Chapter 118: Intensely Flirtatious Wife

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Two spear-lights surged like fire dragons, attacking Chen Mo from the front. The spear-lights rolled. A stifling Clinging Fire practically sucked the air clean away. The moisture on his skin was evaporated, the pain scorching hot.

The King Of Extinguished Ashes said she would suck him dry, and she was not kidding in the least.

Chen Mo grabbed Northern Dipper and swept it. The Divine Wind that wrapped it poured down in torrents with his killing intent, entangling the fire dragons like a wave overflowing the heavens.

Twin spears and Northern Dipper clashed against one another, one fire, the other water, completely incompatible. 

“Dear Husband’s big stick isn’t anything special.” Zhongli Sanmei appeared in front of him, her speech extremely provoking his abilities.

These were words no man could endure.

Chen Mo shouted. The Bowl Body Techniques moved, and Northern Dipper pounded. Space suddenly boom, crushed and warped by brute strength, as if a giant beast had trampled space itself apart, its maw open.

The corner of Zhongli Sanmei’s lips wore a grin. Neither slow nor rushed, she raised her twin spears, catching Northern Dipper. The woman subsequently flashed away, leaping up and slashing downwards.

A fire dragon killing intent was spat out, becoming a sharp sword that slayed the beast. Beast and fire dragon entangled together, and the two mutually hostile killing intents jolted the surroundings. The sounds of collisions were endless.

But after a while, Zhongli Mo was still a cut above him, completely effortless. His tyrannical strength was ripped to shreds. Chen Mo cursed to himself, promptly withdrawing, retreating more than a dozen steps in succession. In midair, Zhongli Sanmei’s figure had already vanished. Scorching hot banter came from behind him. “Oh, why did Dear Husband’s big stick shrink.”

This was bad.

Chen Mo adopted the Bagua, using Northern Dipper for “Collapsing Mountain Style.”

His power exploded in a point, as jolting as a thunderclap.

Clang, clang.

Northern Dipper’s power was unable to break through the Three Calamities’ obstruction. The spearhead took down Northern Dipper, and Zhongli Sanmei’s smile bantered ever more. “Dear Husband is so small, how can Your Slave1 ever be satisfied.”

Chen Mo nearly spat blood out of anger.

This King Of Extinguished Ashes truly was petty. She really should not be assailing him with insults as she pleased. This charming call of “Dear Husband” sounded so pleasant, but each word made Chen Mo feel very hurt.

However, since he initiated, Chen Mo was not reconciled to be suppressed like this by Zhongli Sanmei.

The Northern Dipper’s Bagua Techniques were used in succession. But from the perspective of Zhongli Sanmei, who had ample combat experience, Chen Mo’s attacks could be said to be completely harmless, even a bit weak. Her spears extended to her left and right. The woman strolled through the hall, catching Chen Mo’s domineering assault.

Her posture was not stiff, but easygoing.

Burnt Out Three Calamities’ attacks were increasingly provocative. Although Chen Mo’s Northern Dipper staff was swift and fierce but it was limp and powerless every time in front of the Three Calamities.

“Dear Husband, you already look worn out.” Zhongli Sanmei licked her lips, teasing him.

These words simply trampled on a man’s dignity.

“Sanmei, Nianyou is still around, can you not lead her astray.” Chen Mo grit his teeth. He exerted himself to lunge. This movement used the Trampling Innate Skill, for he wanted to trample her back.

Northern Dipper’s attack area enlarged, but Zhongli Sanmei still handled him with more than enough room to spare.

“Didn’t Dear Husband say he wanted Your Slave’s advice? Tsk, looks like you’re small and lacking in endurance.” Zhongli Sanmei clicked her tongue. That expression was completely disdainful. 

“It wasn’t enough that I was wrong.” Chen Mo knew if he did not concede, this woman would probably beat him endlessly.

“Hmph, This Lady hasn’t even punished you.” Zhongli Sanmei sneered.

When he saw she was a bit relaxed, Chen Mo’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he seized his chance. He took a step forward, the Northern Dipper in his hand moving suddenly, once again smashing towards her.

The King Of Extinguished Ashes already could not be any more familiar with that iron staff. Even the screen of the Wind Concealment Divine Stone was useless.

Everything about Northern Dipper, its attack patterns, range, and striking direction, Zhongli Sanmei was aware of everything. Seeing Chen Mo raise the club and strike, his power surging like a tiger, she knew this brat was staking everything on one blow to retrieve his face.

You want me to give you face?

What a joke.

The man that she, Zhongli Sanmei, chose always had to take face for himself, never from the charity of others. Thus, the King Of Extinguished Ashes decided to strike him ruthlessly, to humiliate him.

Burnt Out Three Calamities unleashed two fire dragons that rolled towards Northern Dipper.

Against the enormous iron stick, the defensive style of these twin spears responded with the utmost gentleness. But just at this moment, Chen Mo’s eyes glinted, showing a complacent and sly grin.

“Lady Wifey, let me hear your voice.”


Zhongli Sanmei was taken aback.

The twin sabers caught the staff, but Zhongli Sanmei immediately sensed something was wrong. The broad Northern Dipper seemed to instantly shrink, slipping past the spears.

Oppressive air became an even more penetrating chill that reached into her bones.

Chen Mo pulled away, waving his head.

This movement was like drawing with a brush, not at all like the taxing manner of wielding Northern Dipper. A killing intent burst out from Northern Dipper, passing through the opening between the two fire dragons, thin as a sheet of paper. Its speed and power were both like a white steed racing by. 

Northern Dipper’s strength was very powerful, but it absolutely could not be this fast.

Zhongli Sanmei did not expect this. This carelessness left her staring as that killing intent fell on her shoulder. The killing intent felt like falling snow, soundless. Even if Zhongli Sanmei was already prepared, she completely did not anticipate Chen Mo’s speed could be this fast, and that Star Energy could not be underestimated.

By the time Zhongli Sanmei thought of defending, it was already too late. She could only lean ever so slightly.


Albeit unwillingly, Zhongli Sanmei nevertheless could not help but slightly groan in pain. The woman took a step back, looking at her shoulder in amazement.

A minute wound, just a cut through her clothes. Clearly, Chen Mo did not use too much power, but what astonished Zhongli Sanmei was not her cut, but rather that the cut just now was not from a big stick. It had the signs that it was from a kind of blade. 

“Heh, heh, what does Wife Sanmei feel about This Husband’s big stick?” Chen Mo complacently lifted the corner of his lips. To be suppressed by her like that, he finally retrieved a bit of face as a man.

Zhongli Sanmei did not mind his vile character. The woman eyed Chen Mo’s weapon hidden in wind. “What was that just now? What technique did you use?”

Chen Mo smiled and dispersed the wind’s concealment.

Following the fading wind, a chilling weapon appeared in front of the woman.

“This is?”

Zhongli Sanmei was flabbergasted.

What was held in Chen Mo’s was not that enormous Northern Dipper at all, rather, it had transformed into a straight-edged long saber. Its edge was like snow, carved with seven stars, each linked together and forming a pattern. A star hovered around the hilt. The entire weapon’s body was pure and shining, bearing a frightening chill.

“Is this your Northern Dipper?” Zhongli Sanmei put away the twin spears.

“En. Indeed, it’s Northern Dipper.” Chen Mo whirled the saber.

This Northern Dipper straight saber was beautiful and sharp.


Chen Mo saw she did not understand, so he explained, “After I inlaid the Alpha Ursae Majoris, anytime I engage the stone’s power, this Northern Dipper staff can transform into a saber at any moment. The whole thing is different.”

“How is this possible.” This was the first time that Zhongli Sanmei had seen such a formidably variable weapon. A weapon able to change its shape was not unprecedented, but to be able to conceal the transformation from her during the process was extremely rare.

“Was your Northern Dipper truly forged by your mother?” Zhongli Sanmei wrinkled her brow, feeling more and more that the identity of Chen Mo’s mother was mysterious.

Just this Northern Dipper was not something an ordinary person could possess.


Chen Mo waved it around a bit. Compared to Northern Dipper’s barbaric ruthlessness, the saber had a cold detachment capable of striking beneath the surface. Its attacks were also exceptionally sharp and swift.

This made Chen Mo recall that True Spirit Yanran. This was perfect for learning her Ice Breaker Snow Slicer.

Chen Mo transformed Northern Dipper into its staff form and back again several times.

“You had best be careful about this weapon of yours. Don’t attract the suspicions of others.” Zhongli Sanmei warned.

Chen Mo agreed. Right now, he increasingly felt that Northern Dipper was extraordinary.

That profound Book Of Casting and this unfathomable Northern Dipper. He wondered just what his mother’s identity really was, to be able to leave behind such powerful things.

Emerging from the underground chamber, Chen Mo and Zhongli Sanmei chatted as they walked, discussing the matters of the Underworld Cave and Four Ladies Mountains that transpired over the past few days. The two laughed as they chatted. From an outsider’s perspective, they honestly were a close couple.

Upon the plaza, several hundred bandits were already exhausted from their training.

Many people collapsed on the ground were reprimanded, honestly unable to lift even a finger. 

“Boss, Mistress, Subordinates honestly have no more strength to continue training.” Jia Zheng walked over and complained. The face of this surly Northern Barbarian was full of anguish.

The Northern Barbarian Tribes have always had to endure hardship, earning them the reputation of being as strong as oxen. But even so, against Zhongli Sanmei’s methods that practically drained them of Qi-blood, this was still very unbearable.

Training was secondary. That kind of formation’s coordination and practice was much more tiring than normal.

Chen Mo looked. The several hundred stocky men were panting like dogs, however, they indeed had the manner of the Northern Barbarian Tribes. Even while exhausted, their brows did not crease one bit whereas the bandits from the Fourth and Third Sister Peaks were already sprawled out of exhaustion.

“The Boss is here, and this is the show you’re putting on? Truly, you’re trash.” Zhongli Sanmei coldly rebuked them.

Jia Zheng was in fear and trepidation. He hastily called forth the subordinates to continue training.

“We had better let them rest a little bit.” Chen Mo said. “Striking a balance between work and rest is the most important.”

“En.” Zhongli Sanmei nodded.

“Many thanks for the Boss’ favor.” Jia Zheng gratefully said.

Chen Mo knew that Zhongli Sanmei was only using this method to bolster his authority as the head of this bandit army, “In truth, there’s no need for you to do this. There’s no problem giving this bandit army to you.” Chen Mo did not mind this.

“To give This King an army like this composed of mostly inferior troops, This King would only feel embarrassed.” Zhongli Sanmei gave a completely merciless evaluation. Zhongli Sanmei pondered, deciding to use medicine to forcefully strengthen these bandits’ physical constitutions. “When you go to Nan Jiang, go help procure This King some ‘Bloodvein Fruit’2 and ‘Snake Gall Grass.’3 There should be plenty of these items in Nan Jiang.”

“Any side effects?” Chen Mo asked.

“This King does not do such despicable things, but for the sake of coordinating This King’s ‘Blood Kill Array,’4 these can allow them to adapt as quickly as possible.”

“Then good. Use the wealth of the bandits as you see fit. Inform me if you lack anything, I’m going to Changluo for a withdrawal.” Chen Mo said.


“Nianyou wants to go, too.” Nianyou knew that Chen Mo was journeying far away again, so she grabbed onto him hem tightly.

Zhongli Sanmei smiled and said: “While you were gone, Nianyou also missed you very much. Why not bring her with you this time. She will not implicate you.”

“Nan Jiang is full of bugs, gu, and poison. Nianyou, are you scared?” Chen Mo stroked her hair.

“I’m not scared.” Nianyou answered.

“Okay, then. Let’s go together.” Chen Mo thought it over. The Lingering Impurity Dew should also be in a very beautiful place. Bringing Nianyou there was not bad.

The little loli immediately showed a big, wide smile as she hugged Chen Mo.

He stayed a short while at the fort, chatting with Ning Xiaoyuan about the ancient script of the Five Fingers ability. The girl was still sorting it out. Come night, Chen Mo decided he may as well stay and rest, not returning to the Changluo mansion. Zhongli Sanmei actually did not think much of this decision, but after nightfall, she noticed that because everyone treated Chen Mo and Zhongli Sanmei as a married couple, they only left one room for Chen Mo.


The moon was like cool water.

Second Sister Peak’s topography was elevated, and the fort’s construction was very solid, with the Northern Barbarian Tribe’s style. The entire thing was rough, with no particular attention to decor, very much like a yaodong5 from Shaanxi.

Chen Mo practiced his swordsmanship in the open area outside the room. His mind recalled the Ice Breaker Snow Slicer technique. He attempted to call forth Yanran, but there was no response of any sort. Without a choice, he could only train based on an exact copy. 

“Your swordsmanship is actually very special. It has a bit of a Heaven, Earth, Dark, Yellow feeling to it.” Zhongli Sanmei leaned against the doorway, watching Chen Mo quietly stand under the moon.

In all her life, she had never admired a man, yet Chen Mo was the first to make her sit up and take notice of him.

This man was like a hidden treasure, always full of surprises.

“En, I seem to not have told you about that True Spirit incident.” Sheathing the blade, Chen Mo turned his head back and smiled.

“True Spirit?”

Chen Mo then spoke about the Evil Smiting Hall’s True Spirit. Zhongli Sanmei showed a slightly surprised expression. “You surprisingly were able to obtain the recognition of a True Spirit. The man that This King fancies in exceptional, as expected.”

“But now, I have no way to call forth Yanran.” Chen Mo regretfully said.

Zhongli Sanmei twitched her mouth: “These True Spirits are merely a consciousness. If you are able to master its powers, this consciousness will also dissipate. This means that your merit is too deficient, not yet enough to absorb this consciousness’ experience.”

Chen Mo sighed, realizing that he was too impatient.

Staring at Chen Mo’s serious expression, the King Of Extinguished Ashes craftily grinned. “It is very late, This King sees that you should also rest for now.”


The pair returned to their room. The bed was that kind of kang bed, covered in a blanket of poplar padding and goose feathers. It was comfortable, and Nianyou was already asleep.

This kang was constructed for the build of a Northern Barbarian. It was big enough for two or three people to sleep on it without feeling cramped.

“I’ll sleep outside tonight.” Chen Mo was a bit apologetic.

“Where did that masculine boldness from this morning go? Won’t you let Your Slave experience your big stick?” Zhongli Sanmei giggled very playfully. A gleam flowed in the woman’s eyes. Chen Mo did not know whether she was serious or not.

“Today, This Husband is too tired. I will accompany Wife on another day.” Chen Mo grieved and lamented.

“Oh, shut up. Take off your clothes.” Zhongli Sanmei harrumphed.

Seeing that she was serious, Chen Mo was stunned. “Nianyou is here, this is bad.”

“When I say strip, you strip. Where is all this rubbish coming from.”

“I’m a man. If you make me strip, I won’t have face, so I won’t strip.” Chen Mo stared.

“You really won’t strip?”

“Never on my life.”

“If you don’t strip, you won’t ever have another chance to get in bed with This Lady in the future.” Zhongli Sanmei licked her lips decisively. This action was too charming for words.

Chen Mo cursed to himself. He had never seen such a rude, unreasonable, and immoral threat. On what basis was this woman using such a method to threaten a man into throwing away his personal integrity. This was simply an insult and attack on the virtues and values of a Chinese woman. This would leave a listener heartbroken with tears streaming down their face, lamenting worldly decline. A real man would shout himself hoarse in the strongest resistance to such injustice.

“Speak!” Zhongli Sanmei’s eyes narrowed, impatient.

“I’ll strip!”6

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  1. 臣妾, she’s using this self-address to mock him.
  2. 血筋果
  3. 蛇膽草
  4. 血殺陣
  5. 窯洞
  6. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Can it be that Chen Mo’s first time is here?


  1. Talk about a dysfunctional relationship… She doesn’t really respect him unless he physically beats her into submission, then she badgers him for sex in front of a minor. Real classy. Hopefully the other women will develop healthier relationships with him.

    This is actually in contrast with 108MOD, where the unhealthy relationships were the province of the antagonists. Maybe the author decided to shake things up deliberately, but I still can’t really approve. I mean, Chen Mo is still a modern Chinese and should be aware of these things.

    1. As you’ve pointed out, their relationship isn’t all that healthy. But I sort of get where she’s coming from. She’s the sort that believes actions speak louder than words and wants Chen Mo to prove that he is worthy of their contract. At the same time, having to do this when she’s already acknowledged him leaves me questioning what her real intent is.

      And if you read the teaser, you’ll realize she wasn’t badgering him for sex…Oh, author, why do you troll us like this lol

      1. My impression is really that she acknowledged that he is strong, but does not necessarily respect him as a person. Kind of like the bandits in the forts; while he’s able to assert his dominance, she’ll go along with him, but the moment he slips up she’ll turn on him. Externally, because this is a harem series, it will never come to that, and she will probably come to respect him as a warrior and as a man more as the series progresses and more and more powerful Star Generals plead their loyalty to him.

        Eventually I expect that she’ll turn her attention to struggles for dominance within the harem itself, though.

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