Chapter 758: Shi Xian Who Opens A Killing Spree

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Tranquil Star Sick Tiger Xue Mingxi’s sacrifice to use her Heaven Rank could be said to be powerful. The entire Seven Worthies Forest seemed to be enveloped in white light. Ding Wanjing let out heartrending sobs. Sun Yueying, Shi Jinglun, and Ruan Jin’er nevertheless did not have time to grieve. The three great martial generals knew that even though Xue Mingxi had sacrificed herself, to kill Shi Xian like this was not very realistic.

At the moment Xue Mingxi attacked, Sun Yueying and the others did not hesitate to prepare their own strongest techniques. The three of them had comprehended multiple Heavenly Books. Among them, Brave Star Sick Yuchi Sun Yueying and Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun had even comprehended Heaven Rank. Sun Yueying stirred Thousand Snow Piles and Ten Thousand Clouds. Multicolored vapor lifted like a curtain, and an aurora was released under Sun Yueying’s Star Weapon. Suddenly, Seven Worthies Forest’s world was engulfed within, so gorgeous and expansive it left one unable to breathe. Powerful killing intent poured out from the Star Weapon. The whole aurora gathered and then dispersed between Thousand Snowpiles and Ten Thousand Clouds.

In this endless aurora, each episode from Sun Yueying’s Star Duels in Liangshan Continent were reflected.

From her awakening in the Azure Dragon Territory’s Cache Mountain overlooked the vast Liangshan Continent to meeting her little sister Sun Xinyue and giving martial arts instruction, on to her actions at the Crystal Dragon Palace to hinder two Star Masters, and so on.

Sun Yueying’s eyes were even more resolute than a lion’s, full of all the pride a top-notch martial general could possess. The woman pounced, slashing at Shi Xian.

Heaven Rank.

Cut The Seasons Without Hearing Its Name!1

Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun also prepared a Heaven Rank Staff Technique. Shi Jinglun spun the Yellow Dragon Staff. Countless yellow dragons flew out from the staff, each one an enormous thousand chi in length as they all pounced towards Shi Xian. Heaven Rank, “Leaving Marks On History!”2 Ruan Jin’er also once again flung out her Showy In A Flash, raising tens of thousands of Flying Swords afterwards.

With a series of bangs, Pang Shu fired off fragments of stars, blasting the Hell Illusion Death Butterfly Flying Swords to pieces, “We must quickly help the Queen and the others.”

Xuan Yunshang was grave when she saw this, promptly speaking out. The girl fired a chain of arrows, Earth Rank “All Things Face Hardship.”3 Monstrous arrows were launched, whistling with an evil wind as they transformed into tens of thousands of specters, vanishing and reappearing in midair en route to Pang Shu. Ding Wanjing also activated Earth Rank, All Stars Kill Moon.

“You wish to face me in archery? You are still too inexperienced.” Pang Shu’s fingertips gently gripped.

Her bowstring strummed.

With the sound of a collapse, she also used an Earth Rank, “Broken Bowstring Delicate Charm!”4 Ugly Prince Consort Xuan Yunshang and the others felt a booming in their ears. From Pang Shu’s bow, a hundred white rainbows suddenly shot out, surprisingly suppressing both Xuan Yunshang and Ding Wanjing’s Earth Ranks all on her own. Bao Niang’er activated Star Magic, and Deng Wude gripped her chan staff, brandishing it.

“This is bad.”

Ugly Prince Consort’s mask had been shattered by the arrows, exposing the girl’s absolutely beautiful complexion.

“You look so beautiful, what are you doing wearing that hideous mask.” Pang Shu chuckled, squinting her eyes and taking aim once again.

Xuan Yunshang smiled charmingly, her eyes stern. Suddenly, a rare scene appeared in the space around her. Ten gigantic fireballs appeared in the sky, rising high like suns. Xuan Yunshang was just in the middle of them. Bao Niang’er’s Earth Rank Star Magic was originally able to kill Xuan Yunshang, but her Ten Thousand Living Things had only drawn near Xuan Yunshang’s ten suns when they were immediately scorched cleanly away.

At the same time, Deng Wude’s rush was finding it difficult to advance.

“Huh, another Heaven Rank.” Pang Shu wrinkled her face. How did this Song Jiang’s people have so many Heaven Ranks.


Xuan Yunshang shouted, firing an arrow. The ten suns around her immediately were drawn along, unexpectedly gravitating towards Pang Shu, Deng Wude, and Bao Niang’er. Furthermore, Xuan Yunshang did not let go of the young woman sleeping in the Seven Worthies Forest. To maintain her tranquility amidst such intense fighting, this directly informed Xuan Yunshang that girl was very dangerous, that she needed to be wiped out.

Heaven Rank, “Hou Yi Shoots Suns.”5

Nine Sun Golden Crows, their might could not be underestimated.

See You Next Life.

Cut The Seasons Without Hearing Its Name.

Leaving Marks On History.

Hou Yi Shoots Suns!

Four Heaven Ranks emerged in succession.

“They must die.” Sun Yueying’s heart was in her throat.

The aurora receded.

The yellow dragons faded away.

The Xuannü’s white rainbow vanished without a trace, and even there was even Tranquil Star Xue Mingxi’s Crimson Star.

Sun Yueying felt that she ought to have scored a hit on the enemy. Although their opponents’ Realms were unbelievably powerful, her full power Heaven Rank should be at least able to injure her. As Sick Yuchi thought this, the Star Weapon tight in her grip once again gathered Star Energy to prepare to launch a second wave Earth Rank, an Instantaneous Rise And Fall.

“I am much obliged to have experienced your Sisterly bond.”

From within the air floated out an indifferent voice that made Sun Yueying feel despair.

Shi Xian appeared before everyone. The clothes covering her tall figure were slightly ripped. The woman held the claymore inverted before her, assuming a defensive posture. A magnificent phoenix spreading its wings appeared on the claymore, protecting its wielder. Even with three Heaven Ranks, Shi Xian merely suffered some minor injuries to the corner of her mouth.

Shi Xian wiped away the streak of blood on her lip, once again narrowing her eyes. Then, she licked her knuckles that were stained full of blood, a malevolent appearance.

Ruan Jin’er felt her whole body go cold, “Just who are you?”

“Shi Xian, the enemy who has decided to destroy the bond of your Maiden Mountain Sisters.” Shi Xian answered. Then, she attacked.

“Look ou…” Cold light flashed before Sun Yueying’s eyes. Before she could finish speaking, blood-light burst open across her chest. The True Phoenix power inside her body seemed to have been sucked away by the claymore. Sun Yueying felt her whole body go powerless. Shi Xian took another step, brushing past Sun Yueying.

“Righteousness cannot resist the Mandate of Heaven.”6

Sun Yueying gazed at the sky, letting out a laugh. “Your Servant is very unreconciled about this Star Duel, ha, ha, ha, ha.” Sick Yuchi, Starfall.

Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jinglun promptly activated her Innate Skill. Her top ripped apart, exposing her bare upper body. Nine dragon tattoos appeared on her skin. Shi Jinglun raised her Realm to the limit, but because she had once used it before in addition to having used a Heaven Rank, this boost was not as high as she had hoped. However, even only at True Phoenix Sixth Stage, Nine Tattooed Dragons still advanced with her all. “Quickly bring Qingci away, go find that man…”

Shi Jinglun swung her staff.

This time, Shi Xian took a little while, even using her Yellow Rank “Broken Destiny”7 for the first time.

“This Lun still has not found the devil that originally peeped on me, how can I die at your hands.” Shi Jinglun was struck, but she stepped forward, letting the Phoenix Splitter pierce through her body. The Star Weapon in her hand became a saber and slashed. Shi Xian was apparently a bit surprised, but she had True Phoenix protection. The blade merely inched its way into Shi Xian’s shoulder before becoming unable to advance further.

“I will help avenge you then.” Shi Xian coolly ended Shi Jinglun’s Star Duels.

Sword Star Ruan Jin’er looked at the advancing Shi Xian. Her heart sank, but the woman grit her teeth and stepped forward: “Yunshang, quickly get Qingci away, find Lin Chong and the rest.” Ruan Jin’er was deeply aware they were already unable to avert catastrophe this time. Their sole wish was only to hope that man they once loathed could forgive them, perhaps even stop this.

Thus, Xuan Yunshang had used her Heaven Rank, finally repelling a ragged looking Deng Wude and Pang Shu. She specifically glanced into the bamboo grove, her expression unsightly. The sleeping woman’s surrounding hundred meters of forest was verdant. Not a single stalk was affected. Her Heaven Rank was completely useless.

Seeing Sun Yueying and the queen fall in succession, Xuan Yunshang’s heart seemed to twist from the pain. Tears flowed freely.

“Of course we should have joined hands with Su Xing…” Xuan Yunshang did not hesitate to summon Flower Tribute and hurry to Qingci.

Shi Xian cut Ruan Jin’er down in a single strike, proceeding to walk slowly towards Qingci.

Although the iron ox Li Longkui still guarded Song Qingci with ferocity, it was clear she was enraged by the sight of her Sisters dying. Seeing Shi Xian approach, she said, “Elder Sister, go. To have been able to follow Elder Sister in this life, Longkui can die without regrets.” Li Longkui let out a low but resolute voice. The woman raised her Bereaved Immortal Lofty Slaughter, lifting a black whirlwind. The storm became a demonic mouth that devoured Shi Xian. “How is this happening.” Song Qingci’s Sisters were Starfalling one after another. No matter how she used the Heavenly Star Birth Banner, she was unable to save a single Sister – the speed of Shi Xian’s slaughter was honestly too quick. She was completely unable to find a chance to fix any Star.

Song Qingci sobbed spasmodically as she continuously and futilely waved the Heavenly Star Birth Banner. Sister after Sister fell before her eyes. “Why, why, why…” 

Jade Armed Craftsman Jin Qiongyu was completely scared stiff. Everything happening in front of her was like a nightmare.

“Impossible, our enemy is clearly Su Xing. Why are you interfering, why are you opposing us. Su XIng is the greatest enemy.” Jin Qiongyu thought numbly in her mind. This was the first time she saw such a desperate Star Duel. Powerful fear made Jin Qiongyu wet herself, her body stiffen.

“Jin Qiongyu, quickly take Elder Sister and run.” Huangfu Youyun blew into her flute, wielding the last bit of her Star Energy, up until there were no Star Beasts left to summon. Seeing Jin Qiongyu staring blankly, she scolded her.

“Run, run where. This woman is too strong. We will die, we will all surely die. Sun Yueying, Shi Jinglun, they’re both dead. We won’t be able to outrun them. Even Lin Chong will die. It’s all over.” Jin Qiongyu muttered.

Huangfu Youyun ran over and slapped her.

A palmprint appeared on Jin Qiongyu’s face. The girl finally recovered a bit of awareness. “I only wanted us to climb the mountain, why…” Jin Qiongyu cried.

“Calm down…coward, quickly…” Before Huangfu Youyun could finish, several arrows stuck into the girl’s chest. 

“Youyun!!” Blood splattered across Jin Qiongyu’s face.

Huangfu Youyun extended her hand, trembling as she stroked Jin Qiongyu’s cheek, using the last of her strength to say: “Hurry and find that man…” Beast Star fell to the ground, Starfall.

Jin Qiongyu finally snapped out of it. She roared and grabbed the similarly despairing Song Qingci, “Elder Sister, there is still hope. Quickly go find Su Xing, hurry, go.”

“Su Xing?”

Hearing this name, Shi Xian’s apathetic face was all of a sudden a bit angry. She killed Li Longkui with a single swing of her sword. Jin Qiongyu looked at this powerful enemy and threw herself over, latching onto Shi Xian’s leg, her mouth shouting nonstop, “Elder Sister, quickly run away! Hurry and run, Elder Sister!!”

“I am so sorry, Sisters. Just let me die, too.” Song Qingci knelt on the ground, her head lowered… 

“Hurry, run, Elder Sister!!!! Find Su Xing!!!” Jin Qiongyu shouted at the top of her lungs.

Shi Xian wrinkled her brow, unexpectedly unable to shake off this insignificant and feeble Star General. The woman coldly stabbed her sword into Jin Qiongyu’s body. Jin Qiongyu vomited blood, but she held fast to Shi Xian, stalling her. The Jade Armed Craftsman’s strength was shocking, making even Shi Xian a bit surprised.

Shi Xian stopped her advance, merely lowering her head to look at Jin Qiongyu wrapped around her. The merciless woman was surprisingly a bit moved.

“Shu’er hates these kinds of eternal partings. Fret not, we may as well send you all together back to Maiden Mountain to see each other.” Pang Shu fired an arrow at the Song Qingci who had given up.

Also at this time, Deng Wude could not bear watching this any longer. She wanted to quickly end this massacre. The woman strode forward, simultaneously hurling a fist at Song Qingci.

“Sister Qingci.” Xuan Yunshang grabbed the already despairing Song Qingci.

Pang Shu’s arrow pierced Xuan Yunshang’s heart, nearly killing her.

“Wake up, wake up.” Xuan Yunshang felt her Elder Sister’s ice-cold body was torn with grief.

Deng Wude’s punch was fast approaching, already upon them.

This is bad, someone come save us!!!

“Su Xing, save us!”

All of Xuan Yunshang’s hopes turned to dust. Su Xing’s face suddenly flashed in her mind, and she subconsciously yelled at the top of her voice.

Boom – Like a miracle, a blood-light blossomed right before her eyes, assuming the figure of a man.

The man’s wrathful punch slammed into Deng Wude’s cheek, sending the woman flying, shattering this world of despair.

“Su Xing…”

Xuan Yunshang was dumbstruck to see the Su Xing who had appeared. At that moment, the staunch Ugly Prince Consort all of a sudden wanted to break into tears.

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  1. 不聞其名斬春秋
  2. 青史留名
  3. 眾生皆苦
  4. 弦斷雅意
  5. Hou Yi is a mythic figure who shot down 9 suns for his wife.
  6. Resistance is futile.
  7. 破命


  1. 1. [“Of course we should have joined hands with Su Xing…” Xuan Yunshang did not hesitate to summon Flower Tribute and hurry to Qingci.]

    …Yeah. you really should have….

    2. [“Su Xing, save us!”

    All of Xuan Yunshang’s hopes turned to dust. Su Xing’s face suddenly flashed in her mind, and she subconsciously yelled at the top of her voice.

    Boom – Like a miracle, a blood-light blossomed right before her eyes, assuming the figure of a man.

    The man’s wrathful punch slammed into Deng Wude’s cheek, sending the woman flying, shattering this world of despair.

    “Su Xing…”

    Xuan Yunshang was dumbstruck to see the Su Xing who had appeared. At that moment, the staunch Ugly Prince Consort all of a sudden wanted to break into tears.]

    Ngl, this…. actually almost feel bad for her…

    1. Here’s the thing: Xuan Yunshang was always attracted to him. The only reason they became enemies is because she misunderstood Su Xing when he said he didn’t want to kiss her. She thought he said she wasn’t good enough when all he meant was that it was cool if she didn’t want to do it anyways.

        1. Basically, yes. She was ready and willing to be kissed, but when he said “do this with someone you like,” she interpreted it as “I don’t find you good enough to kiss.” She was completely willing to honor their agreement, but Su Xing refusing the kiss in turn also meant he was dishonoring her.

    2. Honestly they get what they deserved, sure past star master always make the star general a tool, that why they hard to believe in star master. But su xing literally tolerate them many times, they don’t even think to test him for a bit. So stupid.

      They prejudice of Su Xing don’t have any basis at all, he never put the uprising girls in a harm, in fact save them or help them many times.

      1. I think it’s stupid from them too, but it is kinda hard to let go of a millennium old prejudge that was pretty much fact, with a hell lot of despicable examples of star masters deceiving others in the past and present.

        Telling those star maidens that they should trust a star master is like telling a holocaust survivor that Nazis are suddenly compassionate for them. While it might be true, they wouldn’t believe it, because it’s just impossible in their world view.

        One of the big problems was that most of the Uprising group didn’t really have much contact with Su Xing and his wives except for fighting etc. This made it very hard for them to resolve their misunderstandings.

        I think that this could’ve only been resolved, if Song Qingci would’ve 100% trusted Su Xing and let both their groups maybe live in his palace, so they could build mutual trust over time, but even though Qingci really wanted to believe in Su Xing, she also had her doubts, which were also fueled by her sisters, which led to this unfortunate massacre.

        While all this was pretty heartbreaking, since they are all true spirits, they should technically be able to reunite later, maybe?

  2. There was a fair bit of tragedy and death already in this novel, but this despairing massacre was pretty heartbreaking ngl.

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