Chapter 766: Ancient Worries Now End, Snow Across Ten Thousand Li

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Purple and gold Star Crests flashed upon Su Xing and Lu Xiao’s foreheads. A profound light wrapped around the two, and all of their injuries were fully recovered.

Su Xing ended the deep kiss. He looked at the Lu Xiao who had lost herself due to her first kiss.

“You took advantage of Xiao’er…” Lu Xiao’s face was red, springing up from the ground. Jade Qilin glared at Su Xing, as if saying, If you want to sign a contract, just sign it, to use a kiss for the Kiss Contract is honestly too obscene.

Su Xing smiled out of embarrassment. Due to the fact the contracts he signed with his other wives were practically all Kiss Contracts, the result was that he had naturally become accustomed. However, now was not the time to be worried about this. Gu Tong and the others were completely without any chance of victory against Shi Xian and were stuck in a dangerous place. “Husband, can you help Xiao’er hold off Shi Xian for a moment?” Lu Xiao gazed at Shi Xian. Although she already relied on the contract to resuscitate herself, Jade Qilin was much calmer and not like before, thinking of blindly settling a battle against Shi Xian.

With Shi Xian’s current powerful killing intent, she still had enough to spare facing against the peak Lu Xiao

“What’s your plan?”

Lu Xiao took out her last Heavenly Book that had yet to be refined. “Xiao’er wants to continue refining this, to comprehend Heaven Rank against Shi Xian, and then kill her before she can use her Heaven Rank.” Signing a contract was just like getting married. Even the haughty Jade Qilin had a sense of responsibility.

Su Xing was quite gratified and nodded.

“Husband, you must not die…” Lu Xiao was still very worried, to make a Star Master battle against an enemy capable of slaying Star Generals, this had never occurred in the Star Duels. However, towards this man, Lu Xiao was still somewhat confident.

“I won’t, we still haven’t consummated.” Su Xing laughed out loud.

Lu Xiao’s face reddened again. This time, she did not scold him, instead, showing slight bashfulness: “Sure, if Husband can survive, Xiao’er shall oblige you.”

“Then I cannot die.” Su Xing turned around and launched an attack on Shi Xian.

Lu Xiao breathed deeply, putting all her power into refining the Former Heavenly Book. She could already sense her Heaven Rank.

The four Supervoid Stage Puppets that Shi Yuan summoned were slain by Shi Xian with only a few strokes of her sword. Gu Tong, Tang Lianxin, and Zhang Yuqi were unable to withstand her for too long, injuries appearing one after another over their bodies. Su Xing and Lu Xiao’s contract transpired very quickly, but Shi Xian had completely overpowered the girls. “This man’s women actually are very numerous, but they merely send themselves to die.” Shi Xian sneered, appeared in front of Zhang Yuqi in an instant, bringing her sword down.

Zhang Yuqi shut her eyes and waited for death. All of a sudden, an upright figured obscured her view, bringing a boundless sense of safety.


Shi Xian’s Phoenix Splitter was stopped.

“Young Su.” Zhang Yuqi was astonished.

“Yuqi, you and the others retreat. Just leave this place to me.” Su Xing was serious. Those not like a top-notch martial general basically could not last more than a few moves, and he did not want to see them injured. Zhao Yuqi and the other girls understood, leaving their battle range one after another.

“You have worked hard, Little Sisters.” Wu Xinjie said to them.

“Is Su Xing facing her alone?” Shi Yuan was anxious.

“Believe in Big Sister.”1

Shi Xian’s expression was strange. She was increasingly unable to see through the man in front of her. She honestly could not understand how he could surprisingly step forth himself to die. What he should have done was have that restored Jade Qilin fight again, was that not supposed to be the case? This kind of bewilderment made Shi Xian become somewhat irritated, her killing intent increasingly intense. A man like this posed a danger to Her Highness. It was imperative to destroy him here.


Sword-light arrived in front of Su Xing in the blink of an eye, only to be stopped by the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber. Shi Xian disdainfully pushed down on her sword, the scraping between blades showering sparks everywhere, blinding to the eye. Several seconds passed – to the Su Xing who was engaged in combat, these seconds seemed as long as centuries.

Su Xing’s sword-light was abruptly destroyed. Shi Xian once again launched an unstoppable assault.

Wounds very quickly appeared on his body. Su Xing evaded, raising the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber in his left hand, activating Earth Rank “Clothes Full Of Flower Fragrance.” This Earth Rank did not bring a major effect at all. Shi Xian relied on her formidable fighting talent to ward off this Earth Rank with more than enough room to spare. Following the end of the Earth Rank, the Dragon Dew Long Saber vanished from his left hand. 

Shi Xian seized her chance, the tip of her sword swinging around.

Purple Cloud East Approaches fired from Su Xing’s left hand. Pervasive purple clouds wrapped around the blood-colored sword-light, but Shi Xian roared and twisted her wrist to rip apart Purple Cloud East Approaches. Su Xing promptly retreated.

A dozen blows were exchanged in the blink of an eye.

Su Xing and Shi Xian’s high-speed battle made the others feel stifled, unable to turn their gazes away.

Shi Xian did not dare believe that there would unexpectedly be a Star Master that could surprisingly resist against her for so long. Even if she was heavily injured, she was fully confident that confronting a Star Master was within her reach.

The woman once again opened her eyes brimming with killing intent. She swung her sword.

Broken Destiny.

A feeling of danger once again burst across Su Xing’s whole body. Su Xing spat, forming Instant Frost Flame into a silver ice arrow that shot towards the incoming blood-light. The air temperature plunged, reaching the freezing point. With Shi Xian’s wrist frozen, the attack was unable to follow up on its timing.

But even so, the previous sword-light still tore Su Xing up with major wounds.

Su Xing’s right hand gripped the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber and slashed back. Shi Xian brandished her sword, but at this moment, Su Xing abruptly used Light Smoke Dance Steps to evade Shi Xian’s sword. The girl spun around, but Su Xing was even faster. The Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber instantly released countless rays of saber-qi. This saber-qi wove into a net in midair, surprisingly trapping Shi Xian in the middle.

For the moment, Shi Xian was caught off guard. By the time she realized it, Su Xing was already using the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber’s Earth Rank.

Heavenly Punishment Earthly Destruction!!

The saber-qi interwoven into a net wrapped around Shi Xian’s whole body, sweeping forth with blind cold light. The glaring saber-light  was dazzling, and the entire space was shredded by the saber-light. Even a single glance was blinding. After using the Earth Rank, Su Xing felt even more exhausted as he fell to a knee.

The Heavenly Punishment Earthly Destruction ended. Shi Xian’s whole body was already tattered and ragged, but she was like an arrogant existence on the edge of a cliff that simply refused to fall down.

She is impossible to defeat!

This was the fear she brought to everyone.

“I will mince you to bits for sure.” Shi Xian held her claymore inverted, but the next moment, Su Xing was charging into her chest. Before the woman could realize what was happening, Frost Moon Ruinous Light was already stabbed into her body, stunning Shi Xian.2

Su Xing’s eyes concealed a trace of grief. These double daggers that Mu Duiying transferred caught Shi Xian off guard. Shi Xian drew back, infuriated, preparing to behead Su Xing.

Su Xing smirked.

A golden figure rushed out from behind him and directly repelled Shi Xian. Shi Xian retreated, digging her legs into the ground, steadying her sorry figure.

Lu Xiao winked dazzlingly at Su Xing as she stood beside him, “Husband, have a good rest. Leave the rest to Xiao’er…”

“Remember that we need to consummate…”

“Go.” Lu Xiao spat, staring at Shi Xian before instantly launching her assault.

“Hmph.” Shi Xian was disdainful. Her whole body shuddered, gathering her strength.

Lu Xiao first used a Yellow Technique “Qilin-fall Skyflash.” Shi Xian waved her sword and easily broke this Yellow Technique, yet Lu Xiao had already closed the distance. Her second attack Dark Technique “Cavalry Breaks Apart Thousand Militaries” then followed up. Like a hot knife through butter, the Golden Qilin Lance wrapped in the power of a thousand cavalry stabbed into Shi Xian’s chest, pushing the woman heavily back.

But this was far from enough to kill Shi Xian. Therefore, her third attack Earth Rank “Qilin Descends Into World” made use of everything to link to her Dark Rank. A giant qilin descended from the heavens and clashed with Shi Xian once again. The Phoenix Splitter and Golden Qilin lance bit at one another. This time, Lu Xiao seized the advantage, forcing Shi Xian down to a knee. The woman half-bent her leg, brandishing sword-light as fast as lightning. Her powerful Innate Skill and the Phoenix Splitter warded off Lu Xiao.

Lu Xiao attack was not finished yet. In that instant she drew back, the Strength Star Jade Qilin who had refined her sixth Heavenly Book already broke into a crafty grin. Jade Qilin’s Heaven Rank Technique was used for the first time in a thousand years.

Ancient Worries Now End, Snow Across Ten Thousand Li!3

This simple and unremarkable thrust stabbed through time, space and human definitions. Although Shi Xian had prepared everything, she was still unable to defend and was stabbed. With this thrust, the worries of the world and the resentment of humanity all gathered in the lance and vanished. Shi Xian stared blankly at the lance that had run through her body.

Lu Xiao chained her four Yellow, Dark, Earth, and Heaven Techniques together as simply as if she was painting, all in one go. In Xuan Yunshang’s words, “Lu Xiao’s attack methods became even more practiced after marriage.”

Maiden Mountain was silent.

Everyone saw that Lu Xiao had stabbed through Shi Xian. The Jade Qilin’s formidable Heaven Rank erupted, breaking apart Shi Xian’s internal organs. The woman vomited blood and was sent flying.

But as expected of Star World’s strongest martial general, even with this, Shi Xian still did not fall.

“How is this possible…” Lu Xiao was unable to fathom how her Heaven Rank was still unable to kill Shi Xian.4

“This is bad.” Su Xing shouted.

“All of you can go to hell!” Shi Xian was enraged. Her calm face contorted malevolently. The woman shouted, launching herself straight up into the nine firmaments, very quickly vanishing from sight. Without letting Su Xing and the others taste even the fluke of a hint of victory, a powerful force abruptly assaulted them, shaking Liangshan Continent in its entirety.

“What is happening?”

Everyone was startled.

An unbelievable scene appeared before their eyes. Countless blood-lights erupted upwards from the ground, rising into the heavens. As far as the eye could see, blood-lights soared. There were millions upon millions. These blood-lights contained the blood and qi of all of Liangshan Continent’s cultivators. Now, they were all absorbed by Shi Xian.

Mountains And Rivers Pavilion. Emperor Liang was in agony, propping himself up with a banister. Down below, millions of soldiers were collapsed on the ground in pain. The blood stripped from their bodies ascended directly into the heavenly sea of clouds. Although Emperor Liang used his magic energy to resist as much as he could, he was still unable to avoid having his blood taken bit by bit.

“This is…” Emperor Liang was shocked.

At the same time, millions of people across Liangshan Continent in the East Sea, the Black Turtle Territory and White Tiger Territory were all experiencing this phenomenon at the same time.

Millions of blood-lights gathered above Maiden Mountain, obscuring the Crimson Stars in the sky. Immediately, it became an unfathomable sea of blood.

Su Xing’s whole body shuddered uncontrollably. Even Lin Yingmei and the others became pale one by one.

“Heaven Rank…”

Final Blood Grounds.5

Shi Xian’s Heaven Rank was used at last.

“Can it be we are still unable to avoid this fate in the end.” Xuan Yunshang toppled weakly onto the ground.

Zhao Hanyan, Gong Caiwei, Xi Yue, and the other girls were at a loss of what to do. They did not know what the best course of action was.

“Hè.” Lu Xiao attempted to charge into the sky, but before she could get close, she was repelled. At the same time, the Phoenix Restraint Innate Skill was active. No True Phoenix martial general could approach.

Author’s Note:

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  1. Obviously referring to Lu Xiao.
  2. Even in death, Mu Duiying is still helping Su Xing.
  3. 亙古愁絕,萬里江山雪
  4. Shi Xian has taken 5 or 6 Heaven Ranks at this point in addition to a couple Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skills.
  5. 最終血場


  1. 1. ….Jesus! Not only can Xian’s innate skill cripple anybody who’s True Phoenix, but anybody lower than that is just committing suicide. Then there’s the fact that she could straight up tank repeated Heaven Rank skills, multiple combos, and a dozen foes….
    Granted, Shi Xian hadn’t even managed to kill anybody on Su Xing’s side either, but still…
    ….Talk about an OP Final boss. Granted, she can’t blink ppl yo death like Moujia, but that life draining Heaven Rank of Xian’s is pretty messed up…
    2. Poor Mu Duiying…. I’m gonna miss her…
    3. Y’know, these girls can change gears way too damn fast after they get married…. it’s honestly a bit scary how m7ch of a 180 they can pull….

    1. Shi Xian boils down to this:
      1. Innate Skill: Buffs herself with damage resistance against True Phoenix while also debuffing True Phoenix enemies.
      2: Star Weapon: Phoenix Splitter debuffs the enemy Star General. It may even debuff True Phoenix Star Generals even further.
      3: The only existence that can counter her is a Star Master/Star Cultivator since none of her buffs and debuffs work on normal humans. This means that Su Xing is the single person in the world who stood even a chance against her. Even then, it required what I’m assuming is Song Jiang’s Heaven Rank buffing the shit out of him with the combined power of 108 Star Maidens.

  2. “A man like this posed a danger to Her Highness. It was imperative to destroy him here.”

    Looking at Su Xing’s track record, he only poses a danger to Fang Moujia’s chastity :’)
    But I guess that is precisely what Shi Xian would be most afraid off 😛

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