Chapter 753: Defeat On All Fronts

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Time rewinds to a moment ago.

“Elder Sister, die.”

The Monster Slaying Alliance’s Star Generals rushed when they saw Su Xing’s incoming Star Generals. They were numerous, promptly spreading out and seeking out their own targets. Even in death, they would stall for as much time as they could for their masters to fight Su Xing. Magnificent Star Hao Bingxin spotted the Pilgrim Wu Song’s waterfall-like black hair in an instant. The once-defeated Magnificent Star immediately spouted flames from her eyes. She grit her teeth, dexterously raising her broadsword, the Five Star Silver Snow Dragon Abyss. Her Star Beast Snowball was at her side, instantly augmenting her strength.

She then entered True Phoenix First Stage.

Among the Earthly Stars, this Realm could not be looked down upon.

One “Absolute Sigh Ice Dust,” then a “White Dragon Leaving Peak,” and finally a “White Night Desolation.” The Yellow, Dark, and Earth Techniques were used in succession, their attack power violent. An ice-cold sword-light drifted over like a blizzard, directly launching towards Wu Siyou.

Wu Siyou narrowed her eyes. Without batting an eye, she clenched her right hand, calling forth Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. The Pilgrim’s footwork danced about, meeting the snowstorm-like attack. The black lotus sword-qi suddenly shot in all directions, blossoming flowers and unbroken sword-light.

“Your martial arts have improved markedly.” Wu Siyou praised.

The two clashed for close to fifty bouts. Hao Bingxin’s massive sword was increasingly sluggish while Wu Siyou’s was increasingly smooth and flowing, graceful and lithe. Snowball had been very quickly killed in the exchange. Hao Bingxin was forced back repeatedly, infuriating her. She activated her Earth Rank Sleeping Frost Laying Snow Battle Sword. The girl seemed to enter a dream state. Her swordsmanship turned erratic, swinging her immense sword as if it was light as a feather, leaving every sort of sharp trajectory.

The Dark Yellow Blood surged in her body. Hao Bingxin only felt that she was even closer to Heaven Rank.

Wu Siyou’s pupils contracted. The Pilgrim hastily withdrew, suddenly separated her double swords, attacking from the left and right. Hao Bingxin charged forward, directly attacking Wu Siyou. The cool and elegant Pilgrim somersaulted, landing on top of the massive sword, displaying ice-cold footwork. Hao Bingxin heaved, swinging her sword. Sword-light ripped apart the surrounding area, but the Pilgrim leapt high up, stepping past the girl’s soft shoulder, forcing Hao Bingxin to a knee. The Magnificent Star immediately reacted, swinging her sword back towards Wu Siyou’s torso.

Among the Earthly Stars, her martial arts were already considered to be skillful and excellent, her progress rapid, but it was a pity that she was nevertheless against the thousand year martial general Wu Song. Just as the Monster Slaying Alliance had a clear plan to isolate Su Xing, Wu Xinjie similarly had her own plan.

This was to not allow any of them to use their Heaven Ranks.

The only thing in the Monster Slaying Alliance that actually posed a threat to Su Xing was a Heaven Rank. Wu Xinjie would not allow this to occur. The best solution was to swiftly conclude the battles.

Hao Bingxin rose up powerlessly, lifting her head to gaze at her elder sister’s figure, feeling only awe. That hair that reached past the waist obscured her line of sight. The black and white swords stabbed forth from within. Hao Bingxin was already too late to retreat. She looked on helplessly as Wu Siyou’s Noble Frost Demonic Lotus blossomed against her chest.

“How can this…” Hao Bingxin staggered.

Wu Siyou halted, gazing at her. That warm gaze made Hao Bingxin’s heart throb incessantly. In the end, the Magnificent Star did not use her Heaven Rank, falling into the Star Nest with a grievance.

“Stupid Imperial Brother, kneel and concede your mistake right now.”

Zhao Hanyan’s rebuke appeared completely incongruous with this stifling battlefield.

Zhao Heng’s face was a complete red, as if he had been humiliated. He originally wanted to join the unit that was subjugating the Purple Thunder Monster, yet he was targeted by the Ling Yan Princess. “This Highness does not have an Imperial Sister like you, who has surprisingly been consorting with the Monster. Die.”

Zhao Hanyan’s gaze was increasingly ice-cold. Although she did not hold any sentiments towards her Imperial Brother, they were blood after all. If it was possible, she did not want to let this guy die in vain.

Flight Star Impatient Vanguard Suo Qingshuang raised her Five Star Hundred Thousand Flame Dragon Axe, activating her Charge Innate Skill, once again using her Earth Rank “Flame Emperor Slash.” The Five Tigers General Dong Junqing frivolously smiled, “This General should properly teach Little Sister,” similarly using her own Earth Technique.

After a few dozen bouts, Suo Qingshuang’s strength was already less than what she wanted it to be. Zhao Hanyan sent forth her hundred Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords. When Zhao Heng saw this, he summoned a treasure chest, using his magic weapon, “Land of the King.” The treasure chest became a yellow cloud that immediately followed the Flying Swords and wrapped around all of them. Then, it moved towards Zhao Hanyan. This Land Of The King was a magic weapon meticulously refined. It was able to continuously cover a thousand li without interruption. Even if they could resist it, the average cultivator would be swallowed up before long. Once covered by Land Of The King, the cultivator’s consciousness would not easily break free.

Upon seeing Zhao Heng was surprisingly in possession of such a magic weapon, Wu Siyou was wondering whether to intervene.

“This Princess can lecture this little brother.” Zhao Hanyan said with an even stricter expression. She raised the Yin Yang Bracelet.

Wu Siyou nodded and stayed her hand. She looked to the other Sisters.

The others were fully aware they could not delayed. They were more or less making an all-out effort.

Chai Ling faced Complete Star Stream leaping Tiger Chen Zhanlu. When Chen Zhanlu saw the Noble Star had joined the Star Duels, she was elated. She wanted to take Chai Ling’s Red Ink Iron Certificate and was the first to rush straight towards Chai Ling.

The Pouncing Kill Silver Light Spear’s light glimmered, unleashed wildly like sparks. Earth Rank, Blood Frost Becomes Dream.

This was Chai Ling’s first Star Duel against a Sister. From the start, she was somewhat unsure of what to do, but very quickly, she was irritated by Chen Zhanlu’s aggression and hopping about. Although the queen did not have combat capability, she comprehended much from refining her Former Volume Heavenly Book, leading to an increase in her Realm.

The Wealth Inviting Beast spat out a beam of gold, Throw Money Away Recklessly.

At first, Chen Zhanlu was somewhat disdainful of this ridiculous attack, but subsequently, Throw Money Away Recklessly continued, unending. Stream Leaping Tiger was left dumbstruck. Gold filled the skies, pounding her silly. In the end, there was no place to hide. She was surprisingly smashed back into the Star Nest by Chai Ling’s ruthless Throw Money Away Recklessly.

Xie Diao and Xie Chan used their Gu and Poison Arts to hinder Gongsun Huang. When the twins saw the loli, they were vexed and angered as they recalled that they had nearly destroyed this ranked fourth sister back at the Vermilion Bird Territory. The twins were very coordinated, completely in sync.

Even when Gongsun HUang used every kind of Star Magic, she was unable to break free.

The Bamboo Viper Gloom Blade and Golden Scorpion Fine Rain Needles were strangely persistent, sinister, and tricky. Even when Gongsun Huang had the Phoenix Perching Cloud Clothes that Tang Lianxin refined, these barely lessened the pressure upon her. “We could have killed you back then, we can do so today, too.” The twins declared, baring their fangs and showing malevolent expressions.

The Xie Twins possessed a powerful Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill that made them the most problematic opponent among all the Star Generals. Just as expected, their Destined Weapons crossed, activating their Heaven Earth Dark Yellow right after their Earth Rank. They wanted to immediately take down Gongsun Huang.

However, the Leisure Star had completely changed since back then. The girl pointed her Pinebrand Ancient Sword. Her whole body ignited with flames, transforming into an absolutely beautiful phoenix.

Snake Scorpion Beauty’s Kiss was nevertheless insidious. Poison fog rolled, running through and boring into the phoenix’s body.

Snake Scorpion Beauty’s Kiss entangled her, and Gongsun Huang’s Star Magic was continuous. All of a sudden, an array appeared that trapped the Xie Twins. Immediately afterwards, the Ice Soul Snow Spirit Flying Swords advanced, radiating a penetrating cold light.

Immortal Hero Princess Gong Caiwei and Leader Star Zhu Sha had joined in.

The Five Elements Weather Banner’s array was unique, and with Gong Caiwei’s outstanding sword technique, the twins immediately lost their advantages. Gongsun Huang cocked her head as she looked at Gong Caiwei. The girl was expressionless, merely nodding slightly at her. The two of them had met each other in the past, so they were not strangers.

Gongsun Huang in the past had been attracted into observing the Immortal Hero Princess by Gong Caiwei’s clothes that were purer than snow and her spotlessness. Afterwards, this led to the Leisure Star wanting to sign a contract with Gong Caiwei, yet there was a rumor she was rejected. Although the fact was that Gongsun Huang indeed had a favorable impression of Gong Caiwei, at that time, Gong Caiwei had already met Divine Strategist Zhu Sha. The two of them could only become foes.

They never imagined that because of their connection to Su Xing, the two of them could walk the same path again.

Protected by Zhu Sha’s array, Gongsun Huang focused on using her Star Magic. Xie Diao and Xie Chan showed complex expressions when they saw their Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill was broken. They immediately withdrew. Gong Caiwei took out her Tracing Snow Sword and pursued, unleashing a white light. The Xie Twins’ gu poison was unrivalled. The two of them working together against a single Star General could leave them an abundance of leeway, but after Gong Caiwei and Zhu Sha joined in, they immediately showed a defeated appearance.

After fighting several bouts, Gongsun Huang charged and used Phoenix Execution Sky Break.

Xie Chan was no match and was destroyed back into the Star Nest. When Xie Diao saw her little sister had been killed, her heart ached and filled with uncontrollable rage. The Dark Yellow Blood boiled to the extreme. She felt killing intent burst forth in her chest, but without Xie Chan, Xie Diao was completely outmatched. Filled with fury, she was destroyed by Gongsun Huang’s glimmering red light, fleeing back to Lady Snake Scorpion while cutting a sorry figure.

Xin Lao’s Star General, General of Heavenly Vision Peng Fei, was also easily killed by Wu Xinjie using the Eight Gates Black Gold Chains.

The disparity in power between the Monster Slaying Alliance’s Star Generals and Su Xing’s side was too great. Even the Hao Bingxin who entered True Phoenix Realm could not avoid being easily defeated by Wu Siyou. In mere moments, Hao Bingxin, Suo Qingshuang, Chen Zhanlu, Peng Fei, and Xie Chan fell into their Star Nests in succession.

The remaining Star Generals nevertheless lasted a bit longer.

Agile Star Featherless Arrow’s target was Yan Yizhen. Zhang Biluo, king of concealed weapons, could be said to be bursting with confidence. She believed that she was capable of taking the True Phoenix First Stage Skilful Star. The Asking Directions To The Underworld Stones flickered with gloomy flames, appearing and disappearing through space.

Yan Yizhen indeed was battered and bruised, showing many wounds pounded all over her body.1

However, the Skilful Star had fine footwork and perfect boxing. Zhang Biluo was unable to shake her off, preventing Featherless Arrow from dividing her attention to attack others. Furthermore, Hero Star Hua Wanyue was also here, using her frightening archery to firmly lock in Zhang Biluo.

Zhang Biluo used her own body techniques to continuously utilize her concealed weapons. Many times, her techniques nearly killed Yan Yizhen, but they were all intercepted by Hua Wanyue’s bow and arrow. One was the king of concealed weapons while the other was the master of archery. They were light and darkness, going to and fro, evenly matched, very intense.

Zhang Biluo’s heart was furious. Seeing that more than half of the Monster Slaying Alliance’s Star General Sister had become casualties, she began to worry.

Yan Yizhen seized her chance, moving her feet. A Swallowflash Samsara rapidly closed in.

“So what if you have a moment of pride.” Zhang Biluo thought. Gritting her teeth, she braced her chest and endured Yan Yizhen’s heavy punch. The girl’s Divine Intent locked on, secretly focusing her Earth Rank “No Life Under Heaven” to turn things around in one move. “Little Yi, look out!!” After Wu Xinjie killed Peng fei, she spotted the flaming Underworld Stones around Zhang Biluo abruptly manifest demons, thinking to herself that this was bad.

Just as expected.

Once Swallowflash Samsara ended, Zhang Biluo’s No Life Under Heaven promptly activated.

The concealed weapons were like demons, their gloomy green vanishing momentarily into thin air.

Zhang Qing’s concealed weapons were the most famous in the world. Once, she alone defeated five, six Heavenly Stars in a spectacular display. Wu Xinjie feared that variable would arise, so she used the Eight Gates Black Gold Chains’ Bind Silk Before Rain. Chains clattered through space, soaring out, forming a net. At the same time, the concealed weapons attacked, striking the chains.

The demonic flames became a fog, sounding like a rainstorm. Even the Eight Gates Black Gold Chains were brought to the edge of collapse.

“See how Biluo’s Heaven Rank shall destroy you all.” Zhang Biluo arrogantly shouted. Her fingers ignited, and her whole body started to become nothingness.

A pair of apathetic vermilion eyes suddenly appeared in front of her.

Hua Wanyue used a Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow to catch the weakpoints of all the incoming concealed weapons. Meanwhile, the maid had arrived in front of Zhang Biluo. Seizing her, that figure that had disappeared into nothingness was surprisingly pulled out. Zhang Biluo was shocked, sensing her technique had been interrupted. Immediately, she felt her heart stop. The world lost its light.

Earth Rank Snapped Bowstring Magnolia Lily Ballad.

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  1. It’s a bad matchup to be honest. She’s a close range combatant, and her only ranged weapon is very taxing on her. Reminds me of the Gundam Unicorn battle, Kshatriya vs. Stark Jegan.


  1. Didn’t think I’d see the gundam reference in the TL notes, but yeah. Little Yi was a poor mach up for Biluo…

    The only real way to offset that would to be faster than her weapons to capitalize on her boxing skills.

  2. Biluo really was incredibly strong as an individual star general. Yan Wudao on the other hand, was a genius… But a genius restrained to the limits of common sense. In a world without the great variables of the 9th iteration, he couldn’t match up to the hidden hand of the so-called azure dragon’s #1 cultivator, although he himself will probably die in regret for having pissed off little restrained. Worthy of respect.

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