Chapter 759: Qingci Is Fragile

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“Lord Su!” Song Qingci emerged from her despair.

“What are you doing, quickly use your Destined Weapon, do you want to see Xuan Yunshang Starfall!” Su Xing scolded her immediately. Song Qingci suddenly regained her senses, finally noticing the arrow in Xuan Yunshang’s heart. Song Qingci mumbled an apology, promptly waving the Heavenly Star Birth Banner, fixing Xuan Yunshang’s star.

Then, An Suwen immediately activated her healing powers to mend the wound.

“Qiongyu!!” Song Qingci saw the Skilful Star under Shi Xian’s sword, her heart torn with grief. She also immediately thought of fixing her, but she was already too late. Jin Qiongyu looked at Su Xing, smiled wretchedly, then Starfell.

“Wude, you got hit in the face.” Pang Shu snickered.

Deng Wude rubbed her cheek, endlessly indignant.

“So you are Su Xing?”

Shi Xian narrowed her eyes, raising that violent sword of hers. Although she appeared very relaxed, she nevertheless gave off a frightening pressure.

“And you must be Fang Moujia’s subordinates?” The Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Flying Swords revolved around him. Su Xing eyes did not take his eyes of Shi Xian.

When he mentioned Fang Moujia’s name, Shi Xian’s seemingly existent yet nonexistent killing intent immediately flared. Terrifying aggression suddenly made Su Xing’s Five Elements Flying Swords all cry at once. “How can someone like you utter Her Highness’ name.” Shi Xian’s figure moved, the Phoenix Splitter Sword descending.

What swift speed!!

Su Xing blocked using the Five Elements Flying Swords, controlling them to launch an encirclement. Shi Xian slashed a second time, and saber-light instantly fell upon Su Xing’s chest, as if ignoring distance and space.

The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower shattered.

Su Xing was forced back.

“All of you can die!!” Shi Xian calmly raised her sword.

When the third sword-light attacked, two figures of white and black quickly closed in, dispersing the sword-light.

“Freezing Frost of Nine Provinces.”

“Blood Splashing Mandarin Duck!”

Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou rushed out one after another, their Dark Techniques launching a two-pronged attack. At the same time, Hua Wanyue fired a Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow from behind.

Weapons clashed.

The Phoenix Splitter Sword blocked, completely stopping both the Arctic Star Serpent Spear and Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. Shi Xian squinted at the two girls in front of her. “Lin Chong and Wu Song…Hmph…”

Lin Yingmei yelled, pushing her spear, twirling boundless killing intent. At the same time, Wu Siyou changed tactics with her twin swords, circling around. Shi Xian was unmoved. Sword-light abruptly rose, trimming a few strands of hair. A blood-light blossomed upon Wu Siyou’s chest. The Pilgrim was directly repelled, and a second sword strike followed with even faster speed. Lin Yingmei relied on her formidable Realm and Seven Star Destined Weapon to barely obstruct her, but Shi Xian floated forth.

She leisurely came before Su Xing.

What a boring slaughter.

Against these True Spirits, Shi Xian had not a single bit of interest. Her fury was focused completely on Su Xing. Her swordtip brushed straight against his neck, swift as lightning. Shi Xian had absolute confidence she had seen herself decapitate this man who dared to become intimate with Her Majesty.


The clear collision of weapons informed Shi Xian that her expectations were misplaced. The Smiling Killing Immortal showed an astonished expression, for she saw Su Xing had unexpectedly parried her attack.

Impossible, even those True Phoenix Fifth and Sixth Stage Star Generals were all incapable of defending.

This man has surprisingly warded off my attack.

Su Xing’s whole body was in a cold sweat from fright. This woman was honestly too violent. Fortunately, his prior battles with the Overlords had already trained his Realm very sufficiently. Otherwise, he would have just been instantly killed in that moment. He somewhat understood why Chao Gai set the trials upon him. Could it be because of this woman.

“Reversing Five Elements Sword Array.” Su Xing promptly formed a hand seal. His sixty Flying Swords became multicolored lights, quickly covering Shi Xian.

“Broken Destiny!!”

Shi Xian coldly spat two words.


Blood-light exploded upon the Flying Swords, striking them all down. Then, an unimaginably baleful aura surrounded Su Xing’s entire body. Purple Cloud East Approaches was completely torn apart. “Hè.” Hu Niangzi and Dong Junqing rushed over just in time, crossing their sowrds and spears, “Watch this!” Dong Junqing shouted, her Earth Rank Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances.

“Don’t go.” Su Xing called out, his hand seizing the Purple Brilliant Reclining Moon Blade and attacking.

Shi Xian sneered. She raised her sword, breaking Dong Junqing’s Earth Rank in one blow and cutting it down to the ground. Her next strike would have directly taken Dong Junqing’s life if Zhao Hanyan had not activated the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords to save Dong Junqing. “To think you would have the urge to bed her, that woman is too strong. You are not her opponent.” Zhao Hanyan scolded Dong Junqing. She then turned a relieved expression to Su XIng.

“Where are you going.”

Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei saw that Shi Xian was targeting their master, and they immediately turned back.

The Seven Star Destined Weapon of Hu Niangzi was currently warding off Shi Xian. Her Yellow Rank, Dark Rank, and Earth Rank were used in succession, but Shi Xian was unperturbed. She looked at this cool and elegant Bright Star. “Your Realm is not bad.” The Phoenix Splitter ignored her, slashing Hu Niangzi across the chest, repelling her.

Wu Xinjie saw that this situation was equivalent to the end of the next Uprising faction. “Kill the others first!” Wu Xinjie activated the Eight Gates Black Gold Chains’ Bind Silk Before Rain.

The other three of the Xian Liang Shu De Generals launched attacks at this time.

“Hey, hey, hey, do not ignore us.” Pang Shu unhappily fired Stars Filling The Sky to demonstrate her existence.

“Little Yi, we will first help get rid of the others for Milord.” Hua Wanyue said to Yan Yizhen, aiming her gaze at the Pang Shu firing arrows, launching crimson arrows like shooting stars.

“The Hero Star?” Pang Shu’s eyes lit up when she saw that her own arrows were surprisingly all intercepted. “Watch this Earth Rank.” Pang Shu danced in midair, her thin and delicate body drew the bow in her hands into a full moon. “East Sea Is Ravenous!!” Arrow-lights shot out, filling the sky, seemingly plowing the entire Seven Worthies Forest. Hua Wanyue’s Sun Piercing Heavenly Rainbow clashed against East Sea Is Ravenous, rainbow light colliding against white light.

But Pang Shu’s Realm was superb. Several arrows pierced through Hua Wanyue’s body.

“Die, Hero Star.” Pang Shu chuckled, firing a second arrow.

Right after this rainbow light dispersed, an apathetic maid suddenly appeared in front of her. Pang Shu was startled, catching sight of Yan Yizhen’s fists covered in Yin and Yang, a pair of carps swimming around them. Pang Shu circulated her formidable power, spreading her True Phoenix wings to repel Yan Yizhen, but Yan Yizhen’s speed was too quick.

Swallowflash Samsara.

Bao Niang’er wanted to go help Pang Shu, but she was faced with Gongsun Huang, who was number one in magic energy, and her Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix. Gongsun Huang was draped in her Phoenix Perching Cloud Clothes, her hand wielding the Pinebrand Ancient Sword, continuously casting Star Magic. Thunderclaps, storms, and flames filled the skies, endlessly pounding Bao Niang’er.

Bao Niang’er’s Star Magic was oddly a spectral, white spirit. These spirits could seize a person’s soul, and they hindered the Di Nü Heavenly Phoenix.

“Phoenix Execution Sky Break!”

Gongsun Huang activated her Earth Rank, transforming into a phoenix.

Bao Niang’er squinted her charming eyes. The white dragon pattern upon that piece of cloth that only covered the fork of her legs flew out. Her snow-white legs walked on air, and her body was braced by countless souls, turning her into an enormous white dragon that rushed out and clashed with the Phoenix Execution Sky Break.

“Not bad, this Star Magic is beautiful. Watch This Palace’s reward!”

Chai Ling praised, gracefully stroking Xing’er.

A giant beam of golden light burst out from Xing’er’s mouth, similarly forming a golden dragon.

The two techniques collided. Bao Niang’er was somewhat outmatched, turning the woman a bit furious. “This Old Lady shall refine your True Spirits into puppets!”

“What a splendid idea, here, have another reward.”

Bang, gold obscuring her field of vision immediately struck her in the face.

Deng Wude faced Lu Shaqing.1 Having drunk Jade Lake Moon Dew to recover her Star Energy, the Solitary Star was currently pitting Monster Strength against Monster Strength. The two women had first fought with their staffs, striking back and forth. Deng Wude’s strength was immense, her Realm higher than Lu Shaqing’s. If it was not for being injured by Xuan Yunshang’s Heaven Rank earlier, she would have had sufficient might to suppress her opponent.


Lu Shaqing’s palm forced Deng Wude back, recovering some of her own injuries in the process.

“You think you can stop me with just yourself alone!” Deng Wude’s right hand struck back, the chains on her arm rattling. Black qi lingered around this fist, devouring space. Lu Shaqing could not easily receive this blow, promptly retreating, but her body was caught by a wisp of black qi, surprisingly immobilizing her. This was Deng Wude’s Earth Rank “Devouring Immortal Buddha Completely.”2

However, at this moment, the Five Elements Banners unfurled around Deng Wude. Then, a bright moon rose from the array, suddenly bursting out to end her attack. Deng Wude had no choice but to grasp and devour the moon.

Afterwards, the Ice Soul Snow Spirit Flying Swords and the Water Moon Paradise Weave Marked Flying Swords descended as a graceful sword array.

“There is us, too.”

Gong Caiwei, Zhu Sha, and Xi Yue emerged.

Seven Worthies Forest, a chaotic battle.

Song Qingci and Xuan Yunshang watched dumbfounded.

“This man is this strong.” Xuan Yunshang said with difficulty. She was too injured to fight.

“Sorry…” Song Qingci’s eyes were red from crying. She had already lost most of her picturesque gracefulness. She watched as her Sisters Starfell one after another before her eyes, yet she was unable to intervene.

Xuan Yunshang’s beautiful complexion was merely silent. In fact, the situation was far beyond her imagination. She never imagined that at one point, such terrifying enemies would ambush them. “Your Lord perhaps cannot stop them either.” Xuan Yunshang sighed. Ugly Prince Consort blankly and sadly muttered to herself, “In the end, we were unable to change the Star Duels…”

“I want to go help Lord Su.” Song Qingci summoned the Nine Dragons Seal. She wanted to face Shi Xian, but she was held back by An Suwen. “Elder Sister, don’t go.” An Suwen shook her head.

“Your Servant cannot watch them throw their lives away.” Song Qingci was already embracing a mentality of indiscriminate destruction.

“Elder Sister, believe in Big Brother. Don’t go. Only when you climb the mountain can there possibly be an end to the Star Duels. If you die, you will have wasted all of the faith Big Brother placed upon you for nothing.” An Suwen refused to let go.

“Only Your Servant can end the Star Duels?” Song Qingci was startled.

An Suwen earnestly nodded: “In short, please protect yourself, Elder Sister. This is also Big Brother’s request. When the time comes, let us climb the mountain together…”

“At the very end, is Your Servant unable to do anything at all?!” Song Qingci was very dejected.

Although it was cruel, this was reality. Song Qingci’s two Star Weapons, the Heavenly Star Birth Banner and the Justice On Heaven’s Behalf Uprising Stars Banner both lacked any indication they could be used in battle. The Leader Star going into battle was undoubtedly no different from suicide.

“Master has sent me to take you back to the Longevity Palace for refuge in the meantime.” The Nine Tailed Fox Hua Xue ran over and spoke to Song Qingci and Xuan Yunshang.

Although Song Qingci did not want to flee, she knew she would only become a burden as she was right now. She made her way towards the Longevity Palace with Hua Xue.

Meanwhile, when Shi Xian saw that Song Qingci was escaping, how could she remain reconciled, “I will first kill Song Jiang to get rid of future troubles, then I will come play with you.” Shi Xian sent Su Xing an apathetic grin.

This is bad!

Su Xing’s heart sank. He hastily wanted to use the Reclining Moon Blade’s Earth Rank to stop her, but he was already too late.

Shi Xian took one step forward.

A step as if taking a stroll, it appeared completely unremarkable. Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou even felt they could kill her, but after this step passed, everything reversed. Shi Xian had already vanished from their encirclement in the blink of an eye. By the time they realized it, Shi Xian was already in front of Song Qingci.

“The Star Duels can end.”

The woman smiled, stabbing her sword through Song Qingci’s chest.

She finally used her Dark Rank.

No Return!!!!3

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  1. Of course, a heretical Buddhist versus a true Buddhist.
  2. 噬盡仙佛
  3. 不歸


    1. Shi Xian is on a whole other level. More of her powers will be revealed in the chapter following the next, but it is not an exaggeration to say that she is worlds above every other Star General.

  1. She lookedat this cool and elegant Bright Star.
    lookedat > looked at

    Song QIngci and Xuan Yunshang watched dumbfounded.
    QIngci > Qingci

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