Chapter 756: Zhenyuan Is Ruthless, Luoshui Has Heart

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“True Spirit…?”

When Lin Yingmei heard Wang Lengji’s words, she was briefly distracted, but now was not the time to dwell on this. Lin Yingmei looked at those unprecedented consecutive Starfalls. She raised the Seven Star Arctic Star Serpent Spear, flying towards Su Xing.


Xie Zhenyuan finally played his hidden trump card, Secure Star Yang Luoshui, attempting to use his Star General to take Su Xing’s head while he was caught off guard. This plan could be considered flawless. The Four Star Secure Star Yang Luoshui already raised her Realm to True Phoenix. After refining her Heavenly Book, she had reached True Phoenix Third Stage. If this high Realm was released in any other Star Duel, not a single Star Master would dare face her directly. The result would have been inevitable death. But he never imagined nor even planned for Su Xing’s innate combat capabilities.

Although it was mostly due to Lin Chong’s Battle Doctrine that Su Xing possessed superb martial arts, to be able to directly face True Phoenix Realm on equal terms still left Xie Zhenyuan in utter disbelief. The Ninth Star Duels were unprecedented.

Having faced seven previous Overlords, especially the seventh’s Hu Banshuang, Su XIng’s martial arts had already reached an inconceivable level.

Originally, even Hu Banzhuang was unable to kill Su Xing. Such a thing was even more impossible for Yang Luoshui.

“You are surprisingly able to block this.” Yang Luoshui felt as if she had been humiliated. Her cheeks turned a complete crimson. She raised that enormous guillotine, “Luoshui does not believe you can still stop an Earth Rank.” Although the Dark Yellow Blood could help comprehend Heaven Rank, it was very difficult to stimulate such a thing in a battle like this against a Star Master. Even if it was stimulated, that would be another kind of humiliation. Yang Luoshui was determined to seize victory using her Earth Rank.

However, even thinking that an Earth Rank could kill Su Xing was an idiot’s dream.

The sixty Immemorial Flying Swords formed a sword array around Su Xing. The Five Elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth released multicolored intertwining lights, crisscrossing each other. Purple Cloud East Approaches was released from Su Xing’s finger, and the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower immediately blossomed in the air. Golden lotuses and their scent filled the cosmos. The Frost Magnificence Shining Moon Blade shattered most of these, but it was still unable to pierce through Su Xing’s chest, to execute him.

This abnormal bastard.

Yang Luoshui grit her teeth.

Xie Zhenyuan saw the situation was deteriorating. Wu Siyou and the others were now each defeating Star Generals, coming to Su Xing’s aid. By the time these thousand year Star Generals alleviated the situation, everyone else would be dead without burial.

An arrow flew over. Xie Zhenyuan used the Three Clarities Banner to intercept it, shouting: “All Fellows, help me form an array. We cannot give the Purple Thunder Monster a chance to catch his breath.”1

“Quickly!” Yan Wudao’s face turned cold. He felt his head ache in pain. Zhang Biluo had fallen into the Star Nest, and his heart became extremely furious.

The others quickly activated magic weapons and abilities to hinder Wu Siyou and the rest.

Xie Zhenyuan chanted, taking out the Universe Vast And Desolate Banner. He shook the banner, and the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Flying Swords flashed green, black, white, and red lights. The treasure swords faded and spun in the air, unraveling around Su Xing along the cardinal directions.

“Luoshui, do not let him escape.” Xie Zhenyuan’s voice came through.

Immediately, Yang Luoshui understood tacitly. She raised her blade to hold back Su Xing. Then, her forehead’s Star Crest flickered, and that woman’s eyes glowed. Her blade was right before his eyes.

Su Xing’s heart sank. Suddenly, he felt a kind of powerful pressure trap him like a cage on the spot. His entire body was surprisingly unable to budge.

Yang Luoshui’s Innate Skill Heavenly Prison normally could produce pressure that slowed the target’s movements, but this was not her full ability. After Yang Luoshui completely unleashed Heavenly Prison, she could fully trap the target in her sight, but she herself would also similarly be unable to move.

Using it in coordination with a Star Master was nevertheless a very wonderful move.

Xie Zhenyuan shook the Universe Vast And Desolate Banner, raising a foul wind. At the same time, a gloomy mist rose. The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Swords released an ancient might. A Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Ancient Sword Array unfolded around Su Xing, with the center already so dark that Su Xing could not see his hand in front of his face. Light was unable to illuminate in the slightest. Killing intent bounded in the array’s center. Gloomy wind howled. Su Xing was attacked by the cold breeze, chilling his whole body. Knowing this was bad, he hastily activated the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower and Purple Cloud East Approaches, but having been trapped by the Heavenly Prison, activation of his powers was very inhibited. 

“You want to take me down with you?” Su Xing stared at Yang Luoshui, flabbergasted. The Universe Vast And Desolate clearly formed its own world, isolating her from the Star Nest. If Yang Luoshui was killed by the sword array, she naturally would not return to the Star Nest. Instead, her True Spirit would vanish. It could be said to be a complete destruction of the body and soul. This was why Su Xing felt disbelief.

The young woman beamed widely, showing pure white teeth. “So long as this can kill you, what harm is there in sacrificing Luoshui.”

“I never imagined. I actually thought Xie Zhenyuan sincerely wanted to protect his Star Generals.” Su Xing was very disappointed.2

Yang Luoshui shouted: “Ridiculous. As long as he can kill you, Purple Thunder Monster, then Xie Zhenyuan will naturally have protected us.”

Her words were logical, and Su Xing could not refute her.

The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Sword Array was an Ancient Killing Array. Su Xing did not dare underestimate it. While his Divine Intent moved, twelve jade pearl banners flew out. These banners had been refined by Ju Yueke, formed from gathering and developing the quintessence of heaven, earth, and the stars. Although it could not compare to the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Swords, it was still a powerful magic weapon for defense.

“Die.” Xie Zhenyuan shouted, white thunder bursting forth, venting the fury he held towards the Star Duels. Xie Zhenyuan shook the Universe Vast And Desolate Banner, shaking the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Four Swords.

Then, four golden lights shot towards Yang Luoshui and Su Xing at the center of the array.

This Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Ancient Killing Array did not differentiate between friend or foe. Those caught inside it were doomed. Su Xing felt an enormous pressure leap into his face, stifling him, inhibiting his breathing. His mind felt incomparably heavy, as if he was being squashed by Mount Tai. Golden serpents danced in the array, wind howled, the world undulated, thunder crashed intensely, shaking mountains and rivers. The four treasure swords each fired a ray of light straight towards Su Xing.

It was as if all power in Liangshan Continent, all power in the universe, was gathering at the center of this array.

The twelve banners lasted for mere moments before being shredded by the first sword-light.

The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Sword Array, like its name suggested, attacked four times, once for each of the “Heaven,” “Earth,” “Dark,” and “Yellow,” beginning with “Yellow” and ending with “Heaven.” Each attack was more than a hundred times stronger than the last. The first sword-light completely disintegrated the twelve banners, and the second sword-light fired without hesitation right after the first.

“Lord Husband.”

When Wu Siyou saw that Su Xing had been trapped by the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Sword Array, her heart panicked. She wished she could cut Xie Zhenyuan down.

When the others saw that the Purple Thunder Monster had finally been trapped in the Immemorial Killing Array after so much difficulty, they would not allow him to escape. Yan Wudao activated the “Nine Palaces Lantern.” The Lantern hovered above, releasing thousands of rays of light that illuminated the world, stopping Wu Siyou’s killing intent, “Die.” Wu Siyou slashed with her swords, attacking with Blood Splashing Mandarin Duck. Then, the Pilgrim’s True Phoenix Realm was fully unleashed, the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus directly breaking the Nine Palaces Lantern.

Yan Wudao’s expression changed as he was cut down to the ground by Wu Siyou, as if he was on the brink of death.

“Man Emperor Dragon Slaying Sword.” Gong Song activated his last magic weapon, being shot through by Hua Wanyue’s arrow.

Xie Chang’an used the Six Patriarchs Sarira Protection. Lady Snake Scorpion relied on the Roc Feather Clothes, using her Gu Poison arts to hinder Su Xing’s Star Generals.

Against top-notch martial generals, they were completely unable to stall them for too long without Star Generals, but the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Sword Array only needed a few seconds. They were gambling on Su Xing’s death.

The second sword, Dark, then attacked. Su Xing’s Purple Cloud East Approaches was entirely destroyed by the sword’s light. If it was not for Su Xing using the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower and his practically divine corporeal body, he would have been heavily injured by this killing intent. “I truly admire you.” Su Xing stared at Yang Luoshui.

Yang Luoshui fared no better. She relied on her True Phoenix Realm and Xie Zhenyuan to merely aim killing intent at Su Xing, so what she received was nowhere near as intense as what Su Xing faced. Even so, the girl’s skin was already streaked with blood and bruises.

Yang Luoshui only sneered. Perhaps it was because she was receiving this Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Sword Array’s powerful killing intent, it made the Secure Star’s Dark Yellow Blood boil at the same time. Amidst this deathbed struggle, Yang Luoshui vaguely felt her Heaven Rank reveal itself in her mind, “What a pity I did not have a chance to use it.” Yang Luoshui thought to herself.

“Imperial Sister, do you see now? This is the end of the Purple Thunder Monster. He has Lin Chong and Wu Song, but so what. In the end, he is still on the road to ruin. With him dead, the others are funerary sacrifices. After all is said and done, I, Zhao Heng, had better eyesight than you, ZHao Hanyan. I can scale Maiden Mountain at the end. Since you love him so much, This Highness shall oblige you next.” Zhao Heng saw that Su Xing was trapped and let out howling laughter.

Land Of The King’s yellow sands stirred and followed like shadows.

Dong Junqing had killed Suo Qingshuang, but trapped by the Land Of The King, aggravation filled her heart. Hearing him directly call out the Ling Yan Princess’ name, she was even more infuriated, wanting to use her Earth Rank to might as well kill this prince.

“To think that the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Sword Array can kill Su Xing, you all really have severely underestimated him.” Zhao Hanyan was unfazed, coldly glaring at him. She pointed her hand, calling forth Servants Of The King. Twelve giant bronze statues of indomitable spirit and massive power appeared. Zhao Heng’s smiled promptly froze, Shit.

“That stupid Imperial Father would surprisingly aid the enemy.” Zhao Heng screamed.3

Land Of The King’s wind rolled towards the twelve bronze statues.

Just at this moment, Crimson Stars fell one after another in the direction of Maiden Mountain. Zhao Hanyan saw that this was bad and used the twelve golems to block Land Of The King. Instantly, she arrived in front of Zhao Heng. Zhao Hanyan’s cultivation was too far above Zhao Heng’s. If it was not for her mercy, Zhao Heng would have already suffered miserable defeat, “You need to be taught a lesson.” The Ling Yan Princess glared coldly at him, using True Immortal Finger.4

Zhao Heng’s chest hurt. He suddenly screamed and collapsed on the ground. The yellow sand receded.

Without even sparing him another glance, Zhao Hanyan flew in Su Xing’s direction.

With something major happening at Maiden Mountain, there was already no longer any time to dilly-dally.

When the third Earth sword-light attacked, Su Xing’s sixty Immemorial Flying Swords suffered a blow to their spiritual power, their defenses smashed. Activating the Earth Book’s defense, it was powerless to defend and was nearly destroyed. As he saw this, Su Xing pondered whether or not to activate the last thing he had, the Five Dragons Lantern, but this Five Dragons Lantern was to be used against Song Qingci or Fang La’s faction at the end.

I really can’t underestimate this Xie Zhenyuan, Su Xing grit his teeth. He never thought that the sole trouble the Monster Slaying Alliance brought him was unexpectedly this former number one Star Master of the Azure Dragon Territory that was overlooked. Yang Luoshui could last no longer. The Heavenly Prison crumbled under the Earth Killing Array. The girl was already on the verge of collapse, unable to ward off the imminent strongest Heaven killing intent.

Su Xing drastically lowered his hostility towards her. Speaking from another perspective, to be able to willingly sacrifice herself for her contractor, Yang Luoshui was an opponent worthy of respect and admiration.

Xie Zhenyuan’s heart filled with an indescribable pleasure. He smiled malevolently, and even the Hou Ruolan in his embrace was somewhat fearful. Meanwhile, Lady Snake Scorpion’s Xie Diao was killed into the Star Nest. The other Star Masters who were intercepting also fell one after another, powerless to continue. Xie Zhenyuan completely did not care. The final “Heaven Kill” took form. 


The anger that he had repressed for a dozen years poured out at this moment. All of his magic energy completely gathered into this Heaven Kill.

Just at this moment, Su Xing abruptly saw a golden bridge form inside the Universe Vast And Desolate’s killing array. Multi-colored lights flashed, illuminating the world. Then, he heard Hu Mi’s voice: “Get on!!”5

“Damn you!!”

When Xie Zhenyuan saw the Supreme Ultimate Diagram, his expression changed. Caring no longer, he promptly used the Heaven Kill Array.

The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Four Swords shook, and a tidal wave of sword-light gushed over.

“Luoshui, seize him now.” Xie Zhenyuan shouted.

Yang Luoshui was already powerless. She could only grit her teeth, tighten her grip on her guillotine, and prepare to unleash all her power the moment Su Xing turned his back to her to board the bridge, but just at this moment, she suddenly felt something tug her hand. Yang Luoshui tense heartstrings were stunned. Her line of sight cleared, spotting Su Xing. “You…” Su Xing’s expression was grave as he pulled Yang Luoshui onto the Supreme Ultimate Golden Bridge.

The terrifying Heaven Kill Array subsequently followed.

Everything in the center of the array was completely destroyed.

Yang Luoshui was struck dumb, feeling disbelief at what had happened before her eyes. She had surprisingly been rescued by this man…”You!!!”

“There’ve already been enough Starfalls. I admire you. Climb the mountain with us, let’s end the Star Duels together.” Su Xing could not bear the girl’s destruction, finally pulling the girl along.


Yang Luoshui was unable to say anything else. The pitiless Secure Star loathed compassion, her heart like stone, but in that moment she heard Su Xing’s words, in that moment she was pulled onto the golden bridge by Su Xing, her heart shuddered like never before. Even when she originally signed a contract with Xie Zhenyuan, she never had such a sensation.

Damn you!

Yang Luoshui powerlessly said in her mind.

The Monster Slaying Alliance.

Its defeat was already certain.

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