Chapter 752: Surpass

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The Monster Slaying Alliance’s Monster Slaying Plan was very clear-cut.

Su Xing altogether had fourteen Star Generals, with at least eight of them possessing formidable combat strength. Add on the Star Masters Zhao Hanyan, Gong Caiwei, and Xi Yue that stood on his side, they had twenty altogether. The Monster Slaying Alliance still had twenty-four even after the loss of the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon.

From this perspective, the contrast was despairing.

The Monster Slaying Alliance formed from the Star Masters of the Four Territories amounted to a mere three person advantage over Su Xing and nothing more. If they added the heavily injured Long Nü and Noble Star Chai Ling, even this tiny bit of an advantage would cease to exist. And among these twenty-four in the Monster Slaying Alliance, those that truly could pose a threat to Su Xing could be counted on fingers.

So the aim of this battle against Su Xing was very clear. All Star Generals would stall Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, Hu Niangzi, Yan Yizhen, and Lu Shaqing, isolating Su Xing. Then, they would surround and attack him. Without his Star Generals for support, even if the Purple Thunder Monster was any stronger, he could not possibly respond to their attacks.

Plans were always beautiful.

After Yan Wudao and the others summoned their Flying Swords, Su Xing also called forth his sixty Flying Swords. The Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Flying Swords shocked everyone when they emerged. Heaven Tearing, Langya, Frost Powder, Jian Feather, and Time Immemorial executed a sword array that reversed the Five Elements. Heaven Tearing cut through empty space while Langya became a forest around Su Xing, their Evil Suppressing Clear Lights manifesting all sorts of warding abilities.

Frost Powder fell like snow, chilling to the bone. Jian Feather gathered along Su Xing’s back, forming wings that attacked any enemies that drew near. Finally, Time Immemorial was like an impregnable gate; incoming Flying Swords merely produced sparks on impact.

“You have surprisingly completely forged this Immemorial Flying Sword.” Everyone was astounded. The materials for the Five Elements Flying Swords were all first-rate. Although he had the tool refinement master Tang Lianxin, this was possibly the first time such a thing was seen in several hundred years.

Su Xing pointed.

A thousand purple clouds flew out. Nobody dared receive the attack directly once they saw this was Purple Cloud East Approaches. They activated protective abilities in succession. All of a sudden, Su Xing heard a loud whoosh. He lifted his head to see a giant roc divebombing him, its sharp talons scratching at Su Xing.

The incoming Immemorial Flying Sword and Purple Cloud East Approaches were surprisingly all blown away by the roc.


“Roc Demon King.” Su Xing did not expect that the Roc Demon King who was not even a Star Master would participate in this battle. Seeing Lady Snake Scorpion was present, Su Xing was impressed with his devotion.

His powerful Supervoid peak cultivation burst forth, making the other Star Masters with lower cultivation feel discomfort, but to Su Xing, the Roc Demon King’s aggression posed no threat to him at all. He formed a hand seal and pushed.

An enormous palm imprint struck the Roc Demon King.

Su Xing’s power was far stronger than the Roc Demon King’s. This palm left the Roc Demon King heavily injured, but the Roc Demon King did not know when to give up. He staked his very life on taking Su Xing down. In the end, Hua Wanyue’s Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow ran through his heart, striking him down.

“Quickly use your magic weapons.” Before Lady Snake Scorpion could howl in grief, she hastily shouted and used the Stars Falling Dragon Sword.

Without her saying, Yan Wudao and the others did not hesitate to activate their strongest magic weapons for an all-out battle.

The Six Paths Plate, Mountains And Rivers As Paintings, Seven Feathers Fan, All Things Bracelet, Boundless Bell, Five Elements Ring, Black And White Dragon Corpse Bottle, and other weapons were used. In an instant, the Yu Plains were filled with multicolored lights as the magic weapons swarmed towards Su Xing.

The lights filling the sky descended, leaving him nowhere to run.

Su Xing shouted.

Immediately, the Yu Plains filled with golden lotuses and Buddhist light. Against these top-notch magic weapons, Su Xing was not flustered. The Ten Thousand Calamities Chains emerged. The gigantic chains were as thick as anacondas, clattering out from empty space. Each of the incoming magic weapons collided with it.

Upon seeing Devil Ancestor Dark Nether’s magic weapon, everyone’s expressions turned grim.

The Ten Thousand Calamities Chain were forged with ten thousand heavenly calamities. Combined with Su Xing’s supreme cultivation, this was sufficient to hold his own.

“This Monster has some formidable tricks.” Xie Chang’an drew in a deep breath. Even with the encirclement of several great Star Masters, regardless of their Flying Swords or magic weapons, surprisingly they did not present even the slightest threat. The Purple Thunder Monster’s might far surpassed their imaginations. This was not as simple as being Supervoid Peak.

As if Xie Chang’an had foreseen this, he and the others including Yan Wudao and Xie Zhenyuan glanced at each other.

Everyone rushed towards Su Xing.

“Inscribed Circle of Confinement.”

“Eight Legions Of Naga And Deva Protection.”

“Extreme Clarity Immortal Light.”

“Stupa Blackened Flame.”

Su Xing watched their tumultuous momentum with a calm and composed expression. He formed a hand seal. Purple Cloud East Approaches spread in all directions, enveloping everything. Although Yan Wudao and the others’ powers were considered brilliant, this Purple Cloud East Approaches was refined to perfection by Su Xing. They were no match.

Every kind of immortal light and flame were unable to harm Su Xing in the slightest.

But their plan was far from finished.

Xie Chang’an used the Six Patriarchs Platform Sutra, manifesting the Six Patriarchs’ sarira. These sarira were all refined by Buddhism’s strongest Buddhist Ancestors. Each sarira was equivalent to a Supervoid Cultivator. Even Su Xing felt challenged by the six sarira.

“So you’re the one who killed the Buddha Kingdom’s Six Patriarchs.” Su Xing nodded.

Xie Chang’an sneered.

The Six Patriarchs’ sarira attacked with full power, and with the Eight Legions of Naga and Deval Protection, he finally warded off Purple Cloud East Approaches. “Xin Lao!!” Ye Futu shouted. The expressionless stone woman coordinated with him, pointing her finger.

The Heaven Earth Shears immediately flew forth.

She had obtained these Heaven Earth Shears by killing Su Yixiao and Sikong Chuhe. Although their coordination was far from being as perfect as the two girls’, formidable force still burst forth now they were at the crux of life and death.

The spiritual aura in the world settled, and Su Xing felt his body tighten.

Su Xing coldly grinned and said: “Come on then!” Saying this, the Heaven Earth Shears jolted, gleaming bright white as they twisted towards Su Xing’s stomach. 

They pincered from the left and right, about to snip Su Xing apart straight through the middle like a pair of scissors.

Su Xing pointed. The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower blossomed, shielding his body. His mind trembled, and he felt his whole body go numb. Indeed, these Heaven Earth Shears were formidable. Even the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower’s protection was nearly broken. He did not know how these Demonkin refined it, but the lotus flower’s narrow absorption greatly lessened the pressure on Su Xing.

The Heaven Earth Shears corkscrewed back.

Lotus flowers descended with a whoosh, but in the end, the shears were unable to break Su Xing’s cultivation. Possessing several True Phoenix martial generals, his current strength was already unfathomable. He was unequalled in Liangshan Continent. Even Ye Futu and Xin Lao’s full power Heaven Earth Shears were helpless. Only now did Ye Futu finally realize the aspect of the Purple Thunder Monster that was truly terrifying.

Su Xing pointed. His Flying Swords combined together, and a sword-light struck down the Heaven Earth Shears. 

Then, the Ten Thousand Calamities Chains erupted with bolts of thunder. Combined with Purple Cloud East Approaches, this truly closed the Yu Plains off like a holy land, but the others’ attacks were far from finished.

Just when everyone had surrounded Su Xing, Xie Zhenyuan already broke through the encirclement and rushed over.

Although Su Xing had once saw Xie Zhenyuan’s impressive martial arts back at Three Clarities Field, he was far from presenting a threat. Su Xing felt this was strange, but he did not say anything. He surreptitiously turned his wrist over. Then, he controlled Heaven Tearing. Sword-light like a majestic golden dragon ran through the Yu Plains twisting towards Xie Zhenyuan. Xie Zhenyuan shook the Three Clarities Banner he had surprisingly obtained, spitting out three enormous green lotuses to contain it.

Then, he warped in front of Su Xing.

Su Xing was about to kill Xie Zhenyuan, but just at this moment, Xie Zhenyuan’s collar fell open, revealing a little loli that was quite close to Bai Yutang in age. Instinctively, Su Xing promptly drew back his hand.


Xie Zhenyuan seized this chance: “Ruolan, use your Earth Rank.”

The trembling Hou Ruolan heard his command and immediately moved her little hands. The Heavenly Silkworm Treasure Silk and Backlighting Divine Needles flew out forming a line. For her Earth Rank “Boundless Capture Net,” the sewing needle and silk thread shuttled back and forth through empty space, weaving a net, sealing Su Xing’s escape path.

“You want to die?” Su Xing’s expression turned cold.

“We know that your cultivation defies natural order, Purple Thunder Monster. However, the others never thought that even our combined efforts would be unable to faze you. But fortunately, Zhenyuan already knew this would happen.” Xie Zhenyuan calmly said.

His forehead then released white light, twinkling once more with a second Star Crest. This Star Crest moved, and the shape of a prison manifested behind him. Suddenly, a young woman walked out from behind the bars. This girl was dressed in a golden palace dress, possessing a dainty figure and an extraordinary beauty, particularly her blue pupils that were chilling to the bone and surging with killing intent.

A second Star General?

Su Xing’s brow rose.

“Luoshui, kill him!”

Xie Zhenyuan had been waiting for precisely this moment. Everyone in the world knew that a Star General was a paragon of violence. Even Liangshan Continent’s strongest cultivators would lack any chance of winning against a martial force Star General in a direct confrontation, so this Monster Slaying Alliance’s true aim was just for this moment.

To completely obstruct all of Su Xing’s Star Generals, then finally trap him with Hou Ruolan, and have the Secure Star kill Su Xing.

In the past Star Duels, countless insufferably arrogant Star Masters harbored lingering grudges due to being killed by Star Generals.

Secure Star Sick Guan Suo Yang Luoshui also had the Heavenly Prison Innate Skill. Any person who approached her would be hindered and unable to easily break free. So long as he could allow Yang Luo appear when Lin Chong was not standing guard, Xie Zhenyuan believed the Purple Thunder Monster would be dead without a doubt.

When the Secure Star appears, that guillotine-like Frost Magnificence Shining Moon Blade exploded with a formidable deterrent force. Although it was only Four Star, it was still stifling.

Yang Luoshui entered the array, the Frost Magnificence Shining Blood cutting the purple clouds to pieces. Then, she used Dark Technique “Five Cuts Corpse Dismemberment.” The current Yang Luoshui already had the powerful Realm of True Phoenix Third Stage. True Phoenix wings emerged from her back; any ability would find it difficult to contend against her.

Five enormous, chilling blade-lights fell towards Su Xing’s limbs and neck.

The saber-lights honestly were like rain.

A harsh ripping sound resounded in their ears. To the side, Yan Wudao, Xie Chang’an and the others watched with fear and trepidation, not daring to underestimate Xie Zhenyuan. As expected of the number one Azure Dragon Territory Star Master of their time, he indeed hid very profoundly. If it was not for Wang Lun appearing and instructing martial arts, perhaps this Yang Luoshui would never have shown herself. However, it was precisely because she was present that she had instead become this Monster Slaying Alliance’s key killing potential.

The blade-light dissipated.

Yang Luoshui’s smile immediately frozen.

Her Frost Magnificence Shining Moon was surprisingly blocked, “Secure Star, I finally get to meet you.” Su Xing breathed deeply. Enormous cuts were left on his body, dully aching, but compared to being dismembered, this was considered very light.1 His hand raised the Purple Brilliant Reclining Moon Blade. The Destined Weapon of the Brave Star was only strong, never weak.

“You are surprisingly able to use a Star Weapon so quickly?” Yang Luoshui was stunned. The girl’s eyes revealed killing intent, immediately using another technique. “Watch this.”

Frost Magnificence Shining Moon descended.

It clashed for several dozen bouts against the Purple Brilliant Reclining Moon. Su Xing was surprisingly very casual, not falling behind.

Everyone felt only disbelief when they saw there was a Star Master that was surprisingly capable of fighting evenly with a True Phoenix martial general. This man was a monster.

“Could he be Transforming Star of Annihilation?” Yan Wudao’s entire body chilled.

Su Shengxiang was taken aback. Amazement flashed through her eyes, which she immediately concealed.

“We must quickly go help the Secure Star.” Ye Futu shouted. Just at this moment, all of a sudden, everyone felt their heads sink and their bodies stagnate for an instant. By the time they raised their heads to look, all of their faces were ashen. Wu Siyou and the others were already flying over.

In no time at all.

Their Star Generals had all been completely wiped out!

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  1. All that for a drop of blood.


  1. ….Major oof for this so called ‘Monster Slaying Alliance’….

    Also, I don’t want Ruolan on the battlefield…
    It feels almost as wrong as Bai Yutang being there….

  2. He staked his very life on taking *SU* Xing down
    SU > Su

    The Six Paths Plate, Mountains And Rivers As Paintings, Seven Feathers Fan, All *THings* Bracelet, Boundless Bell, Five Elements Ring, Black And White Dragon Corpse Bottle, and other weapons were used.
    THings > Things

    As expected of the *number Azure Dragon Territory Star Master* of their time, he indeed hid very profoundly. If it was not for Wang Lun appearing and instructing martial arts, perhaps this Yang Luoshui would never have shown herself.
    number Azure Dragon Territory Star Master > number one Azure Dragon Territory Star Master

    1. Good question! No, he does not. Innate Skills are inherited upon signing a Star Duel Covenant. Since Guan Ying has only passed her Star Weapon on to him, he has received neither her Star Energy nor her Innate Skill.

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