Chapter 136: Departure

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Miaoling slowly regained the breath of life. The Lover Gu markings over her skin also faded bit by bit. To be able to gestate a Star Name signified a rebirth. To any person, this was like being granted a second life.

Miaoling opened her eyes. Her large, familiar eyes bore a bit of a fledgling’s confusion. She looked at Chen Mo and thought she was dreaming: “Chen Mo, why do you haunt me when I’m the one who died.”

Chen Mo did not know whether to laugh or cry: “En, it’s me. You’re not dead yet.”

“Hm?” Miaoling felt a slight headache. She rubbed the scalding Star Crest on her forehead, “My head really hurts…” Miaoling’s expression was very painful. She curled up against Chen Mo’s chest, once again slowly losing consciousness.

“This is an effect of inheriting the Star Name. She will be fine after a period of harmonizing with the Star Name.” Qin Shaoxu walked over.

“Then she’s a Star General now?” Ting Nanyuan was still very angry at Qin Shaoxu’s deception, however, to personally witness the birth of a Star Name made her both amazed and envious. If she could also succeed a Star Name…Thinking of this, Ting Nanyuan stole another glance at the graceful beautiful man, surprisingly coming up with thoughts of spending the rest of her life with Qin Shaoxu. Bah, I definitely will kill her.

“En, she should be fine now.”

Chen Mo and Qin Shaoxu looked at Yeyao. This Great Gu Master that had originally been immersed in the Lover Gu had calmed down enormously over the past few days.

“The Lover Gu is already defeated. Starting this moment, I will help her Star Name mature. This will be considered my atonement to her.” Yeyao said.1

Miaoling’s gestated Star Name was an unexpected turn of events. Generally speaking, it was extremely rare for a Star Maiden to gestate a Star Name under a near death situation like this.

Perhaps a Saintess truly was special.

Looking at Miaoling’s serene expression, Chen Mo was inwardly glad.

Once they left the Unexplored Region, a crowd of Ancient Miao warriors already surrounded them. Tan Ji and Granny Bee were pale as sheets of paper when they saw Chen Mo appear, looking as though they were facing a great enemy.

“How have you returned.” Tan Ji asked in astonishment.

Granny Bee shook her bamboo staff, but Yeyao snapped her fingers. Suddenly, Granny Bee’s face contorted with pain, and she fell to the ground rolling. “Great King Mulu has died. My apprentice, Miaoling, has already succeeded a Star Name. From this day forth, she is the Eight Receptions Miao Village’s new Great King!”

Yeyao coldly swept her gaze over everyone. As the famous Great Gu Master of the Ancient Miao, her words were unmistakably full of intimidation.

“What, the Great King is dead?” Tan Ji stared incredulously at the unconscious girl laying against Chen Mo’s chest. “Yeyao, to think you would betray the Great King…”

“Would you like me to do it again?” Yeyao’s expression was cold.

All of the Ancient Miao warriors glanced at each other, unsure of what to do.

“Tan Ji, Great King Mulu overestimated herself and died in battle. She already Starfell. Now, decide for yourself whether you want to help assist my apprentice in seizing Nan Jiang or be buried with Great King Mulu.”

Tan Ji could not help but recoil in fear. In front of the Great Gu Master, any careless word or action could bring frightening Gu Arts upon them. Tan Ji was a Saint of War, but he did not dare contend against her.

“I already implanted a Gu Art inside your bodies. For a time of six months, should you dare betray us, I will have you die a wretched end..

Once Yeyao spoke, everyone knelt in fear.

“Tan Ji is willing to help, please spare my life, High Master.” Tan Ji promptly fell to one knee and pledged his loyalty. When the other warriors saw Tan Ji do this, they also followed suit one after another. No one wanted to truly provoke the Great Gu Master’s wrath and lose their life.

“So incredible, to surprisingly have implanted gu.” Ting Nanyuan was speechless. She did not sense anything at all. Surprisingly, Yeyao now held the lives of a Saint of War and an additional hundred warriors in the palm of her hand.

Gu Arts had always been very mysterious in the Great Chong Dynasty, but she never thought they would be this formidable. Thinking of this, Ting Nanyuan kept a safe distance from Yeyao, afraid that she herself was infected without knowing.

Chen Mo’s “intention” did not sense that Yeyao had set gu at all. Most likely, she was bluffing, however, her status as a Great Gu Master in Nan Jiang meant that she was the greatest at Gu Arts. How could the Ancient Miao Clan ever doubt her.

On the third day after returning to the Eight Receptions Miao Village, Miaoling finally was completely awake. Perhaps inheriting the Star Name had changed her personality. The Miaoling who had obsessed over Chen Mo before instantly became very reserved. Her soft tone made Chen Mo somewhat uncomfortable.

However, Miaoling had met with this unexpected situation because of him, so Chen Mo planned to wait until she was completely recovered before leaving.

On this day, Chen Mo and Qin Shaoxu walked outside the Miao Village together, discussing matters to come.

“Shaoxu, you’re preparing to stay in the Miao Village?”

“En, I will wait in this place for a few months. If I can restore Dew Water and Fateful Marriage, I could ask for no more.” Qin Shaoxu’s trip to Nan Jiang was to go to the Unexplored Region and obtain the Lingering Impurity Dew. But getting caught up in the Lover Gu incident meant she was unable to retrieve it. She could only wait until the next time the Lingering Impurity Flower bloomed, and no one knew how long this wait would be.

“Feel free to call me if you need help. I’m a bit experienced with casting tools.”

Qin Shaoxu meaningfully said: “I could tell. Perhaps not even the casting masters of the Great Chong Dynasty’s Sword Casting Villa can best you.”

“It’s a long story. If Lady Shaoxu wishes to know, then we can talk away the night someday when we have the chance.” Chen Mo laughed.

“When I have the chance, I will certainly come find you.” Qin Shaoxu wore a grin as well.

“Then you’ve decided to stay in the Miao Village?” Chen Mo hesitated to say something else.

Qin Shaoxu could see what Chen Mo wanted to say. She was not blunt about it, seemingly smiling: “If you have a favor to ask, please speak, Chen Mo.”

“Then I’ll be straight with you. Miaoling has only just awakened her Star Name and is very weak right now. Neither is she willing to return to the Great Chong Dynasty with me. Since you’re staying here, could you help look after her for me?” Chen Mo seriously asked. Although Miaoling had succeeded a Star Name, Nan Jiang’s Miao Villages also had Star Generals like Cave Master Dai Lai and Mangyachang. With Great King Mulu’s death, they definitely would not leave matters at that. 

Qin Shaoxu’s Star Name was Qin Guan, and she had Concentrated Fiend Realm. In the Tail Fire Star Field, she should be considered formidable. If she was willing to protect Miaoling, Chen Mo could go attend the Divine Warrior Examination’s final court examination with peace of mind.

“I can promise you this.” Qin Shaoxu responded. She actually had this idea already. “According to Yeyao, Nan Jiang’s Ancient Miao Village is in the middle of choosing a Great King of Nan Jiang to rule over the entire region. Since Miaoling is the Eight Receptions Miao Village’s Great King, those people will also abide the agreement. It just so happens she can use this chance to take over Nan Jiang.” Upon mention of this, Qin Shaoxu profoundly paused: “As far as I am aware, your Chen Family has not been at peace of late. I fear that the Tang Imperial Family has already decided to get rid of Lord Chang’an. If you can conquer Nan Jiang, then you can equal the imperial family.”

“King of Nan Jiang.” Chen Mo had not given it much thought. He only wanted for Miaoling to be safe. “If Miaoling can become King of Nan Jiang, that will be enough. However, there’s nothing between her and I. We’re friends at most, I really don’t want to abuse connections.”

“Miaoling is a Star General now, are you not interested?” Qin Shaoxu’s tone was mocking as she posed the question.

“When did Qin Guan become a matchmaker.” Chen Mo joked.

“If two hearts are united together forever, what need of them to stay together day by day and night by night. I, Qin Guan, view emotions as especially important.” Qin Shaoxu smiled: “Chen Mo, should you be a heartless person, someday, I will definitely come chase after you and kill you.”


After two more days passed, a response was received from the Eight Receptions Miao Village’s new Great King invitation card that was sent to the other villages. From the other villages, Cave Master Dai Lai, Mangyachang, and the other Star General Great Kings were very surprised by Great King Mulu’s death. However, according to Ancient Miao custom, rulers of a village were recognized by strength.

Back then, Great King Mulu herself had obtained the Great King position in this way.

The rulers of the other Miao Villages arranged for a banquet at the Ancient Miao’s “festival” in order to welcome Miaoling. This banquet could be considered a Feast at Hongmen.2 Chen Mo originally wanted to wait until after the banquet to return to the Great Chong Dynasty, but time was already running very, very short. He could only leave things to Qin Shaoxu.

“Ting Nanyuan, are you not going back?”

After everything settled down, Chen Mo brought Nianyou to prepare for their return first to the Great Chong Dynasty in order to get ready for the court examination. Ting Nanyuan and Qin Shaoxu would stay together at Nan Jiang. Although the Wuyang Princess was very angry that Qin Shaoxu was surprisingly a woman, it was obvious that her heart was still a bit reluctant to let go.

Qin Shaoxu did not refuse.

This Magpie Bridge Immortal viewed emotions as very important, but no matter how Chen Mo looked at it, this woman was quite unruly.

“Yeyao, I’ll leave Miaoling to you for now.” Chen Mo then looked to Yeyao. For some reason, the Yeyao who had been obsessed with the Lover Gu before had changed her prior attitude after learning that Miaoling inherited a Star Name. These days, she had continued to put all her effort into support Miaoling with the Miao Village’s management, and because of her reputation, Miaoling was able to very quickly receive the acknowledgment of the other village’s Great Kings.

The woman expressionlessly nodded. She pondered, then handed CHen Mo a wooden box and a bottle of wine. “This is Life-taking Wine and a bottle of gu. Perhaps they will be of use to you.”

Chen Mo did not hesitate to take them. Nan Jiang’s Gu Arts were very mysterious. He was also very inquisitively studying them.

Chen Mo looked at the top of the Tree of God. Out of everyone, Miaoling did not come to bid him goodbye at all.

“I called her. She said she’s feeling unwell, so she can’t send you off.” Ting Nanyuan said.

“That’s fine.” Chen Mo did not mind at all. He looked at that large tree and recalled the conversation from that night. He suddenly felt a bit frustrated. “I’ll leave this place to you two for now. After the court examination, I’ll come back to see you.”

“Then you have to score top marks.” Ting Nanyuan giggled.

“No problem.”

Chen Mo cupped his fist. He gave them a final glance, picked up Nianyou, then drove the Nebula Flying Chariot away from Nan Jiang.

Atop the Tree of God, amidst the luxuriant leaves, small rays of sunlight passed through the cracks in the canopy and sprinkled upon a girl’s hair and shoulders.

Miaoling clutched her chest, watching Chen Mo’s departure. Her heart boiled like lava. As she watched Chen Mo leave, her chest seemed about to burst, and she longed to follow him.

Miaoling used all her strength to barely hold in her feelings. They said that after inheriting a Star Name, a Star General would arrogantly disdain feelings between men and women, but Miaoling discovered not only had her feelings not diminished at all, on the contrary, they became even more intense. For this reason, she had no choice but to hide herself and not bid goodbye to Chen Mo. She feared that when the time came, she would be very close to losing control.

“Lover…” Miaoling closed her eyes, murmuring softly.

On her forehead, a Star Crest glowed.

In the sky above, a ray of light suddenly flickered. An invisible thread like a spider web surrounded her body.

A cool breeze blew by.

The treetop rustled.

Chen Mo drove the Nebula Flying Chariot along in its flight, when at this moment, the soft ring of a bell came with the wind. Chen Mo turned his head back, looking towards where the jingle was in the treetop. He knew that Miaoling was currently hiding amongst the dense leaves, not seeing him.

Chen Mo suddenly broke into a grin.

Nianyou blinked and asked, “Big Brother, what are you smiling for?”

Chen Mo said, “Not seeing someone off is simply for the sake of an even better reunion, isn’t that so.”

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  1. And even until the end we’re unsure whether Miaoling is a child or a teenager; I hope it’s the latter. Oh, well, onwards to the court examination arc!

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