Chapter 134: “Magpie Bridge Immortal” Qin Guan

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Great King Mulu broke into a big smile. “You must be that person’s Servant Star, then. Perfect. I shall kill you, and then I shall kill her. This Nan Jiang shall be mine, Great King Mulu’s.”

As she spoke, Great King Mulu stamped her foot, and the earth jolted. Just a simple stomp contained powerful Star Energy. It was enough to split seams instantly in a warrior’s Qi-blood and True Qi.

However, Chen Mo’s intent was like a boulder, not budging in the slightest, completely unaffected.

Great King Mulu drew the two broadswords hanging at her waist. One had a tiger head and the other a dhole head. The broadswords contained fang-like sharpness, glinting with cold light. These broadswords were her Star Weapon, “Tiger Chopper and Dhole Killer.”1

The two broadswords advanced towards Chen Mo from different directions. One of them let out a hiss, as fierce as a tiger pouncing on prey. The other howled like a jackal, its attack angle strange and tricky. 

Light tore open space, sparks showered down.

The ferocious killing intent that Northern Dipper unleashed broke apart the air. The staff intercepted the broadswords, and the Star Energy upon them jolted the staff in turn. The power of Chen Mo’s Northern Dipper was outstanding and proud amidst warriors, but against the Heart Furnace Realm Great King Mulu, it was a bit lacking.

Compared to a warrior, an orthodox Star General was indeed much, much stronger.

All of Great King Mulu’s attacks towards Chen Mo contained clear disdain and mockery.

The two broadswords seemed to endlessly hack at him.

Chen Mo used the Trampling Innate Skill. Northern Dipper’s power continuously spread, barely containing the excessive force of the two swords. His body technique activated, and Chen Mo vanished from under Great King Mulu’s strike.

“A petty trick!” Great King Mulu sneered. Her left sword slashed downwards while her right went up.

One up, one down, tiger and dhole alternated continuously.

The clear sound of clashing weapons already brought Chen Mo’s attack to a screeching halt.

Great King Mulu continued her violent slashes, an evil wind blow swiftly.

Meanwhile, Yeyao stared at the dead Miaoling. The woman only wanted her Lover Gu, very unconcerned with her disciple’s life or death. Seeing Chen Mo was currently entangled with Great King Mulu, Yeyao pointed her finger.

The gu bug that previously entered Chen Mo’s body suddenly caused him pain as if his muscles and bones were being pulled apart.

Great King Mulu’s swords descended.

One blow cut into Chen Mo’s body and sent him flying.

“Yeyao, stay out of the way. This King still does not need your intervention.” Great King Mulu sneered.

“Great King, that woman has come.” Yeyao said: “There is no time to lose, we cannot delay.”

Yeyao’s figure warped and reached Miaoling’s side in a few steps, about to snatch away the corpse for now.

“Don’t even think about it.” Chen Mo grit his teeth, activating the Cool Breeze Bright Moon Escape. Northern Dipper swept heavily towards Yeyao. The woman took a step back and pointed her figner.

A gu bug then burrowed into Chen Mo’s wound.

Acute pain made Chen Mo nearly faint. He used his hands to grip his wound to dig that gu out, but once it entered his body, how could it ever be extracted.

“This King shall now cut you to ribbons.” Great King Mulu seemed to be anxious as she attacked again.

The Tiger Chopper Broadsword once again hacked into Chen Mo’s body. Blood gushed like a spring.

Oh, shit.

Chen Mo was forced to a dead end, cursing himself.

Just as the second Broadsword was about to slice him, all of a sudden, there seemed to be the screech of a magpie. Boom, boom, boom, several magpies flew around Chen Mo, colliding with the incoming sword and blocking Great King Mulu’s attack.

The woman was taken aback, baring her fangs, showing a ferocious appearance. The two broadswords let out hisses and howls. ANother flock of magpies attacked, forcing Great King Mulu into stopping her assault.

“Chen Mo!” A worried voice came from behind him.

Chen Mo turned his head back.

He saw Ting Nanyuan run over, carrying Nianyou. Qin Shaoxu’s body was light as a swallow, floating beside Chen Mo. Seven magpies flew around him. Upon careful inspection, these were not birds at all, rather they were seven peerlessly exquisite magpie-shaped throwing knives.

Each of these throwing knives had two Stars.

“Flying Hawk Departing Thoughts.”2

Great King Mulu’s expression changed.

“To think that you would surprisingly be ‘Magpie Bridge Immortal’ Qin Guan.”3 Great King Mulu grit her teeth as she stared at Qin Shaoxu.

Chen Mo had already slightly guessed that Qin Shaoxu’s identity was not too simple, however, he was still stunned to hear Great King Mulu utter her Star Name.

Magpie Bridge Immortal Qin Guan.

Although she was not among the top-notch Star Generals, the historical records from several millennia ago indicated that when this Star Name cooperated with a Star General using a “Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill,” that “if two hearts are united together forever, what need of them to stay together day by day and night by night,”4 she could render some top-notch Star Generals unable to bear the skill.

“A Star General against a warrior, how unbecoming of your status. It would be better for you to face Shaoxu.” Qin Shaoxu indifferently said.

The Star Weapons “Flying Hawk Departing Thoughts” became seven magpies that danced very beautifully.

“What do you mean by Star General, what are you people saying.” Ting Nanyuan was flabbergasted. “Shaoxu isn’t a woman.”5

At this time, no one cared to explain.

Great King Mulu sneered: “Today, This King will have you die here, Magpie Bridge Immortal!”

The woman grabbed her twin swords, attacking vigorously. The sabers’ tips fired tiger roars and dhole howls, each one appearing more ferocious than the last.

“Chen Mo, you leave for now. Leave this place to Your Servant.” Qin Shaoxu calmly said. The Flying Hawk Departing Thought Throwing Knives flew about.

The seven birds became seven mysterious lights, like the Milky Way filling the Nine Firmaments, as they clashed with Great King Mulu’s swords. The magpies were entangled with the tiger and dhole, lights of all colors flashing about.

Chen Mo knew that now was not a good time to interfere. He turned towards Miaoling and moved, but the moment he turned, his whole body shuddered. The gu bugs stuck inside him made taking a step very difficult for him.

Yeyao then patted her hand.

A swarm of mosquitoes flew towards him.

“Stay out of the way!” Qin Shaoxu waved her hand. Three of the Flying Magpies slashed, eliminating this swarm. As a Great Gu Master, Yeyao did not fear Qin Guan’s power. She stomped on the ground, and the flowers in the surroundings suddenly moved wildly. A flock of Green Bats flew out.

Chen Mo grit his teeth as he hurried to Miaoling’s side. At this moment, Miaoling’s breathing was already close to stopping, completely without the breath of life. Her heart had already practically stopped beating. The gu bug lodged in her heart was currently continuing to integrate with her blood vessels, maturing by devouring them.

Chen Mo picked her up and used an escape technique to leave.

“This place is This King’s domain. Can you even leave this place alive?” Great King Mulu howled with laughter. Her Star Energy was Concentrated Fiend level. The two broadswords transformed into a tiger and dhole that dashed forth. These beasts were as large as her white elephant. Upon manifestation, the saber-qi swelled a hundredfold, and the surrounding space was sliced apart.

Qin Shaoxu’s expression slightly changed.

As they roared and moved, the tiger and dhole pounced onto Qin Guan’s throwing knives, instantly devouring several of the magpies. The remaining killing intent then attacked Qin Shaoxu herself.

She was unable to help being forced back a hundred meters.

“Yellow Rank!”

Great King Mulu brandished her swords, her power surging as a wide grin came to her lips.

Indeed, this was a Yellow Rank.

Tiger And Dhole Twin Strike!6

“If you have not comprehended Yellow Rank, then die.” Great King Mulu was completely proud of herself, her twin sabers waving once again.

The Yellow Rank with Concentrated Fiend Star Energy surpassed the power of an entire army. Qin Shaoxu could not easily intercept it, using a throwing knife defensive formation to barely block it.

“Yeyao, keep this woman occupied for me. I will go kill him.” Great King Mulu knew that killing Magpie Bridge Immortal Qin Guan in a short time was not very likely. She hastily made Yeyao stall her while she herself went to kill Chen Mo.

Although Yeyao was a Great Gu Master, to promptly kill as Saint of War was also very difficult, let alone that this Saint of War was also a Servant Star.

Great King Mulu planned to kill Chen Mo. Qin Shaoxu would inevitably be weakened afterwards, so killing her would be as easy as turning over her palm.7

Yeyao obeyed, commanding her gu.

The Green Bats became a cloud, and then a poison fog spilled forth that covered the sky, enshrouding an area of a several hundred meters. “Where do you think you are going.” Qin Shaoxu’s Divine Intent moved. The “Flying Hawk Departing Thoughts” let out chirps as they tore apart the layers of poison fog. All of a sudden, the tiger roar and dhole howl tore them apart. By the time Qin Shaoxu looked again, Great King Mulu was already gone without a trace.

“Qin Guan, do not hinder my wish.” Following Yeyao’s cold words, an enormous horned beetle broke emerged from underground.

The beetle’s horn released a flash of lightning towards Qin Guan.

Qin Guan somersaulted away.

Then, countless Green Bats encircled.

The seven magpies immediately linked together into a net around Qin Guan.

“Chen Mo is not my Servant Star. I fear that Great King of yours, who has gone to kill him, will instead bring about her own demise.” Qin Guan coldly said.

Yeyao did not believe her words at all. “How can a warrior like him have the qualifications to go contend against a Star General. Qin Guan, you have become so naive after staying with that man for so long. Can it be that you love him.”

Qin Shaoxu shook her head, unclear whether it was from pity or to refute Yeyao’s words. “You sacrificed your own daughter to refine the Lover Gu. You are already deceived by your ignorant eyes.”

“After I refine the Lover Gu, Magpie Bridge Immortal Qin Guan, we shall have you be the first slave to the gu.” Yeyao sneered.

All of a sudden, countless gu bugs attacked Qin Shaoxu.

The seven magpies flew beside her. Qin Shaoxu looked at Yeyao’s deranged appearance and sighed in frustration.

Chen Mo carried Miaoling towards the deepest reaches of the Unexplored Region. The girl’s body was already ice-cold and rigid. No matter what Chen Mo did, she was not even the least bit conscious.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, that woman is already dead. You can just obediently bury yourself with her.”

An unruly cackle came from behind him. 

Great King Mulu very quickly caught up to him.

There was already no meaning in fleeing any further. The only solution was to stake everything on whether or not Yeyao had an antidote.

Chen Mo stopped and placed Miaoling on the ground.

Great King Mulu arrived, her hands each holding a broadsword. She licked her lips: “This King sses that you are an affectionate person. Using your blood to mold the Lover Gu can surely complete it. Your deaths can be considered meaningful, ha, ha.”

Chen Mo was not angered at all. On the contrary, he was incomparably calm. His thoughts were like a serene lake, like an immobile boulder, like a still breeze, and like a quiet atmosphere.


Instead, it was Great King Mulu, having not tasted her counterpart’s fear or panic, who became infuriated. The woman spread her Tiger Chopper and Dhole Killer swords. A violent force churned that could rip everything apart.


Chen Mo tranquilly glanced at Miaoling, who was practically already sleeping peacefully. He did not know why, but from her peaceful appearance, Chen Mo sensed an unprecedented calm and loneliness.

He remembered what Qin Shaoxu said.

That swordsmanship outmatches everything right now, but what a pity that it is too heartless.

Is that so?

Chen Mo looked at Northern Dipper. The Alpha Ursae Majoris already turned Northern Dipper into a long saber. Then, Chen Mo planted his feet in the Bagua, slowly raising his hand. Each and every movement was as inevitable as a fledgling taking to the skies, as natural as a fish breathing in water.

For the first time, Great King Mulu felt fear in her heart, but she did not believe that a Servant Star Warrior could shake her.


The woman furiously let out a tiger-like roar, slashing with her Yellow Rank.

Tiger And Dhole Twin Strike!

Chen Mo’s gaze turned from Miaoling. At some point in time, they became a cold stare at Great King Mulu’s attack.

The tiger and dhole viciously nipped at him. Chen Mo drew his sword.

Saber-light like snow, immaculate and perfect.

In that instant.

A white-clothed woman’s image seemed to dance in his palm, as ice and snow splashed Great King Mulu in the face.

Great King Mulu shivered, her eyes widened, and her whole body was frozen solid by a deadly chill.


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  1. 砍虎殺豺
  2. 飛鳶離思
  3. 鵲橋仙秦觀
  4. 兩情若是長久時,又豈在朝朝暮暮
  5. Hate to break it to you, but you aren’t a very good lover if you have yet to actually sleep with the person…
  6. 虎豺雙擊
  7. About that…


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