Chapter 757: In The Next Life, I Will See Your Splendor Again

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“Hu Mi, you traitor, you bitch…” Xie Zhenyuan hurled curses. He completely lost the bearing of an elegant gentleman that he had from before, but he could not be blamed for this. He had planned so meticulously. Originally, he had planned to sacrifice Secure Star Sick Guan Suo Yang Luoshui using the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow to kill the Purple Thunder Monster after the others injured him. By doing so, he would obtain the Star Energy of the Purple Thunder Monster’s dozen Star Generals. He had absolute confidence he would become the sole Overlord.

But when the time came his meticulous plan had failed at the last moment.

Bitch, bitch, bitch…Xie Zhenyuan itched to cut Hu Mi to pieces. It turned out this woman had been seduced by the Purple Thunder Monster in the end. He saw that Wu Song and Lin Yingmei had just about finished defeating everyone else. Xie Zhenyuan knew that he had lost the advantage. Defeat was already certain, and there was no way to turn things around. “Luoshui, return.” Xie Zhenyuan shouted, recalling the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Swords. He used his last bit of magic energy to shake the Three Clarities Banner. Three wisps of clear qi shot out and released three doppelgangers that fled towards Maiden Mountain.

Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou killed two of them, nevertheless, one managed to escape.

“You should not have saved me.” Yang Luoshui resentfully rebuked Su Xing, entering Xie Zhenyuan’s Star Nest at the same time.

The remaining Star Masters were not so fortunate as Xie Zhenyuan.

They faced the most direct fury of Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou.

Ye Futu raised the Seven Feathers Fan. Seven Immemorial Clinging Fires flew out, transforming into luan birds, phoenixes, vermilion birds, and other Divine Beasts. But Ye Futu had spent too much energy. The Divine Beasts appeared extremely frail. At this moment, this Prehistoric Spirit Treasure had already lost its might. Gong Caiwei summoned the Black Crystal Ice Qilin. Its icy breath completely blocked the Seven Feathers Fan’s flames. Ye Futu promptly retreated while, but Zhu Sha’s eyes had been watching for this step back. He landed perfectly into the Divine Strategist’s trap. The woman was gracefully indifferent, the Five Elements Weather Banner unfurling around her. Ye Futu was overwhelmed with shock, but at the moment, he had lost Hao Bingxin. He had no chance at all of victory.

Among them, Xin Lao was counted as the strongest. Seeing that the Monster Slaying Alliance was broken, she was not reluctant to leave. At the first moment she could, she hurried in the direction of the Starfalls, not caring about the others anymore. Ye Futu, Yan Wudao, Gong Song, Lady Snake Scorption, and the others saw that the situation was beyond hopeless and were immediately in incomparable despair. Just at this moment, Su Shengxiang used the “Peacock Dream Weaving Fan,” rolling it out.

Multicolored lights emerged from this fan. Crimson, white, black, yellow, and green lights surrounded Ye Futu and the others. Their divine lights were like feathers, immediately making Wu Siyou and the rest’s attacks amount to nothing.

Everyone was quite surprised to see Su Shengxiang had intervened. The girl was currently strenuously enduring, not abandoning them.

Su Xing wrinkled his brow. Just as he was about move out, Crimson Stars fell one after another along the horizon, like a meteor shower. Upon seeing this abnormality, Su Xing knew that something had drastically changed on Song Qingci’s end. He no longer had any mind to pay to the battle with these Star Masters.

“Quickly go on then. Something major is happening over there.” The golden bridge vanished. Hu Mi’s complexion was pale. Consecutively using the Supreme Ultimate Diagram twice has depleted her magic energy. Xu Ning had also been heavily injured against Lu Shaqing as well as wasted much of her vitality. “Right, drink this. Perhaps it will be of help.” 

Hu Mi took out a golden cup. It was filled with a red liquid, iridescent as blood, wafting the scent of alcohol.

“Climb the mountain together with me.” Su Xing said. He took this cup of Dark Yellow Blood, drinking it all.

“When you finish things over there, Hu Mi will naturally follow you.” Hu Mi smiled and said.

“You be careful.” Su Xing nodded. He glanced at these people. Because he worried about Song Qingci, he made no more plans for them. His Escape Technique activated, moving swiftly towards Maiden Mountain. Su Xing’s body techniques were swift, his heart like water.

“Qingci, please be safe.” Recalling this graceful and poetic woman, Su Xing inwardly tightened his fist.

Zhao Hanyan, Gong Caiwei, and Xi Yue followed close behind, “Sisters, we must quickly go as well.” Wu Xinjie was very worried. Everyone’s escape techniques were like a rainbow, and they vanished from the Yu Plains in the blink of an eye.

The originally bustling Yu Plains battlefield immediately calmed down.

“Your Highness.” Huyan Shuang landed, coming to Xie Chang’an’s side.

“Shuang’er, are you alright?” Xie Chang’an asked.

“I fought to my heart’s content. Ha, ha, the Purple Thunder Monster’s wives are truly incredible.” Huyan Shuang laughed. Her opponent was Hu Niangzi, a peerlessly talented and stunning woman of unique beauty. Although Huyan Shuang had a Six Star Destined Weapon, Hu Niangzi had a Seven Star. The two of them were evenly matched. If it was not for the shower of Crimson Stars, the two of them were even prepared to use their Heaven Ranks to decide the victor.

“Your Highness, let us go look over there.” Huyan Shuang showed extreme interest.

Xie Chang’an nodded. The two of them rushed towards Maiden Mountain.

“This Purple Thunder Monster surprisingly let us go. This is too unbelievable.” Gong Song said weakly.

“He must be plotting something again.” Lady Snake Scorpion saw her dying husband and was torn with anxiety, but she was contained by the multicolored divine light and unable to break free.

“Su Shengxiang, many thanks for saving us.” Yan Wudao cupped his fist. He had nearly been slashed to death by Wu Siyou’s sword. At the moment he was very weak. If it was not for Su Shengxiang using the Peacock Dream Weaving Fan to protect him, he would have already died on the spot.

“Many thanks.”

The others also humbly expressed their gratitude.

Su Shengxiang wore a faint smile. She held a black parasol, walking barefoot on the desert, creating a ripple as if on water. Under the umbrella of her charm, her smile was alluring.

Suddenly, Yan Wudao sensed something was off. He looked at that black umbrella.

“Save you? Ah, ha, ha, ha…In the end, the Seven Stars Assembly only needs seven people. Su Xing, Zhao Hanyan, Xi Yue, Gong Caiwei…There is just enough room for Shengxiang’s position.” Su Shengxiang’s voice was very, very soft.

The others’ expressions changed.

They had only thought of killing Su Xing to wrest his enormous Star Energy to become Overlord, but Su Shengxiang nevertheless thought of the Seven Stars Assembly’s quota to ascend the mountain. Killing Su Xing actually would have been fine, too, but if they were unable to kill him, she only needed to turn herself into one of the final seven to still emerge as a victor. “Zhao Hanyan and the others are climbing the mountain. Presumably, that Su Xing will not kill them…Shengxiang still wins.”

“Run away.” Hu Mi screamed.

Su Shengxiang spun the parasol, a smile still hanging upon her lips. The Ten Thousand Souls Parasol’s specters poured into the world, suddenly plunging it into darkness and flooding it with ghostly howls.

“The Purple Thunder Monster is not one bit like a monster. It would be better to let Shengxiang be this villain…”

True despair followed.

Maiden Mountain, outside Seven Worthies Forest.

Fan Moujia was currently quietly leaning against a stalk of bamboo, peacefully asleep. The world surrounding her seemed to be in the purest tranquility. There was no killing intent, no stench of blood. Occasionally, the girl would hesitantly open her dark blue eyes to stare sleepily at the birds in front of her, sinking into deep contemplation.

Just outside the forest, a hundred steps away.

Killing intent surged, the stench of blood soaked the earth, and a mellow flute melody seemed to be weeping.

“Fang’er, Xue’er…” Song Qingci did not dare believe the reality unfolding before her eyes.

Aid Star Little Marquis of Wen Lü Fang and Help Star Comparable to Rengui Guo Xue stared wide-eyed, as if they had not come to their senses, but looking closely, their bodies were already run through by arrows. They were then struck down by Star Magic. Without any chance at all to fight back, the two girls immediately Starfell.

“Ahhhh.” Horn Star Single Horned Dragon Zou Ke and Li Shuangfei madly rushed out to avenge their Sisters. The Seven Star Fang of Broken Skies was incomparably tyrannical, but against the buxom Buddhist woman, she was still powerless to fight back.

Horn Star and Walking Star followed suit with their Starfalls.

“Big Sister, run away!!” Sick Yuchi Sun Yueying knew from a glance the four people in front of them were extremely formidable. She immediately shouted. Sun Yueying was not escaping at all, rather, she gripped her Thousand Snowpiles and Ten Thousand Clouds to use her Earth Rank “Instant Flourish And Decay Past Hand.” Sword Star Tai Sui Who Stands His Ground Ruan Jin’er summoned ten thousand Flying Swords, throwing out her Azure Sea Green Duckweed, similarly using Earth Rank “Showy In A Flash.

Tears spilled down Beast Star Huangfu Youyun’s cheeks. She played her Seven Star Ten Thousand Beast Hibernating Flute. Powerful Star Beasts were summoned by her, dying in a steady stream on the battlefield.

Five Tigers General Qin Mingyue straddled her Thunder Beast Rosy Cloud, using her Thunderclap Intimidation. The enormous Wolf Tooth Fire Beacon Mace carried the force of Heaven Fall Earth Rend.

The Xian Liang Shu De Generals sneered.

They had waited for Song Jiang for so long. They acted without any mercy, facing their fury with indifference.

Pang Shu drew her bow, firing off stars that filled the skies. Bao Niang’er’s fingers opened, and countless white spirits shot out from her fingertips, whirling around endlessly. Deng Wude chanted. With each strike of her chan staff, the shackles on her arm clattered.

“Watch this!!!”

“Eat Mingyue’s mace.”

“Heaven Fall Earth Rend.”


Five Tigers General Qin Mingyue’s wild dance brandished the giant mace. The loli appeared very frail, but her attacks were very tyrannical. Her Realm was already True Phoenix, her power incomparably strong. Each time she smashed the ground, there was an enormous earthquake, rustling the entire bamboo forest.

Against the savage loli’s violent attacks, Pang Shu was outdone. Her archery was completely unable to suppress her.

“Little Sister, watch this!!” Qin Mingyue’s Thunder Beast was killed. The little loli shouted as she raised the mace to smash Pang Shu. Her powerful Thunderclap Intimidation made Pang Shu’s heart shudder. “Who is your little sister.” Pang Shu cursed, hastily pulling back, but the powerful flames and astral wind it created still scratched her face painfully.

“You are too noisy. You will disturb Her Highness’ rest.”

A lofty voice suddenly rang beside Qin Mingyue. The loli was astonished to see that a woman had strangely appeared. Her figure was graceful, though her expression was cold. Qin Mingyue shouted, raising the mace to pound her into a meatcake. Shi Xian drew her sword and slashed.

Blood-light passed over Qin Mingyue’s body.

Qin Mingyue’s movements instantly stiffened. Shi Xian ignored her and proceeded to walk onwards. Her target was only Song Qingci.

“Little Sister, do not run.” Qin Mingyue grit her teeth spinning around to stop Shi Xian. The girl had walked only a few steps when she suddenly felt strange. The world had gone quiet. She looked at Sun Yueying and the others fighting, but the sound was growing further and further away. What happened, I am not done swinging my mace yet. Qin Mingyue raised her hand, only to discover her hand had already disappeared, “Big Sister, what is happening, why are you so sad.” She looked at Song Qingci, teasing her. Then, her Big Sister’s face grew further away.

Her voice, breath, and even her memories.

Became nothingness.

“Elder Sister.”

Qin Mingyue left behind a groggy call, her figure vanishing. Fiery Thunderbolt, Starfall.

“Sister Qingci, run away now. Go find Chao Gai…Or that man…” Sick Tiger Xue Mingxi was currently putting all her strength into the Good And Evil Karma Banner, guarding in front of Song Qingci with a funeral rite of souls. The scenes that appeared before them made the Xue Mingxi who had witnessed countless sorrowful partings once again feel a heavy heart.

“I truly loathe this kind of feeling.”

Xue Mingxi said.

Then she saw Inferior Star Living Goddess of Lightning Wang Jingzhi die to Pang Shu’s arrows. Her teleportation was unable to escape those watchful arrows, and Xuan Yunshang’s string of arrows and Ding Wanjing’s Arrow Force Under Heaven were no match.

“I truly loathe this feeling of parting.

Xue Mingxi mumbled, glancing at Ding Wanjing, carrying endless longing. 

Her white banner unfurled, and Xue Mingxi listened carefully.

The world instantly turned silent. All of Liangshan Continent’s feelings of life and death partings seemed to concentrate under her Good And Evil Karma Banner. Rays of white light flashed and wrapped around Xue Mingxi. The hat she wore was blown off, exposing her beautiful long hair. It fluttered, dancing around like fairies. Her black hair transformed into pure white.

The yellow shorts and vest she wore slowly turned into a white silk skirt.

Even Fang Moujia could not help but open her eyes at this extraordinary sight, gazing at the sky.

“By my body, watch over this endless night. O’ souls separated by Yin and Yang, please set aside that sorrow…”

Xue Mingxi quietly chanted.

“Mingxi, no!!!” Ding Wanjing sobbed.

“Jinglun.” Ruan Jin’er knew immediately when she saw Xue Mingxi’s actions. She glanced silently at Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun, Xue Mingxi and the others, charging a technique in preparation to kill Shi Xian.

“Little Sister Mingxi, what are you doing…” Song Qingci suddenly felt endless throbbing from the Heavenly Star Birth Banner in her hand. She did her utmost to fix Sick Tiger Xue Mingxi’s Star in place, but this was completely out of her control.

“Although the time I knew Elder Sister was short, Mingxi feels very pleasant. It turns out, the Sisters really can transcend mutual slaughter.”

“Wanjing, I am very happy to have been your partner for so many years in the Star Duels.” (Xue Mingxi)

“Do you remember when we first met?” (Xue Mingxi)

“I was sleeping, and when you saw that I was not breathing, you thought I had died. You surprisingly even dug a grave to bury me in.” (Xue Mingxi)

“The Sick Tiger’s body is very frail, in other words, they appear to be on the verge of Starfalling at any time. If you died, how wretched would it be for no one to bury you. You are my Little Sister, so I stayed by your side. When you die, I would find a place with good fengshui to bury you in.” (Ding Wanjing)

“Hey, Xue Mingxi, don’t sleep from now on. If you fall asleep without breathing, I will have to dig a hole, and digging is very tiring.” (Ding Wanjing)

“Eh, we seem to be able to sign a contract. We can climb the mountain together then. Ha, ha, I am so glad.” (Ding Wanjing)

“Thanks, Wanjing. I am so grateful to you for staying with me for so long.”

Sick Tiger Xue Mingxi at this moment shed her previous frailty. She appeared with unprecedented brilliance. White light gathered under the greatest quintessential body in the world. The sound of souls formed into a perfect song. Shi Xian stopped her advance, feeling the sword in her hand quiver.

What is the meaning of this?

This girl…Her narrowed eyes finally widened. Shi Xian showed an expression of astonishment for the first time.

Xue Mingxi at this time opened her eyes. She spread her arms, and the Good And Evil Karma Banner stopped flapping. Then, it became a white rainbow that poured into her body. Xue Mingxi slightly smiled.

Her whole body became a white light that fell towards Shi Xian.

In the white light that filled the skies, the young girl changed into fluttering white clothes. In their awe, she made everyone seemed to think of Xuannü of Ninth Heaven. Xue Mingxi’s Crimson Star fell at the same time.1

Heaven Rank.

“See You Next Life!!”2

Shi Xian was in the middle of the white light. Formidable power practically froze all sound in the world. Ding Wanjing felt her mental connection to Xue Mingxi sever. The girl released a wail, for she knew.

They would not possibly meet in their next life.

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  1. Fate/Apoc flashback, La Pucelle!
  2. 來生再見


  1. ….So her Heaven Rank is a suicide move!? The fuck!?
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    1. you know this all happend cause Qingci decided ”let me agree with the group that hates su xing”

      also didn’t feel bad more like that’s karma

      1. Tbf, she needed them more than they needed her. She’s tried at every corner to suggest collaboration, but the others are just too prejudiced against Su Xing. The only choice she had was to go with the flow.

  2. Tbh i feel Zhenyuan is an extremely interesting character. First of all how he decieved everyone with Ruolan. 2nd of how he exploited Qingxuan. Most importantly the guy so called the biggest genius of the generation managed to endure the existence of Su Xing for so long and not provoke him and actually make a proper plan to kill him unlike another double general master

    1. As mentioned in the text, he’s endured years of ridicule from others for having contracted with Ruolan. He’s got a lot of resentment built up, and this was his one chance to let it all out and have his catharsis. But Hu Mi swats him in the face with her betrayal.

    1. Stick around and find out! I’d rather not leave spoilers here, so please head to the NU Forum thread and ask there.

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