Chapter 754: A Girl Will Doll Herself Up For He Who Loves Her

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Dark Rank Snapped Bowsting Magnolia Lily Ballad.

Interrupting Zhang Biluo’s charged Heaven Rank, Yan Yizhen then used her Earth Rank Nine Yin Nine Yang Life And Death. Yin and Yang gathered, combining with her palms. Although Zhang Biluo’s body techniques were exceptional, it was difficult to display her technique when she had been seized by Yan Yizhen’s Yin Yang Life And Death. Thus, she was struck down by the Skilful Star’s palm attack.

For a Star General like Zhang Biluo who was superb with concealed weapons but weak in defense, Yan Yizhen’s powerful Earth Rank was already enough to drop her into the Star Nest. But Zhang Biluo surprisingly forced herself back up. All of her meridians were smashed by Yin Yang Life And Death, but the girl relied on her formidable willpower to avoid falling into the Star Nest.

Zhang Biluo was very aware that this was the final Star Duel. If she died, that would mean her master, Yan Wudao, would fall into a dangerous situation with no hope of reprieve, so…she absolutely could not fall into the Star Nest, at least not like this. The charming girl showing such strong willpower moved even Yan Yizhen. Faraway, Hua Wanyue’s charged Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow could not help but hesitate for a moment as well.

Zhang Biluo staggered forward, spreading her fingers again.

Between her fingers, dim green flames ignited, becoming eight rhomboid concealed weapons, the Asking Directions To Underworld Stones.

“Heaven Rank, Common Masses…Are…” With Zhang Biluo’s heavy injuries, there was completely no way for her to bear the power of using a Heaven Rank. The girl was very stubborn. The space around her vanished and shattered, then gathered up again.

If it was any other final Star Duel, Yan Yizhen would have allowed the Elder Sister Featherless Arrow standing before her to use her Heaven Rank “Common Masses Are Nothingness”1 to resolve her wish. But Yan Yizhen was acutely aware that this was not the final Star Duel, at least not for her master.

Song Jiang, who was perhaps an even stronger foe, was currently waiting at Maiden Mountain for him, so at this time, at least at this current time, any compassion or sentiments would be out of bounds of her conduct as a maid.

“Apologies.” The indifferent maid slightly sighed, showing regret and respect. Her victory in this battle against Zhang Biluo was entirely established upon Hua Wanyue’s suppression, the coordination between long and close range. If she had faced Zhang Biluo alone, she honestly would not have been a match.

The flower tattoo etched on her back shimmered, letting out crimson light together with Yan Yizhen’s vermilion eyes.

Her figure warped.

Her Yin Yang Palm sunk into the lethal point of her chest.

Her back of nothingness, the faintly discernible power and formidable willpower all crumbled in an instant, vanishing into thin air.

“You are named Wudao,2 and Biluo’s concealed weapons are known to be inescapable. Contracting with you would be perfect.” Bearing those words when they signed their contract back then, Agile Star Featherless Arrow Zhang Biluo mournfully looked at the sky spinning above her, falling into the Star Nest.

“She was a formidable opponent.” Hua Wanyue patted the taciturn Yan Yizhen. “As long as we can end the Star Duels, there will surely still be that day we can meet.”

Yan Yizhen grunted.

All of a sudden, they heard everyone cry out. They raised their heads to see a radical change in the Crimson Stars in the sky. Star after Crimson Star fell into Maiden Mountain, a scene that would make anyone have goosebumps.

“Oh, no.” Hua Wanyue’s smile vanished.

Fox of Voracious Admiration Hu Mi was somewhat conflicted. While the others and their Star Generals began to Stall Su Xing’s Star Generals, she herself was somewhat aloof. After teaming up with him against Li Taisui in the Crystal Dragon Palace and entering the Longevity Palace, much of her hostility towards Su Xing had been eliminated. Secondly, Su Xing’s declaration to end the Star Duels made her and Xu Jingshu somewhat moved. However, Hu Mi was nevertheless unwilling to join Su Xing’s Seven Stars Assembly like this.

While everyone else were conducting Star Duels, Hu Mi flew towards the Longevity Palace.

“Hu Mi!”

Xi Yue stood in front of her.

“Want to take revenge?” Hu Mi was indifferent. Golden Lancer Xu Jingshu raised her spear, baring her pure white teeth.

“You are not like the other Star Masters. On behalf of Sir, Lowly Servant wants to invite you to climb the mountain with us and end the Star Duels.” Xi Yue knew of Hu Mi’s might. Now was not the time to harbor grudges. The dangers of Maiden Mountain were unknown, and to have her and Golden Lancer would be very helpful to them.

“That you have not raised your hand, you should have some considerations, is that not true?” Xi Yue said.

Hu Mi remained silent.

“To not compete against Lin Chong or Wu Song, to climb the mountain like this is too uninteresting.” Xu Jingshu laughed.

Xi Yue was quiet. In terms of martial prowess, Zhang Feiyu was completely outmatched against the Golden Lancer.

“It would be better to allow Me to take the place of Yingmei and Siyou.”

A solemn voice faintly carried wind and thunder. A woman dressed in white Buddhist garb floated to Xi Yue’s side. This woman was pretty, possessing wavy golden hair. Her eyes were calm, solemn and majestic.

“So you are the Solitary Star. An honor to meet at last.” Xu Jingshu looked at Lu Shaqing and respectfully nodded.

The Solitary Star practiced chan, placing herself outside the Star Duels, untainted by the slightest bit of killing intent.

“Then how about this. Hu Mi shall seize Little Sister Xi Yue and blackmail Su Xing to join his Seven Stars Assembly.” Hu Mi covered her mouth, smiling craftily. “This way, Hu Mi can avoid disgracing the Purple Firmament Immortal Palace’s name.”

“Fine, however, if you are defeated by Lowly Servant, then you shall be Sir’s concubine, the lowest one at that.” Xi Yue harrumphed without showing weakness.

Their bet was one of dignity.

A girl will doll herself up for he who loves her. There was nothing higher than this.

Hu Mi and Xi Yue’s eyes were like lightning, shooting sparks.

“Interesting. We shall we who conquers who then.” Xu Jingshu laughed. Her Golden Hooked Soul Snatching Lance thrust towards Lu Shaqing. Lu Shaqing brought out the Devil Sealing Crescent Moon Chan Staff to intercept.

As if divine warriors had bumped into each other, there was a burst of glaring sparks, as if a miniature sun had suddenly exploded. Xu Jingshu’s body sank, her wrists were numb, and she nearly lost grip of her spear. She immediately drew back under the intense light.

This Solitary Star Flowery Monk was indeed of relentless brute strength.

Xu Jingshu shouted. Her True Phoenix Realm wings extended, and her Dark Technique “Gold And Stone Splitter” activated. A golden ray burst out of the spear, slashing directly at Lu Shaqing’s head. Lu Shaqing could not avoid it completely in time and was struck in the shoulder by the spear-light.

There was a rumble. A hole was tore open in Lu Shaqing’s shoulder. Practically all of Su Xing’s wives wore Astral Treasures, all refined meticulously by Tang Lianxin. For example, Lu Shaqing’s “Golden Marked Heavenly Woman Chan” was as well. It was impervious to sword and spear, but a Dark Rank was able to break through, which was outside of Lu Shaqing’s expectations. It was obvious how formidable Xu Jingshu’s martial arts were.

Lu Shaqing remained as calm as a dry well. The Withering Thriving Lotus Flower Beast flew out, dancing beside the girl. This Withering Thriving Lotus Flower Beast appeared bizarre, like a white lotus flower on a vine. Blossoms appeared around Lu Shaqing. It could not only allow Lu Shaqing to hover in the air, it could also settle her mind, improving her reactions.

After withstanding Xu Jingshu’s Dark Technique, the next spear attack came, not giving Lu Shaqing a chance to catch her breath.

The spear’s rainbow linked up, a stream like a waterfall, falling around Lu Shaqing.

Ever since she joined the Star Duels, Lu Shaqing very rarely had an actual battle. Even when she returned to the Longevity Palace, most of her time was spent comprehending dharma, but she had once battled Seventh Overlord Hu Banzhuang. Each of the Star Maidens possessed unique Innate Skills, but each had their own niche. While the Secure Star could trap herself in the Star Nest to advance her Realm, Lu Shaqing’s attachment to Buddhism was also like this. Lu Shaqing unleashed her True Phoenix Realm.

Phoenix wings brilliantly unfolded. Lu Shaqing raised her chan staff, striking with gorgeous Buddhist light. This was her “Heavenly King’s Devil Sealing Chan Technique.” The descending killing qi was entirely destroyed. Xu Jingshu renewed her shouts, contorting space and firing spear-light again.

Chan clothes floated. The Heavenly Woman Chan Clothes were peppered with holes, but Lu Shaqing did not shrink back. She clenched her fist, slamming a punch into Xu Jingshu’s exposed chest.

Arhat Punch.


As if striking metal or stone, Lu Shaqing’s passionless eyes all of a sudden showed surprise. The power of her fist was unexpectedly unable to penetrate into Xu Jingshu’s body. “Fortunately, Your Servant has Treasure Armor.” Her brocade was shattered by Monster Strength, revealing Xu Jingshu’s second Star Weapon, Goose Feather Ring Gold Armor.

“This time, you will not escape.” Xu Jingshu was high above, gripping her spear and stabbing down towards Lu Shaqing.

A perfectly straight golden light ran straight through Lu Shaqing and out behind her.

Earth Rank Spear Technique.

Light Yin Spear!!!3

Spear-light pierced through Lu Shaqing and dug an unfathomable chasm through the Yu Plains. All of a sudden, the Withering Thriving Lotus Flower Beast was killed instantly by the spear-light filling the area. The Heavenly Woman Chan Clothes were completely destroyed. Xu Jingshu was confident this completely on-target Earth Rank Spear Technique absolutely could heavily injure Lu Shaqing or even make her return to the Star Nest.

But before the flowing beam of Light Yin could disperse, Xu Jingshu’s self-confidence immediately froze. Lu Shaqing surprisingly dashed out with power to spare.

How can this woman… Xu Jingshu was astounded.

Lu Shaqing’s “Mercy” palm strike was already extended, striking against her Treasure Armor.

Xu Jingshu was pushed back by this attack. She felt her whole body ache, as if her organs had been flipped around. Steadying herself, she was then amazed to find that Goose Feather Ring Gold Armor surprisingly caved in with a palm-shaped dent.

This Solitary Star was a good opponent.

Xu Jingshu’s smile turned even more coarse and wild.

Lu Shaqing brandished her palm. Mercy recuperated some of her injuries, allowing her the strength to still stand. However, she still cast an expression of amazement towards Xu Jingshu. The martial arts of the Guardian Star before her eyes were exceptional.

“Very good. For the next move, we shall use Heaven Ranks to decide the winner.” Xu Jingshu laughed.

Lu Shaqing stepped upon lotus flowers, swinging her chan staff. The staff drew an arc, twisting in Xu Jingshu’s surroundings. The solemn woman used the Devil Sealing Crescent Moon Chan Staff’s Earth Rank to tell Xu Jingshu that her that she was far from finished.

Earth Rank Chan Technique.

Annihilation Of All Living Forms!4

This is bad.

Xu JIngshu’s expression sank.

While Lu Shaqing and Xu Jingshu were in the middle of battle, Xi Yue and Hu Mi were also battling evenly. As Su Xing’s wife, Xi Yue was naturally unwilling to be overpowered by Hu Mi. Secondly, she wanted to avenger her original defeat. Hu Mi, on the other hand, wanted to use the position of a victor to join Su Xing’s Seven Stars Assembly, to arrogantly tell all the world.

The two women bet their dignity on this duel. Neither was willing to hold back. That killing intent was surprisingly far more intense than anyone else’s.

The Water Moon Paradise Flying Swords clashed with the Purple Firmament Flying Swords in midair. Sword-light wildly collided, and killing intent pervaded. Xi Yue then formed a hand seal, wielding the Immemorial Vermilion Jian Clinging Fire. Hu Mi also released her Boundless Purple Light to contend against it.

Hu Mi was inwardly quite shocked. She did not imagine that the Xi Yue that was previously not her opponent would surprisingly advance by leaps and bounds, to learn this level of power. Even she herself was surprisingly barely able to manage. “It seems you have married a good Lord Husband.” Hu Mi indifferently assessed.

Both of them were at Supervoid Middle Stage cultivation. After competing fiercely in strength for a while, Xi Yue activated her magic weapon, the Dual Modes Ruler.

Two green rulers instantly appeared, their images heavy as they attacked Hu Mi.

“However, Your Servant wonders whether or not your Lord Husband has given you an even better magic weapon.” The Fox of Voracious Admiration slightly smiled. Her wrist flipped, revealing a portrait. This portrait contained the scene of yin and yang, of primordial chaos. Hu Mi shook the diagram. A golden bridge flew out from the diagram and caught the Dual Modes Ruler’s golden light.

This was none other than the once strongest magic weapon.

Supreme Ultimate Diagram.

However, compared her amazement back in the Crystal Dragon Palace, Xi Yue was already much calmer. This made Hu Mi take notice of her.

“How about you try this?” Xi Yue sneered. Her wrist flipped, revealing a simple and unadorned fan. She opened the fan. A dreamland appeared upon the blank fan, placing Xi Yue at its center.5

“This fan…How interesting.”

Hu Mi’s brow tightly wrinkled. This time, she could not bring herself to smile.

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  1. 蒼生虛無
  2. Wudao means “tyrannical”
  3. 光陰槍
  4. 破滅眾生相
  5. Can anyone guess what this fan is? 🙂

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