Chapter 138: You Can Be At My Side

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Magnificent purple clothes, a beautiful figure, and profoundly impressionable, Chen Mo recognized her immediately at first glance. 

“Zhongli Mo has become your wife now, has she?” The purple-clothed woman drew down her hood, revealing a face as lovely as a flower. A pair of clear and limpid eyes indifferently stared at Chen Mo. She similarly had a deep impression of this abnormal warrior.

To have forced the Scourge of God Attila back then in the Western Desert Tower to sign a contract to save her life, this was exceedingly strange in Star World. However, she never imagined that he surprisingly was husband and wife with King of Extinguished Ashes Zhongli Mo. This was very rare.

But this brat apparently had a contract with her.

The woman’s brows knit slightly together.

“More or less.” Chen Mo stepped forward, a familiar bearing as if he was meeting an old friend.

The woman raised her hand. A purple long sword glinted with light, stopping his advance.

She had never allowed a man to approach her, and this man was no exception.

“I even thought we could be considered friends.” Chen Mo scratched his nose, his expression quite regretful.


The purple-clothed woman showed that she was a bit disdainful of this word. “Go back. No one will be able to lay a finger on this fort.”

Chen Mo leisurely waved his hand and brought out Northern Dipper. “I said I’d help my wife win back her face. Naturally, I can’t go back on my word. Even if it’s you, it would be better for us to have a bout.”

“Are you even aware of what you are saying?” The purple-clothed woman’s tone was extremely detached. If it was not for her having seen Chen Mo subdue the Scourge of God, she would have merely recognized any other warrior that said such words as being insane. But even so, the girl still did not feel that Chen Mo’s request was overly ridiculous.

“Let’s find out. If I’m fortunate enough to win, this Eldest Sister Peak shall belong to my wife.” Chen Mo said, focusing on his own business.

The purple-clothed woman: “…”

“What, don’t forget that I’m not a normal warrior.” Chen Mo’s gaze was harsh.

The purple-clothed woman slightly nodded her head. This was actually true. A warrior able to be husband and wife with Zhongli Mo and contract with the Scourge of God would not possibly be normal.

The woman waved her hand, firing a ray of sword-light.

Chen Mo retreated, but then he noticed that the woman was not attacking at all. Rather, she drew a circle around herself.

“In light of your consideration for your wife, Your Servant shall give you a bit of face.” The purple-clothed woman looked at the circle on the ground. “Should you be able to force me half a step outside this ring, you will have won.”

“Are you serious?” Chen Mo asked.

The purple-clothed woman stood in the center of the circle, holding her sword in one hand, her posture confident and at ease.

When Eldest Sister Peak’s warriors saw that someone surprisingly would challenge a Star General, each and every one of them disdainfully stared at Chen Mo.

“A warrior is about to fight the big boss.”

“Boss, why not let us handle him.”

“Don’t dirty the boss’ hands.”

These warriors’ hoots shifted the dust on the ground, each and every one of them itching to show their spirit in front of a beautiful Star General. Chen Mo saw this as ridiculous. These warriors that shouted the loudest nevertheless did not dare to truly take a step forward. The purple-clothed woman had a kind of invisible pressure. No one dared to be rash before she gave the signal.

Chen Mo was very bewildered why she would be mixed up with mountain bandits.

“Right, if you would please tell me what your Star Name is.” Chen Mo cupped his fist, reverently asking. “To be able to cultivate Purple Rose Qi, yours is presumably not an ordinary Star Name.”

“If you can defeat Your Servant first.” The woman flatly said.

“The victor is the king.” Chen Mo shouted, aggressive as a ferocious tiger. A Star Crest appeared on his forehead as he activated “Trampling,” the Innate Skill of the Scourge Of God.

Enormous power radiated in all directions in that instant, like an enormous wave. The hooting warriors had their entire bodies shaken by the battering wave, their figures unsteady and cutting quite sorry appearances.

Everyone closed their mouths, shaken by Chen Mo’ overwhelming power.

This man was so violent!

The heavy Northern Dipper was brandished again and again by Chen Mo. The first strike seemed to split Heaven and Earth, releasing a deafening thunderclap. Northern Dipper whooshed, wrapped in formidable power as it swung towards that woman in the circle.

A powerful force directly shook the stone tiles on the ground. The hard granite surface seemed to burst like an ocean spray as it was torn apart by Northern Dipper’s murderous aura.

Bearing the combat experience Chen Mo had accumulated up until now as well as his spirit to win back face for Zhongli Mo, Chen Mo had no plans to hold back whatsoever with his first strike.

You want to handicap yourself to show your pride as a Star General?

Fine then.

I’ll just completely smash it to pieces!

Without any openings, without any gaps, the stagnated air was twisted apart by Northern Dipper’s killing intent, letting out a wolf or tiger-like hiss. The Northern Dipper that was almost touching her was like a ferocious, bloodthirsty animal. Just this blow alone made all of Eldest Sister Peak’s warriors scared out of their wits, no longer daring to make any more arrogant statements.

The killing intent blew the woman’s hair into a mess, yet everything was incomparably calm in that woman’s pale blue eyes. Faced with Chen Mo’s relentless full power strike, she was stingy with even the slightest praise.

The purple-clothed woman waved her hand, the purple long sword moving to her chest without any superfluous motion.

The next instant, Northern Dipper was easily caught by the graceful sword. Confronted with the crushing power upon the weapon, the woman deftly waved her hand again.

Time seemed to stop between the two of them.

Sword-light broke, forcing Chen Mo back.

Although he had already planned for the case that she was able to block him, the ease with which she showed still made Chen Mo very uncomfortable. Her Realm was probably already Earthly Fiend at the very least, and combined with the Purple Rose Qi she cultivated, it was no wonder she could defeat Zhongli Mo.

Although a Ruler Star Name could cultivate Purple Rose Qi, the truth was that not all Star Names were capable of so easily controlling it. To be able to cultivate the Purple Rose Qi showed that she was a one in ten thousand genius.

It was unthinkable that the Tail Fire Star Field could have such a powerful character.

The purple-clothed woman slightly nodded, expressionlessly speaking. “I shall give you an incense stick’s time. Once time passes, Your Servant asks that you not bother this place henceforth.”

Sword-light flashed. An incense stick atop a faraway platform was lit with a puff.

Chen Mo grunted and smiled: “Don’t tell me you really have nothing to say about my attack? This hurts my pride a bit.”

“And you would speak of a man’s pride in Star World?” The purple clothed-woman rubbed some salt into his wound.

In Star World, Star Generals were honored and revered. At best, men could only watch from afar. If not for the Purple Rose Star Emperor, the status of men beforehand was an even more tragic sight.

“Watch this again.” Chen Mo shouted, once again attacking together with Northern Dipper.

The purple-clothed woman’s brows rose. Her long sword of purple light accompanied with a slashing movement the next instant. Gorgeous and resplendent sword-light emerged from the blade’s edge, pouncing straight at Chen Mo.

The latter promptly took a step back, raising his staff to block. In the next instant, his speed accelerated even further. The sword-light was already like a dragon ascending the heavens, biting at Chen Mo without stop.

Chen Mo brandished Northern Dipper. This time, he used the “Invincible” Innate Skill, also utilizing the Star Energy in his body. Their weapons violently clashed at speeds that the naked eye could not track.

A purple sword-qi was smashed apart by Northern Dipper. Chen Mo closed the distance, and Northern Dipper let out an air-shattering whoosh as he endlessly flailed it about. With each swing, the staff’s power became more violent than the last. In just a short moment, the purple-clothed woman’s attacks were suppressed by this overwhelming onslaught. The woman could not help but feel surprised.

From an outsider’s perspective, she seemed to be bracing against a mountain of pressure.

Chen Mo’s assault was endless, ceaseless. In a battle against multiple people, Invincible was able to stimulate even greater potential. At the same time he attacked, his attacks would also become faster and faster, before finally, even a magnificent army was unable to avoid him. Thus, it was named “Invincible.”

Even a Thunder Tribulation cultivator would inevitably die under an assault like this.

None of the other warriors were able to intervene, having been forced back a hundred meters by the powerful arrogance that Chen Mo’s attack had released. They could only watch in fear.

The purple-clothed woman flourished her long sword. Under Chen Mo’s strong and ferocious bombardment, she remained fluid as water, her sword-light very naturally receiving all of Chen Mo’s attacks. She had not budged an inch, surprisingly not pushed back in the slightest.

Chen Mo then continued to attack, but no matter what, he was unable to break through the woman’s purple qi.

“I don’t believe that big man like myself is unable to push you.” Chen Mo said to himself. He activated the Northern Dipper Great Overflow, lunging together with the staff.

Chen Mo and the purple-clothed woman were entangled. At that moment, the gate to Elder Sister Peak was kicked open. A stunning woman with red hair and armor irascibly stormed in.

“Enemy attack!”

The spectating warriors cried out in panic.

Zhongli Sanmei’s Burnt Out Three Calamities swept over them, and the rest of the Clinging Fire Army’s warriors poured in like fish.


Zhongli Sanmei immediately spotted Chen Mo fighting the purple-clothed woman, “What a bitch you are, did you really think This King is afraid of you?” Zhongli Sanmei angrily bellowed, raising her spear to go help Chen Mo.

Chen Mo was just about to attack when he saw the woman become a bit imposing. At this time, Zongli Sanmei was charging over to help, which would mean everything he had done would be completely wasted. “Don’t come here.” Left with no choice, Chen Mo could only temporarily break momentum, stopping his attack as he withdrew to Zhongli Sanmei’s side.

“You’re insane to fight against this woman.” Zhongli Sanmei rebuked him in a low voice. “She cultivates Purple Rose Qi, she isn’t some ordinary Star General.”

“I know that.”

Chen Mo’s forehead was beaded with perspiration, his hands somewhat shaky.

“Chief, you alright?”

“We came to help you.”

“Put everything on the line.”

Second Sister Peak’s Jia Brothers stood around Chen Mo, ready to brave any danger for him. The others also responded with a united front. Zhongli Sanmei’s teachings indeed had a high level.

“Everyone, cease.” Chen Mo stared at that unfazed woman.

The tiles around the purple-clothed woman were practically smithereens. That purple halo was faintly visible, but she still had yet to budge an inch. Chen Mo had used practically all of his Star Energy just then, but he still was unable to shift the woman in the slightest.

The purple-clothed woman brandished her sword, and a wisp of purple qi floated beside her like a phoenix.

“Your attack just now was not bad at all. If it was not for your wife coming and interrupting you, perhaps Your Servant might have been moved.” The woman flatly said.

Chen Mo smiled: “But even if that’s the case, it still isn’t enough to move you out of the circle.”

“What the hell were you two doing.” Zhongli Sanmei whispered.

“I have a bet with her. If I can force her out of the ring, then this Elder Sister Peak will be ours from this moment on.” Chen Mo said.

Everyone was taken aback, their mouths hanging open.

It was simply an idiot’s sleeptalk to think a warrior could contend against a Star General. After all, even a Star General like Zhongli Sanmei had lost. Could it be he was even more formidable than the King Of Extinguished Ashes.

Zhongli Sanmei was full of complex feelings, unsure of what to say.

Chen Mo hinted to her to not say anything at all. He then said to the young woman in purple: “However, for the honor of my wife, I have thought of a way. Next time, you will definitely be forced out. When that time comes, you will have to fulfill your promise.”

“Should Your Servant win, you can henceforth be at Your Servant’s side.”

The woman flatly said.

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  1. What, is she interpreting “…this Eldest Sister Peak shall belong to my wife” as “you will become my wife”?

    1. No, she isn’t, you just happened to touch upon two separate ideas.

      She’s simply doubtful that he can even do anything appreciable for a Star General (i.e. conquer Eldest Sister Peak when Zhongli Sanmei herself had failed), a notion that Chen Mo immediately causes her to dismiss by pointing out how abnormal he is. This is why she bothers to make a bet with him instead of just immediately expelling him from the mountain when she was completely capable of it.

      And neither does she offer him a contract/proposal. When she tells him what she wants if she wins, she is telling him they will be master and subordinate. They wouldn’t be considered husband and wife, or even friends.

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