108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 86

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Hi, everyone! It’s Schwarze, here with the last regular chapter of the week for 108 Maidens! Shi Yuan has now signed a contract with Su Xing, marking a violent upheaval of the conventional understanding of how the Star Duel Covenants work. As they depart from the battlefield, the Blooming Water Sword Sect swears vengeance, and a new, if not too unflattering, legend about Su Xing is born!

The fourth contract will occur soon…It will happen before we reach Chapter 100 🙂

Here you go!

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  1. Woo woo! I usually am not a fan of harems because either a) the girls are all lame, or b) the dude is. But I like that the relationships between each of the girls and Su Xing aren’t all the same and that he seems like a good guy. And this is a different take on a harem than I’ve read before, too, with these contracts. So as it stands so far, I’m a fan 🙂 Thanks for all your work!

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