Chapter 755: Wang Lun Is Dead

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The Cloud Dream Fan, the magic weapon that originally belonged to Li Taisui. After undergoing Tang Lianxin’s refinement, it was already no longer the same. Starlights that filled the sky fell down, even beautifully. Xi Yue brandished the fan, waving it. Immediately, thunder filled the area, as if millions upon millions of thunder dragons were dancing wildly.

Hu Mi had once seen this Cloud Dream Fan, and she was aware that it was the magic weapon that Li Taisui was once so proud of. She did not dare underestimate it. The Supreme Ultimate Diagram in her hand shook, and a golden bridge flew out from the picture that presumably would not be defeated before Xi Yue. Then, when the Dual Modes Ruler, its green lights, and its ruler images attacked, golden light glittered around Hu Mi, gathering into a Supreme Ultimate pattern.

This Supreme Ultimate Diagram wrapped up the green light, completely absorbing the Dual Modes Ruler. Following Hu Mi’s toss, it instead attacked Xi Yue.

This Supreme Ultimate Diagram was the nemesis of all magic weapons in the world. It was practically impeccable. Xi Yue was well aware of its might. In this battle against the Fox of Voracious Admiration, her heart was already prepared. Her Divine Intent moved, and ten thousand thunder dragons surged together, overturning the heavens. The Duel Modes Ruler was also formidable, destroying a majority of the soaring thunder dragons.

Hu Mi stepped onto the golden bridge and charged towards Xi Yue.

Xi Yue then raised another magic weapon.

A sky blue bracelet suddenly expanded. This bracelet was shaped like a hungry wolf devouring the moon. That moon was a shiny stone. Hu Mi could see that was a stone from Star World.

This is bad.

Hu Mi stopped her steps, beckoning with her hand. A purple chain of pearls flew out, releasing rays of auspicious light, its brilliance interweaving like a giant net. It suddenly plunged down. Just at this moment, Xi Yue’s bracelet released a ray of green light that condensed into a gigantic wolf. It opened its maw that could devour the sun and barreled towards Hu Mi.

This beast was the Seven Kills Ravenous Wolf.

Originally obtained back at the Crystal Dragon Palace’s Treasure Banquet auction, it was then strengthened by Tang Lianxin finally into the current “Seven Kills Ravenous Wolf.” The Supreme Ultimate Diagram could counter myriad weapons, but the Seven Kills Ravenous Wolf was an Immemorial Demon Beast, outside of magic weapons. The Supreme Ultimate Diagram naturally was unable to hinder it, otherwise, Wu Xinjie would never have hastily purchased it back then.

However, the Supreme Ultimate Diagram was the number one Prehistoric Magic Weapon after all. Although it could not turn the Seven Kills Ravenous Wolf for its own use, the Supreme Ultimate Golden Bridge obstructed the Seven Kills Ravenous Wolf, not allowing it to draw near. Hu Mi then raised the “Magic Cloud Chain.” The chain became a net of clouds and light that constricted the Seven Kills Ravenous Wolf.

Xi Yue then swept the Cloud Dream Fan, once again unleashing thunder that shook the Four Territories.

Hu Mi was astonished at Xi Yue’s aggression. She was far stronger than the girl she was back then. All in all, Xi Yue had once stayed in the Black Turtle Territory’s Devil Cults. Her mind was an unyielding, biting cold. She previously allowed Hu Mi to humiliate her twice, so she acted without mercy. “To not be able to avenge my defeats, how can I have the qualifications to be Sir’s wife.” Thinking of this, Xi Yue’s heart became even more chilly.

Hu Mi once again shook the Supreme Ultimate Diagram. Countless golden lights fell, linking to the golden bridge in all directions, destroying all of the thunder. The Dual Modes Ruler gathered even stronger ruler-lights that attacked Xi Yue. If it was not for the light of the Cloud Dream Fan’s Cloud Dream Realm protecting her, Xi Yue would have already been defeated. But Hu Mi was not having an easy time either. The Supreme Ultimate Diagram was rapidly draining her magic energy. Extended usage was already making Hu Mi somewhat fatigued. She was also maintaining several types of magic weapons. She was already a bit exhausted both physically and mentally. She thought rapidly, brainstorming a plan for decisive victory.

The two women fought several dozen bouts, their killing intent rocketing into the sky, a frightening sight. Just as Hu Mi was urging on the Supreme Ultimate Diagram with all her power, breaking open Xi Yue, at this moment, the sky shook. She glanced over. Crimson Stars fell one after another around Maiden Mountain like a meteor shower.

This abnormality shook Hu Mi’s heart.

This minor distraction nevertheless exposed a large opening.

Xi Yue bit open her finger.

Blood splashed like the canopy of an umbrella. Xi Yue dashed towards Hu Mi. Through that canopy of blood, the dark red blood all of a sudden burst into flames, surging in an instant. In a blood-soaked rebirth, she descended upon the golden bridge, attacking Hu Mi. The Clinging Heaven Vermilion Jian’s True Spirit was released around Xi Yue. The Water Illusion Fairy’s powers already reached their peak. In her distraction, Hu Mi allowed Xi Yue to seize her. By the time she came to her senses, the Ancient Clinging Fire was already swinging down like a blade.

Oh, no.

Hu Mi’s heart sank, and the Clinging Fire hacked into her body.

While the Monster Slaying Alliance confronted Su Xing, the strongest of the Five Tigers Generals Huyan Shuang and the one above the Star Duels, Scholar in a White Robe Wang Lun were together. Huyan Shuang’s was a Six Star Destined Weapon, ranking among the top three in martial force this generation. Wang Lun was once in the Double Sevens, her Realm extraordinary. She could be considered the uncrowned Overlord of Maiden Mountain.

Their opponent was naturally Lin Yingmei.1

The Six Star Arctic Star Serpent Spear. With the formidable Battle Doctrine Innate Skill, it could be said that the Panther Head was the strongest across the Nine Generations. Even Huyan Shuang was not her opponent.

Wang Lengji threw out the Double Sevens Clinging Phoenix Staff. This merely Three Star Destined Weapon could be said to be her greatest disadvantage. Lin Yingmei attacked without mercy. There was immediately a crystalline sound as spear-shadows filled the air. The two of them fought evenly for several dozen bouts. Lin Yingmei coldly said: “Young Master is only ending the mutual slaughter of our Maiden Mountain Sisters. Why do you obstruct him.”

“Hmph. Panther Head, you have been confused by him. How can one man end this.” Wang Lengji sneered. She held the staff in one hand, unleashing a white rainbow all in one breath, her  High Love Deep Hatred technique. Lin Yingmei intercepted the staff and spun her body. Her spear’s light flashed, quickly attacking.

When Wang Lengji saw the High Love Deep Hatred had no effect, she was secretly shocked, sliding backwards continuously. The Double Sevens Clinging Phoenix Staff assumed an expanded form, descending.

The speartip then stabbed.

There was the sound of a crisp, ice-cold collision. The two of them slammed together.

Within several breaths, the two of them had already exchanged a hundred blows.

Lin Yingmei’s Realm was far beyond Wang Lengji’s imagination, her intense attacks unending. Wang Lengji was gradually falling behind. She spun around, moving like a spiral, her staff-shadows washing away Lin Yingmei’s assault. Then, her staff moved left and right, two rays of killing intent flying out. Just like two enormous palms clapping together, this left Lin Yingmei with no place to run.

This was none other than Dark Rank Two Character Heart Weight.

Lin Yingmei remained composed, her Six Star Arctic Star Serpent Spear’s spear-qi forceful, but a single swipe broke the Dark Rank.

Spear-light flowed, unleashing a chill. Wang Lengji was no match, her shoulders sustaining the blow, causing blood to directly spurt forth.

But it was a pity that she did not comprehend Heaven Rank in the short time she had since leaving the Double Sevens, otherwise, Wang Lengji truly wished to use it right now. “What a Panther Head. If you do not die, how can your Maiden Mountain Sisters possibly end the Star Duels.” Wang Lengji grimaced, retreating continuously.

“What a deathbed struggle, what pompous-sounding words.” Lin Yingmei said disdainfully, gripping her spear in one hand and sweeping over. 

Wang Lengji rolled to the side, her wonderful figure appearing very sorry.

“Infuriating me to death.” Scholar in a White Robe believed herself to be an uncrowned Overlord. To surprisingly be upstaged by the Panther Head, her heart was extremely enraged. She roared. A white rainbow coiled around, using her Innate Skill Spry Movements. That white rainbow essence qi wrapped around Wang Lengji’s entire body. Following the movements of Scholar in a White Robe, she surprisingly left afterimages.

These afterimages were unlike those of the Star Generals’ Ten Thousand Techniques Realm, rather, they were like substantive killing intent. This Spry Movement Innate Skill was a bit similar to Hu Niangzi’s Light Smoke Dance Steps. Both were body techniques, but it was even more swift. The difference was that Spry Movements allowed Wang Lengji’s afterimages to be lifelike. At the same time it advanced her body techniques, her afterimages would also attack with her. One strike would be like another dozen Wang Lengji’s attacking as well. But using this Innate Skill was very taxing on her Star Energy. Her Realm would also subsequently decrease. Unless as an absolute last resort, Wang Lengji did not want to use it.

Lin Yingmei was aggressive, the Arctic Star Serpent Spear easily cutting down Wang Lengji’s Innate Skill.

Wang Lengji used her Dark Technique.

This time, the Two Character Heart Weight became more than a dozen. Killing intent advanced, detonating upon Lin Yingmei. Wang Lengji raised her staff, swinging it down at Lin Yingmei’s cranium. Lin Yingmei caught the Dark Technique. Her spear swiftly stabbed towards the sky.  Several Spry Movement Afterimages dazzled the eyes, but Lin Yingmei stabbed an afterimage. The Double Sevens Clinging Phoenix Staff brought rolling thunder as it attacked. 

Lin Yingmei evaded but only barely. The Double Sevens Clinging Phoenix Staff smashed into the Panther Head’s shoulder.

Even with her shoulder blade shattered, Lin Yingmei did not wince. Instead, a sneer blossomed on the corner of her lips.

The spear in her hand spun, unleashing layers of ice and frost. Wang Lengji once again used Spry Movements. Several afterimages circled around behind Lin Yingmei. Lin Yingmei stuck the spear into the ground, leaping backwards, her figure gracefully arriving behind Wang Lengji. When her spear was extracted, billowing killing intent rushed out. Wang Lengji felt her back turn cold, as if her whole body had been frozen. Naturally, she knew this was Freezing Frost of Nine Provinces. Suddenly sensing danger, she no longer hesitated, finally using her Earth Rank.

Staff-shadows filled the sky, becoming countless white phoenixes.

Their powerful might pierced through the Yu Plains. A white pillar that penetrated the heavens entered the nine firmaments, and the surrounding innumerable white phoenixes fluttered to and fro, an incomparably spectacular sight.

When her Earth Rank was executed, Wang Lengji’s Spry Movements finally waned. The woman retreated continuously, her whole body covered in cuts and bruises. Looking carefully, Lin Yingmei surprisingly was not very hurt.

How can this be.

Wang Lengji’s expression was unsightly. Her Earth Rank surprisingly was unable to actually produce any injuries. Could this Panther Head be True Phoenix Seventh Stage or higher.

Just as Wang Lengji was depressed, suddenly, the skies displayed a great change.

Star after Crimson Star fell in the direction of Maiden Mountain. Wang Lengji knew from a glance those Crimson Stars belonged to Qingci’s faction. Her face lost color upon seeing the Starfalls. Lin Yingmei was also startled by this Crimson Star phenomenon. Both were acutely aware that something major was happening at Maiden Mountain.

Lin Yingmei shouted, abruptly stabbing with her spear.

A phoenix unrivalled.

Wang Lengji felt unable to budge. Against such formidable arrogance, the Scholar in a White Robe raised the Double Sevens Clinging Phoenix Staff with difficulty to put up a final struggle.

Spear-light twinkled before her eyes. Wang Lengji was too late to receive the strike. Hearing a blizzard in her ears, a spear-light already broke through her staff, sticking directly into her chest. The killing intent upon the spear twisted inside Wang Lengji’s body. The Scholar in a White Robe spat blood. She stuck the Double Sevens Clinging Phoenix Staff into the ground, barely propping herself up.

Lin Yingmei approached from the front. Wang Lengji could even sense the frosty presence emanating from the young woman’s body, those eyes appearing particularly cold and detached.

“How utterly ridiculous, that Your Servant would unexpectedly die at the hands of an insignificant True Spirit.”2 Wang Lengji wretchedly smile.

“Your Servant will definitely follow Young Master to end the Star Duels.” Lin Yingmei looked at Maiden Mountain’s glaring Starfalls.

Tears flowed from Wang Lengji’s eyes, her heart breaking at the sight of the Crimson Stars. She smiled as she cried: “It’s over, it’s all over. You all will forever become puppets that slaughter one another…”

“Your Servant will definitely stop these Star Duels.” Lin Yingmei grit her teeth.

Wang Lengji laughed.

She finally turned to dust, scattering away.

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  1. In the original Water Margin, Wang Lun was chief of Liangshan before Lin Chong killed him for his selfishness.
  2. !!! So it turns out the 108 Star Generals incarnated for the Star Duels actually are True Spirits. The Birth Outline must have been rigged to not show them as such.


  1. 2.Yeah it was said chapters ago. But still,hmmm. Are they projection of people in the Star World ? Or are they just random creations? Brrr if it’s second i can’t imagine how desperate Su Xing would be

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