Chapter 763: Super Kill

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A hundred kilometers away from Maiden Mountain’s Seven Worthies Forest, on another peak adjacent to Maiden Mountain, Xie Zhenyuan stared glumly at the path leading up, for it was being obstructed by an invisible force.

Yang Luoshui said. “It appears the Purple Thunder Monster’s side is not done yet.”

Xie Zhenyuan nodded, but he had never imagined the Monster Slaying Alliance would already be crushed. Now, no one else had the qualifications to stop him from becoming Overlord. “No matter what, we will wait for them to exhaust themselves before entering the fray ourselves. Until the moment comes that we climb the mountain, I believe the Purple Thunder Monster will not pursue us.” Xie Zhenyuan had already determined his idea to turn this crisis into his gain, to become the last Seven Stars Assembly. Perhaps he held no significance towards becoming Overlord, but in order to obtain a change, he could only place this miniscule hope that scaling the mountain would have variables. A biting cold suddenly descended.

The temperature of the world sharply plunged. Hou Ruolan only felt a chill enter her bones, shrinking her little shoulders back against Xie Zhenyuan’s chest.

Xie Zhenyuan and Yang Luoshui were shocked and looked at one another.

A layer of extreme cold rolled over, covering them in ice and frost. A heavy snowfall surprisingly descended.

The season was clearly still spring, but in the blink of an eye, Maiden Mountain entered an ice-cold winter.

Xie Zhenyuan could distinctly sense that this abnormal change in the seasons came from some ice-cold Star Maiden’s handiwork.

“Heaven Rank?” Yang Luoshui was astonished.

The white world made Xie Zhenyuan’s expression turn even more serious. Although he did not know what was happening at that other part of Maiden Mountain, to surprisingly make Panther Head Lin Chong use her Heaven Rank that was able to change the seasons, Xie Zhenyuan’s mind felt even more powerless and dejected. “We must climb the mountain as quickly as possible.”

Fearing a change in the situation, Xie Zhenyuan once again circulated his feeble Star Energy, rushing towards Maiden Mountain.

Secure Star Yang Luoshui silently turned her head back to watch her master act without integrity. That crazed manner was like an out-of-control beast. Even Hou Ruolan who was clutched against his chest did not dare say a word. Yang Luoshui sighed. When she originally signed a contract with Xie Zhenyuan, she saw this man’s nature was elegant and unyielding. Even while she was in her own Heavenly Prison, he still maintained absolute composure in the face of so much mockery. Now, it seemed that self-confidence was all established upon her own existence. When they became losers, was everyone unable to avoid becoming ridiculous clowns?

Yang Luoshui suddenly remembered that man who rescued her from inside the lethal array. Shaking her head, Yang Luoshui dispelled this shadow from her mind. Just as she was about to step forward and stop Xie Zhenyuan from going out of control, she suddenly sensed danger at this moment, “Master, look out!” Yang Luoshui shouted.

Xie Zhenyuan was startled. A black shadow abruptly appeared before him, chilling daggers directly aiming for his vitals.

The enemy sneak attack was extremely quick, their concealment extremely deep. No one could have anticipated this.

“Big Brother!” Hou Ruolan threw herself in the way, using her body as a shield. The daggers mercilessly blossomed against the girl’s neck, directly killing her. The black shadow finally revealed itself shockingly to be Guardian Star Mu Duiying.

“To think you still have not died!!” Xie Zhenyuan was resentful to the extreme. Back then at Three Clarities Field, he had used the sect-protecting array to trap and attack Mu Duiying, heavily injuring her. In the end, this assassin somehow plunged out of the array, escaping with her life. However, with injuries so serious, she could not possibly live for too long. He never imagined that not only would she live for even longer, she surprisingly was looking for payback.

Targeted by such an assassin, Xie Zhenyuan felt chills for the first time.

“Revenge for Elder Sister.” Mu Duiying continued her attack.

An assassin that did not succeed at the first strike had lost their greatest advantage. Xie Zhenyuan sneered: “Fine, killing you will restore a bit of my Star Energy.”

Blade-light flowed quickly. Yang Luoshui cut into Mu Duiying with her sword.

“Little Sister, you should have run away back then!!” The Secure Star was not at all sorry that this Earthly Star Little Sister had overestimated herself.

Xie Zhenyuan malevolently smiled: “Kill her!” To take an assassin like this would be a considerable gain.

Just as Yang Luoshui was about to deliver the finishing blow, Mu Duiying tottered blankly. Fearing she was about to use another trick, Yang Luoshui used Heavenly Prison to firmly trap her.

The Xie Zhenyuan who was pulling back in preparation to use a hand seal abruptly felt a chill on his back. A shining dagger stabbed through his spine, breaking out of his internal organs, spraying blood. His blood ran cold. Xie Zhenyuan’s smile ended spontaneously. He looked in disbelief at the daggertips jutting out from his chest then turned to look at the assassin who had been cut down by Yang Luoshui.

“Impossible.” Out of the corner of his eye, Xie Zhenyuan saw that very same assassin’s cold pupils behind him.

Shockingly, this was another Mu Duiying.

When Xie Zhenyuan turned his head back, another Mu Duiying was leaping at him from the front to take his life.

“This is…” The obsession Xie Zhenyuan had for the Star Duels cooled along with gushing, hot blood. He was unreconciled, in despair, mournful. All his feelings of fear towards death were crammed into his body that was losing blood. Xie Zhenyuan gazed at this dimwitted girl, feeling dread and remorse from the core of his being for the first time, but in the end, as a figure like Hou Ruolan’s appeared, all of his negative feelings vanished into thin air. This adorable girl had given Xie Zhenyuan endless motivation and comfort.1

Mu Duiying drew back her dagger. Xie Zhenyuan fell to his knees, his eyes dim. “Well done.” Xie Zhenyuan let out inaudible praise, this time lowering his head forever. 

“Elder Sister, I have surpassed you.” The three Mu Duiyings spoke at the same time, becoming one.

This was Third Watch!!

“Master!!” Yang Luoshui was heartbroken, turning around with the Frost Magnificence Shining Moon glowing. Heaven Rank “Samsara Six Paths Annihilation”2 was activated.

Bright Moon Longevity Palace.

Gu Tong, Shi Yuan, Tang Lianxin, and Zhang Yuqi were very nervous. The atmosphere near Maiden Mountain abruptly changed, plunging into a cold winter as far as the eye could see, surprisingly affecting even the Longevity Palace’s surroundings. The girls very quickly sensed this was the work of Lin Yingmei. The Tangtang in Gu Tong’s embrace could not help but hold her mother even tighter.

“Just who is Su Xing’s enemy, to be powerful enough to make Sister Yingmei use her Heaven Rank?” Shi Yuan watched ten thousand li turn wintry under Lin Yingmei’s attack, feeling deep worry.

“There is no point in us going either. We will only add to Elder Brother’s burdens.” Tang Lianxin wanted to help but was powerless.

They turned quiet. For them, dying would not really matter, but the crucial point was that falling into Su Xing’s Star Nest would influence him negatively. At the current stage, there was nothing they could do aside from waiting inside the Longevity Palace. “Young Su has so many Elder Sisters helping him, there is no need to worry.” Zhang Feiyu said. “But it’s probably better to make the Longevity Palace head over.”

Gu Tong nodded.

“Mama.” At this moment, Tangtang tugged the hem of Gu Tong’s clothes. The little loli pointed behind them.

Everyone looked.

A ray of golden light was rapidly closing.3

“Long Blizzard Nights.”

“Freezing Frost Of Nine Provinces.”

“Ice-heart Seals Sun And Moon.”

“Cold Dream Freezes Thousand Years.”

Wu Xinjie muttered, smiling in spite of herself. Lin Yingmei’s Heaven, Earth, Dark, Yellow Techniques were honestly interesting, but she wondered whether or not they could defeat Shi Xian.

The blizzard finally ended. The world that entered her eyes was already completely white, an endless expanse of snow. Lin Yingmei retracted her spear.

Shi Xian was still standing, the Phoenix Splitter Sword’s blood-light glowing, emitting a frightening dignity. Her clothes and armor were cracked, cutting a somewhat sorry figure.

“This woman is so strong.” Wu Siyou panted. After using her Heaven Earth Dark Yellow, the Pilgrim was already unable to continue battle, but she suddenly felt powerless looking at Shi Xian. Even her Do Not Laugh Laying Drunk On Battlefield and Lin Yingmei’s Seven Star Heaven Rank were unexpectedly still unable to defeat her.

“I fear her Innate Skill is hindering you all, and that Star Weapon is also very dangerous.” Su Xing shook his head.

Wu Siyou frowned, frustration written on her face.

“Rest for now, she ought to be almost at her limit. Leave this to me.” Su Xing patted Wu Siyou.

Wu Siyou nodded and was supported to a safe distance by Xi Yue.

Shi Xian’s robes were already torn. The woman wiped away the blood at the corner of her mouth, slowly opening her eyes, “Now, you can all go die!!” Shi Xian raised the Phoenix Splitter, bursting with a murderous aura. “Your Servant shall accompany you.” Lin Yingmei raised her spear, about to launch an assault again.

Cold light slashed, and a young woman stood between them. Following a wave of her hand, she repelled Lin Yingmei, and then her hand pointed to freeze Shi Xian on the spot.

Wu Xinjie and the others turned pale with fright, thinking this woman had finally taken action. Even the Chao Gai spectating from faraway felt her chest tighten. Fortunately, Fang Moujia had no interest in battle. She slowly said: “Enough, stop this.”

The Slaughter Star suppressed her killing intent, raising her brows: “Your Highness!”

“No more fighting, just let Su Xing climb the mountain.” Having seen Shi Xian open a massacre, Fang Moujia once again lost any intent to fight, feeling only dry tedium. “Su Xing, Moujia believes in you…”

“Please forgive Shi Xian for refusing this order!!” Shi Xian interrupted Fang Moujia.

“Shi Xian!” Fang Moujia wrinkled her brow.

“Your Highness, please kill Shi Xian. Otherwise, Shi Xian will kill this man for sure.” Shi Xian’s words left no room for retreat.

“Must you actually be like this? Perhaps the one who dies will be you. Wude, Shu’er, and Niang’er have all already been defeated.” Fang Moujia shook her head.

Shi Xian smiled: “Your Highness, did you not say that he can end the Star Duels on your behalf? Then how about this. If he kills Your Servant, then that demonstrates he indeed has these qualifications. But if he is unable to even surpass Your Servant, This General will not acknowledge that this man has any capabilities to satisfy Your Highness’ wish.”

“Are you serious?” Fang Moujia softly said.

“Ever since Your Servant has followed Your Highness, this is the most serious Shi Xian has been.” Shi Xian completely opened her eyes, without the contempt she had before.

Fang Moujia’s killing intent vanished formlessly. The girl looked at Su Xing, her blue eyes carrying a bit of melancholy.

Su Xing stepped forth, saying: “That’s perfect. Let’s see who’s stronger. I’ll have to ask those Sisters of my wives if I’m unable to kill Shi Xian.”

“Just you?” Shi Xian sneered disdainfully. Top-notch Star Maidens were no match for her, let alone an insignificant Star Master. This was truly too ridiculous.

“Su Xing, do you truly not need Your Humble Servant to take action?” Wu Konghou slightly grinned.

“Senior Konghou, you came.” Chai Ling was delighted.

Looking at the galaxy-like Nine Star Noble Frost Demonic Lotus swords in Wu Konghou’s hands, Su Xing was somewhat dazzled. Sure enough, she was the Eighth Overlord.

“This is the grudge between her and me and my wives. No need to trouble Senior.” Su Xing bowed respectfully.

“As expected of the man that caught Your Humble Servant’s eye. Very good, very good.” Wu Konghou said in satisfaction.

“Arrogance. Soon, This General shall kill you as well.” Shi Xian said matter-of-factly.

Fang Moujia shut her eyes, floating into the air. A white light glowed, and behind her, the figure of a Xuannü of Ninth Heaven manifested. The girl herself was like this Xuannü. Everyone was speechless. “Then, fine. Major, if you and your allies can get past Shi Xian, then I, Fang Moujia, shall acknowledge that you are able to change the situation of the Star Duels.”

“Many thanks to Your Highness for your understanding.” Shi Xian knelt on the ground.

Fang Moujia looked at Shi Xian and sighed, “Look out for yourself, Shi Xian.”

The girl shook her head, vanishing from the center of them. Wu Konghou’s lips curled into a grin.

“To be able to receive Her Highness’ admiration is your good fortune. However, This General will not permit any man to sully Her Majesty’s eyes…” Shi Xian rose, raising her blade. Her gaze floated over Lin Yingmei, Su Xing, Wu Siyou, Hu Niangzi, and the rest one by one. “This General’s Phoenix Splitter has felled countless True Phoenix Star Generals. Killing you all will require only one attack.”

The Phoenix Splitter was held aloft. Shi Xian’s killing intent vanished without a trace.

“An Earth Rank? One attack is unavoidably too arrogant.” Su Xing readied his full power, secretly seizing the Liangshan Seal and Five Dragons Lantern.

“The Smiling Killing Immortal’s ‘Super Kill’ is indeed so.”

An indifferent voice entered everyone’s ears. Su Xing looked to see fluttering white clothes and a slender figure. A woman holding an extremely long tachi leisurely walked over.

Uesugi Musou.

“Uesugi Musou, what did you come here for? I don’t need you to do anything. This grudge is between me and her.” Su Xing said in a low voice.

The woman’s eyes were apathetic, “Musou is merely giving you a bit of an Innate Skill for self-preservation. Against Shi Xian, Musou has no plans at all to take action.”

Su Xing was taken aback.

The woman waved her sword. All of a sudden, everyone felt their Realms immediately increase.

“Musou’s Realm Commander can allow the Star Generals in her surroundings to increase their Realm. This is the most we can do. This Shi Xian is considerably fearsome.” Koito said.

Seeing them so serious, everyone felt like they were facing a great menace.

“Shi Xian’s Super Kill can instantly slay the targets in her surroundings. You had best keep your distance.” Li Shishi promptly warned.


Su Xing did not hesitate, tossing the Liangshan Seal. The Ten Thousand Calamities Chains wrapped around Shi Xian’s surroundings.

All space around Shi Xian was incomparably quiet. The previously terrifying killing intent seemed to be an illusion, but Su Xing understood this was merely the calm before the storm. Su Xing used full power to control the Liangshan Seal. It became a mountain ten thousand chi in size, seemingly smashing even Maiden Mountain as it hurtled towards Shi Xian.

“We will have to be a bit more careful.”

Zhao Hanyan, Gong Caiwei, and Xi Yue also brought out several self-protection magic weapons.

Shi Xian suddenly roared.

Then came the storm, finally.

There was a rumbling boom. The layers of Ten Thousand Calamities Chains were surprisingly disintegrated. The chains that had been forged and tempered with heavenly calamities were unexpectedly unable to last against Shi Xian’s murderous aura. This shocked Su Xing. “Die, all of you!!” Shi Xian swung her sword.

This is bad!!!

Without any warning, Su Xing, Chai Ling, Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, Hu Niangzi, Hua Wanyue, Wu Xinjie, Li Shishi, Uesugi Musou and the others were abruptly met with the attack from Shi Xian’s Phoenix Splitter. Everyone had clearly spread out already, but Shi Xian surprisingly enveloped them all within her attack range in a single instant. Her speed was at the peak of swiftness. Even the Chaotic Tail Escape would be eating her dust.

Blood-light and sword-qi blossomed on everyone’s bodies.

Without any room for openings or thinking.

An attack without any suspense.

The first wave of sword-light arrived very suddenly. Everyone’s defenses crumbled, and sword-light blasted them in the chest, staining the ground with blood.

When the second wave of sword-light came, Su Xing felt an unprecedented danger. When the blade-light pierced his chest, he controlled Purple Cloud East Approaches and dragged the Liangshan Seal down. This enormous Liangshan Seal finally brought heavy pressure that made Shi Xian’s Earth Rank become less unbearable.

A heaven-shaking noise.

The Phoenix Splitter’s sword-light cleaved the Liangshan Seal apart. This Supreme Grade magic weapon that could shake Liangshan Continent thus broke apart like this.4

“I underestimated you.”

Liangshan split apart. Shi Xian appeared in the middle, giant fragments of rock falling all around her. She swept her gaze over everyone. This man’s magic energy was stronger than she had imagined, to surprisingly have injured her, using a magic weapon to inhibit her strongest attack. Looking at the blood dripping off the Phoenix Splitter’s swordtip, Shi Xian’s expression was even more gloomy.

Lin Yingmei, Hua Wanyue, Hu Niangzi and the others had been slashed. They were all on their knees, their bodies covered in blood. Even Uesugi Musou’s incomparably white clothes were stained red. The girl herself also stuck her sword into the ground, having fallen to a knee.

They were practically all defeated.

This was Shi Xian’s.

Earth Rank.

Super Kill!

Only an Earth Rank.

“This will be dangerous.” Wu Konghou saw that she herself had been struck. She used her hand to trace the wound, licking the blood off her fingers.

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  1. This is a vision of his actual little sister.
  2. 輪迴六道滅絕
  3. She’s here, Lu Xiao is here! I’d picture her looking a lot like intercontinental Rhongomyniad from FGO Lostbelt 5, Olympus.
  4. The very symbol of Liangshan Continent is destroyed.


  1. Her gaze floated over Lin Yingmei, SU Xing, Wu Siyou, Hu Niangzi, and the rest one by one.
    SU > Su

    “Shi Xian’s Super Kill can instantly slay the targets in her surroundings. YOu had best keep you distance.”
    YOu > You

    Without any warning, Su Xing, Chai Ling, Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, Hu Niangzi, Hua Wanyue, Wu XInjie, Li Shishi, Uesugi Musou and the others were abruptly met with the attack from Shi Xian’s Phoenix Splitter.
    XInjie > Xinjie

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    …Qnd yeah, ngl. I feel bad for Hou Ruolan….
    She reminded me of Tangtang, but more pitiable….

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