Chapter 767: See You Again

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No one could have imagined that not only would Lu Xiao’s Heaven Rank “Ancient Worries Now End, Snow Falls Across Ten Thousand Li” fail to kill Shi Xian, it would instead make her use a Heaven Rank that was practically capable of destroying Liangshan Continent.

“Xing’er, use this Certificate to protect your life.” Chai Ling dutifully gave her Red Ink Iron Certificate to Su Xing. Although she did not know if it would be useful, the Noble Star could only make this gamble now. Everyone could sense the might of Shi Xian’s Heaven Rank. Without a doubt, after it formed, all life on Liangshan Continent would be destroyed.

“It is over.” Li Shishi was in despair, “Song Jiang, only you can face Shi Xian!” The Splendid Star abruptly recalled something, but Leader Star Song Qingci was completely blank.

“Use your Justice On Heaven’s Behalf Uprising Banner.” A voice suddenly appeared.

“Chao Gai!!”

Chao Gai’s expression was grim: “Shi Xian’s Heaven Rank will destroy Liangshan Continent. Using the Justice On Heaven’s Behalf Uprising Banner, you can intrude into her Heaven Rank. Before she has finished absorbing the qi and blood of all life to form Final Red Blood Grounds, you can stop her.”1

“Me?” Song Qingci said.

“You cannot go. Against Final Blood Grounds, this is certain death.” Chao Gai shook her head. Song Qingci was too weak. She completely had no way to break through the nine layered bloody sky. Of course, the others were unable to as well, whether it be Lin Yingmei or Lu Xiao. The higher their Realm, the less able the martial general was to approach. In the end, Thousand Buddha Star Chao Wuhui’s gaze fell on Su Xing. “Su Xing, did you not once say that you wanted to end the Star Duels? So long as you kill Shi Xian, This One believes you will achieve that for sure. However, to stop her Heaven Rank, This One fears…”

“I was thinking only I’m able to go. I have to take her down with me, don’t I?” Su Xing’s expression was very calm, placing life and death completely outside his consideration.

“But Lord Su…” Song Qingci was shocked.

Su Xing shook his head. He took the girl’s Justice On Heaven’s Behalf Uprising Banner and gently said: “If I die, promise me that you will end the Star Duels for sure, achieve your Sisters’ wish.”

Song Qingci was shaken. She lifted her tear-stained, beautiful face. Even Xuan Yunshang stared at Su Xing in disbelief. If one was to say before they treated Su Xing’s so-called end the Star Duels as merely a trick to entice their Sisters, to hear Su Xing want to take Song Qingci’s place in this charge against eternal damnation without any hesitation, this courage made Xuan Yunshang feel stifled.

“Do you want to throw your life away?”

“Young Lord.”

“Lord Husband!”

Su Xing’s wives were all in staunch opposition. Everyone wanted to take the place of Su Xing.

“You are only True Spirits. Your True Bodies are still inside Maiden Mountain. After you climb the mountain, Qingci, promise me that you will guarantee Yingmei and the others will be safe and sound.” Su Xing sternly said.

Song Qingci stared blankly at Su Xing.

“Promise me!!” Su Xing shouted.

Song Qingci’s tears spilled once again. The Leader Star did not dare look at him again.

“Allow me!” Gong Caiwei stepped forth. “You cannot throw your life away!”

“I will go.”

Zhao Hanyan and Xi Yue also said.

“You should let a man take care of something like this.”

Su Xing smiled, unafraid of death.

In the end, he looked at all his wives, sweeping his gaze from Lin Yingmei over them one by one, over each girl. Even Lu Xiao’s eyes were red and puffy. Finally, he glanced deep into his mind, but Su Xing did not look for long. If he looked any longer, he was afraid he would never leave, unwilling to sacrifice his life. Therefore, Su Xing charged towards Shi Xian’s Final Blood Grounds without the slightest hesitation.

“You must return, Xiao’er still has not shared a bed with you.” Lu Xiao shouted with all her might from behind.

All sound completely vanished.

All of the girls had pained expressions.

Chao Gai sighed heavily. Li Shishi was even moved. She never imagined that Su Xing would sacrifice himself to oblige Song Jiang. The Splendid Star’s heart ached, and the phoenix flames dispersed, transforming her back into a maid whose crimson pupils leaked two streams of tears.

“This cannot be…” Song Qingci looked at her Heavenly Star Birth Banner. Suddenly recalling Su Xing’s words from before, the girl was immediately resolute.

Borrowing the the Justice On Heaven’s Behalf Banner, Su Xing entered the Final Blood Grounds. That was a world of endless blood. Shi Xian was even more out of reach than the nine firmaments. The blood of Liangshan Continent’s countless creatures was sucked into the Blood Grounds, gathering around Shi Xian. Su Xing cursed and flew towards her.

It was like flying across several thousand li. Su Xing was already finding it difficult to advance an inch. The surrounding blood was viscous, and flight was already at its limit. Su Xing exercised his Star Energy at full power. Star Crests flickered endlessly upon his forehead as he attempted to break through the Sea of Blood. The power of Shi Xian’s Heaven Rank was incomparably frightening. Su Xing felt his consciousness currently ebbing.

Shit, if I keep on going like this, I’ll die before I even get close to her.

Su Xing strained to maintain his consciousness, flying little by little towards the nine firmaments, but progress was becoming harder and harder.

Suddenly, Su Xing caught sight of a golden brocaded woman. The figure of Strength Star Jade Qilin Lu Xiao appeared before him. The girl beamed widely, reaching her hand out and pulling Su Xing. “Husband, Xiao’er is still waiting to share a bedroom with you, you have to come back alive.” The girl waved her hand, powerful energy entered Su Xing’s body. His originally stagnating body immediately soared far upwards. At the same time the Jade Qilin Star Crest on his forehead faded, Su Xing’s figure stopped. Then, Yin Star Gu Tong’s figure appeared behind him. Female Tiger’s roar let out an ear-splitting soundwave.

“Go, my man! Tangtang cannot be without you.”

The power of the soundwave launched Su Xing upwards.

Rat Star Daylight Rat Bai Yutang waited with teary eyes as she pitifully gazed at her Papa. The little loli grabbed Su Xing’s finger with all her might. Su Xing understood her intentions, immediately entering the nine firmaments Blood Grounds.

The fourth to appear was Hero Star Little Li Guang Hua Wanyue. The graceful woman’s face wore a confident grin. She elegantly seized Su Xing, once again pushing Su Xing through the shackles of the sea of blood. Following Su Xing’s figure with her eyes, the phantom of the graceful woman very quickly faded.

“I am waiting for you, Milord.”

Immediately following Hua Wanyue’s appearance was Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Siyou. Su Xing and the cool and elegant Pilgrim stared at each other. Words were not needed between them. Wu Siyou’s long black hair poured down like a torrent, and she sent Su Xing flying even higher.

His eleventh Star General Damage Star White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Yuqi hugged Su Xing, flying upwards as she liked like a mermaid in the sea of blood. Although her figure was fleeting, Su Xing still could sense the warmth in the girl’s heart.

“To have been able to know Young Su, Yuqi is truly fortunate…”

Shi Xian grew closer and closer. At the same time the sea of blood was becoming clearer and clear, it brought even greater pressure. Su Xing entered something even more difficult. Gentle and beautiful, the misty and melancholic figure of a beautiful woman appeared in the sea of blood, an absolute beauty that would make a person practically forget this scene of blood. Bright Star Ten Feet of Blue was gentle, speaking with tenderness: “Wife is willing to share life and death with Dear Husband.”

The young woman used the These Feelings Are Endless Lasso to wrap around Su Xing’s arm, bringing him into the fifth layer of the nine firmaments Blood Grounds.

Solitary Star Lu Shaqing was the eighth to appear. The woman’s face was calm and unmoved, but her expression was showing clear longing. The powerful Lu Shaqing used all of her power to fling Su Xing into a higher sky.

Then, the next to lend her power was Solitary Star Tang Lianxin.

Powerful killing intent suddenly burst out of the blood-light filling the sky, stopping Su Xing’s progress, forcing him down. Skilful Star Yan Yizhen and Thief Star Shi Yuan appeared on Su Xing’s left and right at the same time.


The girls dutifully used their powers at the same time. “This Young Lady is but your third Star General but hasn’t done that with you yet, Su Xing. This Young Lady is very unreconciled.” Shi Yuan’s gloomy voice echoed inside his mind.

Final Blood Ground’s fourth layer of blood light manifested countless sword-lights to skewer Su Xing. An exceedingly refined loli abruptly appeared and swept away this tidal wave of sword-light. The girl gently pulled Su Xing’s hand.

Su Xing progressed to the third layer.

Efficacious Star An Suwen welcomed Su Xing into the third layer.

When Su Xing was already unable to take another step, the Star Crest on his forehead glowed once again. Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie was before him. “Yingmei is waiting for you!”

Finally, a white light flashed in front of him.

Ice and frost that was different from everything else appeared in the sea of blood.

Majestic Star Panther Head Lin Yingmei looked at Su Xing. The girl hugged him and lowered her head into a deep kiss.

Remembering their meeting back then on the Clear Wilderness Highlands, it seemed like yesterday that the girl said those words. “From this day forth, I, Panther Head Lin Chong, am your woman…”

“Young Master, Yingmei doesn’t want these Star Duels. I only want you, Young Master.”2

Lin Yingmei softly said. With a clear and distinct shout, the girl used all her strength to send Su Xing up the nine firmaments.

Shi Xian was invulnerable. Under the help and resonance of his dozen wives, Su Xing finally broke through the last layer of the Final Blood Grounds that no one could shake. But this was still not enough. The last sea of blood was like a giant dam, locked in front of Su Xing, giving him no way forward.

All of a sudden.

A green light blossomed upon Su Xing’s chest. Zhao Hanyan’s figure unexpectedly appeared at his side. Zhao Hanyan slightly smiled, and a green light emerged resplendent. This was the Thousand Year Pact’s Intertwined Branch Swords. The Intertwined Branch Swords erupted with an unimaginable resonance, throwing open the sea of blood’s gate.

Finally, the Chai Ling who ingested the Together To Hell appeared.

The queen used her lofty attitude to finally send Su Xing into open space.3


The endless sea of blood released an ancient air. Above the sea of blood, the Shi Xian who slayed gods stood imposing before him. The girl’s eyes were completely red. Through the thousand li of crimson blood, she was shocked to see Su Xing surprisingly break through her Heaven Rank’s domain layer by layer. This was something even Her Highness would have found difficult to do.

“Even so, what can you do. I shall bury Liangshan Continent with you!!!!”

Shi Xian viciously and malevolently shouted. The sea of blood churned and gathered into her sword, released an intense crimson light, enshrouding all of Liangshan Continent’s Four Territories in terror. Su Xing raised the Justice On Heaven’s Behalf Uprising Banner, prepared to end things in mutual destruction, but just at this moment, Song Qingci’s figure strangely appeared. The girl waved the Heavenly Star Birth Banner, saying: “Lord Su, please climb the mountain together with Qingci!”

The two of them became one. In an instant, Su Xing’s mind shook.

Su Xing attacked Shi Xian barehanded. To unexpectedly think of facing her Heaven Rank without a weapon, that was to die without a grave. Shi Xian sneered, prepared to strike, but at this moment, there was a sudden change.

Light after light fell into the space around Su Xing. Each of these lights was unexpectedly a Star Weapon.

Golden Immortal Linked Life Ring, Extreme Vast Blue Emperor Saber, Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber, Frost Moon Ruinous Light, Frost Magnificence Shining Moon Saber…Regardless of whether they were friend, foe, or even partner, the Star Weapons of all Star Maidens appeared around Su Xing.

Lin Yingmei and the others were astonished to sense the power in their own Star Weapons. The girls glanced at each other. Without any hesitation, they released their Star Weapons.

Arctic Star Serpent Spear, Golden Qilin Lance, Noble Frost Demonic Lotus, Golden Wind and Jade Dew, and more Star Weapons rose straight up, entering the sea of clouds and surrounding Su Xing. Not only them, but Xuan Yunshang also felt her Star Weapon stir. The Demons And Monsters Bow and Arrow were released without hesitation.

Dong Junqing, Zhu Sha, and Zhang Feiyu’s Star Weapons followed suit, as well as the Star Weapons Zhao Hanyan had obtained.

Rainbows flew around Maiden Mountain, gathering continuously towards Su Xing.

It seemed all the Star Maidens’ Star Weapons had been summoned, stunning even Chao Gai.

Su Shengxiang walked barefoot over the dunes, already nearing Maiden Mountain. A red light flew from behind her directly up to the sea of blood in the sky. Su Shengxiang did not understand what was happening, but she sensed the the Star Weapons in her Astral Bag from the defeated Star Maidens were all stirring. Su Shengxiang hesitated for a moment, as if sensing something. She pointed her hand.

In the end, she released these Star Weapons.

White Night Dragon Carving Sword. Golden Hooked Soul Snatching Lance, Hundred Thousand Flame Dragon Axe, Asking Directions To The Underworld Stones, and others became different colored lights that flew into the nine firmaments.

“This is…” Shi Xian stared wide-eyed, not daring to believe this.

One hundred and eight Star Weapons appeared in Su Xing’s surroundings. These Star Weapons then manifested their respective masters, Yang Zijin held the Vast Blue Emperor Saber, Guan Ying held the Purple Brilliant Reclining Moon Blade, Shi Xiuxiu held the Seven Colors Goose Feather Saber, Liu Qing’er held the Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber, and even Hound Star’s Golden Immortal Linked Life Ring manifested a cute girl to hold it. Whether they once battled Su Xing or inadvertently fell or were even Su Xing’s Star Generals…

Although they were mere specters, each maiden the one hundred eight Star Weapons manifested was shockingly vivid and lifelike.

Romance Of The World!!!4

Shi Xian was stunned, her whole body shaking. “Impossible, impossible…” The woman shouted, immediately wielding Heaven Rank Final Blood Grounds.

Su Xing similarly waved his hand. Maiden Mountain’s 108 Star Maidens became a heaven-overwhelming attack that met with Shi Xian’s Heaven Rank Final Blood Grounds.

Blood-light and star-lights clashed with each other, submerging the world, spreading through the Four Territories.

All of Liangshan Continent’s creatures fell over one after another, only feeling overwhelmed, spitting blood.

The blood-light filling the skies finally faded. The world was clear.

Shi Xian stiffly gazed at Su Xing standing before her, not daring to believe that her Heaven Rank surprisingly failed at the last moment. Those one hundred and eight Star Maiden phantoms behind Su Xing were like an invincible army. Is this the existence that Empress has been searching for? Shi Xian thought.

“Henceforth, I leave Her Highness to you…” Shi Xian’s eyes dimmed, and she became dust, leaving behind only that faded Phoenix Splitter that cried in clear mourning.

A kind of indescribable pain filled Su Xing’s heart.

Su Xing looked back at those one hundred and eight Star Maiden True Spirits behind him, nodding to them.

These girls slightly smiled, and their True Spirits vanished, leaving behind their Star Weapons.

Su Xing returned to Maiden Mountain.

His wives were already waiting for him, breathing sighs of relief when they saw he was unhurt. Lin Yingmei embraced Su Xing, giving him a passionate kiss in front of everyone’s eyes.

“Is everything over?” Su Xing said.

Song Qingci and Xuan Yunshang walked over.

Su Xing furrowed his brow. “What’s the matter?”

Chao Gai wanted to speak but hesitated. She sighed: “Song Qingci is the Uprising. The Uprising and contracts cannot climb the mountain at the same time.”

“What do you mean…” Su Xing’s gaze turned cold. His killing intent even began to chill Chao Gai.

“Then is there no need to climb the mountain? The Star Duels will be like this?” Lin Yingmei asked. Of course, the girl already did not mind this.

“Then Your Servant shall leave the Star Duels to Lord Su. Lord Su cares far more about our Sisters than Qingci has.” Song Qingci smiled.

“In truth, so long as Qingci’s Uprising Sisters all leave, the Uprising can also dissolve.” Chao Gai said.

Everyone was taken aback.

At present, the only Sister in Song Qingci’s Uprising Ugly Prince Consort Xuan Yunshang let out a laugh, “Yunshang said long ago that I should not have joined Elder Sister’s Uprising. This has become an impediment.”

“I won’t kill you.” Su Xing shook his head.

Now that things had reached this stage, Su Xing did not want to see any more grief, especially like this.

“There is no need to be distressed at all. So long as Efficacious Star Divine Physician comprehends Heaven Rank Rise From The Dead, even a True Spirit can be resuscitated.” Chao Gai advised.

“Stop talking.” Su Xing interrupted her.

Xuan Yunshang laughed, walking before Su Xing. Ugly Prince Consort’s beautiful face was filled with a complex gaze: “I feel this is not bad. To be frank, Yunshang should have followed the other Sisters.”5

“Xuan Yunshang…”

“Do you still remember that Yunshang owes you a kiss from back at the Crystal Dragon Palace’s banquet. How about this, if you climb the mountain and end the Star Duels, if Yunshang is still alive then, I will repay you.” Xuan Yunshang smiled.

“With things already at the present stage, can it be you would throw everything away because of an outsider like me. Are you worthy of those Sisters then?” Ugly Prince Consort shook her head to stop Su Xing from dissuading her.

“Yunshang is a wisp of a dream, a flower tribute yet carefree…Awaken our Sisterhood. May we gather in Star World…”

Xuan Yunshang gazed at the sky, slowly reciting. Her figure very quickly faded, and her Crimson Star fell into Su Xing’s body, leaving behind her Demons And Monsters.

Everyone wept silently. Song Qingci’s head hurt. Following Xuan Yunshang’s Star Release, the Uprising announced its defeat.

“Your Servant apologizes to Sisters.” Song Qingci regretted her past deeds.

“Enough of this for now. Did Chao Gai not already say? As long as you climb the mountain, we can have Suwen resurrect everyone.” Wu Xinjie consoled her.

“Now would be best to sign a contract with Young Master, Qingci.” Lin Yingmei said.

Su Xing walked over. Song Qingci closed her eyes. Su Xing lowered his head and kissed Song Qingci’s lips. The girl’s body shuddered, a moan broke out of her throat. A Crimson Star ignited in the sky.

“Is our Husband a kiss demon…”

Lu Xiao asked the Sisters.

All of the girls blushed with shame.

And now, the heavens currently had only seven Crimson Stars in existence, just perfect for the Seven Stars Assembly.

No, there was still one missing.

Everyone turned their gazes to the last Star Maiden in the Ninth Star Duels – Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling.

Watched by scorching, attentive gazes, Chai Ling’s face was thoroughly red. The queen bashfully lowered her eyes. 

“We weren’t able to shock the world this time, but Ling’er, are you willing to be my wife?” Su Xing tenderly asked.

“If This Palace cannot be your first, then This Palace shall be your last.” Chai Ling said almost inaudibly. Everyone snickered.

The two of them kissed. This was already not their first deep kiss, so they kissed considerably intensely.

“Right, This Palace is now your last wife, right?” Chai Ling shyly stared.

“Chai Ling, I fear your dream has come to nothing.” Zhao Hanyan stifled a laugh.

Just at this moment, a white light appeared in the sky.

Fang Moujia and Wu Konghou appeared.

Everyone seemed like they were about to face a great enemy.

Fang Moujia looked at that Phoenix Splitter in Su Xing’s hand, somewhat sad, but the girl still said: “Major, please cherish her well. Moujia shall wait for you in Star World.”

“En.” Su Xing cautiously responded.

Fang Moujia looked at Su Xing’s wives and smiled. The girl turned and entered Maiden Mountain.

“Your Highness Moujia, wait for us. We want to follow you. Musou, we can finally go home.” Take Koito ran over.

Uesugi Musou also departed.

“Thank you.” Su Xing indicated his gratitude.

Uesugi Musou glanced out of the corner of her eyes, her gaze beautiful yet cold. The woman nodded, her hair flowing like water as she entered Maiden Mountain.

“Never imagined you actually would kill Shi Xian. Amazing. That Fang Moujia is truly formidable. Your Humble Servant was unable to best her no matter what I did.” Wu Konghou showed a forthright smile, “Ling’er, you finally got a man who wants you. Not bad, not bad.”

“Sister Konghou.” Chai Ling blushed. Suddenly, Chai Ling noticed the atmosphere was somewhat tense. She saw everyone had grave expressions.

“As the Eighth Overlord, if Your Humble Servant does not die, you cannot climb the mountain either.” Wu Konghou shrugged.

“Senior.” Chai Ling’s expression changed.

“Qilin’s blood shines red, white wave raises golden wind, bright moon’s inviting cup intoxicates a night. The broken arrow beauty plucks the konghou. The sound is faint for a millennium. Without her, your lifetime is nothing but a dream of golden millet.” Wu Konghou slightly smiled, “Now, this verse has only Your Humble Servant left.”

“Can it be you are unable to sign a contract?” Chai Ling anxiously asked.

The answer was naturally, “impossible.” The eighth Wu Song did not belong to the Ninth Star Duels at all. A contract was naturally a delusion, and because of her existence, the others were unable to climb the mountain even during the Seven Stars Assembly.

“Broken arrow beauty plucks the konghou. Then allow Me.” Hua Wanyue walked out, holding the Red Jade Star Splitting Short Spear.

“Good, en garde.” Wu Konghou smiled.

Their body techniques flashed. Rushing over, Hua Wanyue’s twin short spears were in hand. Two sword-lights stabbed, and Hua Wanyue deflected them both. The Hero Star moved with a wonderful pace, evading the Nine Star Noble Frost Demonic Lotus’ attack. The woman gracefully thrust her short spear. A scene no one imagined then occurred. Wu Konghou did not dodge or evade, allowing the spears to pierce into her body.

“Senior Konghou?” Everybody was taken aback, not expecting that Wu Konghou would give up.

“Your Humble Servant’s wish has already been fulfilled. There is no reluctance to part. It is time for Your Humble Servant to go see her.” Wu Konghou naturally referred to her life and death companion in the eighth Star Duel, Panther Head Lin Qingxue who nevertheless died at the very end. Now, Su Xing’s growth and maturation had already reached a stage that even Wu Konghou was left in his dust. In possession of the Smiling Killing Immortal’s Phoenix Splitter Sword, Wu Konghou believed this man could complete his own wish in Star World.

Although it was a bit of a pity she could not personally go see Star World, but at the very least, she had witnessed a legend.

Everyone harbored sublime respect for this predecessor.

Wu Konghou finally faded.

Su Xing stood below Maiden Mountain, waiting for the Seven Stars Assembly. Zhao Hanyan, Xi Yue, and Gong Caiwei were beside him. Long Nü very quickly awoke from the Bright Moon Longevity Palace and descended to the base of the mountain, a bit taken aback to see Su Xing. Su Shengxiang kept some distance between them. Her sinister methods using the Ten Thousand Souls Parasol made the group somewhat hostile towards her. However, in the end, she did lend a hand by releasing Star Weapons to help Su Xing accomplish the unprecedented Romance Of The World. They could only strategize about the rest of these things after they climbed the mountain.

“This Princess wonders who the last one is.” Zhao Hanyan looked at the last Crimson Star in the sky.

Su Xing was lost in thought as he looked at the twin daggers Frost Moon Ruinous Light in his hands, very regretful and heartbroken.

“We will definitely meet again in Maiden Mountain.” Lin Yingmei held Su Xing’s hand.

“We will definitely meet again.” Su Xing resolutely said.

Very quickly, from far away, girl with flaming hair and eyes cautiously approached, very unwillingly arriving at the foot of the mountain. She was frightened to see Su Xing and the others. Upon seeing this girl, Su Xing could not help but break into a smile.

She was none other than the girl he met back at the Vermilion Bird Territory, Flame Princess Tuoba Yan.6

“Rongxin, this is goodbye for us.” Tuoba Yan sniffled.

Whole Star Fiery Eyed Suan’ni Deng Rongxin grabbed her Enraged Heavenly Starfire Hammer and said: “You will have to kill me first!!”

Zhao Hanyan blinked, feeling the pair was quite adorable.

Their original contract had long lost its function, however, Su Xing had quite the favorable impression of her. Su Xing smiled: “Tuoba Yan, let’s climb the mountain together.”

“Huh, you know me?” Tuoba Yan cast a bewildered look.

“You are that man?” Deng Rongxin was slackjawed.

Su Xing smiled and turned around.

“Wives, are you ready?” Su Xing asked them.

“Let’s shock Star World!” All of the girls smiled.

Then, everyone entered Maiden Mountain.

Once they entered Maiden Mountain, a fog surrounded them from left and right. Su Xing felt his body become very light, ascending upwards directly. As he ascended, Su Xing caught sight of stars filling the heavens, seemingly within reach. Those bright, glittering stars unfolded into a milky way as gorgeous as a portrait. The images of all sorts of outstandingly beautiful young women ceaselessly stared at him, some with overwhelming heroic spirit, some as mysterious as the ocean, some with gentleness like jade, and others with peerless gracefulness…7

The women of this originally fuzzy image now appeared with clarity. The one with overwhelming heroic spirit was Lin Yingmei, the one as mysterious as the ocean was Wu Xinjie, the one with gentleness like jade was Song Qingci, and the one with peerless gracefulness was Wu Siyou…

Su Xing was overwhelmed, warmth filling his heart.

It turned out when he had intruded into Liangshan Continent, they had already formed a link.

The passageway to Star World had neither time nor length. Su Xing knew that the path ahead would still be very long and very arduous, however, Su Xing did not mind at all. He knew that there were still people waiting for him atop Maiden Mountain.

Waiting to meet him again!


One hundred years later.

Emperor Liang watched the sky above the Mountains and Rivers Pavilion, showing regretful expressions like the rest of the people living in Liangshan Continent, however, he was nevertheless somewhat elated. His current cultivation had already reached Transforming Star of Annihilation. It was not much longer before he could go to Star World and see Su Xing again.8

I wonder if Daughter is well?

Emperor Liang walked to a divination pavilion.

A purple haired girl was currently spellbound as she looked at the sky. Her fair posture was not lacking in a young woman’s beauty. Her cultivation had also astonishingly reached Transforming Star of Annihilation.

“The Star Duels did not manifest. It appears Su Xing actually did it, he has ended the Star Duels, ha, ha.” Emperor Liang smiled.

The girl turned around, revealing a face that could destroy a nation. Shockingly, she was none other than Hu Mi.

“Hu Mi knew that he would achieve it.” Hu Mi toyed with her hair, faintly smiling. Her thoughts could not help but return to that Star Duel a hundred years ago. At the end, a completely unexpected Tear of Vega descended, annulling her contract, turning her into the first person since the Ninth Star Duels’ Seven Star Assembly to break free of the Star Duels.

“Jingshu, you must be waiting for me.” Hu Mi softly said.

“Ha, ha, We are honestly very eager to see what kind of scene Su Xing is causing in Star World.” Emperor Liang was very curious.

Hu Mi smiled. She also wanted to see him very much.

She imagined that Su Xing crossed Star World unimpeded. It was said that Star World had millions of Star Names. Perhaps he has seduced a few innocent young ladies, or perhaps he has made that immature Empress fume to the point of tears and tantrum, or perhaps he has conquered all of Star World.

But no matter what.

That was another story entirely.


Author’s Note:

<End of volume gratitude>

It’s over, it’s finally over. I still remember in the first month when this went on sale, a reader-friend told me: I’ve decided to follow Maiden Mountain for one year. Back then, I thought, One year, huh, that’s too long. Now, to think that Maiden Mountain has lasted three years. Three years have gone by in an instant just like that. A lot of things happened along the way, and now, there’s no point in regrets.

I’ll just treat it as a lesson.

This was originally purely a novel that I wrote on a whim carrying many of my thoughts and feelings. I originally had many things to say, but after it’s ended, I suddenly can’t find anything to say. Once again, I’d like to thank all of you enthusiasts for all your support, and to all of you who left or asked for returns, Little Ice would like to express heartfelt apologies, especially to Xue Mingxi (84331536),9 for supporting me every day, every month with your millions of votes. I am so ashamed that I still disappointed you at the very end. 

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Lastly, I’ll talk about some moment when Maiden Mountain left a very deep impression. I remember when I first started Maiden Mountain, I didn’t really think too much and only had a few simple settings. It was only later amidst your discussions that something more developed slowly formed. The most coincidental was Song Jiang. Originally, Song Jiang was planned to be the second to appear (as Song Lu). Later, she was suddenly changed to Wu Xinjie. Afterwards, Child of the Sea wrote a comment pertaining to Song Jiang. As a result, they facilitated Maiden Mountain’s most important plot point about Song Jiang ending the Star Duels. There are more inspirations that I won’t mention. In short, today’s Maiden Mountain is because of you all.

As for the ending, I feel it was really good. The main character has already defeated Star World’s strongest enemy, and because this is a story about the Star Duels of Maiden Mountain’s 108 Star Maidens, the Star Duels ending in this volume is also the conclusion. As for what happens up in Star World, I’ll leave a little of that to your imagination. Perhaps later I will write a sequel dealing with Star World, using the main character to recount Su Xing’s story in Star World. The Star World setting is quite interest, but don’t wait on that.

Over the past three years, the up and down and on and off updates broke a lot of hearts. I was a step off in quality and frequency to send Maiden Mountain into this honorable hall of quality regulars. Regarding this, I express my regrets to the friends who spared no effort in their support.

Over the past three years, the up and down state of affairs is still waiting for Little Ice to show gratitude to our newest friends. Thank you all for not leaving. Now you can finally breathe a long sigh of relief. 

I myself am not fond of speaking for too long. In short, I am very thankful for everyone who expressed their support, now or in the past.

Thank you.

See you again.

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  8. Emperor Liang truly loves Su Xing like his own son.
  9. Apparently, author named the character after this user
  10. Another user who compiled a comprehensive website documenting the story and characters.


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