Chapter 133: The Heart Of The Saintess

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“Do you really want to go pick it?” Chen Mo furrowed his brow, somewhat with a sense of foreboding as he looked at that Lover Flower.

When Miaoling heard that Chen Mo was genuinely a bit unwilling, she was not exactly happy: “Now that we’ve finally come here, even if you don’t like me, that’s fine. Master said as long as I’m sincere, I can pick it.”

“Even to return a favor to Master, you’re still unwilling to help me?”

Chen Mo had no words to say.

Miaoling ran over there in a hurry and beckoned to Chen Mo, who could only go over there with her.

Miaoling’s nervous and expectant mood was written all over her face. It was obvious she would not let anyone stop her from harvesting this Lover Flower.

The Lover Flower wafted a faintly discernible fragrance. In the poison fog of the Unexplored Region, it showed a difference kind of grace. Just standing near it made one feel their body and mind relax, a comfortable feeling permeate their heart. Chen Mo grabbed the flower stem, giving Miaoling a heads-up: “Don’t cry if you can’t pluck it.”

“No way, I have faith in myself.” Miaoling harshly glanced at Chen Mo.

Chen Mo nodded, half confident and half skeptical as he relaxed.

Miaoling grabbed the flower stem as well and took a deep breath. Her expression was solemn and devout, making Chen Mo unable to help from smiling.

Miaoling silently prayed in her heart. Her hand tugged, and the flower broke cleanly away. The Lover Flower was very naturally picked by her, no different from picking any normal flower.

Miaoling’s eyes widened, showing an expression of disbelief. Her large, bright eyes looked at Chen Mo, who waved his hands, signaling that this had nothing to do with him. The information that this Lover Flower required a sweetheart in order to be pulled was most likely fake.

But Miaoling did not care that much. After picking the legendary Lover Flower, let alone joy, the girl’s face was full of an unprecedented, dazzling smile.

“Don’t misunderstand, I’m happy that I can accomplish Master’s wish.” Miaoling looked at Chen Mo’s strange gaze, defending her blushing face.

Chen Mo nodded, not too interested in pursuing this topic. Just as he was preparing to say a few words to Miaoling about finding Qin Shaoxu, all of a sudden, Chen Mo turned around and shouted in a stern voice. “Who’s sneaking around.”

Miaoling was perplexed.

At this moment, from within the darkness, the figure of a woman dressed in a cloak gradually appeared, stepping into the light.

She took off her hood, revealing herself to be, surprisingly, none other than Miaoling’s master, Yeyao.

“Young Lord Chen Mo is so alert, to have known when This Master had barely just drew close.” Yeyao faintly smiled.

“Master.” Miaoling happily ran over like a chick to its mother. Chen Mo was unable to stop her even if he wanted to.

“Has Senior Yeyao been following all along?” Chen Mo asked.

“This Master merely followed the Guiding Bee.” Yeyao motioned. A bee stopped on her fingertip. It was eactly the Guiding Bee that Miaoling used before to indicate their path.

“Master, I picked the Lover Flower.” Miaoling happily threw herself into her master’s embrace, just like a girl with her most precious treasure.

Yeyao gently stroked her hair, lovingly saying: “Very good, This Master believed in your sincerity.”

“EN, Master, can this be used to refine gu?” Miaoling held that Lover Flower, asking eagerly.

Yeyao asked in return: “It can, Miaoling, but how is your heart feeling after taking the Lover Flower? Is it beating very fast.”

“Master.” Miaoling was a bit embarrassed by this question. To be able to pick the Unexplored Region’s Lover Flower together with Chen Mo, which could only be plucked by a lover together, showed that the Heavens were blessing them. Although that guy said he was unwilling, she believed that surely he held some sentiment since they picked the flower. This hazy feeling was not diffusing like the scent of flowers in the girl’s heart.

Yeyao could feel from Miaoling’s face her innermost sweetness. The woman blossomed with gratitude, gazing at her as one would at a beloved item.

This gaze did not have the affection a master had for apprentice that she had before. It had the look of someone about to polish the brilliance of a work of art, as if Miaoling had become a tool.

Oh, shit.

Chen Mo suddenly had a feeling of foreboding, using the Cool Breeze Bright Moon Escape to snatch the girl away.

But just at this moment, Yeyao’s palm struck Miaoling’s chest.

Her restlessly pounding heart came to an abrupt, spontaneous stop. A terrible cold immediately stiffened Miaoling’s limbs and sealed her meridians.

Miaoling’s sweet smile was frozen in place as she stared incredulously at her master.

A gu bug burrowed into her heart, devouring her loving sweetness. Miaoling did not feel pain, only despair at what her master was doing.


“The Lover Gu requires the Saintess’ heart. Just think of this as repayment for This Master’s favor.” Yeyao dispassionately said, her second palm strike about to land.

All of a sudden, a gale struck her in the face.

Yeyao’s expression changed. She extended a hand to block, and a power as tyrannical as a tiger or dragon suddenly wrapped around her body. The cloak was shredded, and the woman sent flying.

“Miaoling.” Chen Mo held Miaoling and shouted.

Miaoling’s eyes were stuck wide open, her entire body rigid, her breath of life practically extinguished. She was like a corpse. A strange, bright red pattern appeared on her chest, like a spider web ensnaring her heart.

No matter what Chen Mo did, Miaoling was already unable to hear him.

“What did you do to her.” Chen Mo turned and sternly asked.

Yeyao slowly stood up from the grass. The woman’s expression was still emotionless, blank to the point of angering him. “Miaoling treated you as her mother, why did you do this.” The knuckles on Chen Mo’s fist were white. He used all of his power to keep the fury in his heart under control.

But no matter how he controlled it, this wrath that came from the depths of his heart just ceaselessly erupted like a volcano.

“So long as the Lover Gu can be refined, why not take even the heart of a daughter.” Yeyao played down her reply.

“Did you arrange everything that happened along the way? You did all this in the hopes it would make her feel even more strongly about me, to let you refine the Lover Gu?” Chen Mo narrowed his eyes, showing a smile so calm that it was frightening.

Yeyao slightly smiled, gazing at Miaoling, who was already at her dying gasp.

“Her heart will grow hotter only when she falls deeper in love with you. The heart of a Saintess is the best material to refine the Lover Gu.”

Yeyao’s carefully raised gu bug consumed and combined with Miaoling’s heart. The girl’s life was already gradually slipping away. Her heart grew hotter and hotter, when at this moment, Yeyao showed a fanatical expression.

How could Chen Mo ever forget this kind of expression.

When a person’s ego swelled out of control, they all showed this sort of face. In these people’s eyes, it was already impossible to restrain them with morals, ethics, or love.

“Tell me the way to cure this gu.” Chen Mo coldly interrogated.

A bit of disdain appeared out of the corner of Yeyao’s eyes. “Your punch just now indeed was outside of my expectations. But do you still not understand your situation?”

Chen Mo sneered, setting down Miaoling. Suddenly, he threw another punch at Yeyao’s face.

The woman was unfazed. She whistled gently as a flute, a buzzing sound. The flowers within a range of a hundred meters buzzed back loudly, and millions of poison mosquitoes flew out, blotting out the sn as they surrounded Chen Mo.

As the strongest Great Gu Master of the Ancient Miao, Yeyao’s Gu Arts were controlled to perfection. She could attach her Gu Arts to even a poison mosquitoe. Taking down a Saint of War was as easy as turning over her palm.


Tens of millions of mosquitoes gathered into a malevolent form as they all swarmed towards Chen Mo.

Just the sound of them was enough to defeat a Saint of War’s Qi-blood. Chen Mo remained unmoved. He tightly sealed himself off with the Nose Locking Art, restricting his breathing.

His whole body moved, using Xun Lower Broken.

A hurricane suddenly rolled out, punch-intent rolling in all directions. The swarm was shaken, stopping their movements. Then, that punch-intent was like a blade, disintegrating countless mosquitoes.

Yeyao was still disdainful. She pointed a finger.

In the air, a hundred indistinct black lines entered the swarm.

Chen Mo was aware of how terrifying a Gu Master could be, especially a Great Gu Master like Yeyao, whose Gu Arts he absolutely could not afford to get struck by. Otherwise, there was no hope of recovery. His Divine Intent was constantly locked tightly onto this cold and detached woman.

When she called forth the second wave of Gu Arts, Chen Mo immediately felt the flow of air distort.

This is bad.

All of his hair stood on end. Even the Nose Locking Art could barely control this.

Chen Mo’s entire body moved. He used the Bowl Body Technique, his feet stamping out the Bagua, using Qian Three Unbroken, Kun Six Severed, Li Center Empty, Kan Center Full, Gen Overturned Bowl, Zhen Upright Basin, Xun Lower Broken, and Dui Upper Open in succession.

The Unexplored Region howled with a vicious wind.

Countless mosqutoes could not help being impeded by the Bagua’s force. Once they entered the Bagua Array, even the invisible gu bugs that Yeyao had released could not easily approach.

Yeyao gasped, very surprised by Chen Mo’s martial arts.

Back in the labyrinth’s Bagua Array, Chen Mo already comprehended the Bagua Chant to a new level. Now, his Bagua Chant was completely integrated into one body. Each and every move was had the intent of the Bagua itself.

This type of super first-rate martial arts punch-intent could force back even a Lesser THunder Tribulation cultivator.

Curbing his murderous aura, he immediately forced all of Yeyao’s gu bugs out of his body. They were unable to approach him. Chen Mo was deeply aware of how terrifying a Great Gu Master was. He did not dare be careless.

Thunder rolled.

The flowers around Yeyao were snapped by the overwhelming power, filling the sky with pollen that sprinkled down. Yeyao’s hair was lifted by the wind, the woman unable to help but take one step back.

Chen Mo broke through the impediment of the bug swarm, a tyrannical force flowing out like an unstoppable hurricane. An invisible weapon was already in Chen Mo’s hand, and Yeyao sensed this weapon’s terrible might.


Yeyao’s Gu Arts were unparalleled, but in the end, they could not match with the warrior’s Qi-blood. Chen Mo was Three Flowers Gathered Overhead. After breaking through Yeyao’s Gu Arts, he thoroughly intimidated the woman.

“Quickly cure that Gu Art!!”

He roared loudly, smashing Northern Dipper towards her.

This honestly was the power of the Five Sacred Mountains crashing down, their collapsing might.

Several defensive gu bugs flew out to try and protect their master, but they were immediately turned into paste by Northern Dipper. Countless mosquitoes stung Chen Mo. Yeyao immediately sensed her gu bugs enter this youth’s body, but what she never imagined was that this man was surprisingly oblivious to the gu bugs that induced pain that was enough to make someone wish they were dead.

Wrath replaced pain.

I’m going to die.

Yeyao’s face paled.

Seeing Northern Dipper bear down upon her, just at the last moment, a weapon appeared in front of her and stopped Northern Dipper.

Chen Mo raised his brow. He increased his strength, but a ray of cold light bit at him like a viper.

Chen Mo was unable to push further. He could only retreat, coldly glaring at Yeyao’s savior.

Great King Mulu held her two broadswords, swaggering out in front of the two combatants. The woman scoffed: “A lowly man wants to destroy This King’s Lover Gu.”

“Great King.” Yeyao reverently said.

“Can the heart of the Saintess finally be used to refine it?” Great King Mulu dispassionately glanced at Miaoling’s “corpse” and erupted with laughter: “If she is not moved, This King will extract her heart myself.”

“It can be used soon.” Yeyao said.

“Legend says that not only is the heart of the Saintess needed to refine the Lover Gu, the blood of the Saintess’ love must also be spilled. Chen Mo, because of Miaoling’s feelings, you are now the best material for the Lover Gu.” Yeyao stared at Chen Mo, once again turning cold.

“I must personally drink a few mouthfuls of this man’s blood.” Great King Mulu licked her lips. “This King can sense something about you is different. Let This King see your true strength.”

A swarm of mosquitos launched towards Chen Mo.

In an instant, an astral wind blew, completely eliminating the incoming swarm.

Before the tyrannical Northern Dipper had even reached them, its overwhelming power already rolled over. On Chen Mo’s forehead was carved a Star Crest as pure as snow.

“Servant Star!”

Great King Mulu was stunned.

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