108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 309

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Hi again, everyone! It’s Schwarze, presenting another chapter of 108 Maidens! This is an alert letting you know that I will be going on hiatus again at the end of this week to devote my time to studying for an upcoming exam. This hiatus will last until mid-October. While regular chapters will resume after my exam, sponsored chapters will still be available, but they may take some time to post. Thank you for your understanding!

Possessed! Su Xing’s Birth Treasure Outline reveals a startling status effect that Wu Xinjie is currently under. Forced to battle one of the Star Maidens he has known the longest, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox-enhanced Wu Xinjie puts up a fierce fight using illusions and lethal force. Nearly killing Guo Xue, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox is not making things easy for Su Xing and his uneasy alliance…

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