108 Maidens of Destiny: Chapter 310

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Hi again, everyone! It’s Schwarze, presenting the last regular chapter of 108 Maidens for a little while! I will be going on hiatus now to devote my time to studying for an upcoming exam. This hiatus will last until mid-October. While regular chapters will resume after my exam, sponsored chapters will still be available, but they may take some time to post. Thank you for your understanding!

Faced with a Star Beast possessing both potent powers as well as a keen intellect, Su Xing has a difficult time subduing the possessed Wu Xinjie. However, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox proposes a deal to Su Xing: Kill Qingci and Guo Xue, and in exchange, the Fox will serve Wu Xinjie. This is an offer almost too good to refuse…

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