Chapter 741: Origin Of The Star Duels, A Character Of Star World

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Su Xing carried this girl on his back through this mysterious world for an unknown time. He had originally thought the days he spent in the pagoda would pass quite monotonously, but ever since this girl appeared, things actually became more and more interesting. Everyday, Su Xing would carry Moujia over hills and through streams, walking towards that giant statue of Buddha. When he was weary, he would lay on the girl’s thighs to rest, which counted as her recompense.

Su Xing was very curious about Moujia’s background, but no matter how he asked, the girl from start to finish was disinclined to speak. The occasional replies she gave were all small talk. Although they were simple, they nevertheless made Su Xing happily free and unfettered.

If he could break through to Transforming Star of Annihilation like this, that would not be bad at all.

Simple times as Su Xing desired would not be kept for too long.

On this day, Su Xing finally encounter several of the people he absolutely did not want to see in the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Buddha Pagoda.

“Oh, why does this handsome young man look a bit familiar. Great King, your thoughts.” A woman dressed in magnificent golden armor with golden hair, blue eyes and a domineering presence showed a mocking smile as she looked at Su Xing.

Among them was a scholarly young lady. At first glance, she seemed like a beautiful youth.

That refined and beautiful girl also directed a cold stare at Su Xing.

These two women were none other than the Crystal Dragon Palace’s Great Liao’s number one fierce general Wuyan Guang and the Liao Emperor Yelü Wuxin. There was also the sorceress He Bao’er, but she seemed to be absent.

The three of them had been sealed into Chao Gai’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Buddha Pagoda. Su Xing anticipated that Chao Wuhui would be unable to refine them and could only trap them. Coming here to this world was a matter of luck.

“You are Lin Chong’s Star Master.” Yelü Wuxin had a very deep impression of Su Xing. Of course, it could not be anything else but deep. This man shocked the world when he descended into the Crystal Dragon Palace. Afterwards, he caused a commotion in the White Tiger Territory. If it was not for his interference, she and Chao Wuhui would have fought on even odds, and she would not have been sealed into this pagoda instead.

“This King heard that Chao Gai treated you quite favorably. What, did she finally see through your true face and seal you unto the pagoda.”

“I willingly entered the pagoda.” Su Xing was calm.

“Willingly?” Wuyan Guang roared with laughter: “What in this accursed pagoda would make you so willing to enter it.”

“This accursed pagoda has but sealed the Great Liao’s Three Fierce Generals.”

Wuyan Guang’s expression was unsightly. She glanced at her Great King, but Yelü Wuxin showed no indication of action. “If we were in Star World and This King had not thrown away her Destined Weapon ‘Desolate Destruction,’ how could This King ever place this trifling Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda in her gaze.”

Yelü Wuxin sneered.

Su Xing shrugged, “I’d better offer you my sympathies.”

“You!!” Wuyan Guang was furious.

“Who is that on your back?” Yelü Wuxin spotted the slumbering girl on Su Xing’s back, and her brow suddenly wrinkled.

“Like you, a Star General sealed in this pagoda.” Su Xing said.

Yelü Wuxin showed an even more perplexed expression.

“Hand her over to This King, and This King can consider letting you go.” Yelü Wuxin extended a white hand.

“Don’t tell me you’re still capable of martial arts in this pagoda?” Su Xing suddenly felt a sense of foreboding.

Yelü Wuxin’s lips curled into a smile.

“See for yourself.” Wuyan Guang obliged. Like a monster out of its cage, she twirled her Time Immemorial Spear and pounced. She aggressively howled. The Su Xing that had completely lost his cultivation relied on his innate powerful martial arts talents to see through Wuyan Guang’s line of attack. Su Xing subconsciously wanted to use the Bagua Escape.

Only to then find he was unable to activate it.

The Time Immemorial Spear instantly attacked his stomach. Cold light fired, and Su Xing inwardly screamed.

Just at this moment, Su Xing felt his body instantly become agile. A mysterious energy suddenly burst forth, and by the time Su Xing knew it, he was astonished to discover that he had at some point surprisingly teleported in another direction. Wuyan Guang’s terrifying killing intent had unexpectedly been evaded without any warning.

Not only him, but Wuyan Guang herself also showed an expression of shock.

Her attack just now had an abundance of power and completely sealed her opponent’s paths of escape, but just as the spear was about to kill him, Su Xing nevertheless magically vanished. Surprisingly, even she was unable to perceive this.

“Watch this.” Her spear clanged. She was honestly an unstoppable brave.

This time, her spear attacked even swifter.

Su Xing’s eyes were dazzled, but he once again abruptly vanished from under the spear attacks.


It was as if Wuyan Guan was being humiliated. Her footsteps moved, and she fiercely launched herself over, her spear suddenly unleashing her killing intent. Thousands of spear shadows and tens of thousands of lights practically disintegrated this world. This level of powerful attack capability was expected of the number one fierce general of the Liao Kingdom. Even Su Xing recognized that he had no certainty resisting this at peak cultivation, but Su Xing was astonished to discover that a power from who knows where brought him to another location. The killing intent that filled the skies did not even touch a corner of his clothes.


Wuyan Guang was enraged.

Su Xing had no interest entangling with them further. Right now, his own escape from the pagoda took priority. By means of this lithe power, Su Xing bounded towards the giant Buddha. Wuyan Guang wanted to give chase when the Liao Emperor called her back.

“Do not pursue.”

“Great King.” Wuyan Guang was mad. She felt that she had been humiliated. An insignificant plebian without martial prowess had surprisingly emerged unscathed from under several dozen of her attacks. She did not even touch his clothes. Wuyan Guang felt she had no face left.

“This is not your fault. Can it be you did not notice the girl on that man’s back?” Yelü Wuxin’s brows was locked tight.

“Subordinate does not understand.”

“That girl is helping him, otherwise, how could he have possibly escaped.”

“Ah, who is that woman. Subordinate was helpless against her.” Wuyan Guang was flabbergasted.

“This King perhaps knows who she is, but she should not be one to help this man in the first place.” Yelü Wuxin contemplated for awhile.

“Great King, just who is she?” This was the first time that Wuyan Guang saw her Great King show such a frightened expression.

“The legendary Star General who has inherited Star World’s Great Song of ninety thousand years, Fang La.”


“Moujia, thanks.”

Su Xing flew swiftly over the land. Wuyan Guang did not chase him. Su Xing surmised the reason for the phenomena just before ought to be related to the girl on his back.

The wind gently blew the bangs hanging over the deeply sleeping girl. She was still in slumber.

Over the next few days, Su Xing entered a flight of suffering.

Wuyan Guang followed close behind like a beast. Although Moujia’s power helped Su Xing avert several disasters, he was not so fortunate every time. Several times, Su Xing was nearly cut in half by Wuyan Guang in a moment without strength. In the end, Su Xing needed to rely on all his power to face this Wuyan Guang’s relentless cuts. Just like this, Su Xing abruptly discovered the power originally sealed in his dantian was gradually emerging from a cocoon, with an abundance of strength.

Forcing himself into dire straits, losing his energy, then annihilating himself once again.

Of course, that kind of strength to enter a domain of death absolutely needed to surpass Supervoid peak in order to work. No wonder Liangshan Continent’s cultivators were never able to achieve this. Other than Divine Beasts, Liangshan Continent was extremely lacking in those kinds of existences with power that exceeded Supervoid peak. Even if they did exist, they could not possibly be as fortunate as Su Xing, to be able to dodge disaster every time.

As it turns out, this was the profundity of Transforming Star of Annihilation.

Su Xing finally grasped the highest Realm that countless of Liangshan Continent’s cultivators pursued. He looked at Moujia, deeply aware that without her, he could not have comprehended this. It seemed that while Chao Wuhui’s speech was harsh, she had still been secretly helping him. Su Xing found it funny that Chao Gai had to go to such great pains. It appeared that Maiden Mountain’s newcomer was quite impressive.


The giant Buddhist figure was already getting closer and closer. In less than two days, they ought to be able to arrive. That place was the highest level in the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Buddha Pagoda. It was full of formidable power. The Guan Ying who could surpass all suffering and a Devil Transformation was there.

When he thought of this unyielding woman, Su Xing sighed.

She had been subject to too much hardship.

“That Guan Ying is not your Star General at all.” Fang Moujia was as gentle as before, sitting on her legs.

Su Xing walked over and customarily laid atop her thighs. Although Su Xing felt this honestly was not good each time he got up, he absolutely could not refuse. But every time the girl acted compliantly and gently, those deep eyes full of mystery seemed to focus on him. Before he knew it, Su Xing would collapse onto them. But it could not help but be stated, he slept very peacefully on the girl indeed. Without this tranquility, Su Xing could not possibly have comprehended Transforming Star of Annihilation so quickly.

Now, Su Xing already felt the power in his body was currently coursing through all of his meridians. This magic energy was completely dissolved into his body, the abundance of which was unlike Supervoid cultivation. This kind of cultivation was even closer to nothingness, a return to a natural state. Because Liangshan Continent did not have any records pertaining to Transforming Star of Annihilation, Su Xing did not know to what degree he grasped Transforming Star of Annihilation. According to the different sensation in his meridians, at least twelve had completely opened, and there were still others.

“She is not.”

“Why must you concern yourself with her, to even come to this place in search of her?” Fang Moujia continued.

“She can be considered a friend of mine.” Su Xing answered. Although they were once foes, the two of them had already buried the hatchet. Besides, Su Xing was very impressed with the Brave Star’s heroism. This was the first time he felt such regret at not signing a contract.

Fang Moujia was silent for awhile.

“What if she is dead.”

“Dead? She is refining the Devil Star. She ought to be fine.” Su Xing muttered.

“Are you unable to accept her death?” Fang Moujia softly said.

“Unable to accept. If she is actually dead, then I’ll resurrect her.” Su Xing clenched his fist tightly. Not just Guan Ying, but also Shi Xiuxiu, Zhu Manxiang, and more.

Fang Moujia nodded, not making any statements.

After a short period of silence, Su Xing opened his eyes and gazed at the woman’s face. “Tomorrow, leave this place with me. I’ll speak with Chao Wuhui. You’re a pretty good girl, not like a villain.”

Fang Moujia shook her head.


“Then tomorrow, we will part ways.” Su Xing said.

Fang Moujia nodded.


Seeing her still so quiet, Su Xing did not want to force her. After he came out, he would properly ask Chao Wuhui about this girl’s identity. He felt it was not simple.

“Su Xing, would you like to listen to a story?” Fang Moujia spoke.

“I’m all ears.” Su Xing closed his eyes.

The girl spoke slowly, her voice like a trickling stream, clear to listen to.

“There once was a girl who, at the age of eight, inherited the name of the strongest wielder of power, ascending a throne that countless people dreamed of. But she was fond of writing, tea arts, and calligraphy. At her side were four ministers and officials. These ministers had preferences in ‘wealth,’ ‘beauty,’ ‘power,’ and ‘battle,’ taking hold of the entire nation’s lifeline. But they were not satisfied at all. Surrounding this nation were also too many enemies and opponents to take…”

“What opponent was there to take?” Su Xing groggily asked.

“For example, the Heavenly Immortal Star Immortal of Poetry Li Ziyan1 of the Tang Dynasty, who was enormously talented, beautiful and graceful. Or perhaps the emperor of Star World’s Ancestral Dragon, haughty and unequalled.” The girl smiled.

Su Xing proceeded. “Continue…”

“But the nation was not well. The domestic situation was turmoil and chaos. Among them, the power known as ‘No Matter The Time, Any Place Is Home’ was the power that struck the most fear in them. The nation was already undefendable. Therefore, one day, the four ministers obtained a notice from the ‘Xuannü of Ninth Heaven.’ They would attempt one final battle.”

“What final battle?” Su XIng’s voice gradually trailed off.

“They would summon Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends to stage the very first genesis and at the same time name millions of Star Names. If it was you, would you stop them?”

“It sounds like something very tiring and very boring.” Su Xing yawned, his consciousness fuzzy.

“This Highness also feels that it is very tiring.” Fang Moujia smiled. She lowered her head and gently kissed Su Xing’s forehead, softly saying.

“So…if you are tired, then sleep.”

Su Xing completely lost consciousness.

“As expected, you are Fang La. No Matter The Time, Any Place Is Home, Your Highness Fang Moujia.”

Through the vastness of the night, a voice penetrated.

Liao Emperor Yelü Wuxin stepped forth, clapping her hands and smiling. “Have you taken an interest in this man? To unexpectedly speak so much about Star World’s affairs.”

“This Highness is weary.” Fang Moujia lowered her eyelids.

Yelü Wuxin continued, unconcerned: “Worthy of the one who frightened the Four Great Ministers and even that empress. Never imagined that the Three Heavenly Book that This King used would unexpectedly summon you, the Fang La who inherited ninety thousand years of Star Names. However, you are a thorn in the side of the Great Song Kingdom. The war has lasted several tens of thousands of years. To speak of who hates the Star Duels the most, then there is none other than you, Your Highness Moujia.”

Fang Moujia shut her eyes.

Wuyan Guang bellowed: “Hey, hey, what is this attitude towards the Great King.” She raised her Time Immemorial Spear as she spoke and attacked. A ray of cold light pierced through the night, the pale pure land. “I want to see what abilities you have.”

Fang Moujia glanced out the corner of her eye.

A blue mist flew out. Wuyan Guang’s blade cut it to pieces, but in that fleeting instant, she immediately felt her mind go blank. The woman was astonished, all of a sudden feeling her consciousness turn heavy, falling to the ground just like this. Then, without even looking, Fang Moujia snapped her fingers with her left hand. 

Behind her, a light flashed.

He Bao’er was pulled out of hiding.

“Blood Fiend.”

The girl’s fingers moved. A dozen murderous auras billowed, and the Blood Fiends that swept over everything danced. But before these Blood Fiends even touched Fang Moujia, they were stopped by an invisible force. 

“This Highness wants to rest.” Fang Moujia finished speaking.

The Blood Fiends were torn to shreds.

He Bao’er’s expression was perplexed. She immediately collapsed onto the ground.

“This is the power that surpasses even the Heavenly Stars?” Yelü Wuxin broke into a cold sweat.

Fang Moujia lifted her head, her red lips gently parting.

“The Liao Kingdom’s Star Name should have already changed hands.”

A kind of powerful force sunk into her mind. Yelü Wuxin felt her consciousness beginning to go blank. The woman collapsed, unreconciled, “You must end the Star Duels. Answer me, Fang La.”

“Answer This King!!”

“You must destroy the Song Kingdom.”

“Your Highness No Matter The Time, Any Place Is Home, as your debt of gratitude, you will help This King and the Liao Kingdom, promise This King.”


Yelü Wuxin endured falling over.

Finally, Fang Moujia sighed.

“This Highness promises you to end these Star Duels.”

“Then good. Ha, ha, This King has a clear conscience about the king of the Liao Kingdom.” Yelü Wuxin sat cross-legged, her scholarly aura slowly dissipating. She glanced at Su Xing then back to Fang Moujia: “This King can rest in peace.”

The Liao Emperor closed her eyes and sunk into eternal rest.2

In this lonely world came a long and drawn out sigh.

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  1. 天仙星詩仙李紫煙. The poet Li Bai is a Star General.
  2. What I’m getting from this passage is that Fang Moujia isn’t putting them to sleep. Apparently, Fang Moujia is strong enough to kill Star Generals simply by willing them dead.


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    ….Mysterious Woman indeed.

    To be honest, I really like Moujia.
    She reminds me of Gongsun Huang, but…. older, and more mentally and existentially weary.

    I’d still like to know why she seems so fond of asu Xing though.

    Even if they did resonate…
    It’s odd that they n3ver met until now…

  2. Ah yes I love overpowered instant death attacks.

    “This *Kind* heard that Chao Gai treated you quite favorably. What, did she finally see through your true face and seal you unto the pagoda.
    Kind > King

    Su *XIng* shrugged, “I’d better offer you my sympathies.”
    XIng > Xing

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    I guess you can argue that Chao Gai helped Su Xing a lot, but in the end it feels more like she uplifted him, so he can be cannon fodder so Song Qingci can ascend in peace :’)

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