108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 308

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Hello, everyone! It’s Schwarze, presenting the first regular chapter of 108 Maidens for the week! This is an alert letting you know that I will be going on hiatus again at the end of this week to devote my time to studying for an upcoming exam. This hiatus will last until mid-October. Unfortunately, that means we won’t get to see the end of Evil Smiting Hall until November, let alone the conclusion to the capture of Wu Xinjie’s Star Beast. While regular chapters will resume after my exam, sponsored chapters will still be available, but they may take some time to post. Thank you for your understanding!

Wu Xinjie leads Su Xing to the strongest Star Beast possible for the Knowledge Star, the Heavenly Mystery Beast. This gargantuan behemoth isn’t the least bit harmed by Su Xing’s attacks, and when Wu Xinjie is swallowed by the thing, Su Xing plunges into its gullet after her. However, rather than save her, he demands to know where the real Wu Xinjie is?! What is happening?

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