Chapter 760: Fallen Wind Flower And Snow Moon

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Emperor Liang was currently cultivating the Bright Moon Longevity Chant in the Mountains And Rivers Pavilion.

Crimson Stars fell continuously one after another like a meteor shower. Bian City, the Great Liang Dynasty, and perhaps even the entire Four Territories could be heard letting out every kind of gasp.

Emperor Liang opened his eyes and looked to the far-off Maiden Mountain, his brow furrowed.

There were honestly too many Crimson Stars falling. Surprisingly, there were twenty or more.

“These Starfalls are truly unprecedented. That brat has not gone berserk, has he.” Emperor Liang thought to himself. He shook his head and continued to cultivate.1

The scene of the world froze at this moment. Song Qingci blankly stared at the sword that had pierced through her. Her forehead’s Star Crest flickered, her Star Energy ebbing in indication of her imminent Starfall.

“Not good.” An Suwen pointed a slender finger, immediately activating Earth Rank, Mind Steeling Fine Rain.

All of those injuries were promptly transferred to the Efficacious Star.

“Run, now, you two!!” Hua Xue bared its fangs, activating Dazzling Light Mind Image. Arrow-hit Tiger Ding Wanjing’s Arrow Force Under Heaven also attacked. After Xue Mingxi’s Starfall, Ding Wanjing hated Shi Xian to the bone. Although she did not comprehend Heaven Rank, the girl’s fury was launched with ten thousand arrows.

Xuan Yunshang grabbed Song Qingci and pulled back, “Little Sister Suwen!” Song Qingci used the Nine Dragons Seal, but this Purple Rose Astral Treasure’s attack was practically useless against Shi Xian.

“Thinking of running?”

Shi Xian sneered, slaying Hua Xue with one strike and breaking Ding Wanjing’s arrows. Wu Xinjie’s Eight Gates Black Gold Chain’s obstructed her, but these were easily shredded. Only when Hu Niangzi used the These Feelings Are Endless Lasso to barely seize Shi Xian did Song Qingci finally find a chance to flee. Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou quickly rushed over, looking at Shi Xian with stern expressions.

Shi Xian was high above, squinting her eyes in an innocuous smile.

“What a pity, what a pity.”

“Little Sister.” Su Xing held the collapsed An Suwen, his expression extremely devastated.

“Big Brother…” An Suwen wanted to say something encouraging.

“Return to the Star Nest for now.” Su Xing promptly said. “Leave the rest to me.”

An Suwen groaned and entered the Star Nest.

“This is only the first one…” Shi Xian lazily raised her claymore. As she spoke, she severed the red string, slashing at Hu Niangzi. “The second…” Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei hastily flew over to stop her.

“Su Shengxiang, you will not die an easy death!”

Following his wretched curse, ZHao Heng was sucked into the Ten Thousand Souls Parasol to suffer refinement. Just like this, Lady Snake Scorpion, Yan Wudao, Gong Song, Ye Futu, the Roc Demon King and others were refined into the Ten Thousand Souls Parasol one after another by Su Shengxiang, becoming part of her Dark Rebirth Devouring Cultivation Method. These once jeering and arrogant Star Masters of Liangshan Continent, these people could even have become Overlord, now all became tools to bolster Su Shengxiang’s power.

Hearing those resentful curses, Su Shengxiang opened the parasol, walking barefoot cheerfully over the dunes. After absorbing the Star Energies of so many powerful Star Masters, Su Shengxiang’s cultivation had astonishingly already reached Supervoid peak.2 The Ten Thousand Souls Parasol was even more arrogant and overbearing.

The Yu Plains was enveloped in boundless darkness.

Xu Jingshu was doing her utmost to ward off the assault of the Ten Thousand Souls. Golden Lancer’s Treasure Armor had already lost its brilliance, her entire person beginning to dim. “Hu Mi, quickly run.” Xu Jingshu continued to stall.

The Hu Mi who was already at the end of her rope used the Supreme Ultimate Diagram, but she could barely even defend.

Su Shengxiang lifted her head to look at the sky, counting the Crimson Stars on her rosy fingers, “Surprisingly there are still a dozen Star Masters. This is not enough for the Seven Stars Uprising.” Su Shengxiang wrinkled her brow. There were even more Star Masters than she had imagined, and she did not know just how many followed the Purple Thunder Monster. Originally, when she saw that Su Xing and Hu Mi’s relationship was not bad, she wanted to let her go. However, she now saw that this was unnecessary. The count of Star Masters was still too high. There would be no other chances for the Seven Stars Assembly’s quota. 

“Forgive me, Fairy Fox of Voracious Admiration.” Su Shengxiang nodded, black smoke billowing out of the Ten Thousand Souls Parasol.

Xu Jingshu used her own body to obstruct the Ten Thousand Souls Parasol, but Su Shengxiang shook her head.

“Su Shengxiang, do you think Su Xing will let you go when you are so insidious!” Hu Mi coldly said.

“Shengxiang only wants to ascend Maiden Mountain. Is fighting for my own opportunity somehow wrong?” Su Shengxiang sighed, very depressed.


“And yet you did not fight for your own opportunity, Hu Mi. Shengxiang sees that you clearly could have become a member of that man’s harem, yet when the time came, you chose to be his enemy. You have only yourself to blame for choosing the wrong path.” Su Shengxiang charmingly winked: “Shengxiang would never have chosen wrong.”3

The Ten Thousand Souls attacked, practically chewing Xu Jingshu to pieces.

“Jingshu.” Hu Mi’s heart ached, and a glimmering tear rolled down her cheek.

“What is that escape technique this Monster used, so fast.”

Xie Chang’an finally hurried to Seven Worthies Forest, in disbelief at Su Xing’s blood-light escape technique.

“Could that be the legendary Chaotic Tail??”

Just as Xie Chang’an thought this, he suddenly sensed a large number of Crimson Stars fall behind him. Carefully counting them, there were surprisingly more than six. “That Su Shengxiang is treacherous, as expected…” Xie Chang’an sneered.

“Your Highness.” Huyan Shuang suddenly furrowed her brow.

Xie Chang’an immediately very flabbergasted upon seeing the scene before him.

What in the world is this?

A couple dozen Star Generals were fighting a war against four women. One side filled the skies with arrow-light, firing back and forth. The other was full of wind, thunder, water, and fire overturning heaven and covering the earth. There were also two women in Buddhist garb trading punches as heavy as Mount Tai. Even from several thousand meters away, he could feel pressure. As expected, the person that Xie Chang’an was most concerned about was still Su Xing himself.

Su Xing, Lin Chong, Wu Song, Hu Sanniang, and Wu Yong were all currently facing one woman. That woman’s figure was slender, wearing brocade and armor, beaming from ear to ear, but that claymore dancing in her hands was practically complete darkness. The top-notch martial generals Wu Song and Lin Chong were surprisingly suppressed.

“That woman seems to be very powerful, but just who are they? What is happening? Unexpectedly, even the Seven Star Lin Chong cannot defeat her?” Xie Chang’an was incredulous.

“Your Highness, what do we do?” Seeing that powerful opponent, Huyan Shuang was somewhat restless.

Xie Chang’an felt that there was nothing remarkable when he saw that Su Xing was surprisingly able to match that woman for a hundred bouts, “This time, we will help the Purple Thunder Monster. In the later Seven Stars Uprising, this will be fine.” They were already unable to defeat the Purple Thunder Monster anyways, so it would be better to be straightforward with their goodwill. “Furthermore, Shuang’er, you must want to fight a war.” Xie Chang’an smiled.

“I happen to have this intent.”

Xie Chang’an and Huyan Shuang immediately moved to attack Shi Xian. At this time, Xin Lao also reached Seven Worthies Forest, but her idea of friend and foe was different from Xie Chang’an. The expressionless woman merely stared, resentment flickering in her eyes.

“This woman is too powerful.”

Wu Xinjie had never met such a strong opponent. Lin Yingmei’s strength was second only to the previous Overlord across all of the past Star Duels. Add on True Phoenix martial generals like Wu Siyou and Hu Niangzi, even if they ran into Hu Banzhuang now, they would have absolute power to win. But against Shi Xian, if it was not for Lin Yingmei doing everything she could to inhibit Shi Xian, Wu Xinjie practically could see them dying to that sword.

That Phoenix Splitter Sword was too strange. True Phoenix martial generals practically held no advantages before this sword.

“Die, for the sake of avenging Mingxi.” Ding Wanjing still was continuously launching arrows at Shi Xian. It was thanks to her arrows that Shi Xian was unable to completely display her own martial arts. 

Shi Xian felt irritated, slashing at her.

A blood-light saved Ding Wanjing again. “You’re no match for her. Calm down a bit.” Su Xing saw this berserk girl and rebuked her.

“I want to avenge Mingxi.” Ding Wanjing felt her blood boil. Just a little more, and she could comprehend Heaven Rank. “Don’t stop me…” Ding Wanjing shoved Su Xing away, continuing to fire Arrow Force Under Heaven again and again at Shi Xian. Su Xing was left with no choice but to protect her. His exceptional martial arts could barely ward off Shi Xian as he pulled Ding Wanjing around in evasive maneuvers.

“Watch Wanjing’s Heaven Rank!” Ding Wanjing finally sensed the structure of her Destined Weapon’s Heaven Rank. With delight in her heart, she did not hesitate to activate it.

Ding Wanjing pointed at the sky. Innumerable arrows flew into the heavens, and the sky was immediately pitch-black.4 In that pitch-black darkness, countless star-lights glimmered. The girl then pulled her hand back, as if she was pulling apart the sky like a curtain. The stars filling the sky immediately fell. That feeling was like the entire starry sky had become a weapon of fury in her hands.

Heaven Rank

Stars Falling From Heaven!!5

This girl’s Heaven Rank was honestly too violent. Su Xing was left with no choice but to withdraw. The dreadful attack made Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou unable to avoid temporarily pulling away from Shi Xian. When the ten thousand arrows descended, the Milky Way seemed to fall on Shi Xian’s head, covering the woman. 

“Revenge for Mingxi!!” Ding Wanjing finished her Heaven Rank and was already completely exhausted.

At this moment, she caught sight of Sick Tiger Xue Mingxi’s Star Weapon, Good And Evil Karma Banner. Sniffling and choking with sobs, she walked over to retrieve the Star Weapon. 

“Shit.” Su Xing felt ominous when he saw her lower her guard. He once again used the Chaotic Tail Escape, but this time, Shi Xian was even faster.

Blood-light pierced through Ding Wanjing’s body, instantly killing her.

Shi Xian was angry.

“Hegemon Crosses The Land Unimpeded!” Su Xing looked at the Shi Xian so close at hand and used the Purple Brilliant Reclining Moon Blade’s Earth Rank.

An unrivalled power burst out and made Su Xing unstoppable. Shi Xian used her sword to block, surprisingly unable to ward the blow off.6

“Purple Thunder Monster, how about This Highness helps you.”

Just at this moment, an arrogant voice came from the side. Xie Chang’an appeared, the Six Patriarchs Sarira protecting his body alongside the Eight Legions of Naga And Deva Protection, a spectacular sight. Huyan Shuang was beside him, raising Wind And Moon Unmatched, gracefully using them as whips, drawing them down elegantly.

“You idiot! Leave now!!”

Su Xing cursed.

The arrogant Xie Chang’an basically had no room to respond. Shi Xian bounded over with a single step, once again using No Return.

Enough, she had had enough of the provocations from these stupid men.

His surroundings all vanished. Xie Chang’an fundamentally did not have martial force like Su Xing’s that could defend against a True Phoenix martial general, but Xie Chang’an still was considerably confident. His Six Patriarchs Platform Sutra Sarira was the supreme power of Buddhism, and with the Eight Legions of Naga and Deva Protection, even Lin Chong could not possibly kill him so easily.

All of his magnificent ideas and delusions were ended alongside his arrogance by the Phoenix Splitter’s slash.

The Six Patriarchs Sarira were directly disintegrated by her killing intent. This great magic weapon formed from Supervoid Cultivators could not withstand a single blow, let alone the Eight Legions Of Naga And Deva Protection. The colored glass world promptly collapsed. Xie Chang’an was somewhat in disbelief.

Shi Xian hated men, especially those with self-aggrandizing gazes. Therefore, she took Xie Chang’an’s head with a single swing, then hacked this head to pieces with another.

“Your…Highness…” Huyan Shuang vomited blood. Her eyes dimmed, and she nearly fainted.

The next instant.

Shi Xian ruthlessly ended the girl’s grief.

Prestige Star, Starfall.

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  1. Boomer moment here, “Damn kids…So noisy.”
  2. She is equal to Su Xing, in other words.
  3. Holy Lord is an exception since she hadn’t even met Su Xing existed at the time.
  4. We will fight in the shade!
  5. 隕落星辰
  6. Makes you wonder how much of a fight Guan Ying was able to put up against the Four Generals.


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