Chapter 137: Retrieving Face For The Wife

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Consecutive days of heavy rain in Changluo’s skies dragged on, unwilling to go. The murky weather showed no signs of clearing up as a drizzle continued to rain like a spider spinning its web, slowly and ploddingly, depressing this brilliant city.

Changluo, which had gone through the bustle of the metropolitan examination, finally settled down along with the rain. At the same time, the conversations under the kiosks in the city spread like wildfire and animatedly.

Reportedly, the large-scale bandit groups in Changluo’s periphery had not come out at all to plunder. It was said that Four Ladies Mountains had incurred the Heavens’ fury, cleaning up those bandit gangs these past few days by sending down thunderous fury. They said that Changluo’s authorities had dispatched troops to surround and annihilate the brigands, only for them to return in disastrous defeat. Some even said that Star General commanding the bandits was the Hegemon King of Western Chu, Xiang Yu. With even the authorities unable to handle this, they could only swallow their cries.

Changluo, Chen Mansion.

Chen Qing hastily reached his father’s study. A crowd of Chen Family subordinate officials were in the middle of adjourning. When they saw him, they politely nodded their heads.

Chen Qing was expressionless. In the past, every single one of these people were reverent upon seeing him, however, ever since Chen Mo obtained first place in Changluo’s metropolitan examination, it seemed that everyone knew about the events between him and Chen Mo. They very wisely maintained a distance.

After waiting a moment, Chen Qing entered the study.

Chen Huhao’s expression was weary. “Qing’er, you’ve come.”

“Father, everyone outside is talking about Four Ladies Mountains right now.” Chen Qing asked. “Don’t tell me that the Hegemon King Xiang Yu is really at Four Ladies Mountains?

“How could Xiang Yu possibly appear in this place. This is just ignorant conjecture.” Chen Huhao disdainfully said as he sipped his tea.

Chen Qing wrinkled his brow.

“But there may be a Star General on the inside…” Chen Huhao put down his cup, his expression becoming exceptionally serious. He had close dealings with several of the bandit camps at Four Ladies Mountains, but he already learned that some of the larger camps were already conquered. In the end, Eldest Sister Peak’s bandit fort was teetering on a precipice. Chen Huhao had secretly dispatched a warrior to go support them, but instead, they suffered a crushing defeat, “After those rabble were drawn in, they employed a kind of never before seen battle formation. I fear that a Star General has instructed them.”

“Why would a Star General do something so senseless.” Chen Qing was very depressed.

“But if we do not suppress the activity at Four Ladies Mountains, that would detrimental to our Chen Family’s prestige. Why not report to the imperial court?” Chen Qing suggested.

Chen Huhao shook his head: “No. We just surrendered to Chen Mo. If we report ot the imperial court, Lord Chang’an will inevitably suspect us. This is even more detrimental to us.”

“Then we are just going to leave things be like this?” Chen Qing asked.

“They are only some vermin, why bother about them. Let them sort themselves out.” Chen Huhao disapproved. He paused, saying: “Wait until Chen Mo returns, then we can hand this affair over to him to settle, see how he manages this.”

Chen Qing nodded. This was a good idea. Now that Chen Mo was of awe-inspiring presence in Changluo, they could not kill him easily.

“Speaking of, Father, where has Chen Mo gone? I have not seen a sign of him for many days.”

“They say he has journeyed out to cultivate, to deal with the court examination.” Chen Huhao said.

Chen Qing smiled: “Cousin is very diligent. Perhaps he really can make zhuangyuan.”

Chen Huhao shook his head, completely disfavoring Chen Mo. “Now that His Imperial Majesty harbors ill intent towards Chen Zhangtian, he cannot possibly allow Chen Mo to receive zhuangyuan. Besides, Lord Jiang Nan’s genius daughter, Jiang Yanyu, is also participating in this court examination. They say that she left everyone in her dust at the provincial and metropolitan examinations, her power is so outstanding. Reportedly, a Thunder Tribulation cultivator suffered defeat at her hands.”

When Jiang Yanyu’s name was mentioned, Chen Qing also showed an expression of adoration.

That was a true genius.

Chen Mo drove the Nebula Flying Chariot to Four Ladies Mountains, discovering that the mountains’ scenery had greatly changed in the time he was gone. The four peaks, once lush and verdant, were marred by the marks of a conflagration, black smoke billowing out from the forest.

Chen Mo found Second Sister Peak, noticing that the stronghold was not vigorously training like in the past.

“Chief, you have returned.”

Chen Mo stepped down from the Nebula Flying Chariot. Several of the former leaders immediately stepped forward reverently.

“What happened recently?” Chen Mo asked.

They looked at each other, hesitant to respond.

“Speak.” Chen Mo said, displeased.

“Eldest Sister Peak’s camp defenses are difficult to assault and have yet to fall. Madam is currently fuming and somewhat standoffish.”

Chen Mo raised his brow, very surprised. To surprisingly be capable of making Zhongli Sanmei unable to carry out a siege, this bandit camp was too abnormal.

Chen Mo nodded and walked towards the residence.

“Chen Mo, you’ve come back.” Ning Xiaoyuan wore a happy expression when she saw Chen Mo.

“I heard that Eldest Sister Peak has yet to be taken.”

“Yes.” Ning Xiaoyuan showed a difficult expression.

“Does Eldest Sister Peak have any support? Any that can make Sanmei’s army unable to conquer it?” Chen Mo was skeptical. According to his assessment, only the most outstanding and elite troops, like Long Saber Army and the imperial family’s Thousand Cavalry Army, that could cross the battlefield unhindered and had survived hundreds of battles were capable of contending against them. But to say they would be victorious was very difficult.

“Originally, we already held an enormous advantage, but we were stopped by a single woman.” Ning Xiaoyuan said.

A woman?

“Star General?” In Star World, any unexpectedly powerful woman could very well be a Fiend Star.

Ning Xiaoyuan was not certain.

“She alone routed the formation, and she challenged Sister Sanmei to a battle to decide the victor.”

“Sanmei lost?”

Ning Xiaoyuan affirmed.

Chen Mo’s heart stopped. As one of Her Excellency Xiang Yu’s Five Great Generals, to the Zhongli Mo whose ego towered over even the Heavens, it would have been better to die than to be defeated in front of everyone’s eyes.

“In reality, she did not lose.” Ning Xiaoyuan regretfully said: “The opponent seemed to have cultivated Purple Rose Qi. There was no other way.”

Purple Rose Qi?

Chen Mo suddenly recalled something.

“Purple Rose Qi, is it the Ruler Star General?” Chen Mo said, pondering. He released the Nebula Flying Chariot and stepped aboard.

“Chen Mo, what are you doing?” Ning Xiaoyuan was taken aback.

“My wife has been bullied. Of course I need to win back face.” Chen Mo matter-of-factly replied. The cloud rose, and the flying chariot flew towards Eldest Sister Peak.

Ning Xiaoyuan and the others were slackjawed after hearing Chen Mo’s words.

Win back face?

To take back face from a Star General that cultivated Purple Rose Qi, what warrior would dare utter such words. This was no different from courting death. By the time they came to their senses, Chen Mo was already gone.

“Hurry and go report to the Mistress.”

“The Chief is too conceited, to think he would dare go seek out a Star General.”

“It’s over, it’s all over.”

Everyone’s minds were in a big mess.

Chen Mo very quickly arrived at Eldest Sister Peak. He saw that the fort’s defenses were dense, dotted with faintly concealed arrays, and that the warriors full of Qi-blood and brimming with eager killing intent were in the middle of training. Some of these warriors were even Three Flowers Gathered Overhead.

These Three Flowers Gathered Overhead warriors were gathered around a bonfire, appearing very relaxed as they chatted and laughed. They seemed to be discussing Zhongli Mo’s deafeat at the hands of their chief.

“Wow, I never imagined that our chief behind the scenes was actually a Star General!”

“Heh, heh, that woman surprisingly wanted to challenge the chief without knowing her own strength, serves her right.”

“If it wasn’t for the chief’s mercy, we should have annihilated them.”

“Forget it, we know she won’t dare to act without thinking, anyways.”

“This is what happens when a rat sees a cat, ha, ha.”

The laughter around the barbeque was very grating to the ears.

The warrior who laughed with the least restrain suddenly popped as his entire person was sent flying and bouncing along the ground. A young man appeared where he had been, his hand extended, his eyes ice-cold.

The laughter came to an abrupt end. The warriors were flabbergasted by this sudden scene that unfolded in front of them.

“Bastard, who dares sneak attack us.” The warrior who was knocked flying scrambled up.

The young man glanced at him, and that warrior shouted to himself, Shit. Before he could even react, a breeze blew past his face. His entire body was sent flying away once again. THis time, his scream became a groan as he rose again with difficulty.

“Who are you!”

“Dammit, you would actually sneak attack our Big Bro.”

The warriors hurled curses at him, blooming their Qi Flowers and gathering their True Qi as they rushed forth.

Chen Mo was unmoved. Several Three Flowers warriors were not worth his attention. He raised his palm and used the Bagua Palm. A palm-wind blew, and he caught these warriors’ punches all like a bowl. Then, he let go and used “Gen Overturned Bowl.”

Enormous power directly shook apart their encirclement. Chen Mo abruptly unleashed his full power. His entire person was like a panther, instantly hopping to the side of a tough and stocky warrior. That warrior’s Qi Flower was in bloom, his expression sinister. He used his martial art, which was as ferocious as a tiger catching a rabbit, but Chen Mo cut into his chest in a flash. His right hand viciously curled around his opponent’s neck as he mercilessly flung him away. Immense power tossed that warrior’s several hundred kilogram body like a shot put, send him flying straight away.

With a terrific bang, he collided heavily into a stone pillar, smashing into it with a deep hole.

The other warriors seemed to have not seen it. They all seized the chance to launch an attack on Chen Mo together. They each grabbed their own Star Weapon long swords, which were surprisingly Two Star. Like vipers, their movements were agile and fierce. Like vipers flicking their tongues, they were careful and full of danger.

Glaring sword-light cut apart the air with endless “chi, chi” sounds, demonstrating that these warriors were of exceptional strength.

“Die, you brat.” The warrior used a Viper Sword Technique. In his heart, he was very happy. He had a Two Star Star Weapon, and with so many people surrounding the brat, even a Saint of War would have to tiptoe around. When the time came, he also had a trump card “Flicking Tongue” that could kill in one blow.

The scene of an evasion and entrapment that he had imagined did not appear. Chen Mo completely ignored his attack. His body seemed to lose all of its weight, floating about under the sword technique’s assault. No matter how numerous his attacks were, he would always find a gap through the strikes and dodge in time. Those body techniques were faster than even the wind.

Chen Mo had practiced these Bowl Body Techniques to a certain level, and after his accomplishment with the Bagua, handling these warriors’ techniques was naturally very easy.

Chen Mo moved about as he pleased. He then punched leisurely, breaking the entrapment of the warrior’s Viper Sword Technique.


That man’s eyes widened as he watched Chen Mo’s incoming fist.


Then the punch sent him flying.

When the other warriors saw that their second brother, the strongest in the fort, was defeated in one blow, panic suddenly appeared in their hearts. Chen Mo’s thoughts immediately locked on to this panic. His Divine Intent bound them, and the warriors’ expressions changed.

Several seconds later.

The warriors that had been mocking Zhongli Mei were then toppled beside the bonfire, moaning in pain.

Chen Mo’s battle had attracted the attention of Eldest Sister Peak’s bandits. Close to a hundred warriors rushed over to surround him, but seeing that Chen Mo was Three Flowers Gathered Overhead, and that he easily defeated the strongest bosses in the fort, the others did not dare take action.

“I came here on behalf of my wife to offer greetings. Call out your behind the scenes chief.” Chen Mo patted the dust off his clothes.

“Your wife?”

A cold and detached voice sounded out.

Chen Mo felt this voice was a bit familiar.

The crowd parted, and a woman dressed in long purple clothes and a cloak daintily stepped forth.

“It really is you.”

Chen Mo took a breath.


This woman, who defeated Zhongli Sanmei, who cultivated Purple Rose Qi, was none other than that same one he met back then in the Western Desert.

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