Chapter 162: “Thousand Theories And Wonders” Yu Youwei

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Before daybreak, Chang’an’s buildings appeared to be indistinct blue and black shadows.

In the very early morning, there were few pedestrians, but there was bustle outside the Profound Theory Courtyard. Many warriors were currently training their martial arts in the open space outside the courtyard. While their training was fake, their desire to glimpse the master of the Profound Theory Courtyard was nevertheless real.

The Profound Theory Courtyard was the most mysterious place in Chang’an to men, second only to the imperial palace.  Courtyard Master Yu Youwei’s genius with verse had conquered these young masters of Chang’an. They all hoped to use gold as a means of obtaining the qualifications to enter the Profound Theory Courtyard, but the courtyard’s rules were strict, much more challenging than entering the imperial palace.

Chen Lin’s entry a few days ago into the Profound Theory Courtyard earned him the envy of Chang’an’s young masters, but everyone knew that he borrowed his little brother’s face. Thus, everyone was still rubbing their palms, wishing to be the first man to enter the queen of flowers, Yu Youwei.

However, they were unaware that on this early morning before the first rays of dawn had shone, the Fourth Young Master of Chang’an Mansion had already become the first.

Following the maid Lü’er’s guidance, he entered the Profound Theory Courtyard from the back entrance.

The courtyard was a magnificently decorated pavilion, with flying eaves and jade steps. Its elegance did not detract from its imposing majesty. Yu Youwei sat on the second floor’s balcony, reading through the ancient poem, River On A Spring Night. In front of her was a guzheng. This guzheng was different from her other one. It appeared to be crafted from precious incense wood, and its sound flowed like water. The guzheng showed the forms of several vivid and realistic carps leaping about. Other than the exquisite craftsmanship, the guzheng was also inlaid with crystals, agate, and other precious stones.

The maid sent Chen Mo to the courtyard under the pavilion and excused herself, locking the heavy gates tightly.

Chen Mo glanced at the locked gate. Seeing that the girl had no intentions to speak, he said: Youwei, to have arranged to meet me alone so early in the morning, what are you thinking of doing?”

Yu Youwei jumped, gently descending from the balcony. She slowly walked before Chen Mo, her cheeks practically stuck to his. A young lady’s fragrance assailed his nostrils. Like an orchid, Yu Youwei softly said: “Your Highness Chen Mo, this River on A Spring Night is honestly too fine. Last night, Youwei tossed and turned sleeplessly to learn this poem.”

Chen Mo took a step back. He smiled: “And how is Youwei’s learning? Is this an invitation for me to listen?”

Yu Youwei sighed regretfully. Her black brows wrinkled pitifully. Any other man that saw her helpless appearance would have pounded their chest and brave any danger for her with manly boldness. Chen Mo activated the School Of Mind,  remaining calm and collected.

Yu Youwei’s bright eyes blinked. She took a few steps forward, her white hand stroked Chen Mo’s chest. “Youwei naturally wanted to. When Youwei completes and masters this ancient poem, I will definitely invite you alone into Youwei’s chambers to listen? Your Highness Chen Mo, are you willing?” Each word was dubious to the bone, her voice more than charming, nearly making Chen Mo unable to restrain himself.

“Fine then, I will certainly accompany you.” Chen Mo gripped her hands, an appearance of love deep as the seas. “Then you must quickly learn it.”

Yu Youwei beamed from ear to ear: “This will also require Your Highness to help me.”

“What can I help you with? I am actually quite tone deaf.” Chen Mo played dumb.

“Your Highness, do not tease Youwei anymore. This River On A Spring Night is not complete at all. Youwei’s heart hurts too much to play an incomplete song.” Yu Youwei grabbed Chen Mo’s hand and placed it over her soft cleavage.

Chen Mo was also taken aback by her very bold actions. Yu Youwei bashfully lowered her head, her ears burning crimson, completely shy as a lover.

Anyone else would have already surrendered at this point. To hold the breasts of Chang’an’s most famous queen of flowers in one’s hand truly gave a sense of accomplishment greater than holding the world itself, “I really cannot recall.” Chen Mo did not hesitate to squeeze.

“Your Highness really is unable to recall?” Yu Youwei wept alluringly.

“Can it be that the crown prince’s supplement at the banquet is not suitable? Youwei, you yourself acknowledged it.” Chen Mo was stern.

“It actually was not satisfactory, Your Highness. The first time Your Highness uttered the verse ‘the river flows and winds around the grassy fields,’ Youwei just knew that only Your Highness is capable of repairing this ancient poem. Other than you, no one else can.” Yu Youwei’s smile was very moving.

If he did not have a plan of his own, Chen Mo perhaps would have instantly told her the second half. “This really came from my dream, yet Youwei has so much faith in me?”

“Your Highness is not aware, but when Youwei brought out this song, the truth is that Youwei still withheld something from everyone else.”

Chen Mo had a sudden realization. This woman truly was too smart. She herself already knew this verse, yet she did not say it. Perhaps she was searching for the person who could independently compose it, and in this way, she could complete the true poem. This was why Yu Youwei’s guzheng stopped back then when Chen Mo recited it. After five years of waiting, when someone finally uttered this verse she yearned for day and night, Yu Youwei even thought she was dreaming.

“So you must also know that the name of this song is River On A Spring Night.” Chen Mo asked.

Yu Youwei gently nodded.

“But even so…” Chen Mo feigned difficulty.

“Can it be that Your Servant’s body and heart are not enough to move Your Highness?” Yu Youwei bit her lip, endlessly vexed.

Seeing her like this, Chen Mo knew there was no need to pretend any longer. “Lady Youwei is so sincere, I seem to have remembered.”

Yu Youwei’s eyes lit up.

“But I have a condition.”

“As long as Youwei can manage, then Youwei shall promise you. However, Your Highness must be a proper gentleman who will not cause Youwei difficulty?” Yu Youwei said pitifully.

“Indeed, I am a gentleman. I will not ask for either your body or heart.”

Somehow, Yu Youwei felt this man’s smile was more crafty beyond desiring after her heart and body.

“I want to become your Servant Star.” Chen Mo finally made known his desire.

Yu Youwei was stunned.

“Your Highness, could you perhaps say that once more?”

“Yu Youwei, I can give this River On A Spring Night to you, but at the same time, I want you to form a Servant Star Contract with me!” Chen Mo was serious.

“Chen Mo, do you dare say that again?!”

Finally confirming that Chen Mo was not joking or teasing her, Yu Youwei’s tone suddenly turned cold, full of pressure as if she had been humiliated.

“Star Generals are all so overbearing.” Chen Mo was not the least bit surprised that she was like a completely different person.

Yu Youwei used her hand to comb through her black hair, her pupils casting a sidelong glance: “Why do you feel that Youwei is a Star General? There has never been a Star General in Star World who would stay in a brothel and serve others as a pastime, and to stay for five years at that.”

“In the dream that I received River On A Spring Night, that person in the dream told me that I must give it to you, Yu Youwei, and that person bade that I must form a contract with you to do so.” Chen Mo smiled.

Yu Youwei was speechless. Chen Mo’s excuse was considered exceedingly romantic, and she was completely unable to find a way to retort.

“So this is the reason why Your Highness Chen Mo never told the last half to Youwei all along?” Yu Youwei curled her hair around her finger, as if she was a bit preoccupied.

“En, you can think me shameless, but I must contract as your Servant Star in order to be able to tell you the other half.”

The eternally smiling Yu Youwei, who everyone chased after, now laughed. Her laugh was filled with disdain. “Servant Star. Your Highness Chen Mo, perhaps you have planned a little too well. Even if you are the number one warrior in the Great Chong Dynasty, you must realize that is far from sufficient qualification to become a Star General’s Servant Star.”

Chen Mo was not angry: “Youwei, I have better qualifications than you think to become your man.”

Having stayed in the brothel for five years, Yu Youwei had seen too many thick-skinned men to count, but she had never seen one like Chen Mo, who unexpectedly vowed to become the man of a Star General. What a joke.

“Your Highness, this is making things difficult for Youwei.” Yu Youwei took a step back.

“Youwei, why not try. There is no disadvantage to you.” Chen Mo said.

“Even if there was an enormous benefit, Youwei does not really want a Servant Star.” For the time being, Yu Youwei did not want to change the deep-rooted belief in Star World. 

“Then when you have reconsidered, Youwei, I will tell you.” Chen Mo smiled.

“You!!” Yu Youwei bit her lips, somewhat angry. She did not have the time to stay in the Tail Fire Star Field.

Chen Mo turned to leave.

“Wait a moment!” Yu Youwei suddenly shouted.

“Youwei, are you done considering it?” Chen Mo turned his head back.

Yu Youwei pondered and faintly smiled: “Since you have already entered the Profound Theory Courtyard, if Your Highness Chen Mo leaves without listening to a song, then Youwei is too discourteous.”

“Fine.” Chen Mo sat down crosslegged.

Yu Youwei kicked with the tip of her foot. She soared up to the balcony and sat in front of that gorgeous guzheng.

“Youwei, you have never shown this guzheng. I can sense the ripples of Star Energy upon it. I wonder what kind of treasure it is?” Chen Mo asked loudly.

Yu Youwei stroked the strings, recovering her attitude as the dignified queen of flowers. She seemed to be caressing a lover, the flowing strings releasing an ethereal vibration. “This qin’s name is ‘Echo.’1 It is the beloved instrument that Youwei keeps close. Only when serving an important person does Youwei bring it out.”

When she mentioned this, YU Youwei glanced at Chen Mo with a ripple in her eyes.

“Oh, Your Servant is truly honored. If it was not for that person’s explanation in the dream, I definitely would have told you the second half to this River On A Spring Night, Youwei.” Chen Mo was very “regretful.”

“It appears that Your Highness truly was very distressed.” Yu Youwei softly said. 


“Then can you tell Youwei one verse, so that Youwei knows what Your Highness says is true?” Yu Youwei asked.

Chen Mo pretended to ponder for a moment, then he added the next verse. “Which family does he belong to, piloting his boat tonight? Where is the moonlit tower from which she pines?”

Yu Youwei muttered this verse, her expression very intoxicated. “So this is the true River On A Spring Night…”

Yu Youwei slowly plucked her strings, a simple and elegant melody spreading across the courtyard like a stream. Chen Mo had a kind of feeling that he was in the middle of a lake, propped up by the gentle waters.”

“Why does Your Highness feel that I am a Star General?”

“Is Youwei not?” Chen Mo asked in return.

Yu Youwei smiled, and the music suddenly accelerated. Chen Mo only felt the gentle water turn into a white rapid. WHen he opened his eyes to look, a blue light was already shooting from “Echo” straight to him.

Chen Mo had been on guard all along, and he immediately used the Bagua to ward it off.

“Youwei, what is this?”

“Since Your Highness Chen Mo is not open to persuasion, then Youwei can only use coercion, to force you with death.” Yu Youwei gracefully strummed the strings, leisurely speaking. 

“Force me with death?”

“Of course death will force you, Your Highness. Youwei actually wants to know, is Your Highness’ life important, or is the ancient poem that is important.” Yu Youwei seemingly smiled.

“Yu Youwei, you really are a Star General!”

Before Chen Mo could finish, the melody suddenly transformed into a dozen blue lights that twisted towards him.

Yu Youwei stopped her tune, finally revealing her most proud and arrogant side as a Star General.

“‘Thousand Theories And Wonders’ Yu Youwei2 shall play you a song!”

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  1. 餘音 lit. “lingering sound.”
  2. ‘千機曼妙’魚幼薇

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