Extra 2: Maid Journal III

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A maid is someone commanded by a master.

A maid is someone who serves a master.

A maid is a full-time volunteer who provides comprehensive service to her master’s livelihood.

Correct, this is a supermaid’s work journal.

Lianxin’s room is not a room so easily organized.

Bizarre precious powders were inside. Some would erupt into a fireball upon the slightest jostle, others would release a strange scent. Today, not only was there powder on the ground, Lianxin’s table was very, very messy.

Oh, Little Yi sees on the messy table some placards saying, “Earthly Solitary Star’s Special Use Only.”

“Earthly Solitary Star’s Special Use Only” was a sign she used while constructing custom Astral Treasures for the Sisters. Sometimes, she offered her services to the outside, taking in a little profit.

What has everyone ordered? Little Yi did not deliberately look, but Little Yi swept through that place and absolutely would never touch anything on the table.

This one is for beautifying oneself. Little Sister Suwen’s then.

Lianxin is good. The “Feather Spirit Immortal Clothes” she made last time normally stored and accumulated Star Energy. At the critical moment, its effect upon release was indeed very good. Suwen tested it, and she could utilize her Spiritual Aura Distribution many, many times. For this, she was very grateful. However, these immortal clothes would become transparent after expending Star Energy. That day was relatively hot, and Suwen…

The latter character was covered by a large book (“Must Reads For Female Cultivators – How To Embroider Immortal Clothes,” Purple Firmaments Immortal Palace Publishing House). However, Little Yi could guess what it was about.

This would not happen to be Master’s dirty preferences, right?

Whose slip is the second? It was covered by another book, (“Secrets to High Temperature Smelting,” compiled by Ju Yueke, reprint of must-study materials for the Four Styles School).

…The accuracy and output was both very good, but there was one thing. This treasure was stained with a scent that could not be washed away. Yuan’er was covered in the scent of jiangshi from tombs for so many days, Little Yi hopes this will be dispelled.

Little Sister Shi Yuan’s then? There are still the last two slips of paper, but only a bit was visible, covered very securely (“Romance Between Male And Female Cultivators – Yuchi Qingshan and Ju Yueke,” Most High Path Publishing House (Complete Sixth Book)). Can it be there is a secret?

Now that Little Yi has seen the two slips, Little Yi may as well look some more.

The first had careful handwriting. Xi Yue?

Your Humble Servant…

T-this ended just like that? Why does it seem like a confession? Can it be that Water Illusion Fairy has spent too much time with Zhang Feiyu and Zhang Yuqi and ended up breaking? T-that cannot involve Lianxin!

In that case, the next slip of paper, this illegible handwriting. It must be Zhang Yuqi, and Little Yi can only make out four characters.

Yuqi wants an attack…

This will not do. This world is too insane. Little Yi never imagined the ordinarily most taciturn Lianxin…Should Little Yi report this to Master.

Tang Lianxin that night: “Oh, two new orders?”

Your Humble Servant has accepted a request for Zhang Yuqi. May Your Humble Servant inquire as to how the “Blue Flame Wind Bell” is progressing? Feiyu is placing particular emphasis on its ability to shoot fire. Thanks.

Sincerely, Xi Yue. 

Yuqi wants an attack-type Astral Treasure! Last time’s Fish Intestine Sword also broke, is there anything even better?

Your most, most dear Elder Sister Zhang Yuqi.

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Part II                    Chapter List                    Part IV



    1. Basically, this is what Little Yi saw as she took a peek at what Lianxin was doing. There are various tools she is constructing, and Little Yi reminisces about some other things. At the end, without snooping too much, she sees two suspicious looking orders from Xi Yue and Zhang Yuqi. She can’t see the entirety of the two requests, but she surmises from the few words she can see that they are sexual in nature. However, these requests are completely normal orders for weapons.

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