Chapter 161: Arm Pillow For The Flying Luan

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The darkness was increasingly quiet. The horse-drawn carriages that had entered the imperial palace now cautiously tread the darkness without so much as a hoofbeat. The palace still towered majestically, that enormous mountain presence from before already gone.

Compared to the mighty and powerful crowd of warriors attending the banquet from before, each person departing the imperial palace kept quiet out of fear. They were cautious, not daring to breathe loudly.

Tonight, a major incident had certainly transpired in Chang’an.

Seven Stars Huan Wen was surprisingly suppressed by some unknown party’s ability.

“Father, just who is actually able to face off against Huan Wen?” Chen Lin searched for Chen Mo to no avail. Returning, he heard news about this event and also could not help but be very astonished.

Just who was Huan Wen?

Earthly Attacking Star, the Seven Stars.

Her Realm was fast approaching the “Yellow Court” Realm of Star Generals. Everyone in the Great Chong Dynasty feared her name, and even Chang’an Mansion had never dared to bring up Huan Wen’s True Name.

“Can it be that some other Star Field’s Star General has come?” Thinking of this possibility, Chen Lin’s head felt numb.

The great noble families in the Outer Star Fields very rarely grasped the affairs of Star Generals. However, whenever a Star General appeared in the Outer Star Fields, they would inevitably set off an earth-shaking shock. Legend said that the God Of Slaughter Bai Qi, of the Four Lords of the Warring States, had once single-handedly destroyed a dynasty of the Outer Star Field. A million Thunder Tribulation cultivators had all been killed by her hands.

A cultivator would be unable to help but shiver just thinking of the name of such a frightening Star General.

“You’re overthinking. If they were truly this powerful, Huan Wen would already be dead.” Chen Luan said.

Chen Lin reconsidered and agreed with this logic, “Right, the emperor invited that School Of Mind master to the palace, but I never saw her. I heard that this School Of Mind Great Master only agreed to enter the palace because she respected Little Brother Mo. Don’t tell me that the emperor was so unbearably angry that he dispatched Huan Wen to teach that Great Master a lesson, and then this was the result?” The more Chen Lin theorized, the more he felt that this was possibly the reason. In Star World, those who could suppress Star Generals were only other Star Generals.

Chen Zhangtian asked: “Has Chen Mo been found?”

“I asked around. No one has seen him. Little Sister, just where did Chen Mo go, did he not say anything to you? This activity can’t be related to him, right?” Chen Lin was worried sick. If Chen Mo had actually offended Huan Wen, then perhaps Chang’an Mansion would be in for trouble the next day.

That Huan Wen was certainly not easy to deal with.

Chen Luan pursed her lips but did not speak.

“Father, I will dispatch more people to search when we return.”

“No need. Just pretend that what happened tonight had never occurred at all.” Chen Zhangtian very calmly mounted his horse. He looked at his palm. There was a vague streak of blood. Chen Zhangtian’s brow was unable to help but slightly wrinkle.

“Father, do you recognize what that ability is?” Jiang Yanyu asked.

“Five Finger Spirit Mountain.” Jiang Ruxiu flatly replied.

“Meaning that the person who handled Huan Wen is not a Star General?”

Jiang Ruxiu said: “Regardless of who they are, they are admirably bold, to dare face off against Huan Wen.”

Hearing the praise in her father’s words, Jiang Yanyu charmingly smiled: “Daughter also can contend against Huan Wen, why does Father not praise Daughter, too.”

Jiang Ruxiu laughed.

“Don’t be complacent. Cultivate properly, fight to take zhuangyuan in the Divine Warrior Examination.”

“En, a pity that Daughter was unable to scout out Chen Mo’s strength tonight. Huh, is he afraid that Daughter will see through the extent of his abilities and ran?” Jiang Yanyu was very skeptical.

“Chen Mo.” Jiang Ruxiu mulled over this name that very recently rose to face, “He suddenly vanishes, and then Huan Wen encounters a sneak attack. I wonder if there is a connection.”

Jiang Yanyu also felt this was too coincidental. However, she was well aware of Huan Wen’s might. She was already almost a Yellow Court Realm Star General. Other than the Two Lords of the Great Chong Dynasty, who each were at the level of Human Sovereign and only capable of slight resistance, everyone else was already no match for her. Chen Mo’s power could not ever possibly be this abnormal.

Jiang Ruxiu looked at his own finger. There was a small cut, the injury from Huan Wen’s spear.

“Right now, Chen Zhangtian ought to have a headache.”

Yu Youwei sat in the carriage, spellbound by the River On A Spring Night poem in her hands. Compared to the others discussing the night’s events, Yu Youwei’s thoughts were mostly on that man from the banquet.

It’s time to leave this Star Field.

Yu Youwei closed the ancient poem’s scroll, at the same time tracing her finger over that ancient guzheng in the carriage with her.

After Lord Chang’an returned to Chang’an Mansion, a maid walked before Chen Luan: “Third Young Miss, Fourth Young Master is in the study and has requested your presence.”

“Fuck, to think Fourth Brother already came home.” Chen Lin rolled his eyes, fancy that he was still searching around for him. “This brat didn’t run away because he was actually scared of Jiang Yanyu, right.”

“What nonsense are you spouting.” Chen Luan glared at him before following the maid to Chen Mo’s room.

“I’m going to see how Little Brother is doing, too.” Chen Lin said.

“Don’t bother them tonight, and you mustn’t forget to cultivate yourself.” Chen Zhangtian softly said. Then he said to the butler: “Have the Long Saber Guard maintain strict watch over the mansion. No one is to enter.”

The old man deferentially obeyed.

“All of you may retire.”

When Chen Luan came to Chen Mo’s Laurel Chamber, she heard Chen Mo’s voice. A group of maids and bodyguards withdrew from the courtyard.

“Little Brother, why did you run back?” Chen Luan walked into the room, and before she could ask, a figure toppled towards her. Chen Luan hastily caught it, discovering Chen Mo’s face was terribly pale. His whole body completely lacked strength, as if someone had suck away all his energy.

“What’s the matter with you? I’ll go call the doctor right away.”

“Big Sister, don’t go.” Chen Mo squeezed out these words.

Chen Luan was filled with worry. Only when she examined Chen Mo’s body was suffering only from the weakness of exhaustion did she finally dismiss this idea. Chen Luan helped CHen Mo to a chair and directly asked him: “Little Brother, were you fighting Huan Wen back at the imperial palace? Why did you go provoke her and end up like this.”

Chen Mo forced a smile: “Blame my thoughtlessness. I didn’t expect that Emperor Tang would actually bring out such drastic measures.”

“En?” Chen Luan said.

Chen Luan took out a “Dragon And Tiger Vigor Pill.”1 This Grade Four Pill could replenish strength and augment the spirit, to resist all kinds of illusions. Normally, she was reluctant to use this, but seeing Chen Mo so helpless, she did not care that much anymore. She pried open Chen Mo’s mouth and popped the pill in.

“Third Sister, what sort of pill did you give me?” Chen Mo slowly gathered strength after brief meditation.

“The Dragon And Tiger Vigor Pill. You were too reckless this time.” Chen Luan was very worried.

Chen Mo nodded. This time, his weakness was brought about from Star Energy exhaustion. Furthermore, sustaining several of Huan Wen’s strikes brought him into this state.

“Right, Big Sis, help me look after Wuyi.” Chen Mo brought Chen Luan into the bedroom.

Lying on the bed was a woman. Her expression was taut from pain, and her clothes were already in tatters. She was covered in wounds. Chen Mo barely managed to staunch her bleeding, but he was already without enough strength to look after her. He could only call Chen Luan over, and seeing that Gu Wuyi’s whole body was injured, he could not easily take care of her as he was a man.

“Her wounds are a bit severe.” Chen Luan inspected.

The remnant Star Energy of Huan Wen’s Destined Star Weapon could not be compared with a cultivator’s magical energy. The destructive power of Star Energy was formidable, capable of penetrating meridians. Even a Thunder Tribulation cultivator could not touch this level, which was a reason why Star Generals were so formidable. If it was not for Gu Wuyi being a Star General innately capable of refining Star Energy, any other person, even including Chen Luan herself, would recognize they had died several dozen times upon seeing those spear wounds trickling blood.

Star Generals were all very special indeed.

Chen Luan ripped off Gu Wuyi’s outer wear, revealing the woman’s snow-white body. A small bodice propped up her lofty mountains. Her skin was spotless, making Chen Luan unable to help but feel envious.

Just as Chen Luan was about to tear apart the bodice, she sudden recalled someone else inside the room.

“Little Brother, shouldn’t you excuse yourself?” Chen Luan glared at Chen Mo.

Chen Mo blinked, “Fine then, I’ll go check up on Mu.”

After he left to bedroom, Chen Luan smiled, then stared at the unconscious woman. Chen Luan had an ability called “Luan Phoenix Meridian Blood”2 that was specifically used to comb through blood vessels and meridians, and it could also be used to treat some injuries, slowly healing them. The price was that it was somewhat painful. Chen Luan placed her hand on Gu Wuyi’s body. Following an aching feeling, Gu Wuyi groaned. A Star Crest slowly manifested on her forehead.

In her mind, Chen Luan could not help but shudder.

She had heard that a Star Crest would appear when a Star General was in an extremely weakened state. At this time, so long as a warrior tapped their finger into the Star Crest, they would be able to sign a Servant Star contract with her and inherit the Star General’s Innate Skill.

Chen Luan knew that it was already not very realistic for herself to succeed a Star Name, yet being a Servant Star was an extremely powerful enticement.

In Star World, the strongest a cultivator could be was no more than Dragon Among Men. If one entered the Inner Star Field, there was still a small chance to reach Earthly Star Realm, but no matter how they cultivated, they were far from comparison to a Star General. Inheriting a Servant Star could allow them to begin cultivating Star Energy. To a cultivator, this was the greatest opportunity. 

Now, it seemed like Little Brother was certain to go to the Inner Star Field in the future. She was afraid that she would be unable to keep up with his pace. If she could obtain this extremely rare Servant Star opportunity…Chen Luan’s hand approached Gu Wuyi’s Star Crest. The girl bit her lip tightly. She had never hesitated so indecisively before.

Chen Mo walked out from Mu’s bedroom. He practiced the Northern Dipper Great Overflow in some open space, summoning Northern Dipper with a wave of his hand.

The Northern Dipper Saber’s ice-cold arc was like the crescent moon embedded in the sky, full of a chill. He originally thought that after learning the Yellow Rank Technique, he could face few rivals in the Great Chong Dynasty. Now, it seemed he was still too naive. Huan Wen’s ferocity far surpassed his own expectations.

In a direct confrontation, he was unable to endure more than five blows, and Chen Mo also realized that during his battle with Huan Wen, her Destined Star Weapon still did not activate their Stars. Otherwise, she would have been even stronger.

Chen Mo closed his eyes. In his mind, he once again recalled that white-clothed woman’s other sword techniques, which were entirely breathtaking beyond compare, but right now, his Star Energy was basically unable to be used.

“Jiang Yanyu and Huan Wen have sparred before. Perhaps she’s even stronger. I can’t be careless. I’ll need to combine the Zhangtian Seal and Five Finger Mountain as soon as possible.” Recalling that the final Five Finger Mountain suppressed Huan Wen, Chen Mo still had some energy. If he could combine it with the Zhangtian Seal, he would be even more self-confident in his next confrontation against Huan Wen. He wondered if that primordial Star Place Bodhi Cliff of that Wanshou Temple would be helpful at all.

As he thought this, he heard the door creak open.

Chen Luan walked in.

“Elder Sister, is Wuyi alright?” Chen Mo stuck close to her, wiping off her forehead of sweat.

“En, she was lucky this time. That Huan Wen is so formidable, if I had those wounds, I wouldn’t have survived past this night.” Chen Luan said.

“I owe Wuyi this time, I didn’t think of this.” Chen Mo was very reproachful of himself.

Chen Luan disagreed. Even if he did not go this time, Emperor Tang would have roped Gu Wuyi in sooner or later. If she declined again, then given Huan Wen’s personality, she would have done something eventually. Tearing her cheek this time was fine.

“Little Brother, don’t you want to sign a contract with that Great Master Wuyi?” Chen Luan paused and asked.

“Did Third Sister have this thinking?” Chen Mo asked.

“Is your Big Sister the kind of person who takes advantage of others’ misfortunes?” Chen Luan asked back.

Of course Chen Mo knew that his Elder Sister was trustworthy, and that was why he dared to leave Gu Wuyi to her. That said, he could not help but have the idea to prevent Third Sister and Gu Wuyi from from forming a Servant Star Contract. After all, it was better to keep good things to oneself, and Reflection Of The Mind Gu Wuyi’s potential was very enormous.

The siblings sat shoulder to shoulder on the stairs, watching the glittering stars and moonlight. As they talked, slowly, Chen Mo’s shoulders sank. Chen Luan honestly was too tired, at some point falling asleep leaning on his shoulder. 

Healing the Star General’s wounds had indeed exhausted her.

Chen Mo tenderly smiled and stroked Third Sister’s hair.

The night passed silently.

The next day, the sun had barely risen when Chen Mo roused from his cultivation of the Nose Locking Art. He immediately received an invitation from Yu Youwei’s servant, Lü’er.

Yu Youwei had sent the servant to invite him to the Profound Theory Courtyard.

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  1. 龍虎精神丹
  2. 鸞鳳絡血

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