do you really believe you can ignore them?” Chao Wuhui sternly said.

“So that’s why I came to find you. My dear Wuhui, don’t misunderstand.”4 Su Xing chuckled.

“This One is already unable to help you.” Chao Wuhui was forthright.

“In fact, I came to you to look for another person.” Su Xing said.

“What person?”

“Brave Star Guan Ying.”

Chao Wuhui was silent for a moment. A seeming smile flit across her lips. “As it turns out, you want to grasp Transforming Star of Annihilation.”

“Just in passing at the same time.” Su Xing calmly answered.

Chao Wuhui flipped her wrist. A seven story pagoda appeared in her palm, with rippling golden light and glinting colored glass. This pagoda was Chao Wuhui’s strongest Star Weapon. Across all of Liangshan Continent, it could absorb anything in this world and proceed to refine it. Su Xing had personally witnessed her wield the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda’s might twice. How could Chao Wuhui not realize the intentions this man harbored.

He surprisingly wanted her to absorb him into the pagoda for a breakthrough in his cultivation.

If he could actually break out of the pagoda, then Transforming Star of Annihilation would not be a problem.

“Are you actually so sure you can break out of the pagoda?” Chao Wuhui oddly asked. “This One’s Thousand Buddha Pagoda has but absorbed several great Demi Kings and the Liao Emperor’s Fierce Generals. You must have seen them already before?”

“What you say is correct.” Su Xing nodded, but entering the Thousand Buddha Pagoda was clearly his fastest option.

“Then This One shall confer unto you this calamity. Whether or not you can break out of the seven story pagoda will depend on your luck.” Chao Wuhui nodded in acknowledgment.

“Let me think for a moment.” Su Xing shouted.

Chao Wuhui laughed. “No chance now.” Saying this, she tossed the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Buddha Pagoda. Its Buddhist light radiated, sucking Su Xing in. An enormous suction pulled him in towards the pagoda. Even with Su Xing’s current Supervoid peak cultivation, he surprisingly felt unable to resist. Once again, he felt just how formidable Chao Gai’s Realm was. But at the same time this thousand Buddhist light fired, Su Xing immediately sensed the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower in his mind stir restlessly, as if it wanted to bloom, to resist the suction of this Buddhist light.

Su Xing hesitated for a moment, gritting his teeth.

If he wanted to break free of Maiden Mountain’s restrictions after climbing the peak, then there was only one way, and that was to make himself Transforming Star of Annihilation like that Immortal Clear Void. Only by doing so did he have a chance. Otherwise, his words were nothing more than pompous bullshit. As well, entering the pagoda for a breakthrough was indeed a dangerous game. Su Xing had discerned that Chao Wuhui was helping him. If this truly did not work, then he had various backup plans, but regardless, Su Xing did not hope he and Chao Wuhui would end up this way.

If only it were so.

Thinking to this point, Su Xing no longer hesitated. He forced down the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower. Brief praise shot through Chao Wuhui’s eyes. She then chanted, and the Buddhist light erupted, sucking Su Xing into the pagoda. “You have a dozen contracts with Star Generals. This One actually is unable to trap you for too long away from the Star Duels. You must look after yourself.”

The winds calmed, and the trees became still. The lake regained its tranquility.

Chao Wuhui hooked her finger, sprinkling the green plum blossoms back into her hand. She wafted their scent, and her expression of unfettered delight read the second stanza of Rouge Lips. “She runs in socks, her golden hairpin slipping. She walks away in embarrassment, but turns around at the threshold. Yet she sniffs the plum blossoms.”

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  1. It really is amazing how much Emperor Liang adores Su Xing. The Emperor has probably had the most fun in years just watching the Ten Great Sects shit themselves over Su Xing.
  2. From 點絳唇, a poem by Li Qingzhao.
  3. 天青星, 青 is one of several words for “green” but it’s not really the first on the list.
  4. 誤會, which is a pun on her name. Su Xing first pondered upon this when she told him her name.


  1. So, since this novel is like literally super close to being finished, like 2 more chapters or so, what novel will you be doing next?

      1. Wait what’s the sequel about? Is Su Xing going to be in there too? Damn, now I’m curious

        1. Unfortunately, Su Xing does not appear at all. This follows a new protagonist, but Su Xing’s daughter does appear!

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