Chapter 135: Miaoling’s Star Name

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Yeyao controlled the gu bugs to ceaselessly entangle Qin Shaoxu. She was waiting, waiting for the moment that Qin Guan would become weak from Great King Mulu killing Chen Mo. At that moment, even if she was against a Star General, she was certain of victory.

Qin Shaoxu moved neither slowly nor quickly, skillfully sidestepping that enormous beetle.

Knife shadows and magpies flew, a magnificent scene.

All of a sudden.

The Unexplored Region’s black night was illuminated by red light as a crimson shooting star fell nearby.

Upon seeing this scene, Yeyao instantly stupefied. A Crimson Starfall in Star World signified death. There were few Star Generals in the Unexplored Region, only Qin Guan and Great King Mulu, so that meant…

“Impossible!!” Yeyao was astonished.

All of the gu bugs she controlled showed disarray simultaneously at this moment. Qin Shaoxu moved her fingertips, and the Flying Hawk Departing Thought Throwing Knives spun in wonderful arcs, like half moons as they cut into the swarm of gu and shot into the beetle’s body.

The seven throwing knives became magpies that scattered once again, their dagger-qi blossoming like twinkling stars.

Suddenly, the poison fog cleared.

Yellow Rank.

Half Moon!1

“I already told you, your Great King would die.” Qin Shaoxu calmly looked at that Crimson Star.

Yeyao fell stiffly to the ground, her eyes expressionless. “Impossible, he is an insignificant warrior, how could he have killed the Great King.”

The Flying Hawk Departing Thoughts gathered around Yeyao. With naught but a thought from Qin Shaoxu, they could thoroughly slaughter this Great Gu Master.

Ting Nanyuan and Nianyou carefully approached. The Wuyang Princess clearly was unable to accept the reality before her. She stared unfamiliarly, panic-stricken, at her beloved Qin Shaoxu.

“Shaoxu…” Ting Nanyuan cautiously said.

“Many apologies for hiding this from you before. Your Servant is ‘Earthly Star’ Magpie Bridge Immortal Qin Guan.” Qin Shaoxu undid her headband. Her originally neat and beautiful man’s hair immediately poured down like a waterfall, absolutely stunning. The corners of Qin Shaoxu’s eyes already seemed to fill with a woman’s graceful allure.

On her forehead glittered with the pattern of a star.

Ting Nanyuan’s mouth hung agape, struck dumb as a wooden chicken.

Nianyou ceaselessly turned her head back and forth, not understanding a thing about Qin Guan at all. She was very worried about Chen Mo.

Qin Guan gazed distantly into the thick mist. A figure slowly walked over.

“Big Brother.” Nianyou smelled a familiar scent. She wanted to rush over to him but stopped after a few steps.

Chen Mo held Miaoling in his arms, his mood and pace alike very heavy as he walked over.

“Great King Mulu is dead?” Qin Guan asked.

“She’s dead.”

Chen Mo spat out the two words.

Qin Shaoxu seemed to already have guessed what happened, “It seems the ‘heartful’ swordsmanship you comprehended is far stronger than the heartless one.” When she originally observed Chen Mo’s saber techniques, she could discern that was a technique belonging to the Heaven, Earth, Dark, Yellow. That techniques was considerably ancient and was far, far stronger than the Heaven, Earth, Dark, Yellow of ordinary Star Generals.

If Chen Mo was able to comprehended it, it was inevitable that Great King Mulu was no match.

“She…” Qin Shaoxu glanced at Miaoling and slightly sighed.

Chen Mo walked before Yeyao and laid Miaoing on the ground before her, imploring: “Senior Yeyao, now that things have come to this, Great King Mulu is already dead. Please, you have to save Miaoling’s life.”

Yeyao stared at this young man who was surprisingly capable of slaying a Star General. The woman finally composed herself, “Miaoling is already dead. No one can save her. You can take the finished Lover Gu. I believe you can definitely make your name known in Star World.”

“I don’t need to use something that came from another person’s death in order to make my name known. Do you really not want to save your apprentice? She’s always treated you like her own family!!” The murderous aura in Chen Mo’s eyes surged.

Yeyao was very flabbergasted that a man could resist the enticement of the Lover Gu.

This was an item that could strike fear in Star Generals, could it be that this man had not the least bit of selfishness?

Yeyao broke into a grin.

“Then kill and bury me with her. To be able to refine the Lover Gu, I can already die without regrets.” What Yeyao used in practice was proof she was a zealot. Even at this stage, she did not waver in the slightest.

Chen Mo itched to kill her, wishing to do so even now. He clenched his fist until it shook, but seeing Yeyao’s appearance, he only felt a pang of sorrow.

“Then as you wish.” Chen Mo coldly said.

“Wait a moment, Chen Mo. Something is off about Miaoling.” Qin Shaoxu called him back.


The Magpie Bridge Immortal’s words drew everyone’s attention.

Miaoling at this time had already completely stopped breathing. Her ice-cold body was no different from a corpse’s, and the stirring gu on her chest had also stopped. Blood vessels and meridians were faintly visible on her flesh, and a strange light seemed to arc like electricity over her skin, flowing through her whole body.

“The Lover Gu is almost finished?” Chen Mo asked.

“This is Star Energy gestating a Star Name.” Qin Shaoxu was very clear on what the scene before them signified.


Everyone was shocked.

“Gestating a Star Name, Miaoling has inherited a Star Name?” Yeyao was slack jawed.

Qin Shaoxu threw a serious glance towards Chen Mo. There was no doubt that Miaoling was already bearing a Star Name. In Star World, it was the Star Maiden who cultivated Star Energy and was thus born again, so death and resurrection were also possible.

Seeing this situation, Chen Mo instantly seized hope, his eyes glimmering with light.

“However, during the Star Name gestation period, the Star Maiden will be very weak. It is possible she will be defeated, or it is possible she will succeed.” Qin Shaoxu said.

She had experience with this situation before, so she was very clear on the process of gestating a Star Name.

From an outsider’s perspective, this was a golden opportunity for a Star Maiden to step into the Heavens in a single bound, but the time was also extremely dangerous. Especially for someone like Miaoling, who started gestating a Star Name under near-death circumstances, the danger would be even greater.

“While Miaoling is gestating the Star Name, I’ll stay here with her until she finishes.” Chen Mo made his decision.

Nianyou walked over and hinted she wanted to be together with him.

“Ah.” Ting Nanyuan anxiously said: “This Unexplored Region has poison, we absolutely cannot stay much longer, right”

“No need to worry. We still have with us a Great Gu Master. Senior Yeyao, Your Servant believes you have a solution?” Qin Shaoxu faintly smiled towards Yeyao.

Having discarded her cross-dress attire, Chen Mo somehow felt now that this pretty boy’s smile was soothing.

Yeyao was silent.

“Don’t tell me you really want to die here with Miaoling?” Chen Mo’s tone was cold as ice.

“Can it be that Senior does not want to know what kind of result there is between the Lover Gu and her Star Name?” Qin Shaoxu’s words succeeded in rocking Yeyao’s heart. Whether it was the Lover Gu or personally witnessing the birth of a Star Name, both were very uncommon sights for a normal person.

“I can help you.” Yeyao took a deep breath.

Qin Shaoxu smiled and nodded. A result like this was naturally the best.

Chen Mo placed Miaoling under a Hanging Bell Tree. This Hanging Bell Tree that grew in the Unexplored Region emitted a simple fragrance that was able to slightly purify the poison fog.

Miaoling’s appearance was still as stiff as before, but the faint Starlight gathering on her body slowly multiplied and grew like a river, bringing everyone great relief.

Several days later.

“Drink some wine.” Qin Shaoxu walked before Chen Mo, offering some gu wine that Yeyao brewed.

Chen Mo looked at that spotlessly white jade hand of Qin Shaoxu’s and took the wine cup. “What’re you going to do about the Wuyang Princess.”

Ting Nanyuan sat faraway beside the river, sulking. Ever since she discovered the that her beloved’s true identity was a woman, the Wuyang Princess had sustained a considerable blow. The entire day, her brow was locked tight in worry. She was preoccupied, not saying a word.

“Back then, I merely wanted to leave Fateful Marriage with her. I actually never thought her feelings were so deep.” Qin Shaoxu was also a bit troubled by this.

“And why did you want to leave Fated Marriage with her? As far as I know, Dew Water and Fateful Marriage are Star Weapons.” Chen Mo long wanted to ask this question.

“The Dew Water and Fateful Marriage weapons have suffered damage. They must be split apart and placed in the hands of two people who have affinity with one another. Otherwise, this weapon will vanish.” Qin Shaoxu said.

No wonder she wanted to restore them. Chen Mo said: “So that’s what’s going on. Whose Star Weapon is this?”

The corner of Qin Shaoxu’s mouth curled into a smile, not at all willing to answer this question.

“Now that Ting Nanyuan knows your identity, I’m afraid it will be very difficult for any affinity between the two of you.” Chen Mo threw a glance at the downcast Wuyang Princess.

Qin Shaoxu also knew that this matter could not continue to persist for too long, which was why she thought of every possible way to repair Dew Water and Fateful Marriage. In the end, the Tail Fire Star Field was merely a stop for her. To make her stay in this Field just for another person was not a possibility.

“She will understand.” Qin Shaoxu calmly said.

Chen Mo said, “Of course you can have an indifferent attitude about all this. After all, the one who poured forth her feelings was the Wuyang Princess. You merely stood to the side with a detached perspective.” He made her sound like a heartless woman.

Qin Shaoxu was silent.

“Right, what is your True Name. As far as I know, Shaoxu can’t be your True Name, right?” Chen Mo asked. In history, Qin Guan was also called by the names Taixu2 and Shaoyou.3 This one of hers must also be an alias. 

“Why can it not be my True Name?” Qin Shaoxu was bewildered.

“So it is?”

Qin Shaoxu forthrightly denied it. “It isn’t.”


“We are also strangers who came across each other by chance. Just call me Shaoxu in the future, but treat me as a brother.” Qin Shaoxu magnanimously said.

“Could you still cheerfully sleep together with me?” Chen Mo joked.

Qin Shaoxu smiled, “Your attitude towards Star Generals is very interesting. Your Servant shall go now to speak with the Wuyang Princess.” She turned and walked towards the river when Chen Mo called out.

“Don’t you want to know who I signed a Servant Star Contract with?”

“We are merely strangers who met by coincidence, there is no need to delve into the particulars.”

“Maybe not.” Chen Mo muttered to himself.

When Qin Shaoxu approached the Wuyang Princess, the latter appeared very emotional. However, given the person that Qin Guan was, who was a person whose gestures were in the “present,” she soon calmed the girl down with her words.

The Wuyang Princess wiped her tears, recounting in a soft voice. From her expression, her insides were churning. Unexpectedly, Qin Shaoxu shook her head, her attitude very resolute. Ting Nanyuan spoke for a very long time while Qin Guan’s face wore a faint smile. It was obvious that although she knew her beloved was a woman, the Wuyang Princess had a reckless mentality. 

Ting Nanyuan threw herself into Qin Shaoxu’s chest and sobbed. The Magpie Bridge Immortal patted her back to console her.

Chen Mo shook his head all along as he watched this scene.

Fortunately, this pretty boy was actually a woman. Otherwise, what she did was honestly infuriating. However, he was not looking at the Wuyang Princess’ feelings. From the standpoint of Dew Water and Fateful Marriage, Qin Shaoxu perhaps had a person in her thoughts. But that person was probably a Star General. As a warrior, the Wuyang Princess fundamentally could not compare.

The two of them argued for a long time. Finally, Ting Nanyuan pushed QIn Shaoxu away.

“You bastard! I hate you, I hate you!” Ting Nanyuan angrily shouted.

Chen Mo blinked, wondering if he should offer her a shoulder to cry on.

At this moment, a weak groan came from beside him. Chen Mo looked. Miaoling was stirring, the condensed Starlight coalescing together on her forehead and engraving a rune. Then, a shooting star flew out from Miaoling’s body and hung in the starry sky above.

Qin Shaoxu and Ting Nanyuan stopped their argument. Everyone was enthralled.


Had given birth to a Star Name.

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  1. 月半, literally, it means “middle of the month.” I’ll probably have to revise this later when more context is presented.
  2. 太虛
  3. 少游


  1. I love that he says that “fortunately, this pretty boy was actually a woman. Otherwise, what she did was honestly infuriating.” What do you mean, “otherwise”? Women don’t get free passes for bad behaviour. What she did to Ting Nanyuang was, frankly, terrible, and being a woman, even a Star General, doesn’t make it better.

    Also, technically the middle of the month is the full moon, not the half moon, but I agree that there is very little context to go on here.

    1. Just for some context 月 means both “moon” and “month” in Chinese. You need to infer which definition is being used based on the context.

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