Extra 2: Maid Journal IV

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A maid is someone commanded by a master.

A maid is someone who serves a master.

A maid is a full-time volunteer who provides comprehensive service to her master’s livelihood.

Correct, this is a supermaid’s work journal.

Today, Little Yi sewed clothes for Tangtang. If Little Yi has not misremembered, then it was while cleaning Master’s table that Little Yi found a diagram for clothes design. It appeared very much like maid attire, but it also had many, many decorations. And why is the hat so special? Master’s interests honestly lean towards the classics…

With nothing left after tidying the dishes left from Siyou and the others’ meal, Little Yi sewed clothes following the design on those plans. Originally, Little Yi planned to sew these for herself, but Little Yi never imagined that yesterday that Yan Cao or something cultivator would burn my clothes away.1 Little Yi made a new set, so now, there actually are not enough materials…

En. It appears this can be made into clothes fit for a person approximately 140cm tall, and the only other person other than Little Huang with that stature is Tangtang. Little Huang basically did not wear glamorous clothing. Then Little Yi shall sew this for Tangtang. This will serve well as an experiment… 

Then something happened afterwards…

TL Note: And that’s how this extra ends. IDK what happened, but all we get is a cliffhanger.

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Part III                    Chapter List                    Part V


  1. This extra chapter takes place chronologically after Chapter 495.


  1. New maid design?
    Gothic lolita?
    If so, Su Xing is a true chad and man of culture!
    I mean, we know he has an imouto fetish…. So, yeah! Goth lolis for life!

    Also, I really wish Little Huang’s appearance was more consistent.
    The quthor is kinda…. all over the place with her.

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